Title: Operation Fresh Start
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1x2x1, and others.
Parts: prologue - 4 / ?
Notes: Ummm...it's another messing with the GW world fic of mine. *grins*
Warnings: There will be some deaths but not the major characters *grins* Other than that there is angst, romance, action/adventure, drama...etc...
Category: Umm..probably action/adventure
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Five scientists sat around a small table with one single light bulb hanging above the table. The light barely lit the scientist's body leaving their faces shadowed in the dark.

"The war is getting worse." Said one of the scientists. Another scientist nodded his head, which caused his goggle-like eyes to flash, "Yes. I think it's time to start Operation Fresh Start."

There were gasps from the other scientists in the room, but none made a move to object right away. One finally stood and moved into the light. The light illuminated his large nose and gray hair. He leaned forward, "You can't be serious."

The one with goggles nodded his head, "I am."

"There's still a chance to save the Earth and the colonies."

Another scientist stood as well and moved into the light, which bounced off his baldhead. "He's right. We just need to get rid of Tsburov and Romefeller will fall."

"They have men ready to take his place should he fall. No, we need to finish the operation."

The other two scientists stayed fairly quiet, while the long-nosed one said, "Finish? But we haven't started it...." His voice died off when he realized what had happened, "It's already in progress isn't it?"

The goggled one nodded his head, "Yes, but we need to get our pilots here to finish the last of it."

There was a long sigh and then acceptance of the plan. The long- nosed one said, "Alright J, but I hope we are doing the right thing?"

"We are G. We have to hurry, we don't have much time left."

They left the table and went off to contact their protégés while thinking about Operation Fresh Start and the consequences it would bring.

Part 1:

All five pilots were in various states of shock. They had just heard Relena Darlian Peacecraft and Dorothy Catalonia had been killed in a car accident. The latest in recent deaths of the more powerful people.

First it had been Treize and Lady Une in an explosion at Treize's mansion. Then the horrible shuttle crash carrying Zechs and Noin to one of the Oz bases. The pilots had been expected to win now that Treize and his top staff was dead but that didn't happen. Without them the war got even uglier. Mobile dolls, which hadn't been used all that much, were in high use now and they weren't the most accurate machines. Innocent casualties had risen in the last month alone from Mobile Doll battles. Earth and the Colonies were suffering from a loss of resources.

Now the pilots were taking a much-needed break and were staying in a secluded safe house in the forests of Canada. In the den of the current safe house, Heero sat at his laptop but didn't move to do anything. He just stared blankly at the screen. Duo and Trowa stood in the doorway to the den and watched him.

"How long has he been like that?"

"Since this morning."

"Damn. He's taking this really hard, but then we are all taking it really hard," Duo could still hear Quatre crying from somewhere in the house. They didn't know where Wufei had gone but they knew he was grieving in his own way. Duo looked at Heero and sighed, "I'll see what I can do. Thanks for getting me Trowa."

"No problem Duo."

Trowa slowly walked away from the room and went to comfort Quatre. Duo slipped into the den and walked up to Heero. He made sure he made some noise, hoping that Heero would hear it and realize who it was. He made it to Heero and slowly moved the laptop away. When he had enough space cleared he sat up on the table and looked down at Heero. Heero didn't seem to notice him there, he kept staring blankly ahead.

"Heero? Heero....come on Heero...wake up."

Duo gently caressed Heero's hair hoping to shake him out of his stupor. It seemed to work because Heero looked up at him. Duo shivered when he looked into Heero's eyes. There was so much pain residing in those eyes.

"I didn't save her Duo. She died Duo and I didn't save her. It's like the little girl, I can't save anyone. I can't protect anyone... She's dead Duo...dead...dead...dead..."


Heero leaned over and pressed his head into Duo's stomach then reached his arms around him and held him tightly. Duo ran his hands down Heero's back in soothing patterns hoping to calm down his lover. Duo could feel wetness soaking his shirt as Heero cried and Duo felt tears stream down his cheeks. He leaned down and kissed Heero's head and rocked them gently. He whispered reassurances into Heero's hair as he rocked them.

The quiet scene was interrupted when the laptop beeped. Heero stiffened and then straightened in his chair. Duo sighed and ran his hand through Heero's hair one last time and slid off the desk. Heero smiled a small sad smile and pulled the laptop closer. He pulled up the message and read it. Once he was finished he deleted it and turned to Duo.


"No, we're supposed to meet up with the scientists."


"In space."


It was at this moment that Quatre, Wufei and Trowa walked into the room.

"Did you get the message." Wufei asked.


"Are we going to go?" Quatre asked

"Hai. We leave in ten minutes."

They all nodded their heads and went to pack. Heero stared blankly at the laptop before powering down and going to pack as well. He wondered what the scientists wanted.

Part 2:

The pilots arrived at the space station housing the scientists and docked with it. When they got out into the space station they realized there was no one around. A feeling of unease swept through them and they took out their weapons for protection. They left the docking bay with Heero and Duo in the lead, Quatre in the middle and Trowa and Wufei at the rear. As they walked through the station, their unease grew when they realized that no one was there. They looked for signs of Oz but so far they had found nothing. They walked into the main computer room and tried to find any recordings on what possible could have happened.

Heero had just touched the keyboard when Dr. J's image flashed onto the screen.

"I'm sorry boys." Was all he said before a sleeping gas was filtered into the room. The pilots made a run for the door but they found it was locked. Quatre was the first to fall with Trowa and Wufei right behind him. Duo and Heero held out the longest by holding their breath, but they needed air soon. Duo was the first to take a breath then Heero. They were all asleep with in minutes.

Once the scientists were sure the pilots were asleep they filtered out the sleeping agent and went into the room. Each scientist picked up their protégé and walked out the door and to the opposite side of the station. Docked in the bay, there was a ship. It was revolutionary by design and bigger than any space ship made yet. The scientists took the five pilots inside and to a storage bay deep in the hull. When they entered the room cryogenic tanks surrounded them. The scientists found the right cryogenic tanks and placed their protégés in them. They stripped each pilot down to their boxers and placed their clothing on the floor. When everything was completed they closed the tanks and froze them.

"Well, it's done. Now for the final phase." Dr. J said.

"Do you think this is the best course of action?" Master O asked.

"I believe so. Operation Fresh Start will be what saves us, in a matter of speaking." Dr. J said, "This world has become too out of control. This needs to be done. Let's get the final preparations done. We don't have much time before Oz and Romefeller finds us."

The other scientists left the room. Leaving the five pilots frozen, waiting to be awakened again. The Gundams were stored in one of the bays in the huge ship. Once the scientist's got the course heading and set the time for the pilots to wake up in to the computer on the ship they left. Once secure in the space station, Dr. G hit a button and the ship took off on it's set course.

"Moving on to the final phase. May God have mercy on our souls."

Heero was the first to awaken from the sleep. He slowly got up and winced at the pounding headache he had. He realized he was only wearing boxers and when he looked for the other pilots he found them similarly dressed. Then he looked at the whole room and gasped. There were a couple thousand tanks around the room. He couldn't really tell if there were anyone else inside those tanks. He realized besides the five that were open, two others had been opened as well. He gasped when he recognized Treize Khushrenada and Zechs Merquise. He reached for his weapon belatedly realizing he still was only in boxers.

The others finally noticed the other two men and each got into a battle stance. Duo was the first to really recover, "I thought you two were dead."

Treize and Zechs looked just as shocked as the pilots.

"Dead. Why would we be dead. The last thing I remember was eating dinner with the dear Lady Une and the next I'm here."

"Same as me, except I was in a shuttle heading for a base with Noin. Why are we here?"

The pilots looked just as confused and Duo was going to respond when there was a loud beeping then Dr. J's voice.

"As of now you seven must be awake. I will explain all of this once you get to the bridge. There is a computer screen near the door with the map of the ship on it. You're clothing is stashed on the floor next to your tanks."

The seven of them got dressed and looked at the map. When they saw the layout of the ship they were surprised. Duo whistled "Wow, I've never seen a ship this big before."

They found the bridge on the map easily and then left the bay. They walked through a lot of halls and went up in elevators before finally coming to the bridge. When they got there, the front view screen clicked on and the five scientist's were standing there.

"Hello and welcome to your new ship, The Phoenix. Hopefully out of the ashes we make will the new beginning be better. Our plan originally was to freeze the top members of Oz and end the war sooner, but as you can see it did not work. The war just kept getting worse and that's when our back up plan came into effect. The plan was called Operation Fresh Start. We built a ship that could house up to 2,000 people and to go into the far reaches of space. In hopes to build a better life for humans there. Our world is out of control. Right now you should be passing Jupiter and that means this message is at least three hours old. So what we do next can never be undone. We will show you what we have done, but please understand that we did this for the better good."

Then the video cut to what looked to be like a remote picture from a satellite. They could see Earth and the colonies clearly in the sea of stars. Then there was a bright yellow light from the center of the picture and it traveled to the Earth. It hit the Earth and at first it did nothing but then Earth burned a bright red before exploding outward. They could see a series of explosions that could only be the colonies. Then the shockwave hit the camera and the picture cut out.

The seven boys stood there in shock for a few minutes but then as one they screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The Earth and Colonies were no more.

Part 3:

The seven men were in various stages of shock. Duo had slid to the floor, brought his knees to his face, and rocked himself back and forth. Memories of past failures swam through his mind. Tears were pricking his eyes, begging to fall, but he ruthlessly held them back. Solo, Sister Helen, and Father Maxwell flashed before his eyes. Then newer faces flashed before him: Howard, The sweepers, Relena, The Magnuacs, Hilde and so on. All the people he met that now are dead because of the scientists. His anger rose when he thought about the scientists. He wished they were still alive so he could kill them all slowly and painfully.

Heero sat beside Duo and did the same thing. Taking comfort that Duo was so close to him. He too remembered all his past failures and it hit him hard. Not only had he failed Relena but he failed the Earth and Colonies as well. He choked back a sob and buried his head in his knees. Hiding himself from anyone who might be watching him. It took him a few minutes to realize that someone had his arm around his waist. He turned his head to the side and saw Duo's angry eyes. Heero knew the anger was not at him but at the scientists. He unfurled himself and took comfort in his love's arms as Duo took comfort in his. They held themselves tightly not ever wanting to let go.

Quatre rubbed his chest when he tried to tune in with everything around him. He had thought something was off ever since he woke and now he knew what it was. He felt a whole in his heart. Where there should have been emotions that were in tuned with Earth and the colonies he felt nothing. There were no signs of life except for the people on this ship. There was no one to rescue, no hope for survivors. He thoughts turned to his family. His father and all of his sisters were dead. His whole family wiped out except for him. He couldn't help but feel it was his fault, he should have felt the trickery the scientists were up to. But he didn't and it was all his fault. He started to cry and leaned into Trowa.

Trowa stood there numb to everything around him. The explosion kept repeating in his head and the only thing he could think of was that he was glad Quatre was with him. He was happy that all his friends were with him and not on Earth or the colonies. Although he felt saddened that Catherine wasn't there or the circus he didn't feel the overwhelming grief that he thought he should. He pulled Quatre closer to him to make sure that he was still with him.

Wufei stared silently at the screen. Memories of his home colony exploding overlapping the video they had just watched. He berated himself for not stopping this. He again failed his family. He again failed to save the woman he loved, Sally. He remembered her perfectly. Beautiful blond hair down into two twists, her blue eyes twinkling in the sun. He berated himself for ever trusting the scientists, for leaving Earth, for leaving Sally behind.

Treize had sat down on one of the chairs gaping at the screen. His beautiful Une was gone. The more he looked at the screen the more he couldn't accept it. It had to be a horrendous joke. "No, I don't accept this. It has to be some kind of sick joke. I can't accept this," Treize whispered to himself. Not realizing that tears were running down his cheeks or that he was even speaking.

Zechs had his head in his hands and was also sitting on one of the chairs. His shoulders trembled and you could hear the word, "Noin," being said. He remembered back to the Academy days. How Noin tried so hard to impress him but also treated him like everyone else. How they eventually fell in love. Not only was she dead but his sister as well. He was the last of his family and he had never felt so alone before.

All of them sat in their grief around the room. They were so focused on their inner turmoil that they didn't hear the noise steadily approaching the door until it was right outside it. The guys all raised their heads and looked at the door. They could hear voices on the other side arguing with each other.

"Well I told you to take that right, a while back. But did you listen to me, No!" said one voice.

"Oh can it. We got here didn't we. Look that must be the door to the bridge." Said another voice.

"I wonder who else is here. I mean with a ship this big we can't be the only ones here, right?" Said a third voice.

The voices stopped altogether. It was silent for a minute before the guys could hear weapons being withdrawn. The pilots stood and also got their weapons out and trained on the door.

The door opened and two women came barging in. Treize and Zechs immediately recognized the two women and rushed to them.



Zechs rushed up to Noin and hugged her close. Noin dropped the weapon and hugged Zechs back. Though she liked the embrace she was confused to why Zechs was hugging her as if he hadn't seen her in ages. She looked to Une and found her just as confused.

Sally came through the door next with a weapon in her hand with four other girls behind her. She wasn't shocked at seeing Zechs and Treize. She got over it when she awoke to find Noin and Une standing above her. It took a little while for them to get a truce between them and find out where the bridge was. She was shocked, though, when Wufei strode up to her and pulled her into a tight hug. She didn't understand but she lent him the comfort he so badly needed.

Dorothy, Relena, Catherine, and Hilde walked through the door after Sally and looked around. They looked confused but not too upset. Heero was shocked to see Relena standing there. He stood quickly and rushed to stand in front of her. He stared at her, too afraid to find out if it was all an illusion. Relena fidgeted from the intense stare and sought out Dorothy's hand. She couldn't take the intense look he was giving her so she asked, "Heero?"

Heero broke out of his daze and wrapped her in his strong embrace. Relena looked confused but still put her hands around him.

Duo had just grabbed Hilde and hugged her. She was like a little sister to him and he felt immense relief that she was still alive. He hugged her tightly and he didn't want to let go. Trowa still held on to Quatre but held Catherine's hand tightly. The numb feeling wearing off. He felt relieved to see that Catherine was still alive. Quatre looked saddened that none of his sisters came through the door but he didn't let himself think about it.

The girls were getting more confused by the minute.

Dorothy, who stood by and watched all of this, asked, "What the hell is going on?"

"That was what I was going to ask," said Sally while still being embraced by Wufei.

Treize let go of Une but still held her hand tightly. He walked over to Dorothy and just stared at her. Dorothy looked at her cousin and raised one eyebrow. Treize wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. Dorothy was surprised to say the least, "Cousin?" Treize had never really hugged her before and it was slightly scaring her that he was now.

Treize let go of Dorothy and beckoned the girls to take seats. They all found seats around on the bridge. Treize sat with Une and held her hand tightly on one side and Dorothy on the other. Zechs took it a step further and sat with Noin firmly on his lap. Sally sat down on a seat with Wufei sitting on the floor leaning against her leg. Relena sat next to Heero who sat next to Duo who sat next to Hilde. Catherine sat on a chair with her brother standing protectively behind her and still holding Quatre. They looked to Treize to start the explanation.

"Well actually the pilots might be able to tell you more than either Zechs or I could."

Quatre cleared his throat and all attention turned to him. He told the girls all that had happened since the supposed death of Treize, Une, Zechs and Noin. Then he ran the footage again. The were several gasps of shock as they watched Earth and the Colonies being destroyed. After the recording stopped the girls were all in states of shock as well. Relena composed herself enough to say, "We should go back. Maybe there are survivors."

Duo shook his head, "No there won't be."

"But we don't know for sure. We should..."

"Relena. I want to go back as much as you do, but with that kind of explosion and the shockwave it produced there would be nothing there except small debris."


"Relena listen to him. If not him, then listen to me. I can't feel anyone besides the people on this ship. There are no survivors out there. What we need to do is figure out what we are going to do now." Quatre said.

Part 4:

There was a silence as the others thought over what they should do. Quatre looked at them in turn but none of them seemed to want to think about the problem. He sighed, "Well I guess we should figure out who will be in charge."

"How do we decide that?" Duo asked.

"Well I guess we'll have to vote someone in charge. Then whoever is voted gets to pick who is who in the crew. Sound good to everyone?"

There were nods all around before Une spoke, "We'll need a moderator."

"Alright Lady Une you'll be moderator."


"Yes. You can keep everyone in line if things get out of hand."


"Good, now how should we go about this?"

Everyone looked at each other but no one said anything. Then Relena rose, "Why don't we write on a piece of paper who we think should be elected. Then give them to Lady Une who will tell us who was elected."

Quatre thought it over and finally said, "Well we'll need paper and pens for that and I don't see anything on the bridge for that."

"Wait, I think I might have some." Une said and dug in her uniform pockets. Out of the back pocket she came up with a small notebook. She started ripping pages out and handing them out to everyone.

"Do you have any pens in that uniform, Une-babe?" asked Duo. Heero jabbed him in the ribs. Duo glared at Heero while rubbing his abused stomach.

"Unfortunately no, 02."

"It's Duo Maxwell, Une. We're not fighting a war anymore."

Everyone quieted at the statement. Each remembered what happened scant minutes ago.

"Yes. Mr. Maxwell, you're right. We aren't fighting a war anymore. Maybe we should introduce ourselves so that we might get to know each other better," suggested Treize.

"Great idea. I'll go first. I'm Quatre Raberba Winner, pilot 04, Sandrock."

"Trowa Barton, pilot 03, HeavyArms."

They went around the room that way until everyone was introduced to each other.

"Well now that we know each other's name. What are we going to do about electing someone?"

Heero looked around and said, "Why not have Quatre lead and have Treize as his second?"

Duo smiled at Heero, "Yah…I like that idea."

Une frowned, "Why is Quatre leading and not Treize. Treize would be a better leader."

"My dear Lady. Please calm down." Treize soothed to her, "I'll be happy to do as Heero said. Besides we're outnumbered my dear lady."

Une opened her mouth to say something but thought better of it.

Quatre was shocked and he was going to deny the position but everyone looked to him for direction. He couldn't let them down, not when he let down Earth, the colonies, his family. He sighed, "Alright I'll lead. As you said, Heero, Treize will be my second. Now all we have to figure out is who does what on this ship."

"What about the people still frozen?" Sally asked.

"I think we should unfreeze them. Treize?"

"I agree. I rather tell them sooner than later."

"Okay, then it's agreed. We'll unfreeze them. Treize and I will talk to the groups separately. Une, Relena, and Dorothy I want you to give everyone on board rooms to stay in. Heero, find them the list of people on this ship. There should be one, I know the doctors were insane but not stupid."


"Duo, I want you to find anything you can about this ship and how it works. Wufei and Zechs go with him and help. As for the rest of you, I want you to follow Treize and me. Try to keep people calm. This isn't going to be easy."