Title: Sacrifices for Love
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1+2 (get together)
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I have been sitting and staring at my computer screen, hoping it would magically solve all my problems. But the stupid machine doesn't do anything. It sits there mocking me.

Oh, you want to know what my problem is. Well it's a long story, are you sure you want to hear it.

Okay then, it all started a couple of months ago. I was sitting at my desk just doing my work. When two female coworkers stopped right outside my cubicle and started to have a conversation.

<<<<<<<<<<<<Flashback Begins>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"Ooooh look at the hottie there?"

"What? Where? Ohhh that hottie."

What? There's another hottie in this building and I haven't found him yet. Well this can't be right. I stand and walk to where the voices are coming from. I see Hilde and Relena standing near the water machine, which is near my cubicle, but they aren't even looking in my direction.

"Why hello ladies," I smile as they both jump. They both turn and glare at me. I raise my hands in front of my face, "Take it easy. I'm sorry."

They both sighed and then turn their attention away from me. They still seemed to be staring at this "new" hottie.

"So who's the new hottie?"

"Oh...he just got hired here today."

Hilde points her finger and I follow it and almost fall over in shock. That has got to be the hottest man I have ever seen in my life. I stand beside the girls and openly drool with them. He is slim but not too frail. He has blue eyes almost as blue as the sea. His hair is messy but a nice kind of messy, like his hair is meant to do that. He is frowning at his computer but it looks adorable on him. I must get to know this man.

"Ooh you're right. He is a hottie. Does he have a name?"

They take this in stride since everyone at the company knew I was gay. I was really open about it and no one seemed to mind here. Which is why I chose this place to work at in the beginning.

"I believe it's Heero Yuy." Relena sighed. I sighed as well, the poor guy is going to be in a living nightmare. Once Relena has a crush on someone she pursues it until the guy either goes insane or dates her. Personally, I think going insane is better of the two options.

"Well unfortunately for you Relena he came at the wrong time."

"Huh what do you mean?"

"Didn't you two get the new memo?"

By the confused looks I got, apparently not, "I guess not. The new memo states that there is to be a strict no dating policy. In other words, two people who work here can't date or they get fired."

I guess the new guy is off the hook. Relena loves her job, I don't think she'll do anything too drastic to lose it. The three of us sigh in unison, which is kind of scary.

Hilde is the first to leave, "I gotta get back to work. See ya at lunch Relena."

Relena nods her head and heads to her little cubicle. Me, I stand and stare at the guy for a few more minutes than I go sit and play on my computer.

It's after work and I go to my usual haunt. The J street club. It's a club for all people of different orientations. I love it here, not to mention my best friend and his boyfriend work here. And you know what that means, I get free drinks.

I'm sitting at the bar looking over the crowd and wouldn't you know but hottie himself, Mr. Heero Yuy, sits right by me. I can't believe my luck. And my luck just gets better when he turns to me and starts talking.

"Hi, my name is Heero Yuy."

"I know, we work in the same building on the same floor."

"I know."

"Do you now?"

"Yes, I saw you but I thought I would properly introduce myself."

"Well then, Hi, my name is Duo Maxwell."

"I know, we work in the same building on the same floor.,"

Well isn't this guy quite the charmer. I smile at him and take a sip of my drink. I can see the beginnings of a smile on him. He looks cute like that.

"I would like to take you out sometime. If that's okay with you."

"It would be more than okay for me..."


He looks a little disappointed and it kind of hurts me. I don't want to disappoint the man.

"It's not that I don't want to, it's just our company has a no-dating policy."

He thinks for a moment, then he smiles a small smile, "Well the policy has nothing against us being friends right?"

I smile as well, "No."


<<<<<<<<<<<Flashback End>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Oh those weeks were fun. We'd go out and play basketball or go get some drinks. You know friendly stuff. But I started to fall for him and I guess he couldn't get enough of me.

<<<<<<<<<Flashback Begins>>>>>>>>>


I frown a little. I'm tired from the game of basketball we've just played and all I want to do to is rest on the grass and he wants to talk. I sigh, "Yes?"

"I can't do this anymore."

I frown more, what couldn't he do anymore. Did I do something wrong, did he not want to be friends anymore. He seemed to pause before speaking again, "I can't keep being friends with you when all I really want to do is throw you to the ground and kiss you."

Well doesn't he say the sweetest things. I have been thinking the same thoughts for weeks now.

"I know me too, but work..."

"Screw work. What they don't know won't hurt them."

I sigh and look at him. He really wants to do this and so do I, but I don't want to lose my job. I open my mouth to speak but he beats me to it.

"That is if you want to date me. If you don't that's fine. We can still be friends."

Ahh now he made me feel bad. Of course I want to date him. I guess he's right, screw work.

"Let's do it. I would love to date you."

He smiles at me and looks like he is going to kiss me but he stops himself. I understand we're in a public place and any of our coworkers could be walking around. He gets a slip of paper out of his back pocket and hands it to me. Apparently he had this all planned out.

"Meet me there at 8."

I nod at him and then he leaves. I look at the address and realize it's not even in this city. It's in the next one over about an hour's drive from here. But more than likely none of my coworkers will be there. I smiled and went to go prepare.

<<<<<<<Flashback End>>>>>>>>

It was going well for a couple of weeks. We'd go on dates and have a lot of fun. Then the fun stopped when were caught.

<<<<<<<<Flashback Begins>>>>>>>

"This is awesome. I've been wanting to see this movie ever since it came out." I gushed.

Heero looked amused at my antics. Well I can't help it if I get excited about going to a one of the new movies I've been dying to see. Heero is such a gentlemen, he got the movie tickets and now he's paying for the popcorn and drinks.

I stand out of the way and just watch him move. He's so graceful and sleek. I didn't notice anything around me until I heard the squeal. I turned in horror to find not only Relena who let out the horrible squeal but also Hilde. I smile at them when they see me and they head on over to me.

"Duo, what are you doing here?"

"Came to see the movie just like you."

"Why don't you sit with us or are you with someone?"

"Nah, just with a friend. Ahh here he comes now."

Heero made his way over to us. I don't think he noticed who I was standing with. I had to do something before Heero gave us away, "Heero you remember Hilde and Relena from work?"

I smiled at him and then at the girls. He didn't look to pleased and to tell the truth I wasn't to pleased either. I was looking forward to cuddling with him during the movie. But now I can't. The girls looked skeptical but they went with it. We chatted with them as we walked into the theater.

Hopefully they bought the story and wouldn't tell anyone.

<<<<<<<Flashback End>>>>>>>>>>

It was a good thing that this happened, it helped broach the subject I had been avoiding for months.

<<<<<<Flashback Begins>>>>>>

"Heero, I can't do this anymore."

"Can't do what?"

"Can't date on the sly. I want everyone to know and besides we can't keep up the charade for much longer. I mean last night was a close call, a little too close for my standards."

"Well what should we do?"

"I don't know."

"I don't know either, but I'll figure something out."

"Okay. I trust you."

<<<<<<Flashback End>>>>>>

That was last night. I had come into work today half expecting the boss to call me in and fire me on the spot. But he didn't and I was happy but kind of sad at the same time.

Heero and I both loved this job and I know I didn't want to give it up. I was kind of hoping a memo from the boss would magically appear on my screen. Telling us he was a dick for not letting us date other workers and as of now that policy has been abolished. But no such thing happened.

Ooh it's noon, time for lunch. Wonder if Heero wants to go my place for it. That way we can cuddle and none of my coworkers will find us.

I stand and get ready to leave when my hand is caught in someone's grip and I'm turned towards that person. I have five seconds to realize it's Heero before he leans down and kisses me. Right in the middle of the office. I blush a little but kiss him back.

I wonder how long he wants to kiss me for because I'm kind of running out of air. He finally let's me breath and he's smiling smugly at me. Now I'm confused, this will surely get him fired.

"Heero what are you doing. You could get fired."

"It doesn't matter, I just handed in my letter of resignation."

Then he kisses me again. I smile as I kiss him knowing that we wouldn't have to hide anymore. This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I think I love him. He pulls away again and takes my hand. He starts to lead me away when I stop him.

"You didn't have to do that."

"I know, but I love you and I had a choice between losing you or the job. I'd rather lose the job."

"I love you too."

Was all I could say to him. He always has a way of making me speechless but I love him for it. He gave up a job he loved for me, now how many people do that for the ones they love.