Title: Rebels of the Stars 4/?
By: GDH AkA "Dark Hilde" Gundam_deathscythe_hilde@yahoo.com or Dark_hilde@yahoo.com
Pairings: 2x1, 4+3, FXG, J + G (not the Docs, you... *shivers* Yuck!), and one curious couple I won't mention yet....
Info: GW/Outlaw Star crossover fic. For Lyssira Miokii and friends. Please excuse any mistakes I made. ^_^;;.
Setting: This is AU, for BOTH universes. Lets say it takes place in Heifong, Sentinel III (tabun later) and Earth. RIGHT BEFORE 'BATTLEFIELD OF PACIFISTS'. [I know when it happened now! XD] And after the OLS series as aired in America.
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Warnings: Nothing that will scare/scar you yet... Later on-Jealous Hee-chan, Out of body experiences... Several enough Lemons for my first one, I got an 18 pager in here somewhere...if I can find it again...
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Rebels of the Stars 4 / ?

Duo and Mei browsed slowly through the overstuffed, highly colorful racks at the busy shopping mall. He had already bought her a nice new yellow dress to replace the one that had been messed up during their travels from the residential district to the shopping mall at the industrial side of town and now pormised to get her another one if she would show him the way to the Starwind and Hawking business. Luckily, she knew exactly where that was. This kid got around.

The blonde girl was overjoyed at the concept of being both paid a good amount for her guiding the braided boy to his destination while getting a new dress that very same day. All of this for really nothing on her part. She'd only had to drag him through the last half of the residential section, hop a truck, and jump off after the last exit ramp. While dragging the horrified teenager by the arm like a rag doll. She really had forgotten how strong her new mechanical arm could be. Duo really had to have been lost, to the child's amazement, to have gone along with her plan. She could have just walked him the whole way, around the residential district's pedestrian section, over the bridge, and down the park way into the heart of the busy city, but where was the fun in that??

Mei grinned widely and blinked her bad eye, the rubber ball within seemed too big for the socket housing it. It really didn't look very flattering to her, making her face seem to bulge out a bit strangely at her lower eyelid. Too bad, Duo thought, she had a nice smile too, if not for that little distraction. "This one is nice. Can we get it?"

"Sure, kid. Let's pay for it." Duo crossed his arms and grinned back at the strange girl.

"Where's your money anyway? You sure have a lot, mister 'litterate." What a frustrating girl! But he would have to put up with her for the time being.

"The name is DUO, not illiterate, DUO. Get it right." He waved his finger in her face and turned to the side window. He noticed a bright red sign over what seemed to be a pawn shop of sorts.

"Oh, yeah. Right. But you still can't read."

"Yeah, that gets to be a problem. Speaking of which, what's that sign say anyways?"

"That's the weapons shop. They sell guns, knives, ammo, and deadly shit there." The girl blinked with her one good eye and returned her attention to the dress on the rack. She tossed it over her shoulder and headed for the counter. Duo followed, pulling out his newly aquired credit chip and handing it to the woman at the counter. The alternate universe, as he had come to call this strange place he seemed stranded in, had this as their answer to credit cards. He'd aquired a few when he stumbled into the bank and gave them his name. Odd, they seemed to think he had an accout with them...from Earth. The only account he rmembered was one that Heero had set up for him, months ago. Shrugging it off as a fortunate turn of events, that he had aquired quite a sum by dropping his name once or twice, he figured he'd use the money to find a way home. And get around.

The woman at the counter took the chip, placed it in the machine to her left, and handed it back, saying to have a nice day as she printed out the receipt. Once the dress was paid for and bagged, Mei's eyes lit up. This guy really did keep his promises!

"So, you have anyth'n else you wan' me to do for ya mister D?" She asked quickly, as he headed out the door.

The long haired teen corrected her once more, "Duo."

"D will do, right?"

"Oi. Kids. Whatever you want. I am heading over to the weapons shop. I need a gun."

"Why, you an Outlaw or sumthin, D? Maybe You'se a Pirate then? Got peeples after ya, huh, tell me!?" She pranced before him and mimed holding a gun at his nose with her free hand.

"No, not really, I just would like to have one, that's all. You don't need to know anything about that anyways. You. Don't. Know." he sneered. "So, get that thing out of my nose."

"BANG!" After pretenting to blow his head to pieces, she spun on her heels, laughing. She dashed out of the store and into the one with the glaring neon sign across from it. Duo followed close behind her. The thought of that girl with a gun unnerved him. Something about her unusual personality just screamed trigger-happy, sadistic child. He was going to keep an eye on her until things cooled off and they went their seperate ways.

When he stepped up to the counter beside where Mei was already oogling the merchandise, he noticed a man with many tattoos on his arms crouched down in the back room. The guy was cleaning the underside of a very large weapon. At that point, Duo would have called it a gun, but he was not certain if it really functioned like one. There were parts to it that made no sense, and no barrel to really speak of, at least, not one that would have done it any good. Perhaps it was some sort of beam weapon?

"What's that?" The teen asked. The man turned at the voice and stood, stretching the kinks out of his spine. "Nuthin' to concern a kid like you. What you want?"

Duo flashed his million dollar grin. "A weapon, of course."

The man walked to the counter and nodded to Duo. "I can get ya one. What kind?"

"What ya got, man?"

"You've got eyes." Great, all these little black and silver 'things' in the glass case seemed as foreign to him as the odd writings on the wall overhead. "Uh, how about that?" The blue eyed boy waved his hand over the case and eyed two of the items at a time. The man took the chance to slide the back of the case open and grab the most expensive metal object to hold it up to eye level.

"That, as you can see, is top of the line. Not as powerful as some, but still damn good to keep around. It's got a hair trigger, so you can have that last laugh, yah know?"

"Eh? Are you saying I'd get my ass shot down before I could pull it then?" He glared.

"Uh, no, I mean, just -if-. Didn't mean nothin' by that. Honest." The man winked. "It's light and easily concealed, I'd say it's a good bargain, and I wouldn't steer ya wrong. This baby will blow a hole in the moon, if you aim it right. Ya see-"

"No it won't that's ah pee shooter." Mei interrupted. The man looked down, finally noticing her there.

"Hey, no children here, only paying customers!"

"So, you know about this thing, then, Mei?" Duo asked her. She nodded.

"Mama knowed a LOT about that kinda stuff, that's just a little lazer blaster, you can kill plenty o'peeps with it but it's only got so much energy to it and you need to recharge it after a month or so. He'd have to sell ya the charger too."

"Is that so? Well, I don't see one here..."

"It's stored in the back. I'll get it." The man locked the case and headed to the back, lazer gun in hand.

Mei smiled at Duo and whispered; "I used to have one at home, but momma got it and locked it up."

"Oh, really?" Smart.

"Yeah, I found it!" She pointed to herself happily. "There were lots of them at the warehouse!"

The man reemerged from the back room, charger and gun in hand. "You little brat..."

"Honest! I was only lookin'!"

"You're one o' the brats that got into the storage!"

"Uh oh!" She backed away at the glare sent her way. She promptly hid behind Duo, whom really didn't want to get between her and that gun. "Saaaave meeee D!" The man shot at a target on the wall, the light from the gun was invisible to the eyes. The blast knocked the striped target to the floor in a smoldering heap. Duo's eyes were wide. That would be useful. Like a tiny beam cannon!

Sighing, Duo pulled his chip from his pocket and handed it to the man. "I want to buy it. Leave her alone, or I won't."

"Hm. Don't wanna lose a sale. I catch you in that warehouse again and I'll rip ya a new one, little shit!" the man grinned evily.

"But it's a hideout!"

"Not anymore, kid." Mei pouted and stormed out of the store, kicking the door as she went.

"What rotten little scumbags. Breakin' in to the stores..." The man muttered. he took the chip and rang it up, handing the gun and charger to Duo with the chip after he'd received payment. "There. Stop by again some time, I got bigger shit than that to fry comin' in the next shipment. You going after a bounty, huh? This is the best kind for in-space action, it lessens the chance of breakin a hole in the damn walls out there. Flesh can't stand up to it, but metal just seems to absorb it. It's a type of magic. Think Castors, only not as potent at all. It does, however, keep the nasty side effects we all love so much."

Frowning, Duo turned and stared at the mark on the wall. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, this baby eats your life away."

Thinking the man was joking, Duo put the gun away and walked towards the door. "No kidding." Perhaps he shouldn't have let it go at that.