TITLE: The Weary Traveler Returns
By Dev-Aki Basaa

CATEGORY: yaoi, angst, sappitysapsap
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WARNING: a corny joke?
DISCLAIMER: Bandai and Sunrise own all. I’m just borrowing the boys and their world. The story, however, is mine.
SUMMARY: Heero returns and Duo's not happy to see him. Only Heero knows why.
NOTES: Heero POV. Takes place after EW
AUTHOR NOTES: This fic was actually a dream. I was going to type it up, then I wasn't - it had that 'been done' feel about it and, besides, I wanted focus more on some of my larger writing projects. Well, see, I've changed my mind again.

This is for jana. :::::huge huggles to her:::: Hope the rest of you enjoy as well ^_^ Thanks a million to SpinFrog for the beta!!


I had anticipated their reactions. Quatre would jump up from his seat at the Preventer's conference table and pull me into an embrace. Expecting it, I didn't freeze when he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I brought my arms up and touched his back, leaning towards him just enough, yet not stepping outside my comfort level. Trowa would smile and nod, a glimmer in his eye that would tell me that he was glad I'd returned. I nodded back to him when he did so and his lips curled just a bit more. Wufei's response would be similar to Trowa's, though he'd certainly say something, his gesture of welcome.

"So, the weary traveler returns. You need to stop being such a stranger, Yuy," he said and I nodded to him as well as I stepped deeper into the conference room.

"I will certainly try, though I've always thought you were stranger than me," I said in response and smiled when Wufei laughed at my rather bad joke. They'd all relaxed so, comfortable in this post-war life. I too had relaxed, but I had not yet found comfort.

It was Duo's reaction I couldn't anticipate. I knew it would depend on what level of importance he'd given me in his life. I actually hoped his reaction would be poor, perhaps even down-right caustic. That would say much more than a friendly ambiguous gesture. I wanted him to be angry to see me after almost two years of no contact, of no trace whether I was dead or alive.

I wasn't disappointed.

"Duo," Quatre began, his eyes a bit wide to see Duo still just standing against the wall, his arms folded across his chest, a dark look on his face. "Don't you have something you want to say to our newest agent?"

Duo lifted his chin, his long bangs shifting away from his eyes and I could see the hurt there. Perhaps he'd accepted that he'd never seen me again; perhaps a part of him had found peace with that.

"I don't think this is a good idea," Duo said, "Heero's always had his own agenda, you can hardly depend on him."

Lady Une stood suddenly, her features twisted with shock. She probably expected a joyous reunion when she gathered the four of them together to introduce the newest member of their team. Father Christmas Une with a previously MIA former Gundam pilot to pull out of her big red bag.

"Agent Maxwell!"

Duo didn't look at her, though. His gaze - his glare - was set firmly on me.

Quatre spoke up, obviously distressed by the animosity. "Duo, you can't mean that." Both Trowa and Wufei also wore expressions that clearly said they didn't know what to think either.

"Well," Une said, her balled hands resting on his hips, her most defensive of stances, "I personally have checked and cleared Yuy for service. I have found him to be more than capable and expect him to be a viable member of this team." She then shook her head. "I can't see what you have to be concerned about."

"Yeah, whatever," Duo answered, followed with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Obviously, it doesn't really matter what I think - he's already signed on and gotten the benefits package, isn't that right?" Duo looked away. "Well, doesn't mean I have to work with him."

He pushed himself off from the wall, his gaze focused at a spot over my shoulder, making a beeline for the door. He'd have to pass through me to get out and I had no intention of moving on my own. His shove was hard and jerked me out of the way just enough for him to push though. The sound of the door slamming shut caused us all to jolt a little.

"Trowa, Wufei, someone go after him!" Une called out, looking as exasperated as I'd ever seen her.

I shook my head and held up a hand. "Let me handle this."

I caught up with him only a short way from the conference room. He was gasping for air as if he'd run at full speed after he'd left. His back to me, he had one hand pressed to the wall, as if he needed the support to stay upright; with his other hand he rubbed his face, threading his fingers up into his hair.

I paused a little distance from him and called his name. He wasn't glaring at me when he turned around.

"Heero, I..." he began, but then shook his head, straightening up. "I overreacted," he said, finally. "I'm sorry. If they want you on the team, who am I to say you can't be. I just think it'd be best if we didn't work together."

"Why?" I asked as I took a step closer.

"Well, hell." He shrugged, turning his back to me again. "We're just too different."

I nodded at that, taking a few more steps. It was certainly true. It also was a lie.

"I believe you think we shouldn't work together, but I don't believe your reason."

I could see his anger building again, the heightening of tension across his back. He spun around, his mouth open and ready to yell at me, his face contorted. He surely had some insult on the tip of his tongue waiting to lash out at me. Only, he stopped, barely holding back a gasp when he realized how close he'd let me get to him. He moved to take a step away from me, his bright eyes wide with shock. Except, I beat him to the move. I reached out and touched my fingers against the side of his chin. I half expected him jerk away or shove my hand off him, but when he didn't, still just staring at me as if too shocked to move, I grinned a little. I tilted his chin, tipping his face at an angle and watched as realization dawned across his face. Leaning in close, I could feel him began to tremble and finally all my assumptions blended into a sense of certainty. I had been right. His eyes slipped shut, his lips parting, waiting for me, waiting for this kiss he'd been wanting since probably before Marimeia's uprising. Waiting for this kiss that he thought would have graced his lips years ago.

I could deny it to him no longer.

The first touch of our flesh was electric - like white hot flames shooting through my body, down my legs and up my arms to my fingers softly caressing his face. Pressing into him, deepening the kiss, I felt his fingers brush against my shirt, taking it into his hands, fisting the fabric and drawing me closer.

I wanted to tell him how much I missed him while I was traveling the world. I wanted him to know how I kept searching, not knowing what for and it had taken me this long to realize what I was searching for was him. I wanted to explain how I hadn't understood his role in my life and these emotions I had for him; of how I never would have understood them if I hadn't left them behind. I wanted to ask him to give me a fresh chance, yet to bear with me as I became used to these feelings of need, want, desire, love. I came back for him; I joined Preventers to be closer to him.

I would tell him all of this.


However, right now, with the way his tongue was sliding against my own, I couldn't bear the thought of breaking this kiss even to take a breath. I hoped he didn't mind the little extra wait because, right now, all this weary traveler wanted was comfort from his finally found home.


The end