Title: Rebels of the Stars 2/?
By: GDH AkA "Dark Hilde"
Pairings: 2x1, 4+3, FXG, J + G (not the Docs, you... *shivers* Yuck!), and one curious couple I won't mention yet.... (It's got a plot now!)
Info: GW/Outlaw Star crossover fic. For Lyssira Miokii and friends. Please excuse any mistakes I made. ^_^;; I did a lot of 2:30-AM I can't sleep 'till I clear this up 'homework'. It helped. Thank the gods for VCRs. This is AU, for both universes. Lets say it takes place in Heifong, for lack of my knowledge of the end of the series.
OK to Archive, but tell me first or die by Airen's trigger-happy ego.
Warnings: Nothing that will scare you yet... Later on-goin'n'Jealous Hee-chan, Out of body experiences... Several enough Lemons for my first one, I got a 15 pager in here somewhere...in later parts. I've been told it's damn good, for a first, so whatever. (Thanks, TJ!)
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Rebels of the Stars 2 / ?


Duo was extremely confused.

Not to say he hadn't ever been lost before, but this little endevour he'd undertaken had slammed him precariously into a dead end in a cold alleyway. He turned around, intent on finding some form of territorial distinction, something, anything, different from everything else around him. The buildings were all the same, the roads always (but for the curiously numbered dead ends) ended in four way intersections.

Once he'd finally summoned up that elusive testicular fortitude to proclaim himself mentally, physically, utterly lost, he'd decided that 'now' would be a good time to do something about it.

The problem?

'Now' had been two hours, twenty-seven minutes and fifteen, sixteen, seventeen....hell, you get the idea. So, now what was he supposed to do? Like any smart guy, he'd already tried asking for directions. The end result was way less wanting than merely wandering around this residential district. He was right back where he'd started again! Not much difference, really. The huge, iguana-like man that he'd hesitantly approached had told him, with a heavy, lingering pat on the back and unnerving coiling of his elongated neck, that he should head left on Bulbous avenue, hang a right on Kranock street, then go right on ahead past the coffee shop with the little green sign, take a U-turn up to the highway and then on for about three miles until he reached the business and central shopping district. Duo didn't remember any of that on his way HERE from THERE, wherever either really was. He'd been told to folow the signs, and that any human could do it, and that if he didn't want to get mugged by any nasty Saurion that he should kindly remove the valuable artifact from his head. And the guy, who called himself a Siglien, didn't mean the braid. Thankfully Just what did people, or more appropriately, Dino-men, have against, or perchanse revere about baseball caps? What a world!

"Duo...." The whispered summons enticed him. Where the hell had it come from? All surrounding, completely encompassing, inside his mind? Warm, sensuous breath on his ear. In one quick move, he started, turned, not a soul in sight. The alley was deserted. A surprisingly clean alley, at that. No place for a mysterious, disembodied voice to hide, given that split second of a chance. But, what of the tickle on his ear? That warm, familiarly close contact had set him on edge. No, no, Heero was nowhere around!

Maybe he'd just imagined it? Yeah, that was it. Your mind plays tricks on you when you're lost, tired, stressed and alone, baka! That's just the way the colony turns. Can't fight it, go with the flow.

He hurried down another road, trying to distinguish one structure from another and make out something recognizeable of the gibberish on the street signs. Deciding to follow the first arrow he came to, and the symbol that accompanied it, he headed down the street to the far left. As he turned the corner, as the arrows directed, he almost had a run in with a lump on the sidewalk. A little girl was crouched at his feet, holding a yellow ball in her left hand. She had curly, bouncy blonde hair and an impish grin as she glanced up to meet Duo's curious look. Duo thought, she would have been cute, but for the fact that she was missing her left eye.

"Hey there, little miss. Do you know the way to the Central Shopping District?" He asked in his best I'm-the-good-guy-voice. She nodded and her smile grew wider. The lid flicked uselessly over the empty eyesocket. Duo knealt down and smiled widely as well, eye level, and showing his perfect white teeth. "Do you think you could show me the way there?"

The child frowned, making the hollow space in her face disappear momentarily. She turned and tossed the yellow ball against the smooth wall, catching it again in her left hand. "Ma-ybe..." she said in a thinly drawn out but sweet voice.

"Would you please? I'll pay you to take me there."

"How much?" The girl asked. She was probably around seven years old and was very, very short in comparison to Duo. From the look of her ragged clothing, she was a street brat, and probably haunted this area. Kids like these know the streets and whereabouts like the backs of their hands.

"I'll give you twenty Wong. Good deal?" Obviously Duo had taken the time to get accustomed to the currency of this strange planet in the few days that he had been here. Actually, he had quickly realized he was rich, or so the local bank had told him. Due to an old joint bank account that Heero and himself had, um...created with the help of many unwitting OZ officials, and the passage of time over apparantly MANY years and the fact that he was never proclaimed dead, such legal cannot be transfered or removed mumbo-jumbo, and voila, current day millionaire. Three Wong commonly pays for a meal for one. He'd found that out on the first day.

"Hmm...I got cans for that much and it wasn't worth the walk, so..." she made as if she were going to walk away, ball in hand. "maybe next time, mister!"

She was obviously playing him for all he was worth. "Ok, then, twenty-five?" Duo raised the price a bit.

"Thirty." She smiled with her one eye, the impression never reaching her mouth.


"Wow. You really don't know the way, do you?" She laughed. Standing up, Duo looked around, almost embarrassed. Of course it was probably right under his nose, huh?

"I'm illiterate, ok?" Duo scoffed. "What's the language on the signs?"

"It's Siglien. Everyone and their cat knows that. 'Cept you of course, mister 'litterate."

"Oh." He said as she shoved the small rubber ball into her eyesocket. Strange.

"Come on, I'll take you to the center of the city! You wanna go shopping?" She looked back at him, one yellow eye and one blueish violet orb, strikingly similar to his own.

"No-yes, sort of. My hotel is near there, that I know. I can pay you when we get there, that ok?" He held out his pinkey to swear it, kid style. The child looked at him funny then copied his action,blinking oddly and gesturing with her other hand down the alley.

"Deal, then." She pulled her hand down before Duo could take it and walked down the street where Duo had just previously emerged. "This way, mister 'litterate. You got you head on backwards today." She said this all too matter-of-factly. Duo just had to grin.

"Don't I know it?" Duo laughed now and followed behind the odd child.

"Well, it's really, really sad if you didn't!"

"What's your name, kid?"

"Mei." she emphasized the syllables and it sounded like the month of May uttered in her childish sing-song way.

"Mei, huh? Pretty name."

"Yeah, that'a bout it." She turned left and led him down a deserted street. Duo could see a dead end up ahead, across an intersection at which she led him right and up a long ramp. This must have been the U-Turn tall and way too friendly had mentioned. The ramp did indeed lead to a spinning road, a highway, raised above the ground and many a tall building, leading off into the distance for miles. Several speeding cars hurredly passed them by. Mei got a mischevious look, one that came off as almost devilish due to her lack of kindly expression on the part of her nonexistant eye. "Wanna catch a ride, mister ;litterate? It's miles to the city center and business district, you can't even see it from here. This is how I get there and back!" She grabbed the pilot's arm and with surprising force for such a young child, tugged him along behind her to the road side. She began to count to three. Duo got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He was willing to bet that the next word she'd say would be- "JUMP!"


Yep, it was confirmed. She'd jumped and he'd stood there like a dunce. What kind of kid is this anyway? He found himself running along immediately behind her, her steel grip firm on his right arm. No one, not even he, could have held on like that! God, what was she made of, Gundanium? He hopped up, with her help, and found himself now clinging to the back of a kind of cargo trailer, a convenient ladder right there to hold on to.

"See?" She said, joy in her tone. A typical kid playing a game with the older adult. The difference was, it was with his life and limb at stake and--god, he was losing curculation in his hand!

"Lemme go! Itain!" Mei losed his arm and frowned once again.

"Sorry, I forget sometimes my arm is so strong. It's a fake, ya know? Prosth-eh-tiksh. Momma got it for me when I lost my real one!"

"Sorry. How'd it happen?"

"Easy! I was skipping cars."

"Oh, I should have guessed."

"It's not dangerous if you don't let go!" she gave him a toothy grin, her teeth slightly yellowed.

"I have done plenty of dangerous things in my life. I'm not that shaken up. Really though, I never expected a kid to force me to do something stupid. Usually I just do it on my own."

The girl laughed as the wind whipped through her light curls. "You're funny!" Duo could feel the wind whipping hislong braid against his back. He reached with his left arm and pulled it over his shoulder to the relative safety of his body pressed against the moving vehicle.

"We're almost there already! There's a place I like to hop off coming up ahead. It's softest to land there in the dirt. Just tuck and roll. I'm not gonna pull you this time cuz you'll squish me. You gotta do it yourself or wait for the truck to stop, wherever it's heading. You better be the tough guy, cuz I wanna get paid!" She laughed and pointed to a curve up ahead to the right where she intended to jump off. "See? Once the truck reaches that spot."

"Yeah." He waited until she had gone and jumped of her own accord and then followed suit, tossing himself towards the curb, rolling and then tumbling to a stop a few feet away. The truck sped past, taking the wind with it. He looked up to see Mei dusting herself off, her blue dress now even dingier with dirt and oil.

"I guess I landed in a bad spot today. Oh well. Mama will yell at me for messing up my dress bad."

Duo said, " Well, you could buy a new one."

"This is my best one and now it's stained, 'sides I don't got the money."

"You're forgetting, I haven't paid you yet. I'll buy you a new dress, ok, Mei?"

"You will? Gosh, thanks, that, added to my thirty Wong!"

"Fallen in the line of duty, it has..." Duo shrugged as they walked toward the busy shopping mall. "How much does a good skirt cost, now?"

She made an act of seriously contemplating this then piped "Hmm...a good fifty Wong!" Duo tossed her a glare. "Ok, ok, I dunno. My Momma always bought it for me."

"Well then I guess we'll find out. Now that I know where I am, I have to thank you. You've been the most helpful person I have met here! I've been here a couple days, didn't expect to get lost like that. Silly, huh?"

"Yes. You are. But what do you expect. You're 'litterate, and the buildings all look the same. Say-you need an inter-per-re-ter?" she stumbled over the word with another little frown.

"Well, I know people speak Japanese and English here, obviously, so not really. Anywhere else and I am not to sure of it. You certain your mom isn't gonna be mad that you're hanging around me?"

Mei said quickly, "Oh, no, she doesn't care. I go out and play all the time!"

"Really? In a huge place like this?"

"This planet isn't that big. Really. Of all the Heifong planets it's the smallest, I think. Of course I don't get out that much. But I have seen bigger places than this!"

"Like, where?" The Gundam pilot was curious to find out all he could about this weird galaxy.

"Like the next city down, it's big. Huge. Humongous even! It'a-aughta make a new definition of the word BIG!" All her emphasis was placed on this last word, with a giant swoop of her hands. "It's bigger than on some other planets I have seen. It's just the planet that's small, see?"

"So there are really other colonized planets?"

"Of course! Where have they been keeping you?" She looked him over one time with her good eye. "Yup. You're strange. Speaking of strange, why you wearing that old hat? Don't know any better, huh?"

"Hey, it's mine and I like it!"

"An' you got really long hair too-oh, why'z it sooooo long?!" She almost grabbed it, if not for his quick reaction, holding the braid up over her head.

"Cuz it's mine, and you ask too many questions!"

"You don't know enough answers, do you?" she purred with a gleeful smile.

Duo paused. "Well, I'm kind of a tourist here." They passed by a large fountain outside the mall. Mei scooped up some coins that people had tossed in and stuffed them into her pocket, water and all. When she had finished cleaning out the fountain, her dress was drenched and Duo couldn't help but smile at the sight as he leaned on the edge of the fountain and watched. Such a silly kid! Content that she had cleared out the last of it, she spun on Duo once more with that impish grin in place. "Get what you can, huh? Something tells me you're not as well-to-do as you'd like to have impressed. You really a street brat?"

"That" she countered with her tongue in the air, then her grin was gone, replaced with a smug, indifferent expression, "Is none of your concern."