~~~ Warnings- Angst, Suicide Attempts, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Death?
~~~ Possible Lemon in future parts.
A GW fic by Demise
Part 4
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Duo was nowhere in sight, and time was running out. Fast.

Duo had fallen on top of a large variety of expensive roses and some pieces of the shattered vase had pierced his skin. Duo couldn't feel the pain through the torrent of agony that was ripping through his stomach and veins, however. He was dying and he knew it. He could feel the tug of death on his soul and was gladly giving into it. Finally he could leave this world and know that no one cared, he could leave with a clean conscience.

He felt his eyelids slowly flutter shut as his body shut down in the grip of death. Just then he heard a distorted shout that seemed to echo forever. Hands gripped his body but he couldn't feel them he was slipping into the hands of death and his body was becoming nothing more than a dead vessel. Duo's soul slowly lifted out of his body and he slowly looked around. A crowd had gathered at the figure's surprised shout and they were watching the man's attempts to help the prone form of a teenage boy. Duo slowly glided over to stand next to his dead body and saw Wufei frantically trying to resuscitate his body with CPR. He was...crying?

Duo moved around to face Wufei carefully trying not to look at his body. Something about it frightened him to no end. Being dead was okay but looking at the vessel that once held his soul was creepy. Duo looked at Wufei's face and let out a gasp. There were tears running down his face in crystalline rivers that fell upon Duo's dead body. Wufei was shouting something between breaths at the people who'd gathered to watch.

"Someone call a fucking ambulance! Are you all so bloody rich that none of you know how to pick up the damn phone and dial three fucking digits?" Wufei shouted angrily. There was quiet all around and Wufei glared angrily at the spectators. Someone finally moved in the direction of the house to make the call. Wufei turned back to the body and continued to do CPR.

Duo gently knelt next to Wufei and looked at him sorrowfully. He had been wrong; he wouldn't leave this world with a clean conscience, for here was clearly someone who had cared about him. The braided youth gently put his arms around Wufei and sighed. All Wufei would feel would be a slight chill at most, he wouldn't be able to receive the comfort Duo tried to lend him. The braided teenager leaned forwards and put his lips next to Wufei's ear and whispered, "It's too late Wu, stop tormenting yourself. I'm gone and that's the way it should have always been. Don't torture yourself over this, it isn't worth it and it's not your fault. After all, death consumes all over time but Death was always dead."


End Part 4 of "Shattered" formerly known as "Untitled Fanfic"