Title: Santa Baby
Author: DamnVespa
Pairing: 1X2X1
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Gundam Wing Characters nor the song "Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt.
Warnings: Might make you smile, might induce laughter, might not stop smiling or laughing for a while, might give you a nosebleed.


Heero POV:

The war has been over for almost three years now. After the war, Quatre invited us all to live with him. I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I took him up on his offer. So did the others. Wufei and I immediately went into the Preventers. We all gradually learned to live in a world where there was peace. I'm not trying to gloss it over, it was hard. We had many arguments and fights, which left some of us needing medical attention. But we all calmed down soon enough. Quatre headed up the Winner company, and Trowa played his bodyguard. Duo tried different things before going to the Preventers.

Duo and I had gotten together a year ago, when one of the missions went sour. It didn't help that I was still in the mindset of being ready to die at any moment. The only reason I'm alive now is because Duo wouldn't let me die. After that mission Duo told me he loved me and then he made love to me. It was the most wonderful thing that happened to me. Over the past year, he has taught me how to live and how to love. Now I'm more open than a couple of years ago. I do revert to, as Duo would say, Perfect Soldier mode sometimes but Duo is quick to pull me out.

This past week I had been on a solo mission for the Preventers. I needed check out a possible group of terrorists. It was hard, which is highly glossing over the whole mission, but I don't want to really describe it. It's over and done with, let's not dwell on it. I was driving back to Quatre's mansion. I couldn't wait to get back. My Duo would be there waiting for me.

The drive would be a long one so I turned on the radio to get rid of the silence in the car and I was a little bored. Don't look at me like that, even `Perfect Soldiers' get bored. They were playing Christmas music on the station the radio was tuned to. I didn't feel like changing it, besides it was nearing Christmas might as well get into the season. They were playing Carol of the Bells, which was one of my favorites. I liked the blending of the voices and the way the song was set up. I know that it isn't a good description of why I like it but I can't really tell you why I like it I just do.

After awhile, I wasn't really paying attention to the radio anymore. I was half-heartedly listening to it. That was when I heard it. It started out kind of upbeat and I thought it was one of those silly Christmas songs that I hated, but when the person started singing I stopped reaching to turn the dial. She was really good but it wasn't her voice that got me but the song. It sounded seductive and I instantly thought of Duo.

I didn't know half of the things she said were but that didn't matter. The rest of the song played on while wicked thoughts ran through my brain. I admit I'm not usually the type to think wicked things but this song just inspired me. This song and Duo in a skimpy red dress, stripping for me. I smiled at the thought, a wide smile that hurt my face.

It kind of came as an epiphany. Duo has been hinting that he would like to be bottom sometimes, but I've always liked him being top. Maybe it's about time I change that. I knew I needed help with this because let's face it I don't know a thing about being romantic. I need someone who knew how to be romantic but keep my plans a secret. I instantly thought of the person I would need and would ask for his help the minute I got back.

When I finally reached the mansion, Duo was there to greet me at the door.

"Hey baby, guess what?"

"What?" At first, when he called me baby it used to annoy. I had tried to get him to stop but no amount of glaring or threats of death would stop him. I had gotten used to it and now I don't think I want him to stop calling me that. He hugged me and I knew this is his ritual. He was trying to assess if I was damaged. I used to have a habit of forgetting I was wounded. He would hug me and if I tensed he knew I was injured somewhere. Then he would drag me to his room, fix me up, yell at me for being stupid and getting injured, then make love to me until I couldn't remember my own name.

"We have the week off. That means no missions during Christmas."


"I knew you'd be happy."

I don't know how he does it but he has figured me out so completely that he knows what I'm saying when I don't say anything at all. It sometimes scares me when he does that but then I do the same thing to him. That is why I'm never party to his pranks, mainly because I know when he's going to do it and I get the hell out of dodge.

Yes, I know that last statement wouldn't be something I would ever say, but Duo is a bad influence on me. A very bad influence. If you can't tell, I'm smirking right now.

After I got rid of Duo I went looking for Trowa. Don't look at me like that. I didn't mean to make it sound so harsh but oh never mind. Just deal with it. Anyways I went to look for Trowa and found him in the library reading a romance novel. I walked in and smirked at the book.

I found out about Trowa's penchant for romance novel when he took care of me for a month after I self-destructed. I keep this secret for him only because he keeps secret the fact that I have a fondness for anything chocolate. I know it's bad for me and usually I'm more health oriented but come on it's chocolate.

Anyways, I found him in the library. I just raised an eyebrow at him and his reading. He does the same to me and hides the book. He sits there waiting for me to speak. We have a way of speaking with gestures and silence that annoys Quatre and Duo to no end. We do talk but sometimes we do the meaningful silence bit to get under their skin.

Okay back on track, another bad influence from Duo. I used to never get off track but now that I'm Duo's lover it seems that I can easily get derailed. See did it again.

I gestured to Trowa to follow me. Trowa reached for his book and hid it more effectively in the room. Then waited for me to lead. I led him to a room far enough away from the more common rooms so we could have some privacy. Besides Duo is nosy and this is a surprise for him. I don't want him to ruin his own surprise present. It was a bedroom with a bed and a desk. I sat on the bed while Trowa took a chair near the desk.

"Trowa I need your help."

Trowa just raises an eyebrow. That slightly annoys me.

"Stop that. We're alone. You can speak now." I smile slightly and he does the same.

"Okay. What do you need help with?"

"I want to do something special for Duo, but I need some certain things and I need you to get them for me."

So I told him my plan. At first he looked surprised but soon was smiling wickedly at me. Trowa was the only other person beside Duo that I could smile with and joke with. He told me he would help me but it would take a couple of days. I said that would be fine as long as it was before Christmas Day. He nodded that it would be. We both left the room and went our separate ways. I had some stuff to do in order to prepare for what I was going to do.

First I had to practice the expressions that I was going to use. I know its weird and sad but I needed a certain expression. More specifically a sexy pout. I used Duo as a basis. He gives me sexy pouts all the time. I recall each one and try to make them work for my face. I finally found one I liked and realized how sexy I looked with the pout I think Duo will get a kick out of it. Next I had to find the music and copy it to CD.

Trowa and I met a couple more times and that was only to get advice on how to be romantic and some graceful dance moves. He taught me quickly and I got the hang of it. Mostly he told me to go with the flow and don't worry about what Duo is thinking.

Soon everything was ready for my present to Duo. It was Christmas Eve and I was nervous as hell. Trowa gave me a reassuring look and I calmed down a little. I have been a little distant with Duo for the past couple of days but I think what I had planned will make up for it. I used the excuse of being tired and left after dinner to go to my room. I changed into my costume and waited. I planted the lube on the bedside table and made sure the lights were dimmed for a more romantic atmosphere. Trowa's romance novels were helpful, who knew.

I heard the doorknob turn and mentally prepared myself. Duo came through the door and closed it. He hadn't looked at me yet, but noticed how the dimmed lighting and looked around. When he came to me his jaw dropped and his eyes widened. I pushed play on the CD player and started the show.


Duo's POV:

Heero came back from his mission looking a little tired but otherwise fine. I hugged him to make sure. Heero has a way of overlooking his injuries. He didn't tense so he must not be injured. I told him the good news of no missions for Christmas. He seemed happy but it is hard to tell sometimes.

Now I'm not a stupid person, so when he left me with Quatre I got a little suspicious. He usually stays with me the whole day after he gets back from a mission. He seems to think I'm insecure in our relationship and needs to prove that he won't leave me. I admit sometimes that I get insecure, but I'm learning not too. After we got together, I taught him how to live while he taught me not to expect everything to be taken from me. He also taught me to fight for what was mine. I take those lessons to heart.

After he left, I decided not to do anything about it. Maybe he finally realized that I don't need him hovering over me 24/7. Not that it isn't nice, it's just sometimes he has a tendency to glare at anyone that makes me unhappy in any way. I'm serious, he glared at the food on my plate once because I didn't like how it tasted. Although I have a tendency to do the same thing when something happens to Heero.

Quatre and I were walking down the hall when I saw Trowa and Heero turn the corner in front of us. Apparently they had not seen us. We followed them just to see what they were up to. They led us to a far bedroom and went in. Quatre and I looked at each other in question but decided not to eavesdrop. See I can be good and not pry into other people's affairs. We waited and ten minutes later they both left the room. They looked a little happier and I frowned. I decided to pay extra attention to what was going on between them. I didn't want to jump to conclusions but from what I saw I didn't like it.

The next couple of days I watched them. They didn't seem to notice, but I am the master of stealth and if I don't want to be noticed I won't be. I noticed they sometimes got together and then they left happier, or at least Heero did. I didn't like this one bit. What's mine is mine and nothing is going to take it away from me without a good hard fight. Seen I learned his lesson well.

Then it was Christmas Eve, we were all sitting down for dinner. Heero had been distancing himself from me for the past couple of days. I kept glancing at Trowa and Heero but they didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I didn't want to jump to conclusions just yet. I waited knowing something was going to happen tonight. When we were done, Heero claimed he was tired and he wanted to go to bed early. I wanted to follow but Trowa asked me to come into the den with the others. I didn't want to make a scene, not on Christmas Eve, so I watched Heero walk up the stairs to our room then I followed the others to the den. We watched a couple of Christmas specials that was on the vid.

It was a couple of hours later when I decided enough time had lapsed. If Heero needed to tell me something he would tell me tonight even if I have to wake him to find out. I don't like waiting and I definitely don't like it when people do things behind my back. I quietly excused myself from the room and noticed Trowa's sly look directed towards me. Now that caught me unaware. Why was Trowa giving me a look like that. I was still thinking about the look and wondering if what I thought had been wrong. When I got to my room. I opened the door and walked in then closed the door behind me. I was so deep in thought that it took me a couple of minutes to notice the changes done to the room.

The lighting was dim but not dim enough to where I couldn't see properly. I realized that it was kind of romantic. Not much else was different. Then I got to the dresser, which the CD player sat on top of. Standing next to the CD player was Heero. I about had a heart attack. He was dressed to kill in a red dress that ended at mid thigh. Under the dress he was wearing white stockings with red shoes on his feet. He had a touch of make up on. Not enough to make him girlish, but enough to enhance his eyes and lips. On his head he wore a Santa hat. He was a walking wet dream and my groin hardened instantly.

He reached over and pushed a button on the CD player as the song started I noticed him start swaying and had my first inkling of what was going to happen.


Heero POV:

I started to sway to the beginning of the song. When the woman, who I found out was named Eartha Kitt, started to sing, I sang along. I schooled my features into a pout and by the way it affected Duo I knew it had worked.

[Santa Baby, Just slip a sable under the tree for me
been awful good girl
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight]


Duo POV:

The pout, oh my god the pout. I never knew Heero could pout like that. I wanted to get down on my hands and knees and give him anything he wanted. Then he started to saunter to me. Sex just exuded from his moves. I had no idea he could do this but I wasn't going to think where he learned it from. I'm just going to enjoy the show.

[Santa Baby, a `54 convertible too, light blue,
I'll wait up for you dear
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.]

When he got to me he started rub himself against me. I almost short-circuited then but held myself together. Then came the part of hurrying down the chimney and he turned his back to me and rubbed his ass against my hard on. I moaned loudly. He proceeded to shimmy down my body an back up it. Then turned to face me.

[Think of all the fun I've missed]
Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed]

He leaned in close to kiss me but didn't and when I heard the words I growled. He better not think about kissing other guys. He smirked at me and grabbed my hand. He pushed me to sit on the bed. I flopped down, I didn't know how long much longer I could have stood there. Then he straddled me and whispered the next part.

[Next year, I could be just as good
If you check off my Christmas list]

Then he pushed off of me and sauntered enough away so I couldn't grab him without getting up.

[Santa Baby, I want Yacht and really that's not, a lot]

He had stopped the pout but now it was back in full force. I watched as he pulled off his shoes and then rolled down the stockings. I hadn't noticed before but the dress had two slits in the side that ran up to his waist. I watched his hands eagerly as they revealed his legs one at a time. But he moved so I couldn't see what lay beneath the dress.

[Been an angel all year
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight]

Then he stood back up and threw the stockings to me. I grabbed them and smelled the crotch. It had Heero's scent and it turned me on even more. He then sauntered back to me and straddled me again. He took the stockings out of my hands and threw them somewhere behind him. I put one of my hands under his dressed and realized he wasn't wearing underwear. If anything, that made me harder.

[Santa honey, One little thing I really need, the deed
to a platinum mine
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight]

He started to strip me of my shirt. He unbuttoned my shirt and then slid it off my shoulders, sliding his hands down my arms in the process. I was wearing a white undershirt under it and he didn't seem happy at that. He then pouted in earnest and I hurried to take it off. That could have been a bad thing, letting him know how much his pout affected me but I didn't think to much on it. Too concentrated on the fact he was giving me the best Christmas gift I had ever been given.

[Santa cutie, so fill my stocking with a duplex, and checks
sign your `X' on the line]

When I got the shirt off I tugged him closer to me and kissed him soundly. He moaned into the kiss but hurriedly backed away. I let him seeing as he put so much hard work into this.

[Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight
Come and trim my Christmas tree
with some decorations bought at Tiffany]

I felt his hardness rub against mine and I couldn't resist but rubbing back. I pulled him closer and nipped his neck then sucked on it. He moaned at the feeling. While I was occupied doing that I found the zipper to the dress and unzipped it. He stood up and let the dress slide off of him and pool at his feet and kicked the dress away from him. He was now only dressed in a Santa hat. He looked good enough to eat.

[I really do believe in you
Let's see if you believe in me]

He kneeled in front of me and took off my pants and boxers in one pull. He breathed in on my erection. I heard the lines accompanying this act and felt truly loved. "I love you Heero," I whispered to him. He smiled at me and started to lick my erection like a candy cane.

[Santa Baby, forgot to mention one little thing]

He stopped abruptly and got up. This time he hauled me to stand with him. He brought his hands down and rested them on my butt.

[A ring, I don't mean on the phone]

I gasped in surprise when his finger rubbed against my entrance. Heero wanted to take me. This was a first and he knew that I have been hinting at this for a year now. He looked at me intently then pouted. I couldn't say no, besides this is what I really wanted. I nodded my head at him and he smiled brightly at me. I leaned over and kissed him deeply. He soon took over the kissing while his hands started to caress my body.

[Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight
Hurry down the chimney tonight

Heero gently laid me down on the bed and laid down on top of me. He started to kiss my neck and I moaned. He then kissed his way down my chest and stopped to pay attention to my nipples. He laved at them continually until I was whimpering but still didn't stop. He finally moved on down to my navel. All the pleasure was going straight to my groin and I needed relief soon.

"Heero, baby…ahhh…baby stop…*gasp*"

He looked up at me and pouted. Damn it not the pout. I used to think that Quatre's pout was bad but nothing compares to Heero pouting. He waited for me to speak.

"Stop pouting please…but I need you now. I can't take anymore teasing or I'm going to cum."

He looked surprised and looked down at me. He put one hand on my member and I groaned loudly. He smiled and licked it. Then he started to suck on it. The pleasure ripped through me like lightening and I trembled from the intensity. I never thought I would get this aroused just from watching him strip and what he was doing to me now. I felt his hands go to my balls and circle them. I didn't realize it at first but after each ripple of pleasure he brought I didn't come even though I knew I should have. I realized he was restraining my release at this point I started to beg him. I really needed to cum and I needed to do it now.

He stopped sucking me and reached for something on the nightstand. He brought back a tube of lube and uncapped it. He slicked his fingers and threw the tube somewhere. I don't know where and I didn't care. I felt his fingers circle my entrance and then one was pushed into me. It felt so good and I pushed back on to it. He slipped another in but I knew I couldn't wait much longer.

"Now, baby, now…I need it now.."

"But, you're not ready, I could hurt you."

"Don't care…need it now. I'll be fine…do it now."

He seemed hesitant but I guessed he realized my urgency and quickly found the tube again. He spread the lube on his own hard erection and guided it to my entrance. He slowly started to enter me but I knew I couldn't wait. I pushed back with all my strength and swallowed him whole. I felt some pain but the sharp burst of pleasure I felt quickly overwhelmed it. He pumped in and out of me slowly at first and then faster. Each stroke hit my prostate. I moaned and screamed for him to go faster and to push deeper and harder. I was so close and then he touched my erection and started to pump me. That was it, I came so hard I nearly blacked out. I could feel him orgasm inside me.

When we came back down from our orgasmic high he was slumped over me. He was still inside of me and I carefully extracted myself. I hissed in pain but I didn't care at the moment. Heero still hadn't come down completely yet so I cuddled up to him and held him. I just caressed his body and waited. Soon he fluttered his eyes and looked at me. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me.

"Merry Christmas Duo. Aishiteru Duo."

"I know. Merry Christmas, I love you Heero."

He snuggled into me and we laid there in silence.


Heero's POV

The dance had gone great and the sex was even better. I almost passed out from all the pleasure. It seemed that being bottom was a turn on for him. I found that tidbit useful and planned to exploit it later. Another useful tidbit is my pouting. Apparently it works wonders on Duo. I wonder if it would work on the other pilots, I would have to try it out.

I told Duo I loved him and we cuddled and stayed quiet. Then he started to speak again.

"So, Trowa was helping you with this?"



I heard the possessive tone in his voice. I responded in hopes to allay his fears. I know sometimes that he could feel insecure about our relationship even if he won't admit that he does. He covers it by being possessive and I guess I do the same thing.

"He got me the costume and taught me some of the dance moves. I asked him some other questions about certain things but nothing more."

Duo looked at me long and hard and then leaned over to kiss me. I kissed him back eagerly. Then he rolled on top of me and whispered huskily into my ear, "I want a ring too. You don't mind do you?"

I shivered in pleasure but shook my head no. All in all this was a good idea and maybe I should I take the initiative more often.



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