Okies! the long awaited (for some) Part 2 of The Black Death! No Duo yet, sorry folks, but there is Trowa-Torture! Hehe, sorry, I'm so bad. Enjoy!


Heero shifted impatiently in the transport. An hour ago, he had been called to the medical unit. The doctor had told him to hurry. Heero was actually scared, this could only mean one thing - Trowa. He glanced over at the nervous, scared and furious blonde who was seated next to him. Quatre looked ready to cry, comfort and kill all at the same time. He sat perfectly still, waiting silently for them to reach their destination.

* * * * *

The still form of Trowa Barton rested on a bed inside the medical building. The hospital had been ready to take care of all one hundred angels that were sent to fight - but they had only received one extremely battered, beaten and broken green-eyed angel.

His body was in oblivion, but his barely working sub-conscience was racing…

"Trowa… wake up, Trowa."

"Mmm..? Who are you?"

"I'm you." The identical man smiled.

"No, I'm me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, of course I am." Trowa didn't feel like playing games, he just wanted to get out of where ever he was, and get back to Quatre. It wasn't until he looked around that he realized something was wrong. The two were standing on a lake. Yes, on a lake. And I wasn't a frozen lake, either. He could see the koi swim under his feet… He suddenly felt ill.

"Are you positive?" Chimed his reflection, pulling the boy from his dream-work inside the dream world.

Trowa ignored the question in favor of his own query. "Where am I?"

"You tell me, we're inside your mind, not mine."

"I thought you said you were me."

"I am, but I'm another you, not you - you."

"You're confusing."

"As are you."

"Why am I here?"

"Why /are/ you here?" His smiling reflection asked in return.

"Because you brought me here."

"No, you brought /me/ here."

Trowa could only sign in frustration.

"You have questions." Stated the other.

"Of course!"


"Am I dead?"

"Yes," started the look-alike, Trowa swallowed.. His reflection continued, "you died many, many years ago, and came here."

"Smart ass." He let the breath he was holding slip through his lips.

"Thank you."

"Is Quatre safe?"

"He is."


"What is the square root of a negative number times itself?"

"There's no answer."

"That is the answer."

"That makes no sense."

"It makes perfect sense, you don't make sense."

Trowa sighed.

"Are you happy?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?"

"No reason. You should relax."


"Do you love Quatre?"

"Yes. Why are you asking?"

"No reason. You look tense."

"I am."

"Do you want to live?"

"Yes! Who are you?"

"I am you. We established this."

"You're going to drive me crazy!"

"Too late."

Trowa glowered.

"Fight, Trowa. Live."

"You're not making any sense again!"

"Wake up, Trowa."


"Wake up and live." The image of the reflection slowly vanished and the voice turned more feminine. "Trowa… please wake up."

"Quatre!" Trowa's mind screamed out to the voice in the sky.


The trapped boy could only stand in horrified silence.

* * * * *

The doctor lead Quatre and Heero out of Trowa's room and into the hallway. "Trowa's in very serious condition. If he does wake-up, he'll have a few handicaps…" The doctor's voice trailed off uncertainly.

"Such as?" Heero was almost afraid to ask the question, as he looked back through the window into the room where his dead friend laid. Trowa's body was covered in gashes and cuts, most of which were stitched and dressed expertly. But a few remained open simply because the nurses had decided that they weren't the most important problem. Heero's dark eyes roamed over one of the main problems - Trowa's wings, or lack there of.

His right wind had been torn from his back, and the left was so badly broken that only the bloodstained feathers distinguished that it had once been a wing, a thing of beauty.

The next problem, probably even more serious than his broken bones… Heero's eyes trailed to the blindfold that stretched across his friends pale face. No…..

"As you can see," began the older-looking doctor, "his right wing is gone, and can never be replaced." Heero and Quatre slowly nodded, the doctor continued, "His left wing is salvageable, but it will never fully heal, and will be completely useless. The cuts and gashes will leave scars, but that's not so serious."

"And the blind-fold?" The blonde questioned carefully, afraid of the answer.

"He'll never see again."

Quatre's eyes widened, "Trowa…"

"His right arm is shattered in three places, four ribs are broken, his right ankle is broken, as are his tibia and fibula, he will need a cane to walk for the rest of his life, assuming he lives."

All of this information hit Quatre in strides. His lover would never fly again. No more moonlit flights past the limits of Heaven's City and into the forest beyond. Never again would they be able to cross the great sea, to picnic at their favorite spot.

His lover would never walk on his own again. No more running through the wheat-fields and tackling each other. They would never race again. Quatre would never be carried around, like a bride, by his truelove again.

His lover would never see again. No more watching the sun rise, or set together. No more stargazing. He would never head his lover read him another bedtime story again. Trowa would never see again.

Of course, this was all assuming that he would continue to breathe. That his heart would continue to beat.

"Is there any internal bleeding?" Heero was cautious to ask, Quatre looked like he was ready to snap.

"Nothing we can't fix without large consequence." Replied the doctor. "This young man was the only survivor. We won't let him go without a fight. We're trying our hardest to save his life." With that, he nodded to the two boys and excused himself.

* * * * *

Trowa slowly looked around. How was he going to get out of this place? The reflection had told him that it was inside his mine. So if he was inside his own mind, then he should be able to think his way out, right? And so he tried - and failed. The green-eyed angel was beginning to worry. But it wasn't until the lake under his feet started to glow, that he became confused. What was going on?

The greenish light began to glow brighter and the water started to ripple. Trowa tried to back up, but when he moved his feet, the force that was holding him above the water gave way and he felled into the liquid. His wings became drenched and it was hard for him to stay above the churning water, yet he managed to keep his calm - until he felt hands on his legs.

Hands that were pulling him down further into the water. Trowa gasped for air as he was pulled below the surface, then he looked down and he saw it. People, hundreds of them, grabbing at his legs and dragging him towards the green light. The people were wingless, they were mindless, also. What was happening?! The ex-pilot had run out of air now, and the bodies started crawling up him, shredding his skin and tainting the water red. The hands ripped his wings from his back, they stripped the robes from his chest and they pulled him closer to the light.

Trowa looked down again just in time to see the face of oblivion. He yelled.

Bubbled floated to the surface of the lake…

…And Quatre's soft voice swept through the calm skies.

"Trowa, koi, come back to be, my love. Ai shiteru. Onegai."

Under the water, the man continued to struggle, and the light grew brighter, then dissolved.

* * * * *

Quatre bit his bottom lip, holding his lover's cold, limp hand. The injured boy was now completely bandaged and his broken bones were set. Quatre wished he would wake-up, he squeezed the hand again, then spoke in a soft, soothing tone.

"Trowa, koi, come back to me, my love. Ai shiteru. Onegai."

With that, the blonde raised his boyfriend's limp hand to his lips and kissed it.

The limp hand twitched.

Quatre blinked, then his eyes started to water. "Trowa!"

The hand twitched again.

"Heero! Heero, come quick! Trowa's waking!"

Heero ran into the room just as the beeping on the strange-looking device, which was attached around the green-eyed man's wrist, went flat. The shrill noise echoes through the deadly silent room. Then…


* * * * *

Several hours later, Quatre and Heero were in the waiting room again. The Arch Angel was siting stiff-backed on the comfortable couch, the smaller angel was laying next to him, curled up, his head and arms pilled on his friends lap.

Heero looked up as the doctor walked out of Trowa's room.. He gently shook Quatre's shoulder to rouse the blonde. Both looked expectantly towards the doctor.

"He's alive, and he's awake."

The two slowly followed the older man back into the room, almost scared of what they might find. The sight that greeted them made Quatre's heart flutter.

Trowa was slightly propped up on the bed, the blindfold snugly covering his eyes. His left wing had been stripped of the majority of its feathers, and was set and hung to heal. He was shirtless, but bandages completely covered his chest, covering where his ribs were broken, and where his right wing used to be. The right arm was metal-set and carefully wrapped, his hands were resting on one-another in his lap. His legs were covered by a sheet, but Quatre knew his right leg would also be in a metal-set cast. Though he didn't care. Trowa was alive, and he was awake!

"Quatre..?" His voice was soft and hoarse, as if it hadn't been used in quite some while. The tone was tentative, as if he wasn't sure of something..

"Oh, Trowa…" The smaller boy rushed to his lovers side, but was careful to do him no harm. "Oh, thank you, thank you! I love you, Trowa! Please don't ever leave me again, don't ever leave my side again."

"Aa…" Trowa slowly, carefully moved a hand to brush through silky golden strands of hair. He was back, he was safe, he was with his angel, his blue-eyed angel. He hadn't understood the events that happened inside his head, but he figured it had something to do with dying a second time.

Something to do with the Shadow-Lands. The thought made him shudder. But that was all over now, he was safe in the arms of his love.

The two angels remained intertwined, and Heero stood over them, a silent guardian.