~~~ Warnings- Angst, Suicide Attempts, Alcoholism, and Drug Abuse.
~~~ Possible Lemon in future parts.

A GW fic by Demise
Part 3
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The world then became dark to Duo as his heart ultimately shattered. He stood there as he watched the two engage in a passionate kiss, and his face went completely blank for a moment. He suddenly realized that he was no longer behind the protection of his mask and automatically adjusted.

Everyone began to clap and holler as the pair ran hand in hand down the aisle and out of the backyard. Duo stood there for a moment before following the crowd out the door and to the reception. Wufei watched him, curiosity etching itself into his features as he followed the braided youth out.


The reception was held in a large room of the mansion that somewhat resembled a ballroom. White flowers and ribbons decked the stairway that led to the large room and groups of people stood huddled around the grooms. Duo stood babbling on about nothing in particular with one of the guests in a corner watching the newly married couple in the middle of the room. He held a flute of Champaign in his hand and downed it as he watched Heero laugh happily at some joke. ‘Damn, I don’t think I can take this much longer…’ He excused himself and grabbed a bottle of liquor before walking up the stairs.

He strode quickly to his room and locked it shut behind him. Running into the bathroom he rummaged through the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of ibuprofen. He emptied out the bottle into his hand and swallowed them by twos. Duo stood there clutching the sink for a moment before opening the bottle of vodka he’d snatched and taking a large swig of the acrid liquid.

His vision began to blur around the edges as the pills and the alcohol began to take affect. He reeled slightly as he edged away from the sink and took another mouthful of vodka then staggered to the balcony that graced his room. He threw open the French doors and stumbled out then carefully closed them behind him.

He held onto the stone railing as a wave of pain tore through his body, venomous enough to tear through the numbness the alcohol had created. He gasped for air as wave after wave hit him in one rushing torrent of agony after another. They ceased a few minutes later and Duo held up a shaking hand and wiped off the perspiration that had collected on his forehead. He looked down over the edge of the balcony that led to the ground that was two stories down and ungracefully flipped over the edge.


Wufei looked around, ‘Where the hell did that idiot go to?’ He looked around the room, it had been two hours since the reception began and fifteen since he’d last seen Duo. Quatre and Heero were about to take off to their honey moon and were saying their good byes. They walked up to him. “Bye Wufei, we’ll see you when we get back! We’re going to miss you’re company,” Quatre chirped happily. Heero grunted an affirmation and the couple walked away after Quatre hugged Wufei.

He continued with his current ponderings, ‘Maybe he’s in his room…’ Wufei headed up the stairs to Duo’s room and knocked on the door, “Duo?” He waited a moment before knocking again a more urgent tone in his voice, “Duo are you in there? Duo!” Wufei tried to open the door and found that it had been locked, he rattled the doorknob and started pounding on the door, “Damn it, Duo! Open the fucking door!” There was no reply and the Chinese teen began to worry.

He stepped back then kicked the door in. Pieces of wood fell to the ground and Wufei ran in. The room reeked of alcohol and there was no Duo in sight. He ran to the bathroom to no avail. His eyes darted around the room conducting a frantic search.

Black eyes landed on a white envelope that lay on the desk in next to the balcony. He strode over quickly and read the name written neatly on the white rectangle, ‘Wufei.’ The Chinese teen tore open the envelope and read over the contents of the letter. His eyes widened slightly as he slowly began to realize the meaning of the poem.

Wufei threw down the papers and sprinted out of the room in search of the Deathscythe pilot. He searched the whole mansion but his attempts ended in vain, Duo was no where in sight, and time was running out. Fast.


End Part 3of “Shattered” formerly known as “Untitled Fanfic”

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