Okay, I’ve been playing with the way I start off the disclaimers, warnings, etc. So it may change from fic to fic until I find one I like… This idea’s been nagging at me for awhile and I just had to write it out. If you haven’t noticed from my earlier comments in Untitled 1 and 2, I’m a sucker for angst. Anyways, enjoy the fic.

Warnings- Blood and angst… So far…


Blood Roses
By Demise


Prologue (Teaser)


Disclaimers- Gundam Wing is copyright of its creators, Bandai, Sunrise Entertainment, Shin Kidousenki, Sotsu Agency, and associated factions. The characters are used for entertainment purposes only and without the consent of the owners of the show, there is no profit made from this work of fiction. The original portion of the fanfic is sole property of the author.


Blood… So much blood…

Pouring down silky white cheeks, staining the white roses that lay in a circle around him.

A dream. It’s only a dream, snap out of it!

But the blood… there’s so much of it… People don’t cry blood… It’s not possible. It just doesn’t HAPPEN. Snap out of it, it’s only a dream… It’s just a dream… It’s just a dream… It’s just a dream… It’s just a dream…

This became the young teen’s mantra; over and over again he repeated it until he was screaming it; so fast and so loud the words flew out of his mouth they were indecipherable to all. No one heard him though; no one could hear him in the nightmarish dream plane he found himself in. Nothing could wake him; not until the dream ended.

Blood… Oh, so much blood… Too much… A person doesn’t lose this much blood… And he doesn’t cry blood either…

Suddenly the white roses began to change. The pure whiteness of them began to darken, and the boy’s bloody tears fell more swiftly. The dark haired youth arched his back abruptly as if in pure agony. Then suddenly the Prussian eyed angel opened his mouth wide and let out a chilling scream, and just at that instant the roses altered and became a pitch black; black as the feather’s of a raven; black as a night with no stars or moon; black as Death…


End Prologue (Teaser) of “Blood Roses”