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Giving Green (teaser)
by d a n t e


He'd smeared his cheekbones with glitter; violet, almost the exact shade of his eyes. It sparkled in the flickering neon light that washed through the cheap blinds into the dingy motel room. I tipped his chin up softly, sighing as I did so. His eyes were smeared with khol, making him look waifish, fragile. He looked like a child who'd seen too much, and it had finally broken him.

He giggled at me. The sound was heavy and intoxicated. His lips were bruised by rough treatment, impassioned or otherwise. Probably both. He didn't see me, lost in his hallucinagenic visions. I let go of his chin and turned my glare onto the glass he clutched to his chest, sloshing the milky green liquor it contained.


"Duo ... what have they done to you." For once I was at a loss for what to do. I couldn't bring him back to the others like this. Wufei would find him contemptable, irreputable. Quatre would be shocked, he's never be able to comprehend the drives behind this.

I didn't even want to contemplate what Heero would do.

I didn't even know if I wanted to tell them I'd finally found him.

I didn't know if anyone else could understand him like this. Like I hated to admit how I could understand him like this.

There are some missions no one should have to accept.

"Damnit Duo... What did they Do."


( 4 hours earlier )

I would never have recognized him had it not been for that ridiculous braid. Done up in an outfit I'd never imagined seeing him in except it was black, all black. A tight leather vest over nothing but skin, barely covering his chest since he'd only buttoned a single button on it. He wore jeans baggy enough that a mere tug would have pulled them right off the slender hips they clung too as if afraid to fall. Quatre was my darling little angel but at this moment, Duo was sin incarnate, a tribute to Temptation. It was obvious he wanted it to be that way as well.

I'd been briefed on his assignment once our new orders came in to retrieve the pilot gone MIA. It seemed simple enough, deceptively simple. But then, I didn't think our contacts would have wanted to risk our collective anger had they told us everything. He'd been sent to retrieve information from a man double dealing Colony and Oz information on the black market. Retrieve and return. Except Duo hadn't come back. In fact, according to Heero (which meant according to Dr. J), Duo had only sent one report: He was there, he'd sighted the man and he was going in under cover. Everything after that was anyone's guess.

I followed him for three blocks before I was positive it was Duo.

He slunk instead of walked, weaving every so often before he'd clutch his arms to his chest and shiver from the chill night air. Silly baka should have worn a jacket! At one point I thought he was laughing, but when he turned his head, the light sparkling off a wet cheek told otherwise. Someone catcalled from an opposing corner. Duo froze, stiffened, then slapped his hip with a laughing smile that never reached his eyes. What the hell was wrong with him?!

I made my move when he leaned over the open window of a car that had just pulled up. The man inside was flashing money, the braided baka didn't do a thing as the stranger slid his fingers over the boy's stomach. He was selling himself?!

I grabbed him by the elbow, murmuring to the guy in the car that he'd already been bought for the night. When Duo finally recognized me, when I saw the glazed look in his eyes, smelled the too sweet scent of his breath, he looked like he was about to panic.

So then maybe it was perfectly logical for him to throw his arms around my neck and seduce my lips with a moan, a tease of tongue, and my name whispered on a breath.



( end teaser )