Title: Sleep Problems
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4
Archive: 1x2ml, DHML, MediaMiner.org, Gundam Wing Universe
Category: umm…comedy (??), Ficlet
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Gundam Wing…*sighs*
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Duo sighed silently and looked at the clock. It was 2:15 in the morning and they still were talking. Duo swore to himself that this would be the last time he roomed with Quatre, especially when Trowa stopped by for the night.

It had started innocently enough, a mission had come in. Three pilots were to hide out in a school while two of the other pilots hid out at the base nearby. It was decided that Duo, Heero and Quatre would go to the school while Wufei and Trowa went to the base. Duo had roomed with Heero and Quatre roomed by himself.

One day, Heero had gotten mad at him and kicked him out of the room for the night. Duo didn't want to sleep on the couch in the lobby so he asked Quatre if he could sleep with him in his room. Quatre said yes, and they had gone to bed. But Trowa decided to make a midnight visit to Quatre and they lay together on one bed and started talking.

`Who knew Trowa could talk so much.' Duo thought. Duo looked blearily at the clock and it now read 3 am. He flopped back on the bed and sighed quietly. He was so tired but he couldn't sleep with them talking so loudly. He heard silence and he thanked all the gods in existence for shutting them up. He settled back down on the bed and was just dozing off when Quatre started talking again.

That was the last straw, Duo growled and got out of the bed. He glared angrily at the two lovers and stomped out of the room. He silently crept down the hall and opened Heero's door. He felt a gun press against his head and he sighed.

"Heero, please I'm sorry."

"I don't believe you."

"Hey, I never lie. When I say I'm sorry I mean it."

"Hn. Say you're sorry to my laptop."


"You heard me."

"Heero, you've got to be kidding. It's an inanimate object, its feelings can't get hurt."

"If you don't say you're sorry to my laptop then you don't sleep in here."

Duo sighed in aggravation. He stomped his way to the laptop and glared at it, "I'm sorry I said you were a attention seeking brat and that we should sell you for scrap."

Duo turned to Heero and waited for his approval. Heero stood there and cocked his head as if the laptop was actually speaking to him. Duo stood there quietly and waited. Heero finally nodded his head, "Apology Accepted."

Duo sighed in relief and then walked to the bed and waited until Heero got in. Heero climbed in after him and then settled down. Duo was just falling asleep when he heard it.

"Ne, Duo…."


The End