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Heero Finds His Voice
by Dante

Five hours, 17 minutes and only four pieces had been removed from the chess board. Heero and Trowa sat in a stony silence that left even Wufei fidgeting. Duo had long since vacated the living room, opting instead to luxuriate in the huge bathtub that came with this apartment, one of Quatre's purchases. The only comment had been made an hour ago when Trowa had quietly remarked on whether or not Duo had drowned in there. Heero only grunted in response.

It was a very slow day.

"Quuaa~tre?" Quatre's head snapped up from it's sag against his chest, where he'd been dozing ever since Duo had fled the room. He blinked sleepily a moment, smiled gently to Trowa's latest move, and peered around the huge wingback he'd dragged over to sight a very pruned Duo toweling his hair in the hallway.

"Yes, Duo?" The words were only slightly garbled; Quatre was waking up rather fast.

"Could I borrow your brush? I can't seem to Find mine." And he was frowning for it too.

Heero smirked ever so slightly.

Quatre blinked. That was new. Either way he shrugged and nodded with a bright smile. "Sure Duo, it's in my dresser. Go right ahead."

The whirlwind of energy that was the Deathscythe pilot flung out back down the hallway and disappeared into Quatre and Trowa's room. The apartment was once again thrown into an uneasy type of silence. For about five minutes.

"Oh My God! Quaaaaaatre!!!"

Did Trowa suddenly look pale? Heero was up out of the chair in an instant, and Wufei had nearly hit his head off the wall he was leaning against in surprise. Quatre merely looked confused. All four boys went running down the hallway, towards the bedroom. What they found was not expected. Duo, bent double at the waist, laughing so hard he couldn't get enough breath to make a sound. He clutched a small embroidered bag in one hand, while the other repeatedly slapped against his knee.

"Duo?" That was Heero. Yes, Trowa definitely had turned pale. Wufei looked confused this time, and Quatre? Quatre had started to giggle and wove through the other boys to snatch up the bag Duo clutched.

"Duo! What's wrong with you? It's only - "

"Weed! Quatre! You smoke -weed-?!" Duo gasped in a lungful of air for that sentence, eyes wide with crazily amused shock.
Wufei promptly sprouted one -killer- of a nosebleed. Was Trowa starting to sweat?

"What's wrong with that? It's not like it's an uncommon thing, you know. And when Trowa came home with some the other da--"

"Trowa?!?" That.. was from Heero? Wufei looked about to faint! Duo doubled over in laughter once more before changing his mind in mid lean and snatching the bag back from Quatre. He started skipping out of the room, towards the living room. That grin was - not- healthy.

"Hey! Duo! Come back here with that! You guys are acting like you've never even heard of the stuff before --Eeeiee!" Duo yanked Quatre close by the shoulder and began whispering into his ear furiously, and by the end of the sentence Quatre was wearing a grin that matched Duo's far too close for comfort.

Trowa, Heero, and Wufei were all sweating now. Was it too late to make a break for it?

------------------------------- 2 hours later

"But I couldn't believe it! I mean the woman really wouldn't give up at all and I couldn't for the life of me think how she was getting the information that nearly got us killed on so many occasions! I really did some back hacking to find --"

It was absolutely astounding. It was more than nonstop, it was absolutely -constant-! Now, they knew -something- would happen when they first started passing around the ornate pipe Quatre had, but this?!

"-- and then there was the time when she nearly cornered me in the bathtub. I mean really, doesn't that woman have any decency? So of course I kicked her out but really she's just like one of those leeches you find in ponds which reminds me I need to get a real pair of swim trunks cause my shorts just aren't cutting it anymore, you remember Last time --"

Trowa had finally fallen over, face red, curled into the fetal position he was sitting in as the giggles poured out of his mouth. He was nodding, slapping his hand against the hardwood floor to punctuate his laughter along with the story being told. Quatre's eyes were as wide as saucers; he couldn't stop staring between Heero and Duo.. but mostly Duo. He'd never seen Duo wear -quite- that expression before. Not that he could blame Duo for it, considering...

"-- and when I finally got Duo's swimshorts off --"

"HEERO!!" Duo Looked -terrified-. He tackled his yapping lover to the floor, sending Trowa into another fit of insane giggling, and clapped a hand over Heero's mouth. Wufei broke from his meditations long enough to dangle a length of silk in front of Duo with a rather amused sounding grunt.

"Gag him."

Duo snatched up the silk, wide wild eyes searching Heero's far too expressive face, and did a quick tie job, fastening the gag in place. It was amazing that Heero had remained so -docile- through that! The silk was long enough to capture Heero's wrists up just to make sure he wouldn't take the gag out. Duo leaned back with a sigh of relief.

"But how will he smoke now?" Trowa finally broke from his giggling long enough to ask.

"HEERO IS DONE!" Simultaneously from Duo and Quatre.

Quatre put a comforting arm around Duo's shoulders as the two boys continued to stare at the now struggling Heero. That silk wasn't going to last long at this rate.

"I never imagined. I mean ... I knew it had to do Something, I mean, weed always does Something, right? But this? He won't.. He won't stop Talking!!" Duo trembled and curled closer to Quatre. No. That wasn't Heero. Not His Heero. It was a pod person. That was the Only explanation.

"I know, Duo, I know." Comforting words from a Quatre who was almost as scared as Duo was. Now Trowa, Trowa he could understand. Quatre knew Trowa tended towards giggling whenever he smoked up. This much? Well, Heero's stories -were- funny...

... but they were from Heero!

"Mmmph! Mrrffp Mmmmrrfffoomm!"


"TROWA NO!!!!"

"THANK YOU! Trowa! Man! You're such a friend. Hey Duo! I Really like that! Think we could borrow some more of that silk there Wufei? I want Duo to tie me up. Duo? I'm horny. Wanna get it on?"


"No! Duo! Don't go near him after he says that--Oh!"

"Heeee~eero!! Not... Here!"

"But Duuuooo~ooo!"



"There goes Wufei."

"HELP!!!! Somebody!!! He's Insan---MMMph!"

"OH! That's just..Wrong!"

"Trowa! You're Not helping!"

"I never knew Heero was THAT limber. I thought I was the only one who knew that position!"



"Quatre. We have GOT to do this more often!"