Title: Meet My Own Kind
Author & Email: DC <abyssinian_fujimiya@yahoo.com>
Archive: DC's Hideout <http://www.dreamwater.net/dudechan/index.html>
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz, Maze:The Megaburst Space, Ranma Nibunnoichi, Rurouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi, Inu-Yasha, Gundam Wing, and Yuu Yuu Hakusho.
Part: 1/1
Type: Oneshot Snippet/Ficlet
Warnings: Shounen ai, shoujo ai, PWP, general pointlessness, and a bit of a crossover... no, major crossover. Maybe one or two little spoilers, and a bit of abuse to all the characters, so no one's left out.
Summary: Some of our favorate quiet guys/gals gather together to find people like them, who can actually understand them.
Pairing: Mention of Xian Pu + Ranma, Mu TzuxRanma/RanmaxMu Tzu, YoujixAya/AyaxYouji, SanoxKenshin/KenshinxSano, ChichirixTasuki/TasukixChichiri, KuramaxHiei/HieixKurama, 1x2/2x1, 3x4/4x3, 5x6x13, and Mil+Maze.

Written On: 6/7/01
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Meet My Own Kind
* * *

Too many to really count, so nothing belongs to me, they belong to their original creators and associated parties. I'm just playing with them, because I can't get this stupid idea out of my head. *pouts* Thanks a whole lot, Shi-Dude, Frankie.

* * *
[]= Translations
::= Thoughts
**= Actions
_ _= Exaggerated Words
* * *

Duo: Um... This is... interesting...

Quatre: Y-yeah.... *glances at the other three* Guys, you really come here every Thursday?

Trowa: Yes.

Quatre: But... Sociaty for the Vocabulary Impaired? I don't get it!

Wufei: Exactly.

Heero: *nod* Hn. You two wouldn't understand what is going on in there. You probably should go see a movie or something.

Duo: No! I wanna see this so-called 'progress'!

Trowa: It's not progress, really.

Wufei: It's meeting people who can understand you.

Quatre & Duo: We understand you!!

Trowa: *rolls eyes*

Heero: *snorts softly*

Wufei: Su~ure.

*the four walk into the library, meeting a cheerful, barely dressed young girl, who bounced over*

Mil: ACUE!!!! [I'm so glad you can make it! The others aren't here yet.] *grabs Trowa, Wufei, and Heero's hands* Acue? CUE!! [Oh! Are these your lovers?]

Trowa: ................ [Yes. The blond is Quatre, my lover] *waves hand to Quatre, then Duo* [and this is Duo.] ............

Heero: Hn. [The baka's stuck with me.] *nods* [They wanted to see if we were cheating on them, but they're saying they want to see what we do here.]

Mil: Acu~ue [I see...] .... *bows to Quatre and Duo* Acue!! [How do you do?]

Wufei: This is Mil, the president of this association.

Quatre: Nice to meet you. *bows back*

*two redheads walks in, nodding to the small group and the shorter ones smiles*

Wufei: Onna! [You two are practically joined at the hip!]

Aya: *whirls around* SHI-NE!! [You perverted Nataku obsessed twit!! YOU WOULD THINK THAT!!]

Wufei: MEEP!! *hides behind Duo*

Mil: ACUE!! [AYA!] Acuecuecue!! [Quit scaring Wufei like that!!] *turns scowling to Wufei?* Acue cue! [Wufei, quit being so confrontational!]

Kenshin: Oro? :What is she, a mother?: [Was he implying what I think he's implying?]

Mil: Acue cu. [Afraid so.]

Kenshin: *sigh* orrrrrroooooooo.... [Sano's going to be pissed...]

Quatre: *sweatdrop* Er...... Duo...

Duo: I don't have any idea either.

*a short ebony haired man walks in* Hn. [Good evening.]

Mil: ACUE!! [Hi, Hiei-chan!]

Hiei: *glares* _Hn_. [Don't call me _chan_! I'm older than your grandfather!]

Kenshin: Ne gozaru... [And I came partially to get away from Yahiko...]

Duo: *grabs chest* My God, another Heero!!

Hiei & Heero: *death-glare* _HN_! [WHAT?!]

*Duo and Quatre sweatdrop as a black piglet with a bandana enters* BWEE!! [Sorry I'm late!!]

Mil: *sigh* Acue... [Ryoga, you're a week late. Oh well, you showwed up.]

Xian Pu: Nihao!! [Hello! I had to bring pig-boy here!]

Heero: *groan* [God must hate me....]

Xian Pu: *glares* [Oh. You're back.] *sniff* [Go crawl back under your rock, _male_.] *walks away with head held high*

Heero: *growls* [Come here and say that to my face, bimbo!]

Mil: Acue! *scolds Heero* [No name calling!]

Duo: Y'know, guys... um... maybe we will go to that movie. *walks slowly to the door*

Quatre: *smiles weakly* Yeah... well... we'll see you later! Umm... *waves* JA! *runs out with Duo*

*the two make it outside, breathing heavily* *look at each other*

Quatre: Allah, that was scary!

* * *

Mil: Acue! [Since everyone appears to be here, let us begin, okay?]

*suddenly a fox-faced monk appeared out of nowhere, causing everyone to freak out* NO DA!! [Sorry! Tasuki is a pain in the butt trying to get into a bathtub!!]

Mil: *gasp*wheeze*clutch heart* _ACUE_!!!!!! [CHICHIRI, QUIT DOING THAT!!!]

Chichiri: No da... [I said sorry...]

Xian Pu: *waves hand* Aiyah.... [It's okay, Fox-boy.] *grins and pats seat beside her* [Come sit by me.]

Chichiri: Da...... [Er.....] *sweatdrops* :I don't want to seem rude, but my Tasuki...:

Kenshin: Oro! *smiles* [That spot's too small, Xian-dono. Chichiri-dono can sit on my bench. There's plenty of room.]

Chichiri: DA!! [Thanks, Ken-chan!]

Xian: *glares* Omae o korosu. [Jerk.]

Heero: Hn. [Just because you're older than me, Jiji-san, doesn't give you right to use my line.]

Xian: Aiyah. [You copied me. You started using that line in 1995. _I_ was using it way before you.] *grins* *holds up victory sign* [I have copyrights.]

Heero: Hn. [Whatever, old wench. At least I can speak right when I need to.]

Mil: *sweat* Acue... [C'mon, guys, quick bickering.]

Aya: Shi-ne. [You two are impossible.]

Hiei: Ch'. [He has a right to say that.]

Mil: Acue. [Don't make me get Big Sister Brother over here.]

Everyone: *shuts up*

Trowa: *looks around the group* [Hey, how has your lovers, family, and friends been taking about you joining this group?]

Wufei: Injustice! [Personally, I think that Treize and Zechs are scared. Also Quatre and Duo didn't seem to take it too well.]

Kenshin: Ne gozaru....*sigh* *scratches head* [Sano doesn't understand. He doesn't see anything wrong with my vocabulary. Then again...]

Aya: *crosses arms* [It's Sano.]

Kenshin: *sweat* [Yeah.]

Mil: Acue! *grin* [What about Youji?]

Aya: *sigh* [He's trying to make me leave. He says it's cutting in on our... job. But I think he's just tired that he's not getting it as much.]

Hiei: Hn. [Aren't they all the same?] Ch'! [Kurama thinks it's cute. _Cute_, for Gods sake!! He can't see that I have a problem!!]

Chichiri: Da... [So all they really care about is getting laid.]

Hiei: *shudder* [Especially when he's in kitsune form.]

Wufei: Injustice? [What about you, Chichiri?]

Chichiri: *beams* DAA!! [Tasuki wants to come! He mostly just snarls cuss words and 'Lekka Shii-en'.]

Mil: *claps hands* ACUE! [Great! Bring him along!]

Chichiri: *stands up* [Now?]

All: [NO!!]

Chichiri: No da? [What?]

Wufei: *sweat* [Could... could you _please_ use the door instead? We can only take so many heart attacks.] *rubs forehead* :And my lovers wonder why I'm so jumpy. Sheesh.:

Xian Pu: Aiyah... [Airen is sympathetic and understanding...]

P-chan: BWEE!! [HEY!! Ranma is _not_ your husband! He told you before to stop referring him as that, even Cologne did!]

Xian: *glares* Omae o korosu! [I should make you into pork fried rice, pig boy! Just because he's with Mu Tzu doesn't mean he's not my Airen!]

Heero: *twitch* [Quit... saying that.]

Xian: *whirls to Heero* [You keep out of this!]

Kenshin: *stands up* Oro, ne gozaru... [Xian-dono, I don't wish to fight you, but I will if you don't calm down.]

Xian: *snort* [You and what army?]

Aya: *stands with a glare* [Me.]

Xian: *whips out bonbari* [Stupid males!]

Mil: *sniffle*

Trowa: *eyes widen* [Uh-oh...]


Chichiri: Da... [Mil, I think you should just calm down...]

Kenshin: Oro?! [Ex-assassin, thank you!]


Hiei: HN. *stands up* [That does it. I'm outta here. It was nice meeting you guys.] *glares at Xian and Mil* [Well, guys anyway.]



*door opens* AHEM!!

Everyone: *pauses to look over*

Kagome: SIT!!! *glare* [If you can't be quiet in the library rooms, please leave. Now!] *throws hands into the air* [Good lord! I come here to get some studying done, and these wackos pop up!] *looks at Inu-Yasha, now cursing in the floorboards* [Then again, who'm I to talk?]

* * *

Youji: Hey, you're back early. *walks lankily over to the couch, grinning at his partner*

Aya: *munching on chips* Shaddap, Youji.

Kenshin: Good evening, Youji-dono. *grabs more potato chips and un-pauses the movie.*

Youji: *twitch* ... Aya.

Aya: Hm?

Youji: ... who are all these guys?

Heero: *glare* What, he's not allowed to have friends over?

Youji: *blush* It's not that-!

Chichiri: Go take a cold shower and get over it then, no da. *continues eating a slice of pizza*

Everyone: *gapes at Chichiri*

Hiei: *shakes out of his stupor* Amen.

P-chan: Bu~wee. *nods*




A/N: *screams bloody murder and runs to the hills* GOOD BENTEN, WHY DID I WRITE THAT!?!?!? *looks for a hiding place before the critics and lurker police find her*