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Title: A Special Bond
Author: DC <abyssinian_fujimiya@yahoo.com>
Pairings: 3x4/4x3 and 1x2/2x1
Type: Fantasy, maybe a little waffy at the end, also pov in the beginning and end.
Description: HOw Quatre and Heero found out about each other's 'uniqueness'.
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Written On: 10.29.00
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A Special Bond

All rights and privileges to Gundam Wing belong to Sotsu Agency, Sunrise, ANB, and associated parties. The characters of this series are used without permission for the purpose of entertainment only. This work of fiction is not meant for sale or profit.

"<>"= Mythical Tongue
::= Thoughts
_ _=Exaggerated Words

Life is never easy for those who are different or strange. Humans fear change and yet cannot continue on with their dreary slow existance without it. And if they can overcome what they fear, they believe they are stronger and better for it. That can go to a mortal's head and make them stupid, make them believe that they are invincible. It doesn't feel the same to us, as we are hunted down like animals and killed for no reason except out of fear and distrust. We, who once ruled this world, now hide in it for fear of being destroyed. Survival isn't even a goal any, just a dream we are striving to cling to.

It is uncommon for us to meet by chance, except in groups or secret clubs, which are rare and hard to find. It is especially dangerous with the Hunters out there, eyes searching the crowds and weapons ready to draw blood from us. Another fear we have, for as experienced as we are in our strengths, the Hunters are more so in our weaknesses. Protection is difficult to come by and harder to keep, betrayl is most common in these times.

Luckily, not many believe in the stories of our species, calling them fairy tales, and so we find safety in their ignorance. To be captured means discovery and possible torture and death. Running and hiding, surviving and living through another day, what a life. I doubt there is even a higher power who's helping us.

Well, if there are any gods with a hand in this, they're probably laughing their asses off.


Heero knew he was in serious pain, but years of training helped him push pass it into the land of the living. He felt a soothing presence beside him, cool water pressing against his lips. Slowly opening his eyes, he involuntarily tensed to see the blond Arabian giving him the water. Heero was able to relax, still keeping a wary eye on the other pilot. He quickly assessed his surroundings. He was in a tanned tent and laying on a warm cot, a thin blanket drapped over his body.

Quatre's eyes brightened as he let out a relieved sigh, "You're awake! Thank Allah!"

:How can he praise a god?: Heero sat up, using his elbows for leverage, "Where are we?"

"On Earth. A small resistance camp agreed to take us in. You've been unconscious for a few days now, since you fell out of Wing Zero." The Sandrock pilot explained.

Heero closed his eyes, leaning his head back against the cold metal of teh bed's headboard, "Earth..." The blond nodded with a frendly beam. Heero raised an eyebrow to him, then snorted softly, :He's awfully cheerful.: "Something I should know?"

Quatre shrugged his shoulders, giving a knowing look, "Oh, just something I should have realied a long time ago. Hungry?" Receiving a negative shake of thead, he continued,"What can I say? You became overwhelmed by the Zero system. I don't know what happened, but you regained control and fell from Zero's cockpit." He paused, then added in a whisper, "THere was something different about your aura... a magical touch that I overlooked before."

The perfect soldier inhaled a sharp breath, holding it while ihs eyes locked on the Winner heir, :He doesn't know, he doesn't know... if he knows... then he's either one of us or a Hunter.:

Quatre pinned his comrade with a serious gaze, "I doubt that was an effect of the system." He leaned closer, a soft smile on his lips, "Do you suspect something, Heero? You're suddenly very tense." He gasped and jumped away, knocking his chair over in the process. Glancing down at his shirt, he noted it was cut finely and evenly in four stripes acros his ribcage. If he hadn't reacted, he would surely be bleeding to death.

Heero crouched low on his cot, hand defensive and fingers spread out as though he had claws. Cobalt eyes narrowed angrily, "<Don't toy with me. What are you, Winner?>"

Quatre chuckled, fingertips toying with the rips in his clothes, "<You are so untrusting. Nasty habit.>"

"Why should I trust you?"

The blond grabbed his chest in mock pain, "I'm hurt. Good move ,though, I almost didn't see it coming. Now, are you done with your 'I kill you, you kill me' problem?"

Heero relaxed his stance, but still on guard as he watched the other pilot's every move, "Prove to me you aren't a threat."

"Proof?" Quatre asked, blinking innocent eyes, "My my my. How about this?" He touched the glass he made the Japanese pilot drink from, eyes hard in concentration. It began to swirl in te glass like a whirlpool. He broke the contact and the hydro stilled once again.

Heero calmly turned his gaze back to the Sandrock pilot, "Nature spirit?"

"I prefer to be called an aiwel [1], but I like Quatre best." The Arabian intoned.

"Aiwel, hm? Haven't seen one of your kind in over half a century." Heero smirked, keeping his guard, "I suppose we overlooked each other."

Quatre fixed his chair, once again sitting in it, "I suspected for a long time. When you self-destructed, it was re-enforced. Confirmed a few days ago."

"Oh? What tipped you off?"

The blond locked his hands together, resting them in his lap, "When we first met on the battlefield, not sure if either of us were enemies or allies. I couldn't place this strange sensation when I felt your presence. That hinted me that you were very different from humans." He smirked, somewhat alien with the bright aquamarine eyes, "So what are you?"

The Japanese pilot sat on the cot, "Tengu sylph mix breed. [2]"

"How long have you been alive?"

THe Wing pilot shrugged, "Two... three centuries, I suppose. You?"

"Aiwels have a human's lifespan of sixty five, seventy years average. It's as sure as day since I'm half human." Quatre sipped the water he played with and smiled over the rim of the glass, "I have been living in secret under my sisters and... father's care since mother died [3]. I haven't met anyone else who was... like me."

While Quatre spoke, Heero had moved closer, a curious look on his face. He had moved with one knee hugged to his chest, propping up his chin, while the other was curled under him, "... These are hard times, Winner. Not just for humans, but all of us. It doesn't help with the Hunters tracking us down."

Quatre's eyes widened in surprise, "Hunters? What are those?"

"Humans that hunt our kind, breaking away only if they are dead or the target is. Some do it because it's a family tradition, duty, honor... others for money," Heero splatted the other reason out like poison.

Quatre lowered his gaze, eyes serious, "I never have seen any Hunters before. How would I know-"

"You'll know when you see them." Heero interrupted. "They can track us down and tag us until we're alone. Then they attack."

The Arabian sharply locked his gaze on his comrade's face, "You sound like you've gone through that."

"I have." He confirmed. "Listen, Quatre. When you do face a Hunter, keep in mind it's either your life or his and he has killed innocents who's only crime was living as a non-human being." the darker boy untangled himself and leaned forward, placing a comforting hand on the Winner heir's shoulder, "I am sorry about your father, but killing innocent colonies isn't going to bring him back or ease the pain. If you had continued to do that, if Trowa and I hadn't tried to help you, you would have been no better than those Hunters."

Quatre closed his eyes, sighing, "I know... there was no excuse for me doing that, but I can try to make up for it now..." He smirked, peaking one eye open, "Still going to 'omae o korosu' me?"

Heero chuckled a 'no' and pulled his hand away, "I'm guessing it was your mother who was aiwel."

Quatre nodded his head with pride, "Yes, indeed!" He laughed softly in embarrassment. "I'm so used to being with the Maganac, Rashid would help keep my true nature a secret. I'm not used to being on my own, Heero."

The tengu sylph hummed, crossing his arms over his chest, "You are alone, Quatre. You have the other pilots: Duo, Wufei, Trowa, and myself. I can't say I'll look out for you when we're partnered up outside of a mission, but I can teach you what I know to survive as a so-called 'mythical creature'." he gave a warning glare, "If you go off and do something on your own, I won't go after you. You'd be just that: on your own."

Quatre nodded his head, waving his hand in a beckoning manner, "I understand, Heero."

The Japanese boy nodded, "Good."

When the blond lowered his head, he spoke hesitant manner, "Trowa is... all right... don't you think? Despite what the doctors said, there were a lot of colonies out there, and he's a survivor."

Heero was quiet for a few seconds, then smirked, turning his eyes to the door flap, "I'm sure he's going to be fine. Just don't give up hope. I know space well enough. Though she may be cruel, she'll guard him until he's safe."

"But how can you-"

"I'm a sylph, Quatre. An air and astrological nymph, I think I would know if space will protect him or not." Heero spoke exasperated, hands on his hips. A posture that caused the aiwel half-breed to burst out in a fit of giggles.

Heero smirked to himself in his accomplishment to get the other off the subject, then his amusement faded and he stood rigid, eyes gazing out the window. Quatre noticed this and calmed down, wiping his eyes, "What is it, Heero?"

"... nothing..." He reassured, easing up, "Nothing at all."


Quatre sat quietly on a rock in the forest clearing, Heero leaning against it from his place on the ground, cleaning a small handgun. The goldne haired boy took a long drink of his water, letting out a small sigh.

"Never speak the language when confronted with it."

"Excuse me?" QUatre asked, turning to the darker pilot.

Heero looked up at him, "When you're walking alone, and someone comes up to you and starts speaking the mystical tongue, don't answer them with it, or at all. That's one way of how Hunters get us."

The aiwel smirked, "_You_ started to talk to me in it. If I was a Hunter, I would know what you were, and killed you."

"Aa." Heero admitted, beginning to load his weapon, "A stupid mistake, one I'd admitt, and it won't happen again."

"Why did you speak that way to me in the first place?" QUatre asked, raising an eyebrow.

Heero paused in his activities, eyes distant for a few moments, then he closed them with a shrug, finishing up, "Maybe I'll tell you later."

The Arabian opened his mouth to ask for more information, but snapped it shut, knowing that was all he was going to get on the subject. With another sigh, he laid on his back, hands behind his head, "And?"

"Don't be so obvious, don't stand out." Heero put his gun away, closing his eyes as he crossed his arms over his chest, "Always carry a weapon with you. Don't transform unless you're absolutely sure that you're alone or if it becomes necessary."

"I see..." Quatre murmured softly, "Is that why you yell at Duo so much? Telling him to shut up and quit standing out? He's always near you, and you don't want to catch any attention. Duo's a human, so he'd be safe from Hunters." Quatre rolled on his stomach, smiling, "He does stand out with that braid and his mouth, I'm not oblivious to that fact. When He and I were hiding out in each other's company, he told me about you."

"... that's partially the reason."

"You aren't very talkative. Is it what all sylphs or tengu like or is it just you?"

Heero cracked one eye open, studying the blond's statement, "Normally sylphs are very excitable at a young age. Despite how I look, I would probably be considered a teenager by their ranks. They are also condiered to be in the company of those who die and stay with them in the afterlife. I'm not sure if this fact is true or not. Tengu are tricksters, and have the beaks and feet of birds. I'm just differen't, I suppose." Heero closed his eyes again, letting out a deep breath.

"My! That was a mouthful!" Quatre teased, chuckling light-heartedly.

"Hey, Gundam pilots!" Both boys looked toward the source of the noise, seeing one of the rebel soldiers from their current hideout. He walked over, "Some of us are heading into the nearby town for supplies. Want to come along?"

Quatre looked at his silent companion, then nodded, "Yes, we'll be coming." Quatre jumped off his rock, crouching down in front of Heero, "Come on!"

The Japanese pilot was about to retort, but he was already being dragged off towards the camp by the light haired boy. Once reaching the site, they hopped onto the waiting truck, riding silently into town a few miles east. The town wasn't very crowded, with not many people walking around. Once the vehicle came to a complete stop in front of the grocery store, the people on it jumped off. Quatre stretched, stiffling a yawn, "I'm going on a little walk around."

"Quatre-" Heero started with a warning tone.

THe aqua-eyed boy gave the best glare he coud muster without an edge, "I'm not a weak little boy, Heero, I'm a gundam pilot. I'll be back in a few minutes. Besides, how do you expect me to learn if I don't go out alone?"

Heero was quietly going through Quatre's point, then, with a small growl, he handed the blond boy his gun, "Be back in fifteen minutes."

The winner pilot accepted the gun, rolling his eyes, "Really, Heero, you're such a hen. Fifteen minutes." He then started down the row of shops, looking around silently with an observing eye. Making his way out of sight of any of th emen from the camp, he was too focused on window shopping to notice a cloaked figure following behind him at a distance.

Quatre turned a corner, huffing to see it was a dead-end. He turned to re-trace his steps when he noticed the figure now standing in his path. Quatre narrowed is eyes, taking a step back, "May I help you?"

"<I was just curious.>" the figure, male from the voice, replied slowly.

Quatre tensed, raising his hand defensively, "I... don't understand what you just said."

"Yes, you do." The man parted the cape and revealed a long, curved sword, thin and obviously Arabian, it's slick design made for a quick and efficient slice.

Quatre pulled out the gun, but it's heavier build made it easy to discard with the sword, which the man did. The man began to walk closer, sword ready to attack again, "You are aiwel. You will die."

:How did I become so transparent?!: He backed up further until his back hit the wall. He transformed, features turning more defined. His light blue eyes, now with a darker shade of blue pupils, narrowed as he gathered up power to use the sand. :I'm not going down this easily!:

He shut his eyes as the sword began to slice the air, coming twords his neck, even as the sand began to rise for te attack. He cried out to hear the sound of metal against flesh, but felt surprised to feel no pain. Cautiously, he peaked through his eyes, then they immediately snapped open when his view was obscured by a white curtain. "<Now, Aiwel!>"

Quatre let out a sharp cry as the sand quickly covered the Hunter, swallowing him. Attacking it in an attempt to get free, the sand engulfed the hunter, suffocating him as he struggled. He sank lower into the ground, the dirt draggin him under. Soon, all movement ceased, and any sign that the attack had occured were destroyed.

The blond Arabian turned to his ally, eyes widening, "<Heero?>"

The winged pilot nodded, licking the wound on his hand, "<Yes. We definately need to work with you more.>"

Quatre stepped closer, reaching his hand out cautiously and tracing the wings. He jumped back when they twitched. "<I thought... I thought all tengu were ugly in their true forms with beaks and birds feet. All you have is the wings and claws on your hands.>" HIs eyes widened and he raised his hands, waving them with wide eyes, "<I didn't mean to insult you!>"

"<You didn't.>" Heero reassured him, putting one clawed hand on his waist, "<It's because I'm part sylph. I have the tengu's wings, talons, and strange mischieviousness, but I also have the sylph's beauty and powers.>"

"<Can you fly?>"

Heero rolled his eyes, "<Oh, no, I can't, they're just for show.>"

"Oh.>" Quatre managed to get out, scratching his head.

"<I was being sarcastic.>" Heero grumbled, folding his wings behind his shoulders. HE gave the other creature a critical eye, "<You look more human than aiwel.>"

"<Aiwels look humanoid to begin with. My human blood just show more. I still have the speed, agility, power, and a few characteristics.>" Quatre explained his appearance.

Heero smirked, "<Yes, I see.>" Closing his eyes, hechanged back into his human guise, rubbin his shoulders when the transformation was complete. "<Let's get back to the truck. They should be finished with the loading.>"

Quatre transmuted as well, straightening out his clothes. He always felt confined when he switched between the two forms, he could never tell why. Quatre picked up the gun, sliding it back in his belt to be hidden by his vest, "Are you mad at me?"

"No." Heero answered truthfully. "I shouldn't be anyways. It's not your fault a Hunter was alerted to what you were." He beckoned with his head, "Come on, let's go."

Quatre smiled, following behind his comrade until he caught up, and they walked side by side. "You said you wouldn't help me if I wondered off on my own and got into trouble."

Heero coughed in his fist, averting his gaze, "Well, I saw him tagging you, and decided to go ahead and attack him."

"I appreciate it, Heero." Quatre smiled, dropping the subject. When they were halfway to the truck, the already loaded vehicle in sight, Heero stopped walking, tensing up immediately. Quatre noticed this, rememberingit happened also back at the tent. Heero glanced over his shoulder, Quatre looking also. A group of six men were looking at them, weapons of various types gleaming in the sunlight. Quatre looked sharply to the other pilot, "Heero, those are Hunters, aren't they? You knew they were here earlier, didn't you?"

"They're nothing. They aren't stupid enough to attack us when we're out in the open and with human witnesses. Another thing you should remember. Stay in a group of citizens so they won't attack you." Heero finished giving the aiwel his other lesson, and the two ontinued back to the truck, "We'll have to leave immediately, though. At night, they'll track us and attack at the camp."

"You lied to me," the blond accused, statement hard, "You said it was nothing!"

"Get used to it. Take this as a lesson. Your gut feeling is usually right. And until you learn that, it will be nothing until it confronts us. Now hush up and let's get on." With that, he closed the distance between their stop to the truck, which even now roared to life at their approached. Quatre looked one last time to the band of hunters, then followed the other into the back, :I have much to learn.:


But it was never nothing to me... I didn't know much of what he sensed. Boy, I didn't know how much I had to learn before I could watch out for msyelf. He should have told me e was sensing a Hunter stalking us. But he couldn't, wanting me to learn what to sense on my own. He is a good teacher, letting me learn from my mistakes so to learn what the consequences are. He never tells me much of his past, but I feel he has his own reasons.

He has taught me so much in the last few months, I'm glad he believes I am his friend in a certain term. Tomorrow, it is the day of All Hallow's Eve. THe day he takes me to socialize among our own species. Ironic, the antisocial getting me to socialize. Nevertheless, I'm very eagered, but gazing now at the sleeping form of my tall lover, I wonder how the future will be. I care deeply for Trowa, love him even. If he knew the truth... no, I won't let doubt get in the way. But...

... if it does change everything...

He stirs, conjuring me from my musings. Opening his enchanting emerald eyes, he gazes at me, sleep fogging his beautiful gaze, "Quatre? What's wrong?" He whispers in a voice thick with weariness.

I smile at him--oh, it's so easy to deceive with that tiny gesture, "Nothing. Go back to sleep, I'm just going to stay up a little longer."

He seems satisfied with that answer, for he snuggles back in his pillow and falls back to sleep. I watch him silently, and carefully brush his light brown hair when I'm sure he's asleep. He leans into my touch, warming my heart. He will still love me. I'm sure of it. I'll deal with the other path if it comes. For now, I want to stay with him. So I curl into our bed, snuggling up to him and fall asleep in his embrace, wondering, as my last conscious thought, what Wufei suspects when he's been 'spying' on us.



[1]= Aiwels are Arabian mythology, and they didn't really give much information of how they're supposed to look. So I'm adding fact with my imagination.

[2]= Tengu's are Japanese mythology, but sylphs are from all types of mythology. The two just fit. For more info on the Tengu/Sylph thing, look at 'On Halloween Night' footnotes.

[3]= I don't know if Quatre's mother is alive or not, but in my story, she's not.

I hope you liked this story! People kept asking for a story to tell how these two met and how it lead up to the events in 'On Halloween Night'. Well, I hoped you enjoyed! And if you didn't... ^^; sorry!