TITLE: Duo, Interrupted
By: Dev-Aki Basaa

CATEGORY: yaoi, lemon, humor
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WARNING: Profanity, SuperSeme!Duo - because it was funnier to me that way ^_^ [Caro, avert your eyes]
DISCLAIMER: Bandai and Sunrise own all. I'm just borrowing the boys and their world. The story, however, is mine.
SUMMARY: Duo and Heero are having sex. Duo couldn't be...deterred.
NOTES: post-EW
AUTHOR NOTES: This is for Frog who wanted a 'not perfect sex' fic ^__^ I stole this idea from myself? It's based on a fic I wrote for an old fandom, so if you happen upon a Slash fic with a similar title, it should still have my name attached so there shouldn't be any worries about fic theft. Also, please, this is very tongue-in-cheek, okay?



Oh God, so good. Jesusfuck! Hot, tight, uh... He keeps squirming and calling my name. Aw fuck! So close!


Oh shit, his ass is so good!


Aw yes, I'm gonna come, so good! Oh God!


I'm on my ass, what the FUCK?!

Panting, I realize I've landed on the floor next to the bed, still so hard I could scream. I didn't come! He fucking threw me off him!

"What the fuck?!" I yell as I glare up at Heero still on the bed, now sitting up.

"You were giving me a concussion!" he shouts back. I finally notice he's rubbing his scalp. "My head kept slamming against the headboard. I tried to get your attention, but you couldn't be...deterred," he grumbles.


I keep panting. The sight before me is quite something. Heero hasn't come yet either. He's semi-hard, flushed, disheveled, sweating. Glowing, really. So fine...aw shit! I've got to come and soon!

"Are you ok?" comes out as a growl, didn't mean it to. He'd get more compassion out of me if he'd finish me off first. Oh God, I'm so hard and he looks so good! He nods that he's ok, finally dropping his hand from the repetitive rubbing on the back of his head.

"Heero..." I gasp. The things this boy does to me should be outlawed and, Jesus, he's not even trying. He's just sitting there staring at me, breathing. His chest heaving...goddamnit!

Heero cocks his head to the side. "Wanna try this again, lower on the..."

I'm on him before he finishes. Rather unceremoniously, I throw his legs over my shoulders and drive home. Still slick, so tight, oh God.

Oh yes!

Oh, Heero!

Spent, I fold myself over and collapse on Heero's stomach, his legs shifting and falling to either side of me. I lay flat against him, shaking with aftershocks. No, not flat...

"Duo..." a beg.

Oh yeah...

I move back to kneel between Heero's thighs and plunge my mouth down on his bright red shaft. It didn't take him long to come either. I taste pre-come almost immediately and then I'm swallowing, laving with the pulses.

I crawl up the length of Heero's body, climb over him and sit leaning against the headboard. I pull his shoulders towards me until his head lies in my lap.

"Let me check this supposed concussion of yours." I grin as I run my fingers through his mop of hair.

"Supposed?!" he snaps, tipping his chip up to scowl directly at me. I place my thumb on his chin and push it down towards his chest.

"Don't move."

He grumbles, incoherent this time. I don't know how he can be so grumpy after great sex.

This could be why. Shit! His head is swelling and the bump is all red. The skin isn't actually broken, but that doesn't ease my conscience.

"I'm sorry, Heero," I whisper as I gently run my fingers over the lump. "I guess I rammed you pretty hard, huh?" I try not to chuckle.

He swats away my hands, climbs to his knees and then sits down next to me, leaning back against the headboard.

"You could say that," he grins; though I can tell he's not entirely amused. We sit there beside each other for a long silent moment. I tug my braid over my shoulder to play with the tail - my little anxious idiosyncratic behavior that Heero always calls me on. Okay, so I feel bad. I know I should make amends or something, however, short of taking a mental note of getting more pillows, I can't think of what I should do.

Seems Heero does, though. "We should really trade places one of these times," he suggests.

I'm impressed that I didn't sputter in shock. Uh...me? On bottom? Give up his tight ass? Uh...

"Yeah, I suppose." I couldn't have sounded more unconvinced. Heero doesn't say anything at first then suddenly turns to kneel facing me. He's glowering something fierce; the skin between his brows is all folded and creased. With a sharp jab he gestures to the spot he'd just vacated.

"Duo, the varnish is wearing on the headboard and my hair is getting suspiciously darker in the back."

I realize I'm running very close to losing my 'top-only' status. What to do? Seduce him away from the idea? Worth a shot. I toss my braid back over my shoulder and move forward to kneel beside Heero, pulling him into a hug, almost onto my lap. He rests against me, relaxing into my arms.

"We could try different locales," I suggest, running my fingers along his spine. "Bend you over the sofa?"

"Or you could be the bottom..." Heero's words are becoming clipped, he's not buying this. New tactic.

I yawn adding a little dramatic flare, drawing my hand up to pat my open mouth. I lean back to fully see Heero's face, gripping his shoulders.

"I'm getting tired, aren't you?"

"Duo..." that unmistakable warning tone of his. He tenses a little, pulling away.

I brush my fingers over his cheek and gaze into his eyes, trying to sound convincing.

"We'll discuss it later."

"You're being an ass," he retorts as I direct him to lie next to me and move to spoon behind him. Nuzzling his neck, I continue, my voice showing my drowsiness.

"C'mon, you know you like how things are." I let my hand dip low, brushing my fingers against the sensitive skin of his groin and smile as he moans. Heero got it in his head early on in our relationship that he wanted to be dominated. Who was I to argue?

Only, I'm kinda content with the way things are now. I like always being in control. Did he really want to change things?

"I just want my chance to ram you into the headboard."

It's hard to tell with his very dry humor, but I realize he could be quite serious at the moment - which is somewhat alarming. "You have some hidden resentment against me?"

My mind does ease, though, as he laughs at my comment.

"No," he answers with a shake of his head. "Just thinking about the way things are."

Then, I knew. Things would change. Not so much because I wanted them to, but because he did and I know I can deny him nothing.

"Listen, we really will discuss it later, okay?" I say again, closing my eyes and resting against him. "I'm really sleepy. Goodnight?"

There's a long pause before Heero wishes me a good night in return. He pulls a rumpled sheet over us and then settles into my embrace, my arm falling in place over his side. He threads his fingers in with mine and squeezes.

I open my eyes.

Funny how your mind can change on a dime. I was being an ass - if Heero wanted things to be different, then I wanted it too. Why? Well, he's my best friend and he's got a goddamned lump on his head because I couldn't be...deterred. He deserves what he wants.

I shake my head at myself. Still being an ass. See, that's not it either. Let's try again.

Why? Because the reality is I love him and I want him to be happy more than I want to be in control. He matters more than me. He just does. I draw our linked hands up his chest, pull him back against me and make a rash decision.

"Next time Heero, whatever you want. You call the shots."

I feel him chuckle more than I hear it, just a slight rumble in his chest. He whispers "okay" and yawns, going even more limp. I let my eyes drift shut wondering if I'd come to regret those words or if I'd just made the third best decision in my life.

Decision one had me selling off my salvage business and returning to Earth to join Preventers.

Number two had me kissing Heero after a disastrous assignment where I'd almost lost him for good.

Three may find that I actually like being the bottom.





The End