TITLE: Welcome Home
BY: Dev-Aki Basaa

PAIRING: 1x1, 2x2
CATEGORY: yaoi, PWP, lemon
ARCHIVE: DHML, GWAddiction, Shinigami & Wing, GWBish, Moments of Rapture
WARNING: voyeurism, profanity
DISCLAIMER: Bandai and Sunrise own all. I'm just borrowing the boys and their world. I own nothing. Except the fic - this story is mine.
SUMMARY: Duo thinks he's too tired to even open a vid-line. He has more energy than he thought, for the right reasons, anyway.
NOTES: Takes place post EW
AUTHOR NOTES: Written for jana's 'The Art of Masturbation' contest, featured at www.1x2x1.org. Thanks to Sharon for the beta!



It had been a long assignment. Not in length, so much, but in utter frustrations, complications, red-tape, and stupid bureaucracy. They couldn't make any progress for all the piddily-shit they'd had to deal with. Quatre had taken to saying 'it's like we're drowning in minutia' on a daily basis. By the end of the week, Duo was ready to 'minu-sh' Quatre's head in if he opened his mouth to utter that phrase just one more time. Not to say that they hadn't worked well together on the assignment. They always worked well together and were often partnered, but after a week of one out-of-their-hands idiocy after another, Duo's patience had flown the coop, blown the popsicle stand and passed Go without collecting $200. He just wanted to crawl home, drag himself into bed and sleep for about a million years.

A wave of satisfaction flooded Duo's semi-conscious consciousness at the click of his apartment door's lock sliding open. Ah, Home. Bed. Sleep.


Aw, shit. Heero. He should call him; let him know he'd returned from his assignment. It was the decent thing to do; just the sort of thing he'd expect of Heero if he'd been gone for a whole week without contact.

And the idea of hearing Heero's voice and seeing his lovely scowl on his vid-screen did have its distinct appeal. However, Duo's exhaustion was so profound, he couldn't even fathom sitting down at his desk and executing the call. He'd probably fall asleep with his finger on the 'send' button.

Heero would forgive him this one transgression. As far as Duo was concerned, they would have their lives together to make it up to him anyway. Never mind they'd only actually been together for two months. Duo just knew. There was forever in this. He was head over heels for Heero.

Duo sighed. He should really call...

But after a nap?

A short one?

That would be okay, wouldn't it?

Duo dropped his bags at the edge of his couch and shrugged off his coat. He attempted to toss the coat over the arm of his recliner, but there wasn't enough power behind the throw and he stood there, watching his coat land on the floor with a leathery plop. He stared at it for a long moment, contemplated picking it up, but scoffed instead and staggered away. He could pick it up later after he'd slept the sleep of the dead.

And called Heero.

He really should call Heero.

Duo stumbled over his shoes as he toed them off, barely pausing as he made his way towards his bedroom and the inviting notion of being horizontal. He flung his tie into the kitchen as he passed. He'd find it in a couple of days when he finally woke.

Right after he called Heero.

Can't forget that.

When he finally reached his bedroom door, he had a passing thought that he'd left his radio or vision-screen on or something. He could have sworn for a moment that he heard some strange noise lilting through the door. He didn't put it past himself to forget something like that in the rush of leaving for an extended assignment. He should cut a key for Heero so he could stop by and check on such things after he'd left, follow up on him and so on. Hell, maybe he should just give Heero a key for the sake of giving him a key. Isn't that some patent symbol of a progressing relationship? Oh fuck, he didn't know. He could ask Quatre when he decided he could stand to hear his voice again.

Maybe next week.

After he woke.

And then called Heero.

Duo slowly pushed open his bedroom door, his eyes half closed with growing fatigue, only to have them snap open at the sight that met him.

It was... a dream? He'd fallen asleep already and was having some amazing erotic fantasy? Sprawled across his duvet and pillows, Heero Yuy lie naked, one hand fondling his sac, the other slowly stroking his jutting erection. His head was thrown back against the pillows, his neck arched, one leg spread out wide, while the other was bent up close to his body. It wasn't his radio that Duo had heard, but the soft moans and whimpers from his gorgeous lover, pleasuring himself on his bed.


Duo stumbled into the room, stopping at the edge of the bed, watching the vision before him, writhing slightly against the dark blue covers. He could feel his own arousal building, regardless of his exhaustion. Heero did such things to him; he could go crazy sometimes. He felt on the brink of it now.

Heero looked up at him then, his deep blue eyes hooded, his lips parted. Duo could see the tip of his tongue running across the edge of his teeth and could hear his soft breaths - it registered in his chest as his heart pounded and in his groin as it throbbed. Duo took a step closer, drawn in like a moth to a flame, but stopped at Heero's growled command of 'stay'. Heero's hand had picked up the pace and his hips rose to meet the rhythm of his fist, his head thrown back again and his eyes squeezed shut. Duo's hand strayed to his own crotch, sliding his palm along his length through his khakis, staring, transfixed, as Heero's moans grew more insistent and his motions more desperate. He kicked out his bent leg and drew the other one quickly up, seemingly outside his own control. Duo heard Heero curse and whisper his name, bringing a moan to his own lips. Then Heero's eyes fluttered open and though Duo didn't hear the words, he read his lover's lips perfectly.

'I'm going to come.'

Duo held his gaze then, slipping his hand into his trousers and wrapping his fingers around his cock. He was so close to climax himself. Heero's mouth opened wider, a silent scream frozen in his throat. Duo could tell he struggled to keep his eyes open and holding their stare. It was so fucking erotic, watching Heero masturbate like this, sprawled on his bed, their gazes fixed on each other.

It seemed as though the blue of Heero's eyes darkened and he cursed again, his hand flying away from his balls to fist into the duvet as his other hand tightened around his cock, his body convulsing. Heero cried out Duo's name when he came, his hips jerking. He threw his head back again and groaned, their stare broken.

It was such a vision, that slim, muscled body arching as he climaxed. Duo came right in his pants just for the sight of it. He groaned and it seemed the room blacked out. He felt everything tip a little and he called out Heero's name, as much for the orgasm that hit him as feeling suddenly lost. He felt hands grip his arms and soon the bed had risen up to meet his back. He'd let go of his cock only at the insistent pull of Heero's fingers and sighed when he felt Heero's hot tongue lick and suck his hand clean. When Heero released his wrist, Duo didn't even have the energy to control how his hand landed. He felt it smack against his sternum. It stung a little, for a second, but he didn't have it in him to care.

At a weight against his stomach, Duo opened his eyes to see that Heero was sitting above him, straddling his middle and looking down at him with the most amused and adorable look on his face.

Jesus. Duo grinned. There it was. That flutter in his gut he always got when Heero graced him with that little half grin. Oh yeah. He had it bad.

Duo ran his hands up Heero's taut thighs, loving the hardness and strength of them. A contented fog was settling over him, giving him an emotional buzz. Life was good. Tired or not. He hummed a little, smiling, as he continued to rub Heero's skin and he even let his mind wander away enough to realize something about this surprise encounter.

Duo raised one brow. "How did you know I was going to be home today?"

Heero shook his head in response. "I didn't. I was feeling needy so I let myself in."

"Let yourself...?" Duo started, his brain still a little fuzzy from both the exhaustion and the euphoric effects of orgasm. "Waitaminute. You broke into my place so you could masturbate on my bed?"

Heero nodded, his lips quirking a little. "I could smell you here."

Duo opened his mouth, but for a long moment, he couldn't say anything. Well, besides...


After another moment he shook his head, his smile broadening. "That's so fucking sexy. I could screw you through the floor." He started to raise his head, his gaze focused on an enticing patch of skin on Heero's neck. Only, the room tilted again and he flopped his head back down against the duvet. "However, I think I might pass out from just thinking of that kind of exertion. Take a rain check?"

Heero chuckled softly. "Only if I can get a kiss on collateral."

Duo grinned again. "You drive a hard bargain, Yuy."

Duo tipped his head as Heero leaned down and covered his mouth with his own. It was so easy, kissing Heero, like he'd been doing it all his life. Their tongues had a sync, their lips seemed to meld perfectly.

When Heero leaned back up, Duo knew he had the goofiest grin on his face. Heero just seemed to do that to him.

But even kissing Heero couldn't take away the drooping of Duo's eyelids. "I really need to sleep," he stated, trying not to slur his words.

"I can see that," Heero said, threading his fingers with Duo's, still resting on his thighs. "Did you sleep at all this week?"

"I don't remember?" The question seemed odd somehow, like he couldn't really get his head around it. Too tired. "It wasn't on the itinerary."

He didn’t recall that it was, anyway.

Heero chuckled again. "Well, slide up in bed and I'll undress you and tuck you in."

Duo groaned just at the thought. It didn't take much to get his blood pumping where Heero was concerned. "Don't start anything, Yuy. I couldn't finish it. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is dead tired."

Duo let his eyes slip completely shut and it felt so good, as if they were meant to be that way.

"I promise," Heero answered him, climbing off of Duo's stomach. "I won't tease you or anything. Mind if I stay, though?"

Duo hummed at that thought. "I would love that."

Going on tactile sensation alone, Duo let himself be directed up further on his bed, crawling until he felt Heero tug on his arms to lie down. He tried to help with his shirt as much as possible, but he knew his pillow was right there and his wanted to rest his head on it so badly! He sighed as he was able to lie down fully; Heero tugging off his socks and trousers. Soon he felt Heero sliding into bed with him and pulling him against his chest. Duo gladly abandoned his pillow to rest his head against Heero's chest. He wrapped his arms around his waist and sighed again as the covers were drawn up on them both.

This was beyond perfect. The perfect welcome home; the perfect way to sleep. Later, when he woke, it would be with Heero still by his side and that would be the perfect way to wake. Duo knew then, even as his consciousness began to drift away, that he wanted it to be like this always. He didn't want to have to call Heero when he came home from an assignment anymore. He wanted him right there, every day, sharing the same home, the same bed, the same life. It was decided. He would ask Heero to move in with him. He'd talk to him, first thing...

...after he'd slept a little.

Right after he woke up.

Probably three days from now.



The End