Title: Rebels of the Stars 1/? [REVISED]
By: GDH AkA "Dark Hilde"
Gundam_deathscythe_hilde@yahoo.com (Proud keeper of Ririna-sama's abominable but cute'n tasty Hee-treats and Airen & D-chan's pocket pocky dispensors, complete with refill packs.)
Pairings: 1x2 and 4x3 and FredXGene Others To be determined by course of events.
Info: GW/Outlaw Star crossover fic. For Lyssira Miokii and friends. Please excuse any mistakes I made. ^_^;; I did a lot of 2:30-AM I can't sleep 'till I clear this up 'homework'.
Warnings: Nothing that will scare/scar you yet...
Later on-Jealous Hee-chan, out of body experiences, my first Lemon so be honest!

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Rebels of the Stars 1/? (GW/OLS EDITED)


Jim was a busy boy. He'd just finished figuring up his business's debt. How far down were they in the hole of eternal damnation? Gee, only six thousand big ones! Why was this? Expenses. Living expenses, penalties, bills, Insurances, ship and building repairs, docking fees, ammo and weapons (damn those Castor shells!), bribes, you name it, all of the sort. Gene thought he'd had it all under control. (Think again, smarty-pants.) What a joke. Just keeping the ship in one piece was tearing them apart financially.

Things had been going down hill for quite some time now. Jim didn't even care to think about when it started. He really didn't want something silly like this to come between himself and Gene. The debts just kept piling up, and it got worse the longer they sat around just twiddling their thumbs. Gene was too relaxed. He'd kept saying their big break was on the way. The only 'big break' Jim could see was when they hit rock bottom, kaput, the end. Nothing could sway his partner and friend's firm grip on false reality. Gene just couldn't admit that for the time being, the bounty-hunting jobmarket aspect of his profession was temporarily closed. Jim wondered when he should break their financial crisis to Mr. "I'm going to Clyde's Bar, no it's not a job, oi-shaddup, Aisha, I need a drink...yeah, call me later and don't worry, kid! Ah, ok, K, Jim, sorry." See? Way too relaxed for his own good.

The V-Tel Phone began to ring. Gene was lounging in his reclining chair, oblivious to the world, his nose in an old and worn mecha-magazine. Obviously not going to answer it, couch potato by default since there was no one else in the room but Jim. Typical twenty year old, Jim thought with a defeated sigh as he got up to answer the call. Probably another bill collector, or Clyde about that last brawl in his bar a couple days ago and how Gene managed to shoot out half of the left counter, three bar stools and two tables for a mere five hundred Wong bounty. Pathetic, and it'll barely cover the repairs on the bar let alone next week's living expenses. Instead of an ugly Saurian tough-guy asking for (iie, rudely demanding) more payment, as he clicked the monitor on with a professional grin pasted to his face, he saw a youthful heart shaped face hidden under a mass of chestnut bangs protruding from under a black ancient-style cap.

He couldn't see the eyes very clearly in the dark Vid-phone booth on the opposing end of the line. He clicked the camera option on and said "Hello, Starwind and Hawking Enterprises, We'll solve any problem, big or small! Ya need something, mister?" He almost cringed as he realized what he'd just done. The face before him was not confirmed to be male, he'd just assumed. The elfin-like shape could easily have been that of a female. With a mental shrug, Jim decided to grin and bear it. Perhaps he was right. Anyway, he being eleven years old, thought it a good idea to be polite to any potential older customer, even if they are as young as this one appeared. S/He couldn't have been any more than sixteen or so, tops. One thing about the darkly clad figure on the other end of the line, s/he was all business, no nonsense. The worst s/he could do was hang up.

"Ya got any parts for an MS?" the distinctly masculine, almost familiar voice whispered the request.

"You need parts? Yeah, we can get 'em. What kind of parts, Mister?" Jim wondered where he'd heard that voice before.

"It's important. I'm willing to pay ya whatever, ya know. Hush-hush. Top secret kinda thing. You into that?" Gene glanced over the top of his magazine to the Vid phone at the quiet boy on the screen, suddenly curious. 'Another job, perhaps?' he mouthed.

Jim smiled again. "Yeah, we can do confidentiality, guaranteed. One thing- I'd like to help you but what the heck's an MS? Some kind of Worker Mecha?"

The customer sighed, as if he'd expected that question. "Mobile Suit. And I'm not talking your standard grade military Leo here, this is big business!"

"Big business, huh?" Gene was liking the sound of this. "What can we do for you...?" Suddenly taking charge, Gene got up and walked over to the screen, dropping his 'zine on the table. Go figure. Now Gene was busy with the customer, so Jim went to work.

"Mobile Suit, huh? Lemme check my data here..." Jim went back to his console and began a search on Mobile Suits. He'd never seen one before that he could recall. Perhaps the boy had been referring to Armored body suits? But then, what the heck was that Leo he'd been talking about? A brand name? It could have been Pirate manufactured, and unlisted.

He heard the low, whispered voice on the line, saying the word 'Gundam' and keyed it into his search. Nothing came up in the legal directory, but Jim had his sources. He logged into a current Black Market-ish Outlaw and Pirate's directory, typed it in and immediately found the results. A sizeable few tons of Gundanium, through the registered name 'Fred Lou'. Go figure, once again. Their main supplier had what they were looking for. That merchant arms dealer was into everything recently. And, the guy does it so openly at that! It's almost despicable what he can get away with.

So, was Gundam a type of weapon, or something used for defense? Jim took a closer look at the info while Gene talked almost friendly-like with the customer across the room. Guess they'd hit it off well from the get-go. Gundanium; rare to find, most expensive. Way beyond the average cost of metals in this category. Hopefully this guy's got money to part with, beforehand, so they could play the middleman and actually make a profit off this deal. With any luck, this could be what Gene had predicted- perhaps they would make it big!? Gene called over, asking if he could find any Gundanium alloy in the market. Jim nodded and signed him the starting price. Gene looked skeptic. He signed it again. The older boy turned back to the screen with a smart grin.

"Hey, kid, you really got this kind of money or are you playing us? We're talking millions as a starting price, not to mention the transport and 'special, hand picked' handling expenses, Insurances, our efforts and percentage off the deal. You still wanna go for it?" Gene asked, thinking the kid was crazy, that or his employer was just whacked. No way a kid like this could have that kind of money on his own!

"It's taken care of. I've got the money, just tell me the total price. I'll cover it, no worries." the dark kid sounded confident.

"Holy shit..." Gene and Jim figured it up through signs, something they did often when negotiating during a vid-phone link, off screen and private without turning the sound off, which would have made most customers uneasy. Would have been nice, though, if that option were available. Melfina chose that moment to walk into the room, carrying a tray with some glasses of juice and snacks.

"Gene, I thought you'd like these..." she started then noticed their frantic sign language to one another. She still couldn't grasp what the finger signs and waving motions meant. Gene had his face to the camera, smiling and saying something to it about processing some important information. He was signing because recently the privacy button had broken and for the life of them, they couldn't get it fixed or afford a new phone.

Jim sent one last sign Gene's way, which stopped him mid-sentance. "...yeah, and so-OLY FUCKING SHIT! That's incredible!" Gene sputtered. Jim covered his ears with a protestant cry of "Aniki!" He hated it when Gene did that! Melfina too, paused, more confused than surprised. Then she saw the smiling face on the V-Tel.

Oh, that explains everything....

She set down the tray and walked over to Gene, who was still busy mentally recalculating the impossible. Jim came over to the camera to see a wide grin on the face of the customer, deep violet eyes flashing from under his long bangs as he laughed at Gene's sudden outburst. "Are you really serious?" Hawking asked, uncertain of their prospects.

"Of...haha...of course I am. I may run and hide but I never lie!" Jim could tell it was a well used phrase. But, could he believe it?

"Uum... Mister? This is going to cost a small...oh, hell, who am I kidding? This is going to cost a humongous fortune. How can you possibly afford it? Says here this stuff is used in military, but rarely, it's so expensive and rare itself! They use it as shielding on transport vehicles of great import! And this is just plated, for crying out loud! You wanna buy how much again?" Gene's ship was barely armoured so well, and his was the best ship ever made!

"All you can get your hands on. Does that sound reasonable?" The smiling voice returned.

"Gene, what's the total cost? Uh....Gene? Jim to Gene, come in...?" Gene turned at his partner's strained voice.

"Oh, just ten million Wong." He then signed, off camera: 'And we get two million of that. Remember, this is from Fred, and he sometimes discounts it. Sometimes. Depends on what I can weasel outta him. We may get more off this deal!'

Jim smiled, wondering just how Gene was gonna try it this time. He himself never knew quite how to act around Fred Lou. It was obvious he'd had a thing for Gene, but tended to forget that where business was concerned. Usually. He'd also noted that sometimes Fred looked at HIM that way, so Jim tended to shy away from frequenting Fred's neighborhood. Unfortunately for Fred, Jim had other things planned for the tall red headed baka, but he wasn't about to let that out in to the open yet! Kami only knows how it would be taken...

"When can I expect to get it by?" the mysterious caller asked.

"Can you wait a week or so?"

"I 'spose so. You'll want me to pay in advance?"

"Uh...yeah...that's the way it works with deals this big."

"Consider it done. I'll come to your address in person for this deal, then we can shake on it, ne? You're in the Heifon Area, right?"

"Uh, sure, mister. Yeah."

"Ciao." The customer smiled once again, a flash of white teeth.

"WAIT!" Gene and Jim chorused while Melfina looked on, amused.

"Hm? What?" The still smiling face asked.

"What's your name? It didn't come up on the ID..." Gene asked, curiosity peaking.

"Hmm...wasn't 'sposed to. I am kind of hiding out, get it? Thought you'da figured that one out by now. I got some nasties, 'OZ' bugs on my tail and they are starting to itch. Keep this confidential or I'll have your hide. The name's Duo, Duo Maxwell. I'll be seeing ya, Gene Starwind!"

The V-tel phone line went dead.

Jim turned their side off. "So, you're saying we get a couple million Wong off this deal?" Jim gawked at Gene's nod.

"Precisely." Gene smirked. "We gotta play this right."

"Who's he work for anyway? What's OZ, some kinda pirate organization?"

"That's what I'd like to know."

"Oh, boys, now that you're settled down, I brought drinks."

"Thanks, Melfina. Oh, but I can't help but think something's up with this deal." Jim frowned as he sat in a vacant chair. Gene took a seat across from him and picked up a glass.

"I'm supposed to tell you that Aisha went out today, shopping again. She took the last of the money you'd left in your wallet, there on the counter, Gene. She says that she's going to get a few nescessities, and I think Suzuka went with her this time. Hopefully they will put it to good use. I do hope she planned food into that list of 'good uses' she made up this morning."

"Hah. Just like her. Run off, then ask later." Jim nodded. He smiled at Gene.

"Well, tell her I am not mad. Like it would matter after this next job, in the long run." Gene wore a dazed looking visage.

"Is she going to get a cut of the profits?"

"Some. Wouldn't wanna be in the same room with her if we told her otherwise. We'll count it out later. For now...let's contact Fred Lou and reserve that Gundanium alloy for Mr. Maxwell."

"Sounds like a street name." Jim scratched his head.

"Would YOU give your real name in a deal this big?"

"Hell no."