*buzz..buzz* DAMN BUG! *squash* Later...
Airen: Ok, folks, who squished the cliche bug?
GDh: ....? *looking at a small purple puddle on counter* stinky!
Airen: There's a candy in it for you? Pocky? No takers? Aaw. *munch*
Duo: *sees and swipes puddle* ooh, jelly! *yum*
GDh: O.o;;...eew.

Title: Independance Dawning
By: Gundam_deathscythe_hilde@yahoo.com (and the muse, Airen)
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Pairings: *do we need these? Oh, yeah...they define our world!* 2x1, 4x3 (duh)
Warning/Info/Disclaimers/Rants: A little dramatically ironic confusion to start with but that makes it interesting. Some TWT (hey, they DIDN'T show EVERY mission, pplz!) but no AU, just a little paranormal activity (could it be a ghost? Naaaw...) Something I wrote 'cuz I was pissed about July 4th. I COULD make it longer, but I 'spose it's up to readers if they like it and/or if I (or Airen) can come up with a more...delicious storyline to bug ppl with. I have something in mind, but I dunno If I will do it. It takes me a while to write stuff 'cuz I got TONS on my mind right now. No real content yet, just 'slums' stuff, no da! I was listening to Creed's "America" at the time, geez, go figure... In later parts, if at all, 'Sweet Lullaby' Belongs to R. Paige Geraldine, geraldine_peacekeeper@yahoo.com so don't steal copyrighted information. Airen will kill. *demonic grin*

(fic, after mood music interlude...)

Only in America We're slaves to be free
Only in America We kill the unborn to make ends meet
Only in america Sexuality is democracy
Only in America We stamp our gold 'In god we trust'
What is right or wrong?
I dunno who to believe in
My soul sings a different song
In America...


(No, really, I did send a fic!)


Independance Dawning


It's Dark outside. Perfect. The sun has yet to grace us with his majesty. I work best in the darkness, anyway. I gather my gear and walk lightly to the door, catching one last loving glance at my slumbering boyfriend before I depart on my self-assigned mission. I can see clearly through the moonlit shadows that his hair is all mussed up again, his limbs are tangled up in the sheets and his cheek is resting oh so sweetly on half of the blue pillow in his arms. The simple sight of him laying there, his skin flush and silvered by the gentle moon, made me want to drop my bag, turn around and ravage him all over again.

I smile as I head out the door, one figure embedded in my memory, dark hair and deep cobalt blue eyes that smile in their own way whenever I chance a look. 'He's so good to me' I think as I lock our door and gently squeeze it shut behind me so as to make as little disturbance as possible. I hury down the cold hallway past Trowa and Quatre's room. Their door is just inches ajar and I chance a peek, closet vouyer that I am. All I can make out through the darkness is, apparantly, the two of them making out in an intricate web of purple sheets. A flash of light skin, then rippling tanned muscles, and what I believe to be Quatre's knee. They are still too busy to notice my late night passage, but of course, they do tend to retire after my love and I are spent. I guess we make quite a racket and they just can't compete, quiet as they are in their love for one another. Too bad, so sad, no tears shed by my eyes. Yeah, it surprised me too, that between Heero and I, I'm the quiet one in the confines of our litle love nest upstairs. They do get waaaay less sleep than we do, but hey, time flies when you're in your lover's embrace.

I creep down the hall and climb down the stairs to pick up my wallet from where I had left it on the television set. Unfortunately, it's missing. It never does stay where I put it. I could have sworn I had left it there last time I was in the livingroom. To see it now on the coffee table was a bit disturbing. I do tend to wonder, though, had someone gone through my stuff again? It certainly wouldn't be the first time, and most likely it wasn't Quatre. Heero had no reason to; he could have just asked me, at least, he would have informed me. Now, Trowa and Wufei...well, I really would't know. Wu-man is all into justice and alla that so he probably didn't, eh? Actually, they have never tried to start any trouble with me before, so why should I even suspect them? It was probably just my unlucky karma again 'sides, shit happens, more often than not, eh?

At least I found the damn thing this time. I paused as I went to place the erronous wallet in my pocket. I checked the contents, administering a good once over. Nothing missing, that I could tell. Don't you hate it when uncertainty kicks in with suspicion and causes a dilemma of the mental and ethic variety? Wufei, as I just now recalled, wasn't even here anymore! He'd left a week ago. I almost forgot that little fact. He'd ran off with his precious 'Nataku' last week, no explanation, just a goodbye.

Hey, maybe I'm finally flippin'? Yep, I bet I really am losing it. I guess I must have imagined it yeterday. I could have sworn I'd left it on the TV. And, no, I recounted, I hadn't been drinking.

I slipped it into my breast pocket and checked that my gun was still in my waitsband, safe and secure. I know it is going to rain tomorrow, ok, so it's just a hunch, but I want to make certain that everything is set and ready just in case it doesn't. Tomorrow is an important day for me. Why? Well, it's an American tradition, our heritage, our Independance day. The Fourth of July. The American-colony born still like to participate in holidays of our origin, and so why shouldn't we? Seriously, what does it mean to a colony-born brat? Nothing, really, if we choose not to care. I say it's a great excuse to get drunk and Paaartteee~! (Although Heero just snuffed his nose at me, saying "You'd just drag me upstairs two hours into it anyway. Then where would we be but back where we started the day?" I'm sure he'd rather just STAY in bed, screw the formalities, or just me, hehe...oi.)

July fourth. National Holiday. Whoop-tee-doo. Well, it is a cool reason to reflect on past misgivings, current and future developments, elephant ears, foot-long hot dogs, those little sugary worms, sex, waffle cones with french vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream, s'mores, balloons that read: 'Happy 4th!' like it really means anything when the days in a colony are designated by numerals on a digital alarm clocks, pre-timed 'dark zones' and tube lights.

Oh, yeah, then there's the root beer floats, those cool little water yo-yos that never go out of style, chocolate bannanas on a sick, more sex (with chocolate syrup), chicken wings, soda pop, a cozy tree to nestle and neck under, lollypops (gotta have them), oh, and did I mention...fireworks?

Aah, now we're getting into it....

Brilliant, huge spectacles of flowers in the sky! Colors you never even knew existed flash before your very eyes, it's just so beyond imagining! Exploding like something being blown up in space, bright against the darkness, but without the grief of battle and loss of life. With fireworks, it's all for show. No dying, no fighting, no pain or bloodshed, just a wonderful, relaxing image of light that means so many different things yet nothing at all. I had promised myself from the get-go that I would take Heero to see the fireworks. He called them something 'hana-*' but I forgot the Nihon-go word, so maybe that was all it was, but then I'm just kidding myself. It means flower-something, in the sky I guess. Hey, what can I say? I'm American bred, English is the first language before all else. I'll ask him again later. I want to see the beauty brought of nothingness in the otherwise black, bleak sky, torn by the brilliance of a thousand sparkling explosions of the cheerful variety. And-while we're so interested in the fire in the sky, I'm gonna grab a corndog, Heero, find that tree and light a fire of my own. I don't care if people see us either. If they can't stomach two guys who love each other then they can seriously take a hike. It's the dawn of a new time, hey, the people wanna be free.

And now? Time to see to those illegal fireworks...

-*Hanabi is fireworks.

WELL, should I go on? Should I make friends with the wastepaper basket? C + C is much appreciated, please! Thank you!