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Title: 'All in the Cards' (1/?) 'Dark City'
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By: Dark Hilde,
Written: April 1, 2003, Revised April 17th, 2003.
FicCatagory: Yaoi, GW/YuGiOh X-over.

Pairings: GW: 2x1, 4x3, 5+Meiran.
YGO: Main: MarikxJou, JouxSeto, Seto+YamiY, YamiY+YuugiM,
Secondary: (Ootogi+Jou, Mai+Jou, BakuraY+Mokuba, Yuugi+Jou.)
(These are based on what I viewed in the series, Yaoi implications were screaming to be written and expanded upon! *ep 75/78?*
Relational Pairing Key: '+'=is as in 'likes/interested in', 'x'=is as in 'loves/lusts after')

Warnings: Major YAOI, mild het. content. Limey Yaoi, maybe some lemon if I get inspiration.
Timeline: Alternate Universe. It's focused more on Yugioh, in Japan and in that time, but in a world with colonies...
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Disclaimer: I don't own GW or Yugioh, nor do you! ^_^

All in the Cards 1- Dark City


- Darkness Descending

The day of the Battle City Tournament, in a quiet alley...

Bakura's steadily burning glare toward Marik told the young Rare Hunter's leader that he had better be careful of the smirking teen leaning against the wall before him. Standing tall and confidently staring down his new teammate, the youth was radiating a magical light. He knew too much, or so it seemed from his intimate knowledge of the seven 'Sennen' Millenial items, their potent abilities, and the dark powers of the Shadow Realm. Of course they would join forces, but only until Marik had acquired what he so desired. He would keep his promise and hand over the Millenial Rod, for if indeed he received the powers of the God cards, the rightful inheritance of the Paraoh, everything that should be HIS, then it's meager magics would be useless to him at such a date.

The white haired boy could amuse himself all he wanted with the Sennen Ring and Golden Millennial Eye that he already possessed (though hid the latter well out of view), the Millenial Rod, his own sister's Touk, and even the Millenial Puzzle that 'Little Yuugi' seemed to be so fond of, once Marik was through with it; for the magic that this other one would gain could never compare to the strength and power that he himself were about to possess. The Millenial items were a red herring, just a minor detail, a temporary fix of power on Marik's way to the top.

Of course with there being seven items all together, not all of them would be so easy to get a hold of. The cunning Rare Hunter's Leader knew this fact because he had tried to hunt them down beforehand, sending his faithful step-brother Rashid out to search for them. But Marik had never agreed to find or acquire them all for the young man with the gleam in his eyes. He had merely promised enough to gain a temporary ally as, until he received his due power, he was still able to be defeated; although afterwords, Marik assumed he could easily dispose of this force if he would only wish it. The powers of the Gods and Paraoh were immense, beyond comparison.

Yet for now, Marik was only human.

Right at the moment, the blond boy mused, he had more important things to think of. He had been speeding along on his motorbike not moments before when the white haired teen had called him to stop. After their initial none-too-friendly greeting, and an exchange of mutual plans of strategy, they had came to an agreement; that a truce was in order. They did have a common enemy to start from. Using the Millenial Rod, Marik had seen through his slave's eyes a vision of honey brown eyes and a cocky grin, had felt the desperation at his very mention of the light haired boy's name to his new nemesis through the body of his unwilling mind slave, whereas when he mentioned the few others' names in the young Hikari's little sideshow, Yuugi hadn't even flinched. What a perfect target, and a handsome one at that. With this new determination in mind, he had set his eyes on Jounouchi Katsuya, Little Yuugi's best friend. Bakura had even informed him of a method to make that beautiful boy his willing mind slave. Oh, how sweet.

With a grin as he climbed aboard his beloved red motorbike once more, Marik recalled that he always gets what he desires...


-Enter Battle City

The day before...

"I hate to say this but I think we're lost." Meiran said while wiping some dirt off her white pants. She'd been sitting on the curb as the boys had been huddled on the sidewalk, bent over the now torn map of Domino City. She could have sworn to Nataku that they had passed by this same building three times already. The graffitti covering the walls seemed to prove that theory. There's only so many times you can see the same gang marks and not know you're walking in circles. The five boys ignored her coment and decided to keep walking. She sighed then crossed her arms over her breasts as if she were cold, though her jean jacket was kind of warm in the sun. She stood to continue walking quickly behind Trowa, who was still holding the map. He'd been navigating them for the past half of an hour and in her observations, he had gotten them to nowhere fast.

"We should be on fifth..." Trowa said, turning the map to the side somewhat as he looked ahead at a green sign and then at the paper once more. "But the street signs say we're on seventeenth...We'll just double back again, right?" He stuck his free hand in his jeans pocket, glancing up from the map to Quatre's hovering face. Quatre nodded and took the map from his taller boyfriend, looking at it as if it held the key to the creation of the universe, something that, in Meiran's opinion, made him look like a little kid. At least the young blond still had that ability, while the rest of the boys seemed to be too old, with tired eyes. His aqua blue eyes were bright today and he had a slight skip in his step as he exclaimed that they were almost there. Well, of all times to go gaga over a silly little competition. That is, if they could ever FIND the registration desk...

Honestly, Meiran wanted nothing to do with it, but her husband was going, and he said she would enjoy it. 'Call it a little sight-seeing vacation' Wufei had said, 'You can Duel without killing people. Besides, I am certain the city is good for other recreation activities, what about the carnival?' He'd even bought her a damn deck of Dueling cards. They all had one, now that Duo had them visit the card shop when they stopped to switch planes in Hong Kong on their way to 'Domino', Japan. Meiran knew that Duo's cards had something to do with Graveyards and Magic, Heero's with light, dark and elemental monsters, but Trowa and Quatre didn't tell her what theirs was all about. Apparantly they intended to duel her too.

She knew damn well what hers was, as she'd glanced at it once or twice. Something about Fairies. Of all things, Chang had chosen for her a deck of puny little fairies! He had focused his card deck on DRAGONS. That was more her style. She finally reasoned that once she met up with a duelist or two, she'd trade off her patheticly girly weakling cards for some with power, style and kick-ass magical abilites. Scales and sharp teeth were a plus, too. Then she'd show him who the fairy was...

As she was tagging along, she decided she'd had enough of letting the boys lead the way. She started to look for assistance, but most of the people around were business men heading off to work in a hurry, probably too busy to stop for a little chat. Five minutes and a lot of walking later, Meiran had finally stopped to ask a woman with a plastic grocerybag for directions.

The guys seemed a little surprised to find that the only girl in their little group had vanished somehow. They realized this about fifteen minutes after the fact, unfortunately. You'd think that they would pay more attention, all having been Gundam Pilots, trained in battle to notice their surroundings; however, it was peacetime, and she could hold her own as she had proven several times during the war, so they didn't really worry about her much. She was just another pilot to them, just one of the guys, only female. Besides, Duo had his headphones on loudly blasting some Jrock songs, Heero was leading the group with Quatre making observations, map in hand, pointing out street signs and deciding on a plan of action, while Trowa was quietly talking with Wufei about their strategies to beat Duo in the card game the braided baka had gotten them all involved with. They'd turned to ask Meiran what her strategy would be and that's when the mild panic set in.

To say the least, Wufei was pissed. How could his wife have ditched them like that? Silly women, in his opinion, should learn better than to run off without saying a thing! How did he ever get stuck with a girl like HER? But now that she was gone... well, he did sort of regret thinking that way. He supposed he should chalk it up to not knowing what you had until it suddenly disappeared right from under your nose, rather than guilt at having ignored her again. Fists clenched, he glared at the passing cumulous clouds and yelled, "Baka ONNA!"

Directions in hand, Meiran followed the inevitable sound of her husband's angry voice as it echoes off the skyscrapers. People were staring in the direction of his shouting as well. She found him nearly a few blocks away. He was silently fuming as she strutted up the street to greet him, then waved the instructions in his face, and smiled sweetly. "Miss me, honey?"

Wufei lowered his head and mumbled, "Hai, baka..."

Meiran smiled and noded to Trowa. "We've been walking in circles because our map is outdated. This is a mini-map I was given of the surrounding area. Domino City went through some renovations lately. There's the way we're supposed to be going written out here, see, the Kaiba Corp building, the shop to register is near here. We'll find the center about five blocks that-a-way." She pointed it out to them and took Wufei's hand. He opened his mouth to scold her for wandering off, but Duo spoke up.

"Where'd you get a map like that?" Duo asked, headphones in hand, unconsciously shouting a bit from having had his music on too loud for much too long.

"A little birdie drew it on a napkin for me." She laughed and started walking toward the crosswalk, tugging her dark haired boy-toy along behind her. He grumbled about something that they couldn't hear and waved for the others to follow. They waited in line when they arrived at the center, though it didn't take long. Apparantly everyone there had dueled before and had been entered into a computer registration system.

A nerdy looking man, stubble on his chin, bandana over his hair, who stood at the counter called them up and adjusted his glasses. He frowned when he didn't find them in the computer's logs. There just had to be the token problem in registration, for it seemed that not everyone who wanted to enter got to have a dueling disc, but compliments of the Yui Deathglare™ they headed out ot the city, guidebooks and dueling machines in hand. They had decided to buy the books at the registration center's shop, which was well equipped for visitors from out of country. Apparantly a lot of foreigners were attending the duelist's competition that Kaiba had so recently thrown together.

After they were all registered and outfitted with their strange looking dueling machines, they were set to hit the town, or so they believed. The actual tournament didn't take place until the next day, the man at the counter had explained earlier. They also had to have rare cards in their decks to participate. The man showed them which in their decks were rare cards, by the holographic and foil prints. Luckily, they each had one, but that meant they only had one real card each to keep them in the tournament. The man was a bit surprised to see that Wufei owned a secret rare card, a Serpent Night Dragon. Meiran glared at her husband's card as he slipped it back into his deck after showing them the holographic picture. She wanted that card, damnit! A secret rare Dragon card was just perfect for her soon to be 'Dragons of Destruction' deck! (She'd been musing over that name for half a block on the way there. She decided to call what she had now a 'Petite fairy's pom-pom deck' Not suitable at all, in her own opinion.) She assumed that she would just have to duel him for it, or sweet talk him into handing it over.

Duo had had a little trouble with his machine. He didn't know what to do with the cards, and the instructions were all in Kanjis that were just too difficult for the American to read, as he had never really learned them all. Of course he knew the basic katakanas, hiraganas and kanjis, but he'd learned them all in four months, along with German, French, Italian, more studies in English, a little Arabic, a bit of Indian and some Mandarin. To say little of it, he'd crammed quite a bit of language studies in with physics, calculus and the like, due to G's insistance that he'd be travelling and not everyone knew the basic universal language. He just didn't know THAT much of each of them and reading it was harder than speaking and hearing it. Heero helped him out and showed him to place the deck in the center slot, where to put the magic and trap cards, and which row was designated for monster cards. It made sense to the braided boy then, as it looked just like a playing field, but curved a bit and with slots for the cards to slide into. He just hoped that it didn't decide to eat his rare card and spit it out as a mangled mess...

The machines seemed lightweight, which they all found quite odd, as you wore the bulky Dueling machines on your left arm and placed your cards in little slots that scan them then create holographic projections of the content of the card during a duel. The man at the counter had warned them that they do have some form of mass, but he wasn't allowed to explain it as it was Kaiba Corp's technology. In other words, "It would hurt if the fifty foot dragon decided to chomp you for dinner..." At this revelation, Duo laughed and slapped Wufei on the back, saying something about getting a Dragon Capture Jar and lots of ketchup. Wufei wasn't really listening. Meiran smiled at Duo's enthusiasm and resolved to get the biggest dragons she could get her hands on. It might actually be fun to duel Duo in that way.

"Well, that's taken care of, are you happy now Duo?" Quatre asked him after they had begun to walk back to their hotel. Duo shook his head, "No, we haven't even started yet. I wanna win some rare cards and beat this Kaiba guy. Did you know he has three rare Dragon cards?" At that comment, Wufei looked up with a curious epression. "What? You didn't know? They're Blue Eyes White Dragons, and they're major league kick-ass."

"It's just a card, Duo. Calm down." Heero said as Duo waved his arms around, miming the size of the massive dragons so that Wufei could see. Heero grabbed his friend's arms and pulled them down against his sides so that he'd hold still a moment. Duo had been really excited, and seemed to have reverted to a little kid again. Such occurences were rare, as he wasn't the stereotypical 'hyper' American that people often mistake him for at first glance. Though the guy could confuse you pretty good when he was in a happy mood. Duo smiled at Heero as he was released to keep walking down the street.

"But there's only FOUR of them in all of Duel Monsters! But it's a big thing around here, especially if you're into the game. Did you know it's based on some Egyptian thing? Then this famous guy brought it to the rest of the world as a card game, well, that's what made him famous really. They dueled with it in the past, you know, how they invented gaming? Well, they did. They played the game with stone slabs or something, and the winner got some awesome magic powers..." Meiran touched Duo on the shoulder. He was bouncing as he walked along much like a kid, but he had the most serious expression on his face. She thought he really believed it.

"What? I doubt that, Duo." Trowa blinked at Duo and shrugged when the violet eyed boy looked his way. "That's silly. There is no magic, you know?" Seeing that the braided boy didn't seem to be listening, as he'd gone back to looking through his card deck, Trowa turned to Quatre and elbowed his arm. "Tell him."

"Yes, well, I did hear something like that from somewhere, it's just a legend, I think." the blonde said. Trowa raised his eyebrows and let it drop. He obviously wasn't getting anywhere. He felt he was surrounded by little kids, well, except for Heero, who had only come along to keep his friend company. That and the fact that Duo had gotten Heero a paid vacation and the Preventers office's secretary said he had the week off. Duo dragged him along and that was the end off all protests. Duo said it would be good for the perfect soldier to learn to play a game or two, to loosen up, and maybe have some fun. He 'Totally intended to drag him off to an arcade,' as the 'games in Japan are choice!', he'd said.

He'd convinced Heero to join them in much the same way that Quatre had talked the taller brown haired boy into travelling to Japan with them as well. Trowa could use a vacation, too, Quatre had said and he'd noticed that the tourist's guide listed some nice beaches near Domino and a hot springs lay waiting just a little ways out of the city. Quatre had already called in the reservations.

Meiran had joked about dragging her husband off to the local mall to get him some new outfits or something, and Duo was interested in visiting the Museum for some reason that he had not disclosed to the rest of the group. It seemed that not all of this next week would be set aside for Dueling with little magic cards...


- At the Domino Hotel....

The day of the tournament.

Duo hopped out of the shower and walked across the open doorway of the little bathroom butt naked, but for a smile. He picked a towel off the rack and began to dry his hair. He still had another half of an hour to get dressed and make it down for breakfast before one of the guys would come up and call him out, food or no. Everyone else but Meiran and Wufei had already gotten up earlier and made it down there as well. Heero had left him alone in the room so he could have a little privacy, the soldier-boy had some things to think about, or so he'd implied. He and Heero had been sharing a room that night, Meiran and Wufei another just across the hall, and Quare and Trowa got the big one down the hall and to the right.

Duo had heard there was a four poster bed complete with blue silk curtains in that room, but he didn't believe it and hadn't yet gone to investigate. He didn't want to intrude on his friends or anything, and Trowa would probably catch him if he were to sneak in. He mused he probably wouldn't anyway, too much trouble. But it did make his blood boil to think that Quatre had bought himself such a nice room and the others just little ones down the way. Or perhaps it was a good thing that they were seperated, as one of the two them tended to make a lot of noise in the middle of the night...

Thinking of that, Duo smiled. There'd been a problem at around midnight. Heero and Duo had gone to bed early. Duo was snoring away and Heero was asleep beneath him. They heard a noise in the middle of the hallway. They figured it was because the hotel seemed to be unusually full this week. So many duelists had dropped by for the tournament that they were all staying at the same hotel. Some of them were noisier than the others though.

Apparantly there was a girl named Mai in the next room over. They knew her name because the boy she'd been talking to had been screaming it for a while. Well, not in the usual midnight activities, though, as she had made a bet with this guy and he'd lost his room to her. He made a ruckus, tried beating the door down. Every guest that woke up and walked out into the hall had a hissy fit, until the manager arrived. Duo had stayed comfortably cushioned on Heero's shoulder, his legs wrapped around his lover's own, content to not get up just to watch a catfight in the dark.

The manager had straightened things out and then sent the guy back to his room, he'd paid for it so he was going to use it. The girl got a free room upstairs, as the manager seemed to like her. Plus he lost a bet to her too. Heero and Duo had heard all of this from the comfort of their queen sized bed in their little room beside the noisy guy's. (Who'd also complained about the noise coming from THEIR room when the manager turned to leave...Nothing came of it though, as the manager was too busy oogling Mai's thighs to notice the complaint.) When things finally died down at around one in the morning, Heero and Duo both fell fast asleep once more. But Duo was cranky in the morning. He'd had to get up at five while everyone else did, but that didn't mean he actually had to remove his head from the pillow. He just slept there with his eyes open, until Heero tossed a clean shirt onto his face. That had woke him up, regretfully.

Once his hair was braided and partially dried, he got dressed in a pair of black jeans and a gray tee with a character print on the front and back. It was a vampire and it was from a cool new anime that had caught his attention. He forgot what it was called though he didn't care, he was going for the Undead look to suit his deck, a Shinigami's deck. He had a strategy for it too, but he wasn't about to tell anyone! Especially not Heero, who had shown an interest in his lover's hobby just to keep him happy, or so Duo supposed. The guy had been trying really hard to be more open with people. Duo had figured that if he could compete in a trading card game, it would give him some 'people skills' experience. Yes, that perfect soldier shell would crack bit by bit, under Duo's watchful eye. Now that there was no real need for fighting, everyone in the world seemed more interested in focusing on working out their problems peacefully and many of the teens had turned to a card game, which had grown in popularity amazingly since its first release in Japan.

Having made it down to breakfast (after locking the door to his room and slipping the key card into his pocket, tripping over someone's abandoned bag in the hallway just to get yelled at by its owner down the hall, having to take the crowded stairs since the elevator decided to malfunction that morning,) he let out a sigh and sank into the chair beside Heero in the crowded Hotel's restaurant. Duo had pancakes and eggs with strawberry preserves. Heero eyed it oddly as he ate his bran muffins and steak. Wufei and Meiran decided to join them ten minutes later. They said they'd had a fight but had resolved their differences. Something about Meiran's comment as she entered made it humorous "Just because I am a girl doesn't mean I like FAIRIES!" She'd said as they walked into the room. Wufei had just nodded his head and then told her to read the descriptions on the cards and learn how to use them properly. He'd said it was a great strategist's deck. Meiran was anything but enthused. Apparantly he'd caught her trying to trade them off to some duelists in the hallway...


-At the Domino City Aquarium's entrance...

Jounouchi clapped his hands and hollered into the sky, raising some heads of passersby and causing a general facefault from all of his friends present. He was so enthusiastic because he'd just won a duel to get him into the finals! With the two locator cards he'd won from Meiko, the deep sea duelist, he'd finally gotten himself into the big leagues, once again. 'Wouldn't Yuugi be proud?' Jou wondered, 'Hey, where is he anyway?' Jou looked around the groups of people that had gathered outside of the Aquarium and didn't see his best friend anywhere. 'Oh well', he mused, 'he must be off dueling some hot shot for the locator cards'. Everyone in the tournament needed to have six of them to get into the finals. That meant that for every new card you earned, someone else lost their chance to duel in the finals. Eveyone started out with only one locator card, and their required rare cards to duel. Of course, a person could duel without a locator card, but what was the point in someone dueling them if only for their rare card? Well, unless it was someone with talent, and something worth winning, Jou didn't want to mess with it. He would leave the small 'fish' to fry, he laughed. But with his new Legendary Fisherman card, he could really whoop some ass. Kaiba's Ass.

"So, Jou, you made it to the finals, but what now?" Honda asked while placing a hand on his friend's shoulder to try and calm him down a bit. "I'm Going to KAIBA LAND!" Jou shouted with a fist in the air, the one holding his two new locator cards.

Solomon* laughed. "Don't you mean DisneyLand or something? Isn't that what most people say?"

"No, I am serious. I mean I am going to kick Kaiba's ass, then rub his face in the mud like he did to me in Duelist Kingdom, and with cards like this I just won from Meiko, I will have an even better chance of finding a way to get past his nasty blue-eyed dragons!"

"Well, if you put it that way... but at least you have a lot of spirit, Jou." Anzu smiled. He put his cards away, making sure to move that damn parasite card that had been slipped in to the deck to his back pocket for safe-keeping. He'd just stick it in his side deck for now. There was no point in having it pop up in the middle of a duel and mess things up again. At least he'd saved face when he made such a big production of drawing the damn thing during the duel in the Aquarium with Meiko, and fell from his pedestal with a little grace. He did win after all. The thought brought another wide grin to his face. "Aw, Jou, you know we're always there for you! You can do it, but then, don't get too over confident, keep things in perspective. Kaiba is the champion, well, beside Yuugi and even without his dragons, he could probably cream you." At Jou's flat eyed glare, Anzu held her hands up and added, "Well, you know we'll be rooting for you even if you have to shove your own foot in your mouth. What are friends for, eh?"

"'Dat don't make me feel much better, Anzu." Jounouchi sighed. He'd fallen from his high and mighty feeling. Anzu's rants tended to do that to him often. At least he had friends that cared enough to try and talk some sense into him. Anzu in particular. But this wasn't about sense. This was about revenge, and getting the one up on that spoiled brat, Kaiba. Who was he to call Jou a dog of all things? He just liked to pick on people, the handsome devil. Yeah, so what if he was a genious and he had good looks, that was no excuse to show it off all the time! Jou was certain he could beat him and teach the bastard a lesson. And if he couldn't well, then at least he'd actually tried! Most people were too damn scared to even work up the balls to talk to the brown haried boy, and here Jou was, already used to throwing insults in his face. He knew he could hold his own, it was all a draw of the card in the end.

"Don't you need to put all the locator cards together to find out where the finalists should meet? Wouldn't that be where Kaiba is?"

"No. It's too early in the day. It's not even lunchtime yet, and I know for a fact this is gonna last long into the night, maybe a few nights even. Call it a hunch. Anyway, Kaiba is gonna be at grand central, searching out the damn Egyptian God cards like he said. My reasoning is I can catch him while he's glaring at the monitors, challenge him in front of all'o his flunkies, then smear his face in the dirt." Jou proclaimed as they started walking down the street toward the Kaiba Corp building. The crowds of various people outside the Aquarium began to filter out of the area. They passed by some people they knew from the high school and waved as they passed. Honda looked back at Jou, thinking.

"You know, just because you have a score to settle doesn't mean you can just waltz in on him and demand he duel you. He's a busy guy." Honda pointed out. "Last time, he snuffed you because of the God card, what makes you think that the next time will be any different?"

"If I am a dog like he says I am, I will get his attention. There's only so long you can sit there and tolerate a barking dog at your door before opening it to either kick him away or make him shut up. That's when I will bite!" Jou stopped walking to block the sidewalk, he flexed his muscles and pretended to be a body builder, posing for imaginary cameras. "I will prevail! I will not let them get to me, all of their insults will fuel my fire, yes they will!"

"Your reasoning is odd. I guess there's no changing your mind though." Solomon said. Jou waved him away and turned to keep walking down the street. The others followed, interested to see what else would develop as their friend hurried on to probably get his ass kicked once more. "What did you mean though, by 'all of their' insults? Who else are you speaking of?"

'Uh, I said that out loud?' Jou thought. The blonde rubbed the back of his neck and glanced at Yuugi's Grandpa. "I was also talkin' bout that guy, Ootogi. He does the dog insults too. Remember?"

Anzu nodded, "Of course we remember; Yuugi almost lost his right to play Duel Monsters because of that!"

Jou smirked, "Yeah, well, Yuug's still On Top and I will be too!"

"Of course you're going to be on top! Wait... but you're saying that about Seto Kaiba? Hmm...I dunno, he seems like a Top kinda guy himself." Honda chimed in, stepping up behind Jou to look him in the eyes. The taller boy let it slide when his blond friend just looked his way with a blank expression. Honda supposed Jou didn't have a clue what he was attempting to joke about. It just wasn't as much fun when no one else understood his slightly peverted sense of humor. Unless Jou was going to have another delayed reaction as his brain finally registered exactly how he'd been insulted...

Honda decided to walk backwords in front of his friend for a while and watch to see it sink in. Jou's face slowly turned pink at the thought of him 'on top' of Kaiba hit home. Although... It didn't sound that bad, really... the guy was tall, dark, handsome (a stereotypical 'hottie', in Jou's very biased opinion) and always eager to fight with him, something Jou found at first to be annoying, then amusing, as it kept the tall boy's attention centered on Jounouchi whenever they were near one another. But then, Honda had been joking, and in a perverted, degrading way, hadn't he?

"Waitaminute... HIROTO!" Honda ran ahead of the others, laughing wildly with Jou waving his fist not far behind.


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