Title: Rebels of the Stars 3/?
By: GDH AkA "Dark Hilde"
Gundam_deathscythe_hilde@yahoo.com or Dark_hilde@yahoo.com

Pairings: 2x1, 4+3, FXG, J + G (not the Docs, you... *shivers* Yuck!), and one curious couple I won't mention yet.... (It's got a plot now!)

Info: GW/Outlaw Star crossover fic. For Lyssira Miokii and friends. Please excuse any mistakes I made. ^_^;;. This is AU, for both universes. Lets say it takes place in Heifong, Sentinel III (tabun later), Peacemillion and Earth. This is pretty much a filler chapter since finals are over. *Thank the Proff.*

Archive: OK, but tell me first or die by Airen's trigger-happy ego. Should be at DHML site later. ^^ And my Trio site.

Warnings: Nothing that will scare/scar you yet... Later on-Jealous Hee-chan, Out of body experiences... Several enough Lemons for my first one, I got a 18 pager in here somewhere...in later parts. I've been told it's damn good, for a first, so whatever. (Thanks, Neko n' TJ!)

Feedback would be appreciated. ('''*hears crickets*''') Apologies for the short posting.

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Rebels of the Stars 3 / ?


(One week ago, at prescisely the time Duo arrived on Heifong.)

Things were looking up for Fred Lou. Not that he didn't already have the best of everything he had wanted or could possibly need, or so he believed, but he felt he'd gained something new to put him in a good mood. Today seemed exceptionally grand, considering the order he'd placed just a week ago had finally arrived at his warehouse for temporary storage. Now all he had to do was sit back and await a serious buyer's offer. Of course, Fred was a very busy man. Today however, he'd decided to take a break from work, legal or no, and just visit on his vid-link with some close friends. Well, now, who was first on his 'Today-I-am-going-to-bug-YOU, you-lucky-loser' list? Ok, so it was a silly concept, but then, he'd come up with it himself. Besides, he was bored stiff.

He dialed up a number and got a busy signal.


Ok, so he tried another one. Someone was disconnected.


Failing a third time to make any form of human contact, he'd tried a Saurian number and recieved an answering machine. The gruff voice answering announced that if you weren't buying or selling then you were to sit and swivel on it. That was a no go, for certain. Well then, what was a guy to do? As if taking a cue, the vid link buzzed. Someone had actually called him. "Perhaps it's a potential customer?" Fred said to himself as he answered the call. It came up as voice only, and there was heavy breathing on the other line. This scenario was very familiar. He shrugged and answered anyway, "Hello?"


"Ok, I can't hear you. Who's calling? Can I get a visual?"

"...." Still nothing. Although entertaining enough for the whole span of ten seconds, the prank call was getting bothersome. Frowning, Fred hung up.

One minute later, it rang again, and this time there was visual only. Fred turned his screen on and recieved a nice and close-up view of someone's asshole. Oh, joy. He flipped him off, perfectly aware that the asshole could not see him, and hung up. This was the kid that called three weeks ago, and phone-flashing was an apparant hobby. As Fred recalled, about fifty poeple had already turned him in and absolutely nothing had been done to apprehend him. He'd always hung up before anyone could trace the call anyway. Punk.

All right, back to contemplating. Who to bug? Then a thought struck him. He hadn't called Gene in a while, and wondered how the guy was doing. Perhaps he would be able to repay that loan, and maybe the one from before, or even the one from before that one? Well, hell, something, at least! The guy was always saying he was going to make it big, and to just wait and see. Although Fred highly doubted the possibility of that happening any time soon, he figured Gene was always around and would be happy to take his call, even in a life and death situation, like many times before (the likes of which Gene was unconsciously attracted to,) there was always time for chit-chat. If not the man himself, then perhaps that charming kid, Jim would answer his call. Yes, Jim was always good for conversation. Without any hestiation, he'd dialed their number, Starwind and Hawking. Jim answered the phone wearing a friendly smile, which when his screen was turned on, had instantly dissolved into a frown.

"Aaw, not you too!" Jim protested.

"Well, is that any way to say hello to an old friend?" Fred asked, amused at the look of defeat on Jim's pale face.

"Uh, no, I guess it isn't. Is there a specific reason you are calling? I don't have the money right now. I'm sorry. We're in a bind at the moment."

"Actually, that's all right. I was just looking to talk your ear off for a while. What his happening over there, anyway?"

"Not much. Gene's out right now. He had some business, he said. I dunno when he's coming back, he didn't say and I got too tired to ask. I can't believe he makes me do all the work!"

"You poor thing!"

"Well," Jim smiled, 'If I didn't do it then it would never get done. You know how Gene can be sometimes...no, all the time. If it's his divine goal then you'd better get the heck outta the way, but if it's just housework and such, he's got NO motivation."

"Well, what about that Melfina woman that's living with you? Doesn't she help out a lot?"

"Oh, sure, she's great in the kitchen. We do a lot of the daily living stuff that Gene just totally phases. I swear I don't know how I made it without her, before. Right now she's out shopping with Aisha and Suzuka. You know women and the mall."

"Heh, yes, I do. So has he gotten any good job offers lately?"

"Well this guy wanted this restaurant guarded against giant two headed cockroaches, but the whole thing turned out to be a hoax, a rival businessman was trying to get his opponent in trouble with the sanitation department. Oi. Other than that, he had a couple bountys and some cheap jobs, you know the like, bodyguards and fix-its. We're really running low on income, but I don't think we'll need to borrow any from you...yet.... I mean, if Gene can find a better job soon. Heh, you know, you're really amazing, how you put up with us and all."

"What are you saying? What are friends for? But--when it comes to business, you know how things can get. I DO take it seriously. I can't just let it slide, you understand? You remind Gene about that, will you? And, do tell him to visit! Don't be a stranger!" Fred played with the earring in his right ear, twirling it between his fingers.

"Uh, sure, I think he knows. It is kind of inconvenient that the only time we visit is when we're in a dire crisis. Oh well, you know how THAT can go." Jim sighed and shook his head. "We had two groups of people try to steal the Outlaw Star within the month. Of course, Gene took care of that little problem, thankfully. Now that I think about it, the guys all had strange tattoos. Have you ever seen a guy with an elaborate red 'S' on his shoulder? We're trying to find out who they are connected to. Unfortunately, all of the baddies either ran for their lives or died in the fight. But, they all had that tattoo on them."

"No...I don't know anything about it, I will tell you if I do find out, though." the dark haired man nodded. "Wouldn't want anything horribly terrible to happen to you, now would I?"

"Eh, heh, no. I wouldn't think so."