Updated: 11-3-2003

Title: Shoe Shine
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1x2x1, and others
Parts: prologue - 7 / ?
Category: AU
Archives: 1x2ml, DHML, Mediaminer.org, Gundam Wing Universe
Note: This is going to be a happy one…with some angst…
Warnings: None. Disclaimer: I only own the story but I don't own anything else…*sighs*

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5:59 am

The room was peacefully quiet. Dawn's light, well as closed to dawn's light you could get on a colony, seeped through the curtains. A lump was huddled on the middle of the bed in the center of the room. You could hear light snores coming from the mound of covers.

6:00 am

The alarm clock on the nightstand blared loudly disturbing the peaceful quiet. A hand reached out from beneath the pile of covers and slammed the button to turn it off. The arm quickly retreated and the mound of covers moved. Soon after a head popped out. Hair sat messily atop its head. Then two eyes opened, a deep blue almost violet color could be seen. The person blinked and blearily looked at the clock. A pale arm came out of the covers pushing the covers down to the person's waist. A pale chest is uncovered, revealing not only is the person male but very trim and naked. The muscles rippled as the man reached over to the alarm clock and brought it forward to his face. He sighed when he read the time and slowly moved to get up.

He sluggishly moved out of his room and to the bathroom. After he stumbled into the bathroom he started the shower. He stepped out of the shower much more awake and jovial than when he went in. He fixed his hair in a braid then leaned in close to the mirror to see if he needed to shave. Once he assessed that he didn't need one, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked back into his room. He whistled a jaunty tune as he got dressed, he checked his appearance one more time then winked into the mirror before heading to the kitchen. Another boy was in the kitchen making breakfast. He had dirty blond hair and hazel eyes and looked to be in his late twenties.

"Hey Solo."

"Hi Duo. Ready for work?"

"Yep. Just need breakfast."

Duo went to the small table and sat down while Solo, his older brother, stirred the eggs in the pan and put it on a plate. He added toast and put some juice in a glass. Then set them on the table in front of Duo who started to eat once the plate touched the table. Solo got his own breakfast and sat across from Duo. The meal was eaten in silence, but it was a peaceful silence. Duo, finished with his meal, picked up his plate and put it in the sink.

"Bye Solo. See ya when I get back."

"K. Bye."

Duo grabbed his keys from the hook hanging by the door. Then leaned down to grab his bag setting next to the door. When he had everything, he opened the door and left the apartment.

He walked slowly down the streets of L2. Past the beggars and the lower class merchants. He walked further and further down the streets until he was in the business district. He sighed in relief when he found his chair and platform still on the sidewalk next to the Winner Inc. building. He proceeded to get his stuff that he needed for his job out. Once he had everything arranged he stood and placed a white cloth over his shoulder. He went behind the platform and chair and grabbed the sign leaning against the wall. He dragged the sign out and set it so that anyone walking down the street could see it. The sign read:


Duo then sat down on his box seat and waited. Soon businessmen started walking down the street all heading to work. A couple of businessmen, hoping to impress their bosses, stopped to get their shoes shined. Others didn't particularly need one but they liked the young man and stopped by to have their shoe shined by him.

Duo talked jovially to them while shining their shoes. Sharing jokes and anecdotes with them until they were laughing so hard tears streamed down their face.

He had started this job, ever since Solo was fired from his accounting job three years ago. Solo couldn't find a really good job after that and got stuck doing salvage work. It didn't pay nearly as much as the accounting job and they were strapped for cash. Duo decided to do this job to help pay the bills and hopefully to save some so he could go to college someday. But for right now, Duo was content to do his job. Until the fateful day when he met him. The man who would turn his life upside down.

Part 1:

Heero grumbled as he walked down the street towards the building he worked in. As usual he got up at 6 am and nothing seemed to be wrong until he stepped out of bed. That was when everything went wrong. He had accidentally stepped on his ex-boyfriend's dog. His ex- boyfriend, Zechs, had left him here when he stormed out in an angry blur. Now he was stuck caring for the thing, even though he had to admit that he was gradually starting to care for it.

He dressed and got ready for work without too much trouble. But when he got to the elevator he found that the elevator was broken. Heero sighed and walked down the 13 flights of stairs until he got to the lobby of his building. He lived in an expensive Apartment complex which had a garage right outside for the people living there. He walked into the three story garage and found his car. He put his key in and turned the ignition but it didn't start. He tried several times but nothing happened. He banged his hand on the steering wheel and grabbed his briefcase. He then swung the door open and then slammed it shut. He stomped his way back to the lobby to get a tow truck. He had the people at the front desk take care of it and went outside to hail a taxi.

"At least it's not raining," He grumbled. He winced and waited for rain to pour but nothing happened and he sighed in relief. He raised his hand and tried to hail a cab and finally he got one. He had to tell the cab driver three times where he wanted to go but he was finally on his way. He soon found out that taking a cab was a bad idea. He held on to the seat in front of him for dear life as the driver weaved through the streets. When he neared his destination he forcefully asked the cab driver to stop. He stopped his car and got out as fast as he could. He leaned in and paid the driver the money and walked his way to work. He just hoped nothing else bad happened today or he would kill something.

He walked down the street in a hurry. As he rushed he saw a boy his age standing in his path. He looked to be poor or at least of a man of very low means. His clothes were a little tattered and torn but clean. His hair went down to his waist and was tied into a braid. Heero looked at his face and almost gasped, the boy was beautiful. He shook his head a little, he didn't have time to ogle the boy. He needed to get to work.

Duo stood looking out over the businessmen running to get to work on time. He hoped more of them would stop by to get a shine. When he looked down the street he saw a god walking towards him. A boy around his age in a fitted Navy suit. He had messy brown hair that looked like someone had ran his hand through it. The bangs swayed in the slight breeze and would momentarily cover the deep piercing blue eyes. Duo shivered as those eyes landed on him. Duo smiled widely. As the man got close to him he stepped into his path. The other man stopped and glared at Duo but Duo didn't pay it any mind, "Do you need a shoe shine, sir? It won't take up much of your time, I swear."

"No thanks." Heero growled and tried to get by the youth. But Duo moved around him and started talking again, "Are you sure? As I said, it won't take long, I promise. And if you don't like how it looks I'll give you a full refund. I promise. So what do you say, do you want a shine?"

Heero growled, "I said NO."

"Alright, you don't have to be so mean about it." Duo said while moving out of the guy's way.

Heero growled to himself and stalked towards the building he worked in. It seemed everyone was out to make him late for work. He kind of felt bad for being so rude but didn't have time to reflect on it, he was late for work.

Duo scowled at the man's back. Even though he was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, he was as cold as ice. He decided not to let that guy get to him and went back to work. He had just finished a shine and was counting the money when someone behind him said, "Hello Duo."

Duo turned around instantly and smiled widely at the blond man.

"Quatre!" Duo said happily, "How are you?"

"I'm good." Quatre sat down in the chair and Duo got to work. "How are you?"

"I'm good. Work has been good today. Well all except one person. He was really crabby."

"I'm sorry Duo. Maybe he was having a bad day."

"Maybe. So how's the family?"

They continued their conversation while Duo shined Quatre's shoes. Quatre came by every day to get his shoes shined by Duo, even though he didn't have to. Duo suspected that Quatre got purposefully got his shoes dirty just to stop by and pay Duo a visit. Quatre had been his first customer and they had hit it off and had become friends. Well more like business friends than actual friends.

Quatre stood from the chair and inspected his shoes, "Great as usual Duo. Thank you."

"No problem, Quatre."

"Well I better get off to work. See you later Duo." Quatre shoved a bill into Duo's hands then hurried off.

Duo looked down at the bills in his hands and sighed, "He did it again, sneaky little bastard."

"Talking to yourself again, Maxwell."

"Nope, but I bet you have, Wufei."

"Maxwell! I'm here for a shoe shine, now get on with it."

"Yes, sir." Duo mock saluted. He folded the hundred-dollar bill Quatre had handed him and put it into his pocket. Then got to work shining Wufei's shoes and bantering with him as he read the paper.

Part 2:

Quatre walked into his main office and wasn't surprised to see Heero sitting on the sofa scowling at him like usual. Quatre smiled at him and waited a few more minutes then Wufei came in and sat in one of the other chairs. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Heero huffed, "I don't know why you two are always late coming to work. We have an example to set for our employees and you two aren't setting it."

Quatre chuckled at Heero, "Well we had to get our shoes shined."

"By that boy on the street?" Heero asked.

Quatre looked surprised that Heero even knew of the boy, "Yes, how did you know?

"My care broke down and I had to grab a cab to work."

"Oh, poor Heero."

"Don't patronize me."

"Sorry, but yes we get our shoes shined everyday by him."

"I don't see why you do. He's noisy, loud, won't stop talking, and doesn't take no for an answer."

Quatre and Wufei smiled amusedly at each other. This was the most Heero has ever said about anyone he's ever met. He didn't even speak about his lovers. The only way they knew he had any was because they would come to his office to pick him up for lunch.

"You must be the crabby person he was speaking of today," stated Wufei.

Heero sputtered, "He was talking about me?"

"Yes, and he didn't seem happy and for Duo that is pretty bad." Quatre said.

Heero scowled at the floor while Wufei and Quatre smothered their giggles.

"You're laughing at me."

"No, of course not Heero. So how did you meet him, you said you had to grab a cab."

Heero grimaced, "My day has just started out bad and it seems to be getting worse." Heero explained in order what had happened so far. Quatre and Wufei tried in vain to smother their laughter. Not even the glare that Heero shot at them could stop them. Once they got themselves under control Wufei said, "Well, maybe it'll get better if you apologize to Duo. There was no reason to take out your bad day on an innocent person. It's an injustice."

"I agree with Wufei. If you apologize maybe you're day will get better."

"I do not need to apologize to him. I'll have my car fixed and I won't need to see him again. Besides he probably already forgot about me."

"Okay, sure Heero. But I still think you should apologize."

Heero grunted and Quatre sighed then steered the conversation to business. Quatre was the youngest president of the biggest corporation in the colonies. Heero and Wufei were his vice presidents and were also the same age as Quatre. They had become friends in college and now at the age of 24 they were the wealthiest people on the colonies.

When Heero got back to his office he tried going over his reports but he couldn't concentrate. Every time he tried to focus, his mind would wander to the boy outside. His mind it seemed concentrated on two things, the beautiful face and the long hair. Heero knew he had a hair fetish since most of his lovers had long hair. So he knew he was attracted to the boy but he didn't know why he felt he needed to see him. He tried to come up with a logical reason but nothing seemed right.

He sighed when he looked at the time on his computer. It was time for lunch and he had decided he'd better apologize or he would never hear the end of it from Quatre and Wufei. He went down and was headed towards boy's stand. He came with in sight of it and stopped. The artificial sun shone down on Duo and Heero stopped to enjoy the vision. If Heero was religious he would have said that Duo looked like a gift from heaven.

Heero watched mesmerized at how the boy moved. How the braid swung in time with his movements. He stood there watching for a long while until he abruptly realized the boy was looking at him. He seemed confused and smiled at him. Heero quickly glanced away and realized the streets were pretty much deserted meaning lunch was over. `Now or never,' Heero thought and made his way toward Duo.

Part 3:

Duo had known that the guy from that morning was watching him from across the street. But he put that out of his head and concentrated on his job. He shined a couple more shoes all the while feeling the itch of the guy's eyes on his back. Finally lunch was over and Duo looked back at the guy. He struggled not to fall into those ice blue depths. Then the guy started to make his way towards Duo. Duo readied himself for the upcoming encounter.

Heero stopped when he was a couple of feet from Duo. He looked Duo over from head to toe. He didn't say anything just soaked in the radiance and beauty of him. Then Duo spoke, "Do you want something?"

Heero still didn't speak.

Duo started to feel scared. This man wasn't saying anything and he didn't know what to make of it really. The man kept looking at him too.

"Hey look, I need to know if you want something. I got another job to go to and you are wasting my time."

Heero snorted, "I was told to tell you I was sorry about earlier today."

Duo was prepared to leave but then the guy spoke. He heard the words and it angered him, "You were TOLD."

Heero nodded his head.

"So you aren't sorry. Listen I would love to hear what ever else you have to say but I gotta go. If you want to really apologize I'm here every morning. Good Bye."

Duo then turned and left. He walked down the street briskly while feeling an itch between his shoulder blades. He knew the guy was staring at him but he didn't hurry his pace. He wanted to prove that he wasn't scared of the man at all.

Duo sighed and slumped his shoulders when he turned to the corner. Now he was safe and he slowed down his walking. He walked down the street looking at the different buildings. The buildings became more residential than business like. He kept walking until he came to a church.

The Church was made of old stone, and the only one on the colony like that. It looked slightly run down but still live-able. It was two stories high with a steeple and the sign of the cross on top. There were stained class windows that were still intact along the walls. Grass grew around the church and it looked like it needed to be mowed. Duo sighed as he looked over the church and decided what needed to be repaired and cleaned. He walked through the gate and then up the front steps. The big wooden doors opened and a boy about 12 years old stood there looking at him. His arms crossed and trying to look imposing. When he realized it was Duo, he smiled and relaxed.

"Hello Justin. How are the kids this morning."

"Hey Mr. Duo. We had some problems but nothing we couldn't fix."

"That's good to hear. Is Hilde in the office?"


"Thanks Justin."

Justin let him in and Duo walked to the main office. He opened the door to find a short black haired girl sitting in the chair. She was chewing on her pencil while scanning the paper she held. She looked up when she heard someone walk up to her desk. She looked up and smiled when she saw it was Duo.

"Hi Duo."

"Hi Hil. What's the matter, you seem tired."

"I am tired," She sighed, "Duo, things are getting worse."

"What things."

"Another orphanage was shut down due to a lack of funds. They are sending us the children to take care of."

"How many?"


"Well that isn't so bad. We still have enough people to handle that much and more than enough room."

"That isn't it Duo. I know we can handle those twenty. But two more orphanages are scheduled to close in two weeks time. Then we'll be the only orphanage on this colony. We can't support that many children. Hell it's hard enough to get food for the kids we do have. We need money Duo."

"Well don't you get donations."

"Yes but they aren't enough. We need a serious amount of money to feed the many children we have coming in soon."

"Well don't you have some money saved somewhere?"

"Yes, but it's money we can't afford to spend, not with all the maintenance this place needs."

"I don't need to be paid Hilde."

"No, I can't let you go unpaid. You earn all the money we pay you. All we need to do is either win the lottery or get someone to fund this orphanage."

Hilde looked down at her desk. Her shoulders sagged under the pressure of all the problems.

Duo stood watching her. He thought over her words then asked, "Why don't you?"

"Why don't I what? Win the lottery? Come on Duo you know that is all based on luck."

"No…no…get someone to fund this place. Like one of those business people I see all the time downtown."

Hilde sat and thought it over for a few minutes, "That has the same chance of working as the Lottery. But I'll think it over and make some calls. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and in the meantime I'll get a lottery ticket." She smiled at Duo, "Now for what you need to do today…"

Part 4:

Duo sighed as he walked down to Hilde's office. He hadn't been sleeping well, his dreams were filled with intense blue eyes and messy brown hair. He was swiftly becoming obsessed with the guy but he knew he shouldn't be. On top of it all he hadn't seen Blue eyes, his nickname for him, all week. Not after the attempted apology.

All week he kept thinking that he shouldn't have been so mean about the apology but he couldn't help but feel hurt that the guy wasn't sorry about being rude to him. He shook his head trying to get the thoughts out of his head. He heard some coughing coming from Hilde's office and he hurried inside.


"Oh, hi Duo." Said Hilde as she looked up at him. She was sitting in her chair with a tissue held up to her nose. She blew into it and Duo winced at the sound.

"You look like hell."

Hilde glared at him, "Thanks for pointing that out to me."

Duo shrugged but made sure to keep his distance. He couldn't afford to get sick.

Hilde looked up at him, "Duo can I ask you a huge favor?"

"Depends on what it is."

"Could you go to this meeting with me. I finally got an appointment with one of the richest businessmen in town and it's today. But I'm too sick to go and if I don't show up the orphanage will be overrun and…"

"Hil calm down. I'll go for you."

"Oh you will. Thanks Duo. You are a lifesaver."

Hilde got up to hug Duo but Duo moved away. Hilde smiled at him then went out the door, "Follow me and we'll get you a suit."

Hilde took him to a closet where she went in and came back out with a nice black suit. Duo looked at her in question and she smiled sadly.

"It used to belong to my brother before he died. You are about his size. It should fit."

"I'm sorry, Hil."

"Don't be. It was a long time ago. Now go try this on."

Duo took the suit into the bathroom and put it on. It was a little snug in the shoulders but overall it looked pretty good on him. He smiled and walked out of the bathroom to show Hilde, "So how do I look?"

"You look splendid." Hilde looked him up and down and gasped at his shoes, "I forgot the shoes. Be right back."

Duo stood there for a second while Hilde raced down the hall. She finally came back with nice black shoes and handed them to Duo, "Here try these on."

Duo took off his beaten, muddy shoes and put on the nice black ones. They were a bit big but not bad.

"You look great."

"Thanks Hil. Now when's this appointment?"

"At three, which gives me about an hour to tell you everything you'll need to know to get the funding."

"I hope this works." Duo said as he followed Hilde back to her office.

Part 5:

Duo was extremely nervous as he rode in the elevator to the top floor. He fiddled with his clothing trying to remember everything Hilde told him. A lot was riding on this meeting and he wasn't sure if he could pull it off. He jumped when the elevator dinged and opened. He cautiously walked out onto the floor and looked around warily. There was a desk at the end of the short hallway from the elevator. A young lady was sitting behind the desk looking through some files.

Duo slowly walked up to her and cleared his throat, "Hi…umm…I'm here to see Mr. Winner."

The blonde secretary looked up at him and smiled, "Name?"

"Duo Maxwell."

She grabbed a black book from under the files and opened it. It took a few minutes but then she looked up at him and smiled reassuringly, "Hello Mr. Maxwell. Hold on, I'll tell him you're here to see him."

She picked up the phone near her and dialed a number, "Hello, Mr. Winner. You're ten o'clock is here to meet with you. Yes, sure. Okay, Mr. Winner."

The secretary hung up the phone and smiled at him, "He says he'll see you in a minute. So just have a seat over there and relax."

Duo nervously smiled at her and sat down in one of the chairs she pointed at. She went back to looking through the files. Duo took to looking at the room. The carpet was a blue with flecks of gray in it. The room was not big but it wasn't small either. The walls were actually made of wood and stained a nice cherry color. There was even a real potted plant next to the chair he was sitting in.

He jumped when the phone rang, and watched nervously as the secretary talked to whoever was on the other side.

"Yes, of course Mr. Winner. I'll tell him." She hung up the phone and looked at him, "He will see you now."

Duo gulped nervously and stood. He walked towards the door but before opening it, he straightened out his suit and patted his hair down. He took a deep breath of air to steady him and opened the door.

He didn't see Mr. Winner when he walked into the room. The first thing he noticed was that the office was huge. There were windows lining one side of the wall so you could see the city. On the other wall was a huge TV screen with two chairs facing it. He looked forward and saw a big desk with a black chair turned away from him. It took him a few seconds after looking at the room to realize that he wasn't alone. In two of the chairs directly in front of the desk sat two men. He recognized them both and they recognized him.

Wufei gasped, "Duo?"

Duo blushed a little, "Hi Wufei. It's nice to see you."

The other, Heero, just snorted and turned away. When Wufei gasped, the black chair swiveled around and the occupant stared at Duo.

"Duo! What are you doing here?"

"Well I had a meeting with Mr. Winner. Which I take is you?"

Quatre smiled, "Yes it's me. I didn't know you owned the orphanage."

Duo smiled nervously, "Well, actually I don't own the orphanage. Hilde Schiebecker does but she's sick. So she asked me to talk to you for her."

"Oh. So what do actually do at the orphanage."

"I tend to it. I do any maintenance that needs to be done, and I also watch the children some times."

Quatre looked thoughtful, "Interesting. Well have a seat and tell me why you are here."

Duo smiled and relaxed a little. He walked forward and took the remaining seat between Wufei and Heero.

"Well, Mr. Winner…"

"Duo, please call me Quatre. You're my friend."

Duo smiled widely at Quatre, "Okay Quatre." He straightened in his chair and talked more seriously like Hilde told him to.

"Well, I'm here to ask your company, more specifically you, for help. I'm sure you've heard of the recent closings of the orphanages around the city."

Quatre nodded his head and gestured for Duo to continue.

"Well, the children from those orphanages will be coming to our orphanage. Don't get me wrong, we don't mind. The more the merrier, but it's just that we don't have the money. We're under funded as it is and with the addition of these other orphans we won't have the money to keep the orphanage running. If we shut down then there will be no place to put these kids. We're the last orphanage left. The reason I'm here is to ask you if you will fund our orphanage. Give us the money that is needed to keep it open and keep the kids off the streets."

Quatre steepled his hands together, "Hmm…I understand what're your saying and I can sympathize but I also have to think of this company. I'll be more than happy to give your orphanage a donation but I don't know about the funding."

Duo frowned, "Well a donation would be nice but it isn't what we need. Donations are what people give to make them feel better about themselves. A good deed for the day if you will. I know you aren't like that Quatre but most people are. The orphanage needs a stable inflow of money. And it'll be good for your company. It'll create great PR for you and maybe with your influence others will join in. Then we wouldn't have to get all our funding from you."

Quatre looked thoughtfully at Duo, "Well I have to discuss it with my advisors. Could you wait a moment while I talk with them?"

"Sure take all the time you need." Duo said nervously.

Quatre motioned for Heero and Wufei to come with him. They walked to the other side of the room and discussed the proposition quietly. Duo sat fidgeting in his chair. He hoped and prayed that Quatre would help them and that he didn't blow it for the orphanage.

Soon than he expected, Quatre, Wufei and Heero joined him at the desk.

Quatre stood there with a blank look on his face, "I've made my decision…"

Part 6:

Quatre stood there with a blank look on his face, "I've made my decision…"

Duo's hands fiddled restlessly with his suit jacket as he waited for Quatre to tell him what the decision was.

Quatre smiled, "We've decided that this was a good idea and are prepared to help you in any way we can. In fact we'll help you to get other people to fund your orphanage as well."

Duo grinned while he jumped up and hugged Quatre, "Thank You. You don't know what this means to me, to the kids."

Quatre hugged him back then went to go sit in his chair. Heero and Wufei also went back to their chairs and waited for Quatre to speak again.

"Well first, Duo, in order to help you. You're going to be working closely with these two gentlemen…"

"Wait, why am I going to be helping?"

"Well this was your idea and we really need your perspective on things to help us get the funding you need."

"Oh, alright I guess. I'll help as much as I can."

"Great. As I was saying, Wufei is the head of our legal department. He knows some good senators and the like who can help us. I know a lot of business heads and I'll be working on that side. Heero is the head of our Public Relations department, and he'll be…"

Quatre stopped talking when Duo burst out in laughter, "What's so funny Duo?"

Duo was laughing so hard he had to hold his sides in hopes that it would lessen the pain. Finally he got himself under control, while wiping tears from his eyes he told them, "I'm sorry. I just found it funny that Hee-chan here was the head of your PR department."

Heero glared at Duo, "Hee-chan?"

Duo just smiled right back not scared in the least. He thought it made Heero look cute, but he wouldn't tell him that, "Just a nickname."

Heero growled but before he could speak Quatre interrupted, "He's the best at what he does. He'll be helping with the promoting and things of that nature. You'll probably working closely with him. Now, I think that's good for now. Come in tomorrow around…"

He looked toward Heero for the time, "8 am." Heero growled.

Duo smiled, "Yes of course. Thank you so much."

Duo shook Quatre's hand and Wufei's but when it came to Heero he just nodded, "See ya tomorrow at 8 Hee-chan." Then he was gone.

Heero scowled at the door then promptly stormed out. Quatre chuckled and looked at Wufei, "Ahh puppy love."

"I agree. This shall be amusing."

Duo walked quickly out of the office on an excited high. He made his way back to the orphanage as quickly as possible. He practically skipped his way through the long halls to Hilde's office where he walked in without knocking. Hilde blearily glared at him from her desk. Used tissues surrounded her.

"What do you want? Oh, sorry Duo…how did it go?"

She looked at him hopefully. He hung his head and frowned. She sighed and blew her nose, "It's okay Duo. We'll just have to find something else…I'm sure you did your best."

"Shit I got mud on my shoes. I hope Mr. Winner doesn't get upset when I go there tomorrow to help get funding for this place."

Hilde immediately looked up into Duo's smiling face, "Duo Maxwell, are you shittin' me? Cause if you are…"

"No, I'm not shitting you. They agreed to help."

Hilde let out a whoop of joy and jumped on to Duo. Then jumped off, "Sorry Duo. Don't want you getting sick. This is great now we can finally get the things these children deserve."

Duo smiled, "Yes, I know. Although I do have to work with that Heero guy."

"The guy you've been ranting and raving about all week?"

Duo blushed, "Yeah him."

Hilde grinned, "Well you should ask him out."

"What? Are you kidding? He's a big business man, what does he want with some shoe shiner/maintance guy. Besides, he's probably straight."

"Won't know until you ask."

"Whatever Hilde. What do you need me to do today?"

Hilde smiled, "You've done more than I can imagine. Take the day off."

"But I can't do that…"

"Yes you can. Go have fun or something. We'll be fine for today."

"If you say so. But just so you know. I'll be working with Mr. Winner and people a lot so I won't be able to spend a lot of time here to help out.

"That's perfectly fine. As long as it helps in the long run."

"I'm confident it will. Well since you don't need me today. I'd best be going. Tell the kids I said hi."

"I will."

Duo then left the office smiling happily. He opened the front door to the building only to walk into Heero Yuy himself.

Part 7:

I sat in my usual chair in Quatre Winners' office, going over the information I found on the Orphanage Number 15. Quatre, Wufei and I were waiting for this representative of the orphanage. Apparently the woman who ran it got sick and had sent someone in her place.

Quatre was going to talk with a representative for the orphanage about possible funding. I knew Quatre would agree but he wanted to see what the man had to say. Quatre liked suspense and kept people in suspense of what his decision was. He especially liked watching the reactions when he finally agreed or disagreed with them.

Wufei was going over some legal issues concerning the orphanage when the intercom beeped and Quatre's secretary told him that representative from the orphanage was waiting to see them.

Quatre told her to have him wait while we went through some last minute preparations. Quatre then told the secretary to let him in.

I was shocked to find that Duo, the boy who I met just a few days ago on the street as a shoe shiner, was the representative. I schooled my face to show indifference and I looked around and wasn't surprised that Wufei had done the same.

I hardly paid attention to conversation. Instead I focused on Duo who was sitting right next to me. He looked more refine in the suit he was wearing. Although it did look a little big but only if you were really looking at him. I scowled to myself as I realized I was doing just that. I looked back toward Quatre but my eyes would glance sideways at Duo without my permission.

I hadn't been able to get the shoe shiner out of my head since the first time I had seen him. I wanted to distance myself from him in hopes that he would leave my mind. But it didn't work. The boy has been on my mind for the past week. He has even been in my dreams. I tried to ignore him and concentrate on the discussion.

Soon Quatre was calling Wufei and I over to "discuss" if we should offer the funding.

"So how is he reacting?"

Wufei looked over and then turned back to us and smirked, "Quivering like a school girl."

"Ooh this is going to be good." Quatre smiled. "The best one ever, I think. Anyways I have something important I wanted to ask you…the both of you."

"What is it Quatre?" Wufei asked.

I kept silent during their conversation but my eyes were pinned to Duo's form as he waited for our decision. I hope this conversation didn't take too much longer, Duo looked like he was going to pee his pants. Then I heard Quatre say something and I snapped my attention back to him.


Quatre looked amused, "I said that I wanted Duo to work with you and I want you to train him for your job."

"My job?"

"Yes, I know how you hate working in Public Relations and how you would rather work with computers. If you weren't so good at Public Relations I would have switched you over a long time ago. But now I think Duo would be the perfect person for your job and then you can head over to the computer department. What do you think?"


Quatre sighed, "Typical. Look train him for your job but don't look like your training him for your job. I want to surprise him."

I nodded, not knowing what to say exactly. I've always hated Public Relations but I always did the best I could. Just because I hated something doesn't mean I couldn't be good at it.

Quatre smiled brightly, "Okay that's settled. Let's get back over there before Duo dies of nervousness."

We walked back over and waited for Quatre to break the news to him. I do believe Quatre was right when he said that Duo's reaction would be the best. I glared at him when he suggested that I couldn't do Public Relations. I was the best there was in the market.

When he left I glared angrily at the door. Quatre came up beside me and nudged me with his elbow, "Please don't set my door on fire with your glare."

I transferred my glare over to him but he just laughed at me. I sighed angrily and stormed out of the office listening to both of them laughing at me.

I went down to the lobby just in time to see Duo leaving. I had had enough. I couldn't get him out of my head. I decided then and there that I was going to have him. Get him out of my system and then move on.

I stalked after him. I knew he was heading to the orphanage so I just walked straight there. Quatre wouldn't mind, since it was my lunch hour. I walked up the steps and was about to knock on the door when it opened and I looked right into startled blue violet eyes.