Title: Switcheroo prologue/?
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1X2, 3X4, 5XS 1+R (only friendship, don't worry)
Warnings: AU, A little OOC on some of the characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own GW


Relena had been trapped in a cell for days now. She had been on a way to a peace treaty negotiation when a terrorist group abducted her. She hoped Heero would come soon and rescue her from this dark and damp cell. She looked at her surroundings and wrinkled her nose for the thousandth time. Not liking her surroundings one bit. She stood when she felt the floor beneath her quake. Then she heard the screaming of orders and the chaos that was erupting out side. She smiled as she realized that Heero had finally come to save her. She backed away from the door and waited for her Heero.

Heero was running down the hallways going towards where Relena was held. He didn't understand why she was always getting into trouble.

He was just sitting down to a nice romantic dinner with Duo when the phone rang stating that she had been kidnapped. He was not pleased and neither was Duo. Duo wasn't helping him with this mission because he couldn't stand Relena and to tell the truth Heero couldn't stand her either. But in order to keep the peace between Earth and the Colonies she needed to be alive. He reached the cell that held Relena and kicked the door in. The door was flimsy and gave in with the first kick. The moment he stepped into the room a pink ball glomped on to him.

"Heero, you saved me. My hero."

Heero would have liked to roll his eyes but he was on a mission. He would do it later when it was only Duo around.

He grabbed her hand, and said, "We need to go."

He started to run dragging her behind him. He looked at the timer on his watch and saw that the explosives he had planted were set to go off in 10 minutes. If he was going to get her out of here alive they needed to move faster. While still running he scooped her up and over his shoulder. Then he proceeded to run as fast as he could. He finally made it out of the building with 3 minutes to spare. He started to run off the base and to where the Preventers were waiting when the building blew up. They were thrown 20 feet into the air and both hit the ground hard. The last thing Heero thought was that one of the timers must have gone off prematurely.

The Preventers had seen the explosion from where they were waiting and went in to check it out. They found the two on the ground unconscious. Sally started to patch up the cuts on the way to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctors put them in the same room right across from each other. They had been overwhelmed and they didn't have private rooms for them. The doctors were outside talking to Heero's comrades about the condition both of them were in.

Meanwhile inside the room Heero groaned and woke up. At the same time Relena also groaned and woke up. Heero felt weird. There seemed to be a heavy weight on his chest. He looked down and saw two protrusions that were not supposed to be there. He sat up and looked further down. He realized he was also missing a vital organ. He screamed.

Relena at the same time realized that she was missing something, two somethings in fact and something was added to her body. She looked down and gazed in horror as she realized what it was and she screamed.

"I Have BOOBS!

"I Have a Dick! (1)"

The people outside rushed in to the room and looked at the both of them in confusion. Heero and Relena looked at each other to see if they weren't hallucinating and passed out.




(1) I know Relena would probably never say this but I couldn't get the image out of my head. It seemed funny to me.

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