Another Friday Night
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Warnings: Language, OOC, AU, Lemon, PWP

Pairings: 2X1

author: dhuron

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Notes: This fic is dedicated to Jana and Akuma. It was these two hentais that got me to write this PWP as my first Live lemon over MSN. *LOL* Enjoy minna-san!!

"Another Friday Night..."


Heero laid on the bed, legs spread open, thinking of Duo and how the Japanese boy wanted his lover to take him. He wanted to feel Duo's cock take him inch by sweet inch. Closing his dark blue eyes, Heero's hand ran down his muscled chest, brushing against his hardened nipples. He wanted to know the feeling of Duo's teeth biting his flesh. A small whimper left his wet lips as the Japanese teenager's hand descended lower, teasing himself.

Visions of the American boy hovering above him, pounding into his virgin body, assaulted Heero's lust filled mind. His wondering hand traveled lower, brushing against the soft curls.

"Duo..." the name left his lips like an angelic whisper, his hand brushed the tip of his burning arousal. Another loud gasp left those perfect lips.

Heero finally stopped his teasing and took himself into his hot hand. Biting his lower lip, the perfect soldier began to stroke his length. Heero moaned as he stroked himself, hard and slow. His feet rose to the bed, legs spread even wider apart. His other hand moved down his sweat covered body.

Duo..." As he continued to pleasure himself, one long finger slipped into his body. The double pleasure almost had him in tears. His hips rose from the bed, pushing back against his own finger.

Violets eyes darkened with lust as the erotic boy continued to pleasure himself. Duo snaked his hand down his body, toying with the head of his erection. He couldn't wait to make the strong Japanese boy scream out in pure pleasure.

Duo rose to his feet and walked towards the bed, and the thrashing boy upon it. Duo's fingers ran up the powerful thighs, featherweight touches. He gently blew in Heero's ear, teasing his lover. "Koi... I'm going to fuck you until I hear your screaming."

Heero's thrusts become faster and more urgent, he whimpered from Duo's words. Another finger joined the first, making him moan out. Soon, Duo would take him and claim his body. Heero opened his eyes, staring at his koi's wet arousal. He licked his lips, wanting to taste Duo, wanting to feel the hard flesh in his mouth. He shook his head, no it would be better if Duo took him. He could wait another time to taste the passion of Shinigami.

Duo climbed onto the bed, his moves were pure sensuality. Slowly his hand joined Heero's. The Japanese boy cried out again, Duo's sped up the pace. Their combined hands were flying over his cock. Heero whimpered as precum slid down his hardened flesh, running over their joined hands.

"Let me see you cum, Heero." Duo whispered

The braided boy knew his koi couldn't last much longer, he watched as the fingers thrust fast and hard into his lover's body.Duo continued to pump the wet cock, he leaned over and licked the head with his hot pink tongue.

"Duo!" Heero cried out, arching off the bed as he surrendered to his orgasm. His hot seed leaving his body and filling Duo's mouth. Heero could feel his lover sucking and licking him clean.

Duo's hand rose to his mouth, and the braided boy spit Heero's passion into his cupped hand. "Watch me, lover." the braided boy commanded as he covered his own hard cock with Heero's warm seed. Soft moans left his lips. Heero watched as Duo coated himself with his own seed, the sight was erotic and arousing. He whimpered at his lover's teasingly slowness.

"Duo.." the Japanese boy whimpered, he wanted his lover to hurry up and take him

"Say it, Heero." Duo said while the tip of his cock teased the tight opening. "Say it, or I won't."

"Duo...." The boy whimpered again, lost in his lover's rapture. He could feel Duo, just a little more and the braided boy would be in him. "Please..." he whispered.

Duo smiled, but it soon turned into a smirk. "I didn't hear you, koi." Duo slowly pushed into Heero's body, but stopped as soon as the tip of his cock was inside the searing heat. He stopped himself from pounding into Heero.

Heero struggled to say the words, they had never left his lips before. He knew he wouldn't get completion until he submitted to his lover. "Please, take me. Fuck me, use my body. I need you"

Duo felt himself harden even more, his koi's words making his blood boil. He slowly slid into Heero, biting his lower lip so he would cry out. Duo wanted his lover to cry out first, he needed to hear the Japanese boy lose control and scream his name.

Heero wrapped his legs around Duo's waist, his hips lifting him off the bed. He felt every inch of Duo's cock enter his body. Pain and pleasure exploded throughout his body. He whimpered, it felt too good. "Duo..."

The braided boy looked into the passion-filled eyes. He was fully seated. "I want to hear you scream, Heero." he punctuated his words with a shallow thrust of his hips. A small gasp left his lover's lips, but it wasn't enough.

The Japanese boy whimpered and moaned as his sadistic lover teased him with the insufficient thrusts. He wanted more, Heero wanted his lover to fuck him. "Duo..." he growled, pulling himself so that he was sitting on Duo's thighs. IF the braided boy wasn't gonna do anything, then he'd ride his lover.

"Tsk, Tsk Lover." Duo whispered in the other boy's ear. With a possessive growl, Duo pushed Heero back onto the bed. "Now you're really gonna have to beg me." He began slow thrusts into the tight body, making sure to hit the soft flesh within. Heero's cries of ecstasy filled his ears but the Japanese boy had to beg him.

"Duo! Please, fuck me... make me scream!" Heero finally shouted. He was so close to climax.

The braided boy smiled in triumph, he pulled completely out of Heero and thrust back in, hard and fast. He hips drove his cock into Heero's body. "Let me hear you..." he whimpered

"Gods! Duo!" Heero finally screamed out, the explosionsof pleasure began to run throughout his entire body. His head thrashed from side to side, hips thrusting back against Duo's animalistic thrusts. Each whimper and moan was loud, and the room was filled with Heero's voice. Duo's hand snaked between their pounding bodies and took Heero's cock. He pumped his lover with the same desperate need.

"Heero!" Duo cried out as he came closer to his release.

Heero cried out once more before his passion over Duo's firm abdomen, his body tightened even more around the pounding flesh. He felt Duo thrust twice more before his lover's seed filled him.

"Heero!" the braided boy screamed, as his passion filled his lover, marking the perfect soldier as his, forever.

"Mine!" Duo exclaimed before he marked his lover's body, a small bite on Heero's inner thigh.

"Duo..." the Japanese boy whimpered. He gasped when theother boy bit him, but he didn't mind.

Heero winced as Duo pulled out of his body, but found himself cuddling with his American love. His eyes began to droop, "Aishiteru, koi." he whispered before falling asleep in Duo's arms.

"I love you too, Heero." Duo whispered to his Perfect solider. He joined the other boy in sleep, the beating of Heero's heart filling his ears.