Title: Rebels of the Stars 5/?
By: GDH AkA "Dark Hilde" Gundam_deathscythe_hilde@yahoo.com or Dark_hilde@yahoo.com
Pairings: 2x1, 4+3, FXG, J + G (not the Docs, you... *shivers* Yuck!), and one curious couple I won't mention yet....
Info: GW/Outlaw Star crossover fic. For Lyssira Miokii and friends. Please excuse any mistakes I made. ^_^;;.
Setting: This is AU, for BOTH universes. Lets say it takes place in Heifong and on Earth. RIGHT BEFORE 'BATTLEFIELD OF PACIFISTS'. And after the OLS series as aired in America.
Archive: OK, but tell me first or die by Airen's trigger-happy ego. Should be at DHML site later. ^^ And my Trio or Etherealin_sanity site.
Warnings: Nothing that will scare/scar you yet... Later on-Jealous Hee-chan, Lemon, and original characters.
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"Children are only cute when they're tied up and silent". --LM, which is soo true! *evil cackle*


Rebels of the Stars 5 / ?


"It's just this way, 'kay?" Mei smiled as the 'Starwind and Hawking' logo showed up ahead of them as if a parting mist had shown the way rather than a crumbling street corner they'd passed by.

"Cool. Hey, see ya' around, kid!" Duo smiled. He gave her a credit chip with the amount he had promised, to her relief and joy, and tipped his 'old style' hat her way.

"Need ne'thin' else, mister Duo 'litterate?" the young girl fluttered her one good eyelash. Duo winced, he'd told her not to call him that! So what if he couldn't read Siglien? He was American, damnit!

"Uhm, not really. Thanks though." the braided boy waved her away and stepped up to the door. She ran up behind him and latched on to his arm. Surprised by her sudden action, the boy pulled away and slammed himself into the wall accidentally. At that moment, the tall metal door swung open and a white haired woman peeked around the wall. She stood failry tall in the doorway and glared at Mei suspiciously. In an uncharacteristicly high pitched voice, she screeched and asked, "Hey? What's going on out here!?" Then Duo noticed the tall, fuzzy, cat-like ears poking out from the long, braided locks of silvery-white hair. Odd. Very, very odd.

"Uh...AH! A Catarl-Ctarl!" Mei took a step back and carefully eyed the cat woman suspiciously, who returned the look that the little girl was giving her with a glare. Duo smirked, he'd finally seen something the kid was afraid of! 'Hmm...perhaps a sign to be cautious', he thought. This kid didn't seem to care for anything; jumping cars and such like a lunatic, so something that would put a look of fear on her face would have to be somewhat immense indeed. The cat woman looked to be a walking mass of muscles, her steady, intelligent gaze gave away the fact that she only sounded dumb.

"I am sooo outta here, man! Later, 'litterate!" Mei high tailed it back down the street the way she had just shown him. She slipped behind a wall, leaving a trail of dust behind and that was the last of her. Well, Duo thought, now that he arrived, no point in turning back, no matter the fact there's a very scary cat beast in his way. The young pilot was just about to open his mouth to speak to the white haired woman when-

"Whose out there?" came a slightly familiar voice, one Duo recognized from the phone call yesterday to be the blonde kid, Jim Hawking. The boy's face appeared around behind the cat woman's arm and Duo turned to smirk in his direction. "Oh, sorry mister Maxwell! I know we expected you today. Did Aisha give you a scare?"

"Huh? No. Not really. The kid I was with though, seemed pretty afraid of you... Jim, right?" After nodding to Aisha, Duo stepped up to the door and took Jim's offered hand. The boy grinned with his eyes. He knew how much was at stake with this deal.

"That's because she's smart enough to recognize a fierce warrior like the Catarl-Ctarl!! You'd be wise to fear me too!" the white haired girl grinned, showing off her rows of pointy teeth, her long fingered hands resting on her slim hips. Jim waved her away with a groan and an apologetic smile. He obviously doubted she was all that, at least for the moment. She went back inside and disappeared behind a wooden door without another word.

"Come in, please, sir!"

"Sir? Eh, it's just Duo."

"Ok, Duo. Right this way!" Jim cheerily led the braided boy to a spacious room that Duo guessed to be their living room, from the well lived-in look of the place. Apparantly they did their business out of their residence. Strange, how did a freaky cat girl get to be in a place like that? There was probably a long story behind it, so Duo shrugged it off as not important.

Jim motioned for him to have a seat on the long blue couch. Once they were settled, Duo on the cushy couch and Jim seated in a chair across from him, Duo asked if they had successfully secured the Gundanium that he had requested. Nodding, Jim said, "Yes, it's in a friend of our's possession at the moment. Once we've been paid the agreed amount, we'll ship it wherever you want and get those mechanics you asked for. Plus anything else that you need."

"Cool. Here's the account number and everything you'll need to access the first chunk of the money I owe you." The violet eyed boy pulled a paper out from one of his pockets and tossed it across the low table to where Jim was sitting. With a nod of his own, he continued, "When I get the goods, you get the rest of it."

"Thank you, Sir." Jim stood and headed for his computer. Duo watched him curiously. He seemed really young, being only around eleven or so, to be doing the kind of work he was rumored for. Oh well, what an odd place. From the kid's manners, he seemed to be in charge of the place, at least while his partner was away.

"I believe I mentioned I may need a bodyguard for the duration of my stay here." said Duo. Not that he was a weakling or anything, but why do the work yourself when someone else will willingly do it for you? It seemed that while Duo had been investigating the possibility that there would be enough Gundanium alloy in this world to repair his Mobile Suit, someone had caught on to his ancient method of hacking and traced his location. Now he had some whacked out band of 'Pirates' after him. He really didn't know why. He guessed he pissed them off or something, as they seemed to want to take the same thing he was initially after. The pilot decided he had more important things to focus on- priorities like fixing his gundam, filling his stomach, and finding a way back to Earth. HIS Earth.

He had already been stuck in this world of the future for far too long. Almost a week. He worried that the plan he had originally thought up would not work afterall. His next objective would be to find any and all old OZ records he could, to find out exactly what it was that had knocked himself and his partner, Deathscythe, into this futuristic world.

Maybe he could even find a trace that Heero may have left for him to follow. You'd think, by now, that the Japanese guy would have figured out exactly what had happened, especially since he had seen it with his own eyes; Duo's proof being that Heero's startled face on his screen was the last thing he had seen before vanishing into the next 'dimension'. You'd think the guy would be courteous enough to leave some kind of message that only Duo would find. 'Then again, this is stick-up-his-ass-Yui we're talking about', Duo thought, 'No way that's gonna happen. Gotta fend for yourself now.' Hopefully, he could use the aid of these jacks-of-all-trades to help him out on his way home.

"Ah, that we can do! 'Starwind and Hawking' can take care of whatever you need! A bodyguard? No problem!" Jim was practically beaming as he checked the account on his computer. It was all legit, half of the incredible sum of money was already in their possession, to do with as they pleased! The rest of it would be split up between all involved parties, including Fred Lou. Finally, they could pay off their debts and then some!

"Will that cost more?"

"I'd have to get back to Gene on that part. He's the one who does the actual 'body-guarding.' That's not really my department." The boy said apologetically. He wiped his long blonde bangs from his eyes and smiled when he shut the computer down.

"Ah, well, when you can, please tell me." Duo adjusted his cap and glanced over his shoulder. The cat woman was back. She seemed content, sitting crosslegged on the third step down of the staircase and playing what appeared to be a new-age gameboy, clutching it tightly in her clawed hands. She fiddled with the controls a moment then squealed in delight as she won a level of the game.

"You know, it wouldn't do any good if someone got to me before I could pay you the rest of the money for your work." Duo said. He looked back as Jim sat once more across from him. "I could probably take care of myself, but this is not my usual territory, if you get what I mean. I don't even really know where I am right now."

"Oh, I can help you with that. What's the matter, Duo? You lost, take a wrong turn? Or maybe you have amnesia?"

"Yes. No. Maybe." He paused and raised his index finger to his pink lips, as if confiding something very secret, in a whisper, "Sort of."

Crossing his arms, Jim leaned back in his seat. "Well then, here, this planet is called Heifong. You know that much right?"

"Uh, yeah, I got the gist of that. Hey, do you know where a place called Earth would be?"

Jim frowned, then said, "Earth? Oh, yes, the motherworld of humanity."

"Why would you want to know about an overpopulated, dirty junk-zone like that?" Aisha butted in. She twitched her long ears to the beat of the sounds coming from her little game.

"What?" Glancing back at her, Duo frowned.

"It's pretty bad now, or so I hear. Pollution, global warming, then there was that ice age that only lasted a century, when that colony fell on it. Oh, well, it's inhabitable, but only barely. You'd be better off in one of those Lagrange Zones. I hear a new one is under construction after that last Pirate attack. I believe it was by a woman named the 'Red Scar.' If she'd have gone up against a real warrior nation like the Catarl-Ctarl, she'd have never stood a chance, hehe. She'd have been cat food! But, those silly humans are all such pushovers! They give in too easily." The woman laughed, as if the destruction of a planet, the entire homeland of the human race, were humorous. Duo blinked and turned back to Jim to see the kid shaking his hung head and quietly muttering something about getting her to shut up in front of the customers. The cat girl continued to laugh for a while more, until an unpleasant sound escaped her game and she gasped, having lost her concentration. "Aaw, Crap!"