Title: Love in the Basement
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 2X1
Warnings: Heero will probably be OOC in his thinking.
Disclaimer: I don't own GW


This story takes place near a small town in America. The house was in the middle of nowhere about 20 miles from the small town the house belonged to a Japanese family whose ancestors had originally built the house. It was a nice two-story house, with a living room, kitchen, and dining room on the first floor. Then three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor. There was also a basement, and the only way to get into the basement was through the door in the kitchen. There were four people living in the house. A mother, a father, a son but these people aren't what this story is about. It is about the youngest son, the son the family called demon.

Through unfortunate genetics, this son was born with blue eyes. When the mother saw him she immediately pushed the child away calling him a demon. She didn't know what she did to anger the gods but she prayed everyday to ask for forgiveness. She would have killed the child instantly, but the father intervened. Saying they couldn't kill the child because the demon inside could escape and kill them all. So with great reluctance the mother took care of the child, but only so that it would survive. She was never kind to the child. The boy hardly ever spoke. When the boy was old enough to walk they locked the child in the basement. They fed it regularly so it would stay alive, but they never let the boy leave.

The boy grew up never knowing love or what a family was. He was alone in the basement. He had explored every inch of the basement. He found many boxes with interesting things inside. One had a radio, which he figured out how to hook up. When he first listened to the radio he didn't know what they were saying. He knew very little English but he listened to the radio a lot and eventually he learned. He taught himself how to read through the books that were in another box. In an old chest there was some clothing but most of it was moth eaten except for a green tank top and some spandex shorts. There wasn't any light to see by so his eyes adjusted to the darkness giving him excellent night vision. The radio was the only thing he treasured the most.

He would fall asleep listening to the radio. Actually he would fall asleep listening to one of the announcers, a man that went by the name of Death. Death was always laughing and telling jokes but he was serious sometimes too. The boy really liked this man. Death's show was always on at night. The boy would always fall asleep to the man's voice.

After listening to the radio one night the boy decided he needed a name. So he looked through the books he had been reading and one of the names he had read he had liked. He named himself Heero Yuy after the great political leader. He really liked the name it was a lot better than demon.

Heero dreamed every night of leaving the basement and going into the world outside. But in reality he couldn't, the door was always locked from the outside. During the day he would sit by the air vent and listen to the people upstairs talk so he could learn about the outside world.

One night Heero fell asleep but before he did he wished that he could go outside, even if it was for a few minutes. He wanted to see it. He had wished this wish every since he was little.

Heero didn't know that someone listened to his wish and that it was going to be granted. Heero just slept peacefully listening the melodious voice from the radio.


Duo Maxwell, or Death to his listeners was one of the best radio announcers in his college. He had more people listen to his show than anyone else. Even though he was the most popular he didn't let it go to his head. He knew that it could be all gone in an instant. He had grown up an orphan and by sheer luck was one of the few orphans who went to school.

He studied hard in school and got a scholarship to a four-year college. Duo doesn't have many friends. He is too busy either going to classes, studying or going to work. On his radio show, he plays the newest music and he also talks about anything and everything. He gives the listeners the sense that he believes everything you say even if it is incredibly dumb. The listeners love him for it.

It was the last day of class and Duo had just finished his last final when one of his coworkers and friends walked up to him.

"Hey Duo, how did the test go?"

"It was okay, but it was hard. Hope I passed it. So what brings you here Q?"

"Oh we were wondering if you were going to come with us?"

"Come with you where? And who is us?"

"Didn't I tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"Oh I must have forgot. Trowa, Wufei, Sally and I are going to go camping for a few weeks before we head home for the summer. We were wondering if you would like to come with us?"

"I'm not sure. I have to work, Q."

"Duo, you haven't taken a night off or any vacation time off since you started school 2 years ago. Come on, just a few weeks, and then you can come back and work."

"I don't know Quatre. I mean, Sister Helen is counting on me to get my degree and…."

"I know Duo but I don't think she would want you not to have any fun. Please Duo Please." Quatre looked at Duo and gave him a puppy dog stare. Duo tried to fight the effects off but he couldn't.

"Okay Q, I'll go, just stop it with the puppy dog stare."

"Good! I'll go tell Trowa. Why don't you go and pack, and we can head out tomorrow."

"TOMORROW! I can't get time off that quickly."

"Umm, sure you can."

"Quatre, what did you do?"

"I didn't do anything."

"Okay what did you guys do?"

"I…umm… have to go. See ya tomorrow in front of your dorm at 7 am sharp."


But it was no use Quatre had already run off. Duo just slumped and headed back to his room. When he got there he made a call to the radio station.

"Hi, May I speak to Une, Please? This is Duo Maxwell."

"Yes, hold on please."


He started to pack while waiting for Une to get on the phone. He had a feeling that he didn't really need to call her but he felt he should.

"Duo, how can I help you?"

"Look, Une, I need some time off…"

"Oh yes, your friends talked to me about that. You have the next several weeks off. I think this would be good for you. By the way you have tonight off as well. Have fun."

Then Une hung up. Duo looked at the phone in disbelief. He couldn't believe what had happened. His friends and boss conspired against him to make him go on this trip. Duo sighed and figured he best make the most of it. He hung up the phone and finished packing. Once he was done he looked around the room trying to figure out what to do. He usually was getting ready to go to work, but since he was off tonight he decided to see what was on Television. He flipped through the channels but nothing seemed interesting. He turned it off and decided he might as well get some sleep.

The next morning his alarm clock blared to life. Duo bolted out of bed. He stood in the middle of his room trying to figure out why he did that when the blaring finally got through his sleep mused brain. He walked over to his desk and turned it off. The clock read 6:00 a.m. Duo went to take a shower. He got in and let the hot water rush over him. Then he started to wash himself. When he was done with his shower he looked at the time. It was 7:05. Duo yelped loudly and hurriedly put on his clothes. He checked to make sure he had everything. Then grabbed his suitcase and closed and locked the door. Then he ran to the front of his building. His friends were waiting patiently for him.

"Maxwell, we said 7 o'clock sharp not 7:10."

"Sorry, Wufei but I lost track of the time."

"It's okay Duo, let's just get going."

They all piled into the car and headed towards the camping grounds. Trowa was driving with Quatre in the front seat, which left Wufei, Sally and Duo in the back seat. They had been driving for about three hours now and Duo was starting to wonder where this camping ground was.

"Hey Quatre, where are we going?"

"I told you Duo, camping."

"Yeah but where."

"Near Silver Falls (1)."

"Silver Falls, That's at least an eight hour drive. Not to mention it's practically in the middle of nowhere."

"So what. I hear it is really beautiful. Come on Duo this a time for us to relax and not worry about anything. Just look out the window and look at the scenery."

"Yeah the scenery, all I have seen is grass and a house. I can't talk to anyone because you and Trowa are up there and Wufei and Sally are sleeping."

Duo just looked out the window. He saw another house but other than that nothing interesting. He needed something to do or listen to because the silence was really getting to him.

"Hey Trowa do you have any cds? I need to listen to some music."

"Yes Duo, it should be in the pouch sitting in front of you."

Duo grabbed the pouch and started to look through it, but he couldn't find any cds.

"Hey Trowa, There aren't any CDs in here."

"They're in there."

"No they aren't I just looked."

"Hand it here, Let me look for it."

"No, you're driving."

"Fine. Hand it to Quatre then."

Duo handed to the pouch to Quatre. Quatre dug through the pouch to find the CDs. Trowa looked over at Quatre for a second to see if he found it yet when he heard Duo scream.


There in the road, was a deer. Trowa swerved to avoid hitting the deer and ran off the road. All Duo could do was look ahead. He watched, as a huge tree on the side of the road was getting closer to them. Duo closed his eyes and prayed that this wasn't the end.

He watched, as a huge tree on the side of the road was getting closer to them. Duo closed his eyes and prayed that this wasn't the end.

When Duo opened his eyes again he realized he must have passed out. He was now lying on the ground looking up at the sky through the trees. He could hear Wufei and Sally arguing over something but he wasn't really paying attention. He tried to sit up but immediately flopped back down and closed his eyes as dizziness took over him. He groaned loudly and forced down the urge to be sick.

Sally and Wufei stopped arguing when they heard the groan. Sally walked over and kneeled next to Duo.

"Easy Duo, you took a hit to the head. You're not concussed just a bump on the head."

With the help of Sally he finally sat up. He looked around and found Trowa and Quatre leaning against a tree a couple of feet from him. They had cuts and bruises but other than that they looked fine. He saw Wufei standing behind Sally he looked fine and so did Sally.

"What happened Sal?"

"From what I gathered, Trowa swerved to avoid hitting a deer. He spun the car away to try and avoid the tree but he clipped it. The car flipped onto its side and slid a few feet then stopped. You were the worst off because you weren't wearing a seatbelt you idiot. You're very lucky you only got a knock on your head. Trowa and Quatre are a little shaken but fine as are we. But the car isn't. We can't seem to get it to start. So we are pretty much stuck here."

Duo just nodded. "So what is the plan now?"

"Wufei says we should walk to the nearest town, which is 20 miles away by the way. I say we stay put."

Duo looked at Trowa and Quatre. Quatre was leaning heavily onto Trowa. Trowa looked like he needed the comfort just as much as Quatre did.

"Before we crashed, I saw a house a few miles down that way," Duo pointed the way they had come from before they crashed. "We could see if they have a phone or something and get help. From what I saw not many people use this road. So, I don't think anyone will be traveling down this road for awhile, Sal. What do you guys think? Should we try for the house?"

"I still want to go to the town and not to some back country house. You don't know what kind of psychos live out here."

"Wufei, shut up. I say the house would be our best bet. The psychos are only in movies and not real life."

"Onna how dare you tell me to shut up!"

"What did you call me, you…"

"Stop fighting. It won't get us anywhere. I like Duo's idea. What about you Trowa?"

"Duo's plan is more plausible."

Wufei just snorted and Sally nodded. Sally moved to help Duo to his feet while Trowa helped Quatre. They started off down the road towards the house. They walked for hours down the road. They finally found a road that connected with the main road. They traveled down it and soon were in grasslands. It seemed that the trees lined the road and only went so far out before it became grassland. The sun was just setting when they finally reached the house. They looked to see if anyone was home but only saw several newspapers on the doorstep. They knocked on the door just in case but no one answered.

"Just great, no one`s home. From the looks of it not for awhile. This is an injustice."

"Well, might as well go in. No one `s home and we can leave a note later explaining what had happened. They might have phone and we need assistance."

"But that's breaking and entering."

"Yes, Quatre, but if we don't we are stuck out here and walking the 20 plus miles back towards the town. Do you really want to do that?"

The long walk had been tiring on everyone. Duo looked at Quatre who shook his head. Duo took some lock picks out of his braid and started to pick the lock. Wufei and Trowa both raised an eyebrow at him and Duo just grinned back. Duo finally picked the lock and they entered.

The sun had set and the house was enveloped in darkness. The five friends spread out to look for a light switch. Quatre found it and switched it on. The house looked spacious but cozy. It had a good lived in feel to it. Trowa and Wufei went off looking for a phone while Duo, Quatre, and Sally explored.

"The family that lives here must be Japanese."

"What makes you say that Sal?"

"Well look at the artwork and some of the pictures. They look Japanese and the handwriting is Japanese."

After some more exploring, Wufei and Trowa walked back in to the living room. "We found the phone and called. They said that they will be here tomorrow sometime in the late afternoon. Apparently they know the people who live here. So I guess we'll just have to stay the night. I think we should sleep on the floor in here though."

"Yeah, why don't Quatre and Sally go find some pillows and blankets and I'll find something for us to eat. I don't know about you but I'm starving."

"Is food all you think about?"

"Hmmm sure do Wu-man."

"The name is Wu-FEI."

"Yeah I know."


Duo just laughed and walked into the kitchen. He looked through the cupboards and found various foods. He set the food down and was preparing to divide it to share when he heard a faint noise coming from a door. He walked closer to the door and listened. He heard some muffled talking and wondered who was down there. He opened the door and peered down. He realized the door led to a very big basement. He still heard the sound and it sounded like voices.

"Hey, anyone down here?"

He heard something shuffling down and to his right and the sound abruptly stop. He looked over there but he couldn't see anything. There was only one light in the basement, which happened to be on. It didn't light the whole basement so he couldn't see into the dark corners.

"Who's down here?"

No one answered his call. Duo walked down a few steps and let go of the door. He squinted to see if he could see in the dark spaces but he couldn't see a thing. He shrugged and went back out the door and closed it.

Wufei walked in when Duo closed the door to the basement.

"What were you doing in there?"

"I though I heard something, but it doesn't seem to be anything down there."

"Maybe there are ghosts down there?"

"Oh Shut up Wufei, you know there is no such thing. But after dinner maybe the five of us should check it out. I swear there is something down there. I heard something move."

"Whatever Maxwell, it's just you're over active imagination but I guess it wouldn't hurt to explore it."

"Thanks Wu-man, get everyone else so we can eat and then go exploring in the basement."

"Maxwell, my name is Wufei, not Wu-man."

Wufei noticed that Duo was not paying attention and decided for once to give up. He walked back into the living room and called everyone for dinner.

Meanwhile in the basement, Heero was scared. First the people upstairs had been very quiet and he couldn't hear them through the vents anymore. They also haven't fed him recently and he was getting really hungry. He had saved some of the food because he never knew when he was going to eat next. The people upstairs had a tendency to forget to feed him, but this was the longest time that they had forgotten. Heero would have knocked and asked for food but the last time he did that. The man from upstairs came down and beat him. Heero had hurt for a long time after that. He didn't do it again. But now Heero was more scared. There were new people upstairs. He had been listening to the radio waiting for his favorite announcer when the door had opened. He scurried out of the light, so he wouldn't be seen. He had been beaten many a time for being in sight when they gave him his food. The person had came down the stairs and said something he didn't hear because the radio was on. He turned the volume down on the radio so he could hear better. The new person asked who was down in the basement. Heero didn't know if he should respond. He wasn't supposed to talk to the people upstairs, they always beat him when he did. He didn't want to be beaten so he stayed quiet.

Heero walked to the door hoping that the new people got him some food. When he got there he didn't see any food. Heero was upset and started to cry. He didn't understand why they didn't give him food. Maybe he really was a bad person and eating was only for good people. He tried to be good but apparently he wasn't good enough. He went back down the stairs and grabbed his radio. He turned it on again and curled up in the corner hoping to hear his favorite announcer.

In the meantime, the five people upstairs finished with their dinners. They found a couple of flashlights and went to the basement door. They heard sounds coming from the basement and looked at each other to make sure they weren't the only ones hearing it. Duo shrugged and opened the door. They walked down the stairs and stood huddled at the bottom. Trowa turned on one of the flashlights and started to swing it around to see into the dark corners. He shone into one corner and Quatre gasped.

"What is it Q? What do you see?"


"Books! Just books. Man I thought you saw a ghost or something the way you gasped."

Quatre just ignored Duo, grabbed Trowa's hand, and went towards the books. He looked at the books and frowned.

"Interesting. These books are all in English and they're fairy tales. Why would they be down in the basement?"

The others had gathered around Quatre looking at the find. Duo looked around the books and found a chest nearby with a box in front of it. He kneeled down, moved the box and opened the chest up. In there he found several photos, old photos.

"Hey Q, look at this. Some of these photos have to be at least a hundred years old."

Quatre came over and kneeled next to Duo. Trowa stood over them with the flashlight so that they could see. Wufei and Sally were still looking through the books with their own flashlights. Duo and Quatre were looking through the photos when one caught their eye. The photo didn't look as old as the others but still had the old look to it. The man appeared to be Japanese and was wearing a business suit. A woman who seemed to be American was standing next to him smiling. She wore a simple white dress and held a small baby in her arms (2).

"Well I guess that's why there are English fairy tales down here. Apparently one of the wives a long time ago was American. These must have been hers."

Duo would have said more about the photo, but stopped when he heard a low growl coming from behind him.

"Did you guys hear that?"

The others just nodded and slowly turned around. They didn't see a thing. Trowa, Wufei and Sally moved the flashlights around but they didn't see anything. Quatre and Duo sighed in relief. They decided to go look at the other side of the basement to see if they found anything else interesting.

Heero had heard the new people come down the stairs and turned off the sound. He could see them in the light. He watched from his corner as they started to look through his stuff. Heero was getting mad. This was his stuff and they weren't allowed to touch it. He was still scared of speaking to them so he just growled instead. They turned around when he did that and he was happy. They had stopped touching his stuff. Maybe now they would leave and bring him food. He frowned when he watched them go to the other side of the room. Heero didn't like his things being left out like that. So while they were busy he hurriedly went over to the books and photos and put them back where they belonged. He closed the chest but as he turned to go back to his corner he tripped over a box that he forgot had been moved.

The others jumped and turned around when they heard something fall. The three who had the flashlights shone the light where the commotion was. They saw a boy around their age laying on the ground.

Heero realizing that he had been seen and not wanting to get hurt again jumped up and ran to his corner. Hoping that they wouldn't follow.

Trowa followed the movement but the boy was too fast and lost him. They went to the side of the basement they saw the boy run in. Trowa and Wufei were in the lead while the other three were behind them. Trowa and Wufei felt that if this person was dangerous that they would fight the person off. While giving the other three time to get out. They flashed the light around the wall and eventually found the youth curled up in a corner. Duo and Quatre immediately moved around Trowa and Wufei to kneel next to the boy.

Heero was shaking. They had found him and now they were going to hurt him. He curled up tighter hoping to evade whatever they were going to do to him.

Duo and Quatre looked at each other at a loss. The boy looked incredibly scared and waiting to be hit. Duo backed away from the boy to let Quatre talk to him. Quatre by far was the most innocent looking of the group.

Quatre just kneeled beside the boy and said, "Hello."

The boy just tensed and didn't answer.

"We aren't going to hurt you. We just want to know what your name is and why are you in the basement?"

Heero cautiously looked at the person who was talking to him. He could see the blond hair but nothing of the face. The face was still shadowed. He could see other forms around him but no faces. He cowered even more into the corner.

Quatre looked at the boy and wondered why he was still scared. He looked back at Duo for help. Duo who had been watching just motioned for Quatre to move back. He started to move towards the boy but the boy just curled up more. Then he realized that even though they could see him the boy couldn't see them.

"Hey Trowa hand me your flashlight."

Trowa handed over his flashlight to Duo. Duo crawled forward then stopped a few inches from the boy. He took the flashlight and set it up so that it shone upwards and lighted the small area. Duo looked over the figure closely. The boy was wearing a green tank top and black spandex. He was laying on some covers that were haphazardly thrown on the floor. Kind of looked like a nest a bird would make. He could see some yellowing bruises on an arm and wondered how he got them. The boy looked really skinny in fact too skinny like he hadn't eaten in a few days. The boy faced away from him but he had short messy hair. It looked like it had been hacked off actually. Duo realized he was being too quiet and decided to speak.

"Hey there. My name is Duo Maxwell. We aren't going to hurt you. We want to help. So first why don't you tell us your name?"

Heero looked over at the new person talking to him. The person was a boy with brown hair and purple eyes. He didn't look scary and he said he wasn't going to hurt him. The other people never really talked to him before. He decided to answer these new people. Maybe they will give him food.

"They call me Demon."

"Who are they?"

"The people who live upstairs. But I call myself Heero Yuy."

"I like Heero better. Where did get that name?"

"From the books."

"Oh cool. So you named yourself. I named my self too. Why are you in the basement Heero?"

"I live here."

"Where did you live before?"

"I have always lived here."

Duo looked saddened and angered when Heero said that. The people who live here must have kept him down in the basement for some reason. Heero had looked at the new person in wonder. He was actually talking to him and not hitting him. The voice sounded familiar but he couldn't place it. Heero shifted to feel more comfortable when he felt the radio dig into his back. Then it hit him the voice was the same one he loved on the radio. The one who went by the name of Death.


"Huh? What's Shinigami?"

"It means God of Death. You say your name is Death."

"Umm yeah but when did I say that?"

Heero's eyes lit up and quickly reached around and brought out the radio. He showed it to Duo. Duo looked at the radio in wonder and smiled.

"So you listen to the radio and that's how you know English."


"The thing in your hand."


Heero looked at the radio with newfound wonder. Heero never learned what the box was called but now he knew. While he was looking at the radio his stomach made a loud grumbling noise. Heero cringed at the noise and backed away from Duo.

"No, don't worry I'm not going to hurt you. Are you hungry?"

Heero nodded his head frantically. He really wanted to eat.

"Well come on I'll take you upstairs and we can eat."

Heero looked shocked and shook his head no.

"Why not?"

"The people upstairs won't like it. They only feed me in here."

"Don't worry Heero, they aren't here now. We won't tell them that you were upstairs. Okay?"

Heero hesitantly nodded and stood up. Duo reached out his hand and Heero took it. Heero felt much safer with Duo. They walked towards the other people and Heero inched closer to Duo.

"Shh… Heero they won't hurt you. I promise."

Heero relaxed a little but not much. Duo just looked down at Heero and smiled. Duo looked at the others and motioned that they should go up before him and Heero. Duo and Heero slowly made their way up the stairs. When they got upstairs Heero looked at the door in fear. Still not sure if he should leave. Duo gently coaxed him out of the doorway and in to the kitchen.

Heero looked around in awe. This was the first time he had ever left his home in the basement. He was lead over to the table and seated in a chair. He was given some of the food, which he swallowed down as fast as he could.

"Slow down Heero. You don't want to get sick."

Heero slowed down but still looked around. The girl with the dirty blonde hair in pigtails was walking towards him. He immediately dropped his food and huddled towards Duo. Duo looked down and wondered what was wrong with Heero. When he noticed Sally approaching.

"It's okay Heero. Let me introduce you to everyone. The blonde one is Quatre, the one with the weird bangs is Trowa, the Chinese one with the black hair is Wufei, and the girl coming closer to you is Sally. You have nothing to be afraid of they won't hurt you. Right Sally?"

"That's right. I won't hurt you. I just want to look at you and make sure you're okay. Is that okay with you?"

Heero nodded and fidgeted in his seat. He looked at everyone then back at Sally. Heero was nervous about them watching.

"Heero, would you feel better if everyone left except me?"

Heero nodded again. Sally gave them all a look. Duo just smiled at Heero and left with Trowa, Quatre and Wufei.

"Okay let's take your shirt off, okay?"

Outside the kitchen in the living room, Duo paced the floor. Trowa and Quatre were sitting on the couch and Wufei was sitting in the arm chair.

"Guys can we take him with us? The people here obviously don't care about him. He doesn't deserve to live like this."

"It's an injustice that he lives like this. His family is an dishonorable one. He should come with us."

"Let's ask him first okay guys? I mean he looked our age so it really is his own choice if he wishes to leave."

"I agree with Quatre"

"You always agree with Quatre, Trowa. There hasn't been a time when I have seen you not agree."

"You're just not invited at those times because I'm not into threesomes."

Duo stopped pacing and gaped at Trowa. Quatre blushed bright red and slapped Trowa on the arm. Wufei just smirked at Trowa's weird sense of humor.

After they got over the shock, Duo asked, "Okay so it's decided. We'll ask if he wants to leave with us."

The other three nodded in agreement. Just then Sally walked into the room looking angered and upset.

"Duo can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Yeah sure Sal."

They walked away from the group a little so they could have some privacy.

"Okay first thing, I want him to leave with us. I will not tolerate him staying here after we leave."

"Yeah we decided to ask him if he wanted to leave with us."

"Okay good. The next thing this boy has been grossly abused. How abused I don't know. He appears to be moderately healthy considering the circumstances. He wasn't that inclined to talk to me. Once we get him back home with us we can get him help. Until then I think we should watch him and make sure he doesn't hurt himself."

"Okay Sally I'll watch him."

"Good. I'm going to help Wufei set up where we are going to go to sleep. I need you to get Heero. He didn't seem comfortable with me maybe he will be with you."

"Okay I'll get him."

Duo walked back into the kitchen. He found Heero opening and closing the fridge with a look of wonder and puzzlement on his face.

"Hey Heero, what are you doing?"

Heero pointed at the fridge. Duo walked over and watched Heero look inside the fridge. Heero looked at Duo then pointed at the light in the fridge.

"Oh, that's a light."

"Light? Is it magic?"

"No, not magic. It's called electricity."


"No, e-lec-tri-ci-ty."


"Correct. It makes the light bulb inside turn on. I'll explain it to you later. First let's go sit down so we can talk okay?"

Heero nodded and followed Duo. Duo sat down and Heero followed suit.

"Heero would you like to come with us when we leave."


"Yeah, we are going back home. We want you to come with us."

"Back into the box?"

"What box?'


"No we don't live in the Radio. We live far away from here."

"Oh. So you are leaving me?"

"No, we want you to come with us outside of this house and go home with us."

"Leave? Outside?"

"Yep. Outside. I promise no one will hurt you if you go outside."

"Okay. I'll go with you."

"If you go you can't come back."

"Okay, I go with you. You are my prince. You saved me."

"Alright. We'll leave tomorrow. It's getting late we should all go to bed."

Duo stood and went towards the living room but noticed that Heero wasn't following. Duo turned around and saw Heero heading for the door to the basement.

"Where are you going?"

"To bed. It's downstairs."

"No, you won't be going down there anymore. You're sleeping up here with us."

Heero looked shocked. He had never slept upstairs before. Duo just took his hand and led him out to the living room. Trowa and Quatre had camped out on the couch. Wufei and Sally were on the floor near the couch. They had moved the coffee table for more room. Duo noticed a pile of pillows and covers that was left out for them. He started to make a place to sleep for them. He sat down on the cover and beckoned to Heero to sit down. Heero sat down on the covers with Duo. Duo had Heero lie down then laid down next to him. Heero scooted over until his head was resting on Duo's chest and he was holding him like a child would hold a teddy bear. Duo took his braid and pulled it in front of him. It hurt to lie on it. Heero looked at the braid in wonder. He looked like he wanted to touch it but was afraid to.

"It's okay Heero, you can touch it."

Heero beamed at him and grabbed it. Duo winced at the rough handling. Heero petted the braid and held on to it. Duo thought it was the cutest thing. He smiled at him. Heero lay there holding onto the braid but he wasn't sleeping. Duo frowned wondering why Heero wasn't sleeping.

"What's the matter Heero?"

"It's too quiet."

"Too quiet? Do you want me to tell you a story?"

Heero nodded his head. Duo smiled at him again and tried to think of a story he could tell.

"Well I don't know many stories but I can make one up. Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful boy named Heero."

Heero smiled and closed his eyes listening to Duo tell the story.

"Heero lived in a castle with his evil family. This family had locked him up. Heero wished every night for someone to save him. Then one day a handsome knight named Death happened upon the castle. He rescued Heero from his prison and they went off into the sunset. To live happily ever after. The end."

Duo smiled again when he saw that Heero was fast asleep. Duo watched him sleep then fell asleep himself.

The next morning, Duo awoke to find Heero was missing. Duo immediately stood up worried that Heero was in trouble. He looked around to see if anyone else was in the room but no one was. Then he heard voices coming from the kitchen. He rushed in there when he heard Quatre warning Heero about something.

"No, Heero, it's hot you'll get hurt."

"But it's pretty."

"Yeah I know but it can hurt you. So don't touch."

Duo rushed into the kitchen to see Quatre trying to get Heero away from the stove where Trowa was preparing to cook. One of the burners was on high and Heero was trying to touch it.

"Hey everyone."

Heero immediately looked at Duo and went over to him. Quatre looked relieved. Duo sat down and Heero sat down next to him. Heero reached over and picked up Duo's braid and started to play with it. Duo just smiled and waited for breakfast.

"Heero has agreed to come with us."

"That's great. The sooner he is out of here the better."

"When did the people say they would pick us up, Trowa?"

"They said sometime this afternoon."

During breakfast they heard a car pull up to the house.

"I think the people who are supposed to pick us up are here. Come on Heero let's go outside to greet them."

Heero's eyes lit up at the thought of going outside. Duo took Heero outside while everyone else cleaned up the mess from breakfast. When Heero and Duo got outside Heero looked in amazement at the outside. They heard a choking sound and turned to look at the people walking up to the house. Heero tensed and hid behind Duo. He grabbed onto the braid and wouldn't let go.

"Umm hi are you the ones who were supposed to pick us up."

"You let the Demon out!"


"The thing behind you is a demon why did you let it out?"

There was a man and a woman standing in front of them with a young boy standing behind them. The woman looked about ready to faint. She was clutching onto the boy behind her. The man, who had been talking, was very upset. He had a look that was between angry and frightened. Heero, on the other hand, was frightened to death. He was hiding behind Duo and clutching onto the braid like a lifeline. The others, having heard the yelling, walked out behind Duo and Heero. They were confused as was Duo.

"Are you the people who live here?"

"Yes, we are. No why did you let the demon out. He is a menace and needs to be locked up."

"Oh so you're the bastards. You know what I don't want to hear your reasoning. We're going to take him with us and you are not going to stop us."

"No. I can't let you. He has to stay here. Soon Shinigami will come and to take him and we'll be rid of him."

"Shinigami? You mean Death," The man nodded, "Then I am he."

"You a boy, you can't be Shinigami."

"I am, just ask Heero."


"The demon."

"Demon, is it true? Is he Shinigami?"

Heero peeked out behind Duo and nodded then went back to hiding. Duo looked at the man and woman waiting for their answer. He wanted to get away from these people as soon as possible. The man and woman looked frightened but relieved. Now Shinigami can take the demon and leave them in peace.

"I'm sorry for not recognizing you, Shinigami-sama. As you can see we have taken care of the demon for you."

"I noticed but you didn't take very good care of him. First, His name is Heero and not demon. Second, he wasn't taken care of properly."

"I assure you he was. We taught him to be subservient to you. We also kept him healthy."

"Then what of the bruises?"

"Those were a punishment. He didn't follow orders like he was supposed to."

"Fine, I've heard enough. We're leaving right now and I don't want to ever see you people again. If any one of us do, you will not be saved from my wrath."

Duo glared at the couple and walked past them with Heero following. The others glared at the family and then followed Duo and Heero. The family looked frightened to death. They hoped that Shinigami didn't carry through with his threat. When they were far enough away Duo started to laugh.

"Did you see the looks on their faces? I can't believe they actually believed me."

The others joined in, except Heero. He looked confused. Duo and the others finally calmed down when they heard a soft nasal voice speak up.

"Why wouldn't they believe you, Shinigami-sama?"

They all turned to Heero who was still holding onto Duo.

"Umm…never mind Heero. I'll tell you later. But just call me Duo, okay?"

Heero nodded and smiled. The others looked sadly at him but he didn't notice he was too busy looking at his surroundings. The sun was up and shining brightly down on them. He could see trees in the distance and all around him were tall golden stalks. He took one hand and let go of Duo's braid to touch one. He was fascinated by the texture, and let go of Duo altogether to get a better feel of it. He looked at it closely and smelled it. It smelled strange to him. He never smelled anything like it before. He wanted to taste it to see what it would taste like. He stuck out his tongue and leaned over to lick it. When Duo pulled him away.

"No, Heero. You can't lick that."

Heero pouted, he wanted to taste it. He looked at Duo but Duo shook his head no. Duo grabbed Heero's hand and started to lead him towards the trees. Heero tried to wiggle out of the grip but he couldn't so he gave up and just looked at his surroundings. The others were walking behind them and he looked back at them to see what they were doing. They were talking quietly to each other. The blond one looked at him and smiled. He twirled back around to look forward again. He heard a strange sound in the distance and looked towards it. He gasped when he saw birds flying through the air.

"Duo, look. What are those?"

"They're birds."

"Oh so that's what birds are."

"Huh? What do you mean Heero?"

"I have always heard of them but never saw them before."

Duo nodded his head. Heero continued to look at the birds in awe. They walked like this for a while until they heard the sound of a truck coming towards them. Heero hid behind Duo and grabbed for the braid. Duo waved his hands and the truck slowed and stopped when it got to them. An old man leaned out of the driver's seat.

"Are you the fellas that called needin' a lift?"

"Yep, that's us. Thanks for coming out here to get us."

"Alright hop in, I can have two people up here but the rest have to get in the back."

It was decided that Trowa and Quatre be up front while the rest got into the back. Wufei and Sally sat behind the driver's side while Heero and Duo took the left. Heero was still standing when Duo got in. Duo went over to Heero, grabbed his hand and pulled him down to sit next to him. When everyone was settled in the truck, it turned around and started back the way it had come. Heero was slightly afraid. Things were moving by rapidly. He huddled next to Duo and grabbed the braid. Duo looked down and smiled at him trying to reassure Heero that everything was all right.

Inside the truck, Trowa was talking to the man driving.

"Did you find our car?"

"Yes we did. We already have it towed back to town. They are fixin' it as we speak."

"Thank you. We really appreciate it."

It was a couple of hours before they actually reached the town. The town was fairly small. There wasn't much to see in the town, but to Heero it was really fascinating. At one stop he saw a little girl with a red round object attached to a string on her wrist floating above her head. Heero sat up on his knees and leaned out to touch the object but at the same time the truck lurched forward. Heero started to fall forwards but was stopped when Duo and Wufei grabbed him and pulled him back in.

"Don't do that Heero. You could get hurt."

Heero looked ashamed and sat silently next to Duo. He didn't want Duo mad at him. Duo looked at him and sighed.

"I'm not mad at you. I was just scared for you. If you want to touch something just ask me first. Okay?"

Heero nodded rapidly. He was happy that Duo wasn't mad at him. He promised himself that he would always ask before he would touch something. He then realized he was touching Duo's braid and he hadn't asked. He let go of it immediately. Duo looked puzzled at Heero's actions.

"Duo, can I touch your hair?"

"Of course Heero. You can even hold it if you want."

Heero smiled and grabbed the braid back. He liked the feel of it and the way it looked. The truck finally parked in front of a repair shop. They all got out of the truck and was led to the rear of the shop. They saw the car sitting there without a scratch on it.

"Well it seems they fixed it already. It had a couple of scratches and dents, it also had a broken fan belt..."

The old man kept on talking about the problems the car had. Duo didn't care to listen, he wanted to leave the town and go back home. He also wanted to get Heero to someone who can look at him to make sure he was really all right.

Heero had wandered off and now was looking at the tools and stuff around the shop. There were a couple of mechanics working in the shop but were ignoring the group and Heero. He reached out his hand to touch the tools but pulled back when he remembered he had to ask first. He looked around for Duo but couldn't see him anywhere. The others were missing as well. He panicked and ran all around the shop looking for them. He couldn't find them anywhere. The other mechanics looked at him oddly. One of them started to walk towards Heero. Heero backed up until he hit the wall and then he slid down. He curled up and started to cry. The mechanic crouched in front of him.

"Hey kid, what's wrong?"

When no answer was given he reached out to touch the boy but was surprised when the boy screamed.


The car had been taken out of the garage in preparation for them to leave. The old man was still talking about the car and Trowa just nodded his head. Quatre had pulled out his checkbook and was in the process of writing a check for the cost. Everything stopped when they heard the scream.


Duo whirled around and realized that Heero wasn't behind him like he had thought. He raced back into the garage and found Heero lying curled up on the floor near the back wall. There was a guy crouched in front of him looking shocked as hell. Duo rushed forward and motioned the mechanic away. He kneeled in front of Heero and touched his shoulder. Heero whimpered at the touch and curled more into himself.

"Heero, it's me Duo. I'm right here. It's okay."

Heero looked up and saw Duo above him and flung himself into Duo's arms. He started to sob loudly. He had been so scared that Duo had left without him. That Duo had left him alone.

"Shh. Heero, it's okay. I'm right here and I'm not leaving you again."

Heero looked up and asked, "Promise?"

"Yes, I promise."

Heero smiled through his tears and hugged Duo harder. Then remembered he hadn't asked and backed out of the embrace.

"Can I touch you Duo?"

Duo choked on his saliva when he heard the questions. He could hear some muffled laughs from the mechanics behind him. Heero looked at Duo expectantly completely unaware of the double meaning of what he said.

"Yes, Heero you may."

Heero leaned back in and wrapped his arms around Duo. Duo, in turn, put his arms around Heero placing Heero's head on his shoulder. Everything seemed to fade away but they were thrust back in to reality when some one cleared their throat. Duo looked over his shoulder to see who did it. Quatre stood there and blushed feeling he had interrupted a private moment.

"Everything is paid for and we're ready to go."

"Okay Q, give us a minute."

Quatre nodded his head and walked back out to the car. The others were waiting in the car. Trowa was in the driver's seat again, with Quatre in the passenger seat, and Wufei and Sally in the back.

Duo held Heero and rubbed his back until he calmed. When Heero stopped crying Duo looked down at him.

"It's time to go Heero. Come on."

Duo stood with Heero and gingerly made their way to the car. When they got to the car they realized they had a minor problem. The car could only hold one more person. Duo stood and looked at the spot and then at Heero. It took a few moments for Duo to come up with a plan. He hopped in to the car and motioned for Heero to get in and sit on his lap. Heero had to duck to get into the car. When Heero was seated on Duo's lap, he pulled Heero's head down so it rested partially on his shoulder and part of the seat. Heero smiled and snuggled into him and pulled the braid back out. Wufei and Sally exchanged looks with each other and smiled. Sally then leaned her head on Wufei's shoulder and settled down for the car ride. Duo grabbed Heero around the waist to make sure he didn't bounce around. Trowa started the car and turned onto the street then drove out of the small town and back home.

The car ride was mostly silent. Heero had fallen asleep a few miles outside of town still holding onto Duo's braid. Duo watched the sun play across Heero's face. While watching him he thought of what to do once they got back. First Heero was going to take a bath and then to see a doctor. He figured after those two important things out of the way they could play it by ear. He gradually fell asleep and rested his head next to Heero's. Trowa looked through the rearview mirror and smiled. Quatre looked over at him and merely raised an eyebrow in question. Trowa gestured for Quatre to look in the back seat he turned to look and smiled at the picture.

On one side of the car Sally was curled around Wufei. She had her head leaning against his shoulder and her legs in his lap. Wufei was leaning back with his head turned towards Sally with one arm around her waist and the other holding her legs in place.

On the other side Heero was sitting in Duo's lap with his head on Duo's shoulder. His hands were holding Duo's braid close to his chest and he was smiling. Duo had both arms around Heero's waist and his head was resting on top of Heero's head. Duo looked relaxed and was slightly smiling. Quatre turned back to the front seat and grabbed Trowa's spare hand. Trowa squeezed the hand he held and smiled. Wufei had opened one eye after Quatre had turned back to the front. He noticed the position Heero and Duo were in and nodded his approval. Then snuggled closer to Sally and fell back asleep.

It was late afternoon when they finally arrived in the city. Wufei and Sally had been awake since they entered the city. When they reached the middle of the city they woke Duo. Duo gasped awake and looked around to see who woke him up. He tried to stretch but stopped when he realized there was something sitting on him. He felt breath next to his cheek and looked over to see Heero. When he looked out of the window he realized they were in the city. He decided to wake Heero up so he could see it. He shook him softly to wake him. Heero frowned at the movement and snuggled deeper into the embrace. Duo smiled at that but he was sure Heero wouldn't want to miss the city so he shook him again. Heero frowned again but blinked his eyes open and looked at Duo. Duo just smiled at him then motioned him to look out the window. Heero turned to look and gasped. He saw tall buildings all around him with many people walking around. Heero had never seen so many people in one place before. He tried to see the tops of the building but couldn't the buildings were extremely tall. He pressed his face against the window in hopes to get a better look outside.

Trowa drove through the rest of the city sometimes slowly so that Heero could get a better look. They finally parked outside an apartment complex. They got out and started to unpack Trowa and Quatre's bags. Heero was about to wander away again but Duo grabbed him.

"No Heero. You stay with me. Okay?"


Duo grabbed his hand just in case. He didn't want what happened at the repair shop to happen again.

The apartment buildings were three stories up with six apartments per building. Trowa and Quatre's apartment was on the third floor and on the right. They walked up the stairs to the top floor and then went into Trowa and Quatre's apartment.

When you first walk in you come into a hallway. On the left is the door to the kitchen and on the right was a hallway to the rooms. The kitchen is small but big enough for two people. The living room is straight down the hallway and has beige carpeting. The couch is set on one side of the room but with enough room to walk around it. It created a small walkway to the table with four chairs. Across from the couch was the TV, which was against the wall. In between the couch and the TV was a sliding glass door with a view of other apartment buildings. Down the hallway on the right were two rooms and a bathroom. The room closest to the hallway was a guest room and the other was made into the master bedroom. The bathroom was on the other side of the hallway. Overall the apartment wasn't big but it wasn't small either.

Wufei and Sally went and sat on the couch while Trowa took the bags to their bedroom. Quatre walked over and sat in one of the chairs from the table and sat down. Duo and Heero stood to one side and waited until Trowa came back. Heero tried to wiggle his hand out of Duo's grip so he could look around. Duo didn't see the harm in letting Heero wander so he let go. Heero smiled at Duo and started to look around the room. Trowa came back out and took another chair from the table and sat next to Quatre.

"Okay so what do we do now?" Asked Quatre.

"First he needs a bath and a change of clothes."

"Well he can take a bath here and I think he is around my size so I'll find some hand me downs for him. Sound good?"

"Perfect. I'll just go give him a bath and we discuss what to do next afterwards."

"Wait it shouldn't take long to discuss what to do next. The bath can wait. We need to get him medical care. After that maybe the doctor will know what to do. Because I'm completely clueless."

"Well, I can call for the doctors appointment since I am a Pre-med major. But I'm about as clueless as you as what to do after that. I think our best bet is to ask the doctor. I'm sure he or she would know what to do."

"Sounds good Sally. Anyone else have any ideas? Okay then, Duo you can give Heero his bath now. Trowa and I can take Sally and Wufei home to freshen up and then the four of us can get dinner and bring it back here."

"Sounds good Winner. Let's go."

The four of them stood, three went out the door while Quatre went back to the master bedroom.

"Duo, I'm going to leave the clothes in the bathroom for you."

"Thanks Q. See ya soon Q."

Quatre waved to Duo and exited the apartment leaving Duo and Heero alone. Heero looked up when they left but went back to exploring the room some more. He was now looking inquisitively at the pictures on the wall. Duo walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Heero, you're going to take a bath…"


"What? You need a bath Heero."

"No I don't want to."

"Why not?"

"It hurts."

Duo was stunned when he heard that. Heero looked frightened at the thought of taking a bath. Duo reached out to hold him but Heero moved away. Duo frowned but didn't move closer. He inwardly cursed the family for making Heero afraid of a simple bath.

"It's not going to hurt. Besides I will be with you."

Heero looked at him with hope shining in his eyes. Every time he had a bath before it had hurt but Duo said it wouldn't. He believed Duo implicitly.

"You're taking a bath too?"

"Not quite, but I'll be right there with you. I promise it won't hurt you."

Heero thought it over and nodded his acceptance. Duo held his hand out and Heero grasped. Together they went down the hall to the bathroom. Duo stopped to get towels for Heero and walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

"Okay Heero, take off your clothes. I'll turn on the water."

Duo turned around to turn on the water and wait for Heero to take off his clothes. He turned the knobs until the water was hot but not hot enough to burn. He turned back around and saw Heero standing there naked. Duo looked him over and blushed when he realized he was checking him out. He told himself that Heero wasn't well and he couldn't do anything until then but his body didn't want to listen. Duo turned around again to calm himself down. It took a few minutes to calm his body but he did. He turned back around and looked anywhere but at Heero.

"Get into the tub Heero."

"I'm scared Duo."

"It's okay, it won't hurt. Here take my hand."

Duo took Heero's hand and both kneeled next to the tub. Duo took Heero's hand and slowly put it in the water. Heero had flinched when his hand hit the water and closed his eyes waiting for the pain. When none came he opened his eyes and looked down at the water. Heero slowly moved his hand around and marveled at how it didn't hurt. Duo motioned for Heero to get into the tub. Heero stood and carefully made his way into the tub. Once standing in the tub he lowered himself until he was seated. The water came up to his stomach and he wasn't quite sure how to handle it. He started to panic and grabbed onto Duo.

"Calm down Heero. I'm right here and I won't let anything happen to you."

Heero calmed down a little but still held onto Duo. Duo just shook his head and reached out for the soap and the washcloth. He soaped up the washcloth and started to clean Heero's body.

He tried to do it as professionally as he could but the way the water ran down Heero's body was making him hard. He was grateful that the tub was in front of him and hiding his erection. Duo then handed the washcloth over to Heero so he could wash his more private parts of his body. Heero looked quizzically at the washcloth then at Duo. He didn't know what to do with it. Duo realizing Heero didn't have a clue just took the cloth back and blushed bright red for what he was about to do. He reached down and started to clean Heero's penis and balls and his backside.

Heero felt a strange stirring in his groin and looked down. He watched as his penis grew hard and stiff. The pleasure from what Duo was doing made him moan. He had never felt anything that good before. Duo stopped the movement when he was done cleaning it. Heero whined in protest he didn't want that good feeling to stop. He reached out and grabbed Duo's hand and brought it back down to his arousal and let go. Waiting for Duo to finish what he was doing. Duo snapped his hand back from the hard cock and tried to calm his raging hormones.

"Duo, please?"

"No Heero, it's wrong. We can do this again when you're better, but
not right now."

Heero pouted. Duo reached over and grabbed the shampoo but realized he needed to get Heero's hair wet first. He looked for a cup nearby but didn't see one. So he physically moved Heero closer to the spout and started to lean him back. Heero forgot all about what had happened when Duo started to lean him back. He grabbed onto Duo's arm scared of what was happening.

"Heero you need to lie back so I can wash your hair. Don't worry I won't let you drown. Just hold on and close your eyes."

Duo tipped him back and moved one hand to make sure Heero's hair was thoroughly wet. He sat Heero back up and started to soap up Heero's hair. Heero held on to Duo the whole time and kept his eyes closed like Duo said to. He cried out when felt himself being tilted down again and held on to Duo harder. Duo made sure all the soap was out of his hair before tilting him back up again. He did it again to put the conditioner in. Heero kept his eyes closed the whole time too scared to open them.

"I'm done Heero. You can open your eyes now."

Heero opened his eyes and looked around. He slowly let go of Duo and looked down at the water as it swirled down the drain. He stared at the water funnel that formed as the water went down the drain. He put his finger into it to see what it felt like. He glared at the water when the funnel dissipated. He took his finger back out of the water and smiled when the water funnel was formed again. He did this a couple of times until there was no more water. He looked up to see Duo watching him. Duo just shook his head and helped him out of the tub. Heero stood in the bathtub while Duo grabbed the towels and started to dry him.

"Now don't go anywhere."

Duo moved to the toilet seat and found the clothes Quatre had left. He turned back to Heero see him still standing in the bathtub looking at the designs on the wall. He took Heero's arm and helped him out of the bathtub. He grabbed the clothes and proceeded to help him dress. Once he was done he looked Heero up and down to see if it fit right. Heero was now dressed in a white t-shirt, with blue jeans.

Duo took Heero by the hand and was leading him out of the bathroom when he was forced to stop. Heero had stopped and was glaring at the mirror above the sink. To Heero he saw someone else in the room holding his Duo. He was glaring at the person hoping he would let go. Duo tugged on Heero and when Heero looked at him he was shocked. There were two Duo's. He looked at Duo and then the reflection and back again. He didn't understand. He put his hand up to touch the other Duo when he saw that other person do the same. He stopped and the other stopped as well. He waved his hand and so did the other. He kept doing this but couldn't understand and looked to Duo for help.

"It's a mirror Heero. That is just your reflection. See this is me and that is you."


"Yep, this is what you look like. Mirrors help us see ourselves."

Heero looked back at the mirror image of himself. He leaned closer to get a better look. He stood there entranced by the image for several minutes before Duo took him by the hand and led him out of the bathroom.

"We can look at the mirror later Heero. Let's see if the others have returned yet?"

When they got to the living room they didn't see anyone and figured they haven't gotten back yet. So Duo took him over to the couch and sat down. He picked up the remote and turned on the TV. The moment the TV turned on Heero was glued to it. Heero's jaw was dropped in shock.

"It's called Television. We use this, the remote control, to turn the channels."

"Can I hold it?"


Duo relinquished the remote control to Heero. Heero picked it up and looked at it.

"This is the button you push if you want to change channels. See."

Heero looked at the button and pushed it and when he looked at the screen there was something different on. He did this repeatedly until it gave Duo a headache.

"Heero stop flipping so fast. It's giving me a headache."


"It's when your head hurts."

Heero immediately stopped and threw down the remote. He didn't know it would hurt Duo.

"I'm sorry Duo. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It's okay Heero. It doesn't hurt that much. I know you didn't mean to."

At that moment Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, and Sally came through the door with dinner. Wufei looked into the living room to see Heero and Duo on the couch and the TV on.

"Already filling his mind with filth, Maxwell."

Duo stuck out his tongue at Wufei and decided not to tell the others what happened in the bathroom. Wufei picked up the remote to change the channel when it was smacked out of his hand. He looked over at Heero who was glaring angrily at him.

"Don't touch it. It hurt Duo."

"What? Maxwell explain."

"I turned on the TV and showed Heero what it did and he started to flip the channels. It just gave me a little headache. He didn't know what a headache was so I explained to him that it's when your head hurts."

Wufei just nodded and walked over to the TV screen to turn it off. Trowa and Quatre were at the table spreading out the Chinese food they had picked up for dinner. Quatre and Trowa sat down in seats, as did Heero and Duo. Wufei and Sally ate on the couch.

After dinner was cleaned up they all sat around the living room. Duo noting the silence decided to speak.

"So Sally did you call for that appointment?"

"Yes. I had them set it up for tomorrow at noon."

"Okay. I have a couple of questions that I need to ask you guys."

"Shoot Maxwell."

"Well one, how much time did you ask off for me?"

"Three weeks."

"Okay good. Next question, where is Heero staying? He can't stay with me because I have a single dorm room."

"Wufei and I still live in that one room apartment so he can't stay with us."

"He can stay here. We have enough room and the guest room can become his."

"Thanks Q. Alright onto my final question. Who is going to pay for all his expenses?"


"Yeah you know, the medical bill, maybe get him some new clothing, stuff like that."

"I guess I will. I am a Winner and the one of the richest families in North America. So it shouldn't be a problem."

"Thanks Quatre."

During the conversation Heero had gotten tired and had leaned his head on Duo and fell asleep. Duo noticed that Heero was asleep and decided that it was time to call it a night. Trowa drove Wufei and Sally home while Duo and Heero stayed at the apartment. Duo picked Heero up and narrowed his eyes at how light he felt. He knew that was one of the things that needed to be rectified. Quatre walked in front of him to open the bedroom door. Duo laid Heero on the bed and took Heero's pants off. Heero only had the t-shirt and boxers on. Quatre helped him pull the covers down and pull them around Heero. Heero snuggled into the bed but didn't waken. Duo leaned over and kissed his forehead and both he and Quatre left the room. Quatre gave Duo a pillow and cover so he could lay on the couch. Duo thanked him and walked to the living room and laid down. He thought about earlier today especially the bath. He felt himself get hard all over again from the memory. Duo didn't touch it though he just rolled onto his side and closed his eyes. Soon he was asleep dreaming of cobalt blue eyes and wild brown hair.

Heero woke up in the middle of the night. He didn't know why he woke up just that he was scared. He looked around for Duo but didn't see him anywhere. He panicked and started to cry but no one heard him. Heero deciding that he wasn't safe grabbed the cover and got up. It was really dark but being in the dark for so long gave him excellent night vision. He found the door and went out looking for a safe place to sleep. He walked down the hallway and came into the living room. He found Duo on the couch. He smiled in relief and rushed over to him. Duo was stretched out, his head facing away from him. His braid hanging off the couch and coiled on the floor. Heero laid down on the floor near the couch. He took the braid in his hand and curled up into a comfortable ball and fell asleep knowing that Duo was there and would protect him.

Duo awoke the next morning and tried to sit up when he felt his braid was tugged on. He looked down to see what his braid was caught on when he saw it was firmly in Heero's grasp. Heero had his thumb in his mouth and was holding onto the braid like a teddy bear. Duo smiled and laid back down. He reached down and caressed Heero's hair as Heero slept. He was still watching and caressing when Quatre and Trowa entered the room. Quatre smiled at the sight. Duo lying on his stomach with his braid firmly clutched in Heero's hands. Heero curled towards the couch with his thumb his mouth.

"You really should take his thumb out of his mouth. It isn't good that he still does that."

Duo jolted when Quatre spoke. He looked up and saw Quatre and Trowa. He figured Trowa must have come in sometime after he went to sleep. He took the hand that was stroking Heero's hair and brought it down to take the thumb out of Heero's mouth. Heero frowned and woke up when the thumb was removed from his mouth. He looked up at Duo and smiled.

"Why are you sleeping out here?"

"I got scared and couldn't find you."

"Well it seems you found me. Come on let's get dressed and have breakfast."

Duo led Heero back to the guest room, which was now his room. Duo went to help Heero put on the pants but found that Heero didn't need his help. Heero proudly put on the pants himself. Duo smiled at him and they both went to the living room. They could smell breakfast being cooked in the kitchen. Quatre brought out three cups from the kitchen. One was coffee black, another was filled with hot tea, and the third was orange juice. The coffee went to Duo, the tea to Quatre and the juice to Heero. Heero looked at his juice and took a sip. He smiled at the taste and took a bigger drink of it. He looked at Duo's drink and frowned when he saw it was different than his.

"Can I try?"

"You want to try my coffee?"


"Okay but be careful, it's really hot."

Heero took the coffee cup from Duo and looked at it. He sniffed it and scrunched his nose at the weird smell. He carefully lifted it and felt the heat on his hands. It started to hurt so he hurriedly took a sip.


Duo grabbed the cup before Heero could drop it on himself.

"Quatre, get me an ice cube, please?"

Heero was whimpering from the pain in his mouth and held his hands against his mouth. Duo just stroked his cheek and tried to calm him down. Quatre came back in with an ice cube and gave it to Duo. Duo took the cube and pried Heero's hands away from his mouth. He swiped the cube across Heero's mouth before letting it slip in Heero's mouth. Heero quieted at the cool feeling on his lips. Heero swirled the cold cube through his mouth feeling much better now that the pain was dulled. Duo still stroked Heero's cheek and looked into Heero's eyes. He lost himself in Heero's eyes and kept stroking until Quatre cleared his throat. It broke the spell and Duo pulled back. Duo picked up his braid and offered it to Heero and Heero smiled and seized it.

Trowa came out with breakfast and they all sat down to eat.

"Wufei and Sally are going to meet us at the hospital. We should probably leave soon. He's supposed to be there fifteen minutes before the appointment and it takes at least forty-five minutes to get there."

"Sounds good Trowa."

After they were done with breakfast they piled into the car and left for the hospital. Heero was up front this time so he could see the city better. They got to the hospital and went in. They were almost late because Heero had stopped to look at the automatic doors. Duo had to grab him and haul him to the waiting room. They found Wufei and Sally already there waiting for them. They all sat down and waited for Heero's name to be called. Heero saw the toys in the corner.

"Duo can I go touch?"

"You want to play with the toys?"

"Hai, I want to play with the toys."

"Okay go ahead."

Heero made his way over to the toys and started to play with them. He looked at each toy and figured out how to play with them. He found one toy interesting and kept playing it until he got it figured out. It was a box with different shapes cut out on the top. There were toys that matched those cut outs and you were to place them in their proper place. Heero was proud that he figured it out and brought it over to Duo to watch.

"Duo look."

He proceeded to show Duo how good he was.

"Good job Heero."

Wufei looked at the game and then at Heero and thought of something. He walked over to the games and picked up one for the older children. It was a sliding game, where if you slid the puzzle pieces to make a certain picture. He brought it over to Heero.

"Here try this."

Heero put down the toy he was playing with to pick up the new one. He was figuring out how it worked when they called his name. They all stood up and walked towards the nurse.

"Come on Heero."

Heero reluctantly got up when Duo called and put the game down. No one noticed that the puzzle was half finished.

They went into one of the rooms and the nurse motioned for Heero to sit on the bed. Duo helped him up there while the nurse prepared to check him over. Heero looked at her curiously until she got closer. He tried to edge away but he couldn't because of the bed. Duo sensing his distress came up to his side and lightly rubbed his back. The nurse realizing that the patient was nervous tried to be gentle about her ministrations. He flinched whenever she came near him. She looked at his friend and decided to try something.

"Excuse me sir, but you seem to need to be checked too."

Duo looked at her confused before she subtly motioned towards Heero. Duo caught on quickly.

"Yeah I do. So what's first?"

"Well I need to check your pulse."

She checked his pulse as Heero watched. Then she moved to Heero hesitantly and waited for him to say it was alright. Heero seeing that it didn't hurt Duo put his hand out and waited for her to do her job. So she did everything to Duo first before she touched Heero. When she was using the stethoscope to listen to Duo breath she noticed Heero looking curiously at her.

"Would you like to hear?"

Heero nodded his head and the nurse smiled. She put the ear parts of the stethoscope to Heero's ears and put the flat part of it to Duo's chest. Heero was shocked when he heard a loud thumping noise. He took off the stethoscope but heard nothing and then put them back on again. He was amazed when he heard the thumping again. She took the stethoscope from him and checked Heero. She also let him hear his own heartbeat. He smiled when it sounded just like Duo's. When she was finally done she left them to wait for the doctor. She wrote down all her observations on the chart so the doctor could ask what was going on. She was only a volunteer nurse at the hospital. She couldn't do much even if she wanted to.

Heero was still sitting on the bed but was getting bored quickly. Duo was still rubbing his back, which gave Heero funny feelings in his stomach. He liked the feeling and didn't want it to stop. Duo hadn't realized that he was still rubbing Heero's back he was thinking of what to do after the appointment. Trowa was sitting in one of the chairs with Quatre standing next to him. Quatre was playing with Trowa's hair, bored out of his mind. Quatre hoped the doctor would get here soon. Wufei and Sally were standing near the door waiting for the doctor. They were conversing with themselves about something the others couldn't hear and kept glancing and Duo and Heero. Soon the door opened and the doctor came in.

"Hello my name is Dr. Stevens. I talked with one of you over the phone?"

"Yes that would be me. I'm Sally. We need your help. See we found him in a basement obviously abused but I don't know the extent of how badly. We wanted you to look over him and see if he needs medical attention. We were also wondering if you could recommend someone who might be able to help us."

"Does he know how to talk?"

"Yes, and also read. But other things he doesn't know."

"How does he know how to talk and read?"

"We're not sure. We found books and a radio where he was."

"Hmmm. Let me check him over and see if I find anything. Why don't you guys wait outside and I'll call you back in when I'm done."

They nodded and all started to leave. Duo was last to go and gave one last smile to Heero before starting to walk out of the room. He got a few feet away when he was stopped short by a tug on his braid. He turned and noticed it was still in Heero's grip. He walked back over to Heero.

"It's okay Heero, he's just going to look at you. I'll be right outside. He won't take long, will you Dr. Stevens?"

"Nope not long. Just for a little while."

"No. Duo stays."

Duo noticing the frightened but determined look Heero was giving him and the doctor decided to see if he could stay.

"Can I stay Doc? I don't think he is going to let go of me."

"I guess you can stay. It would probably be better for him. Just keep him calm."

"Can do."

Then the doctor started his examination. He first checked Heero's head and found nothing wrong and then proceeded downwards.

The others waited impatiently outside for the examination to be over. Soon the doctor opened the door and motioned for them to come back in. They walked in and noticed how Duo was sitting on the examination table with Heero in his lap. Heero was clinging to Duo and had his eyes closed tight. The doctor motioned them to sit down on the chairs.

"Well I checked him over, he only has cuts and bruises. Nothing serious. As to mentally, that I can't tell you. I can recommend someone for him. How soon would you like to meet them?"

"As soon as possible."

"Well I do have someone in mind and I do believe he is in today. Let me go see if he is busy. If he isn't I'll bring him down here and we'll see what happens from here."

The doctor left and they all sat quietly waiting for his return. Heero clutched onto Duo, he didn't like what the doctor did to him. Especially when he took his blood. It hurt. It didn't take long for the doctor to come back with a tall man with ginger hair. Dr. Stevens came in behind the man and closed the door.

"Okay this is Dr. Khushrenada. He can help you. I have to go and see more patients. Good day gentlemen."

With that the doctor left. Dr. Khushrenada looked around the room and it's occupants.

"It's kind of cramped in here, why don't we move this to my office."

"Sounds good."

Heero didn't want to move and Duo couldn't since Heero was sitting on him.

"Hey Trowa, could you help me here?"


Trowa walked over and pulled Heero off of Duo so Duo could get down. Heero didn't like to be moved so he struggled but calmed down when Duo took his hand. Heero stopped struggling and followed Duo out of the room. Trowa just shook his head and followed.

Dr. Khushrenada led through many halls and floors until they finally got to his office. His office was much more spacious and have enough room for all of them. Duo took one of the seats near Khushrenada's desk and put Heero in the other. The rest settled down on the couch that was on one side of the room.

"Well this is better. As you have heard my name is Dr. Khushrenada but you can call me Treize. This young man must be Heero."

"Yeah this is Heero. Did Dr. Stevens fill you in?"

"Yes he did. I think calling child services is out of the question because he seems to be around 20. Heero do you know how old are you?"

Heero shook his head no and went back to studying the office.

"Well, I think the best we can do is test him to see how smart he is."

As Treize continued to talk, Heero was getting bored. He was finished looking at the office and the conversation wasn't interesting him. He looked at the doctor's desk and noticed a square thing with a lot of colors on it. He tugged on Duo's sleeve.

"Duo can I play with that?"

"You have to ask Dr. Khushrenada about that."

"Dr. Khrushrenada, can I play with that?"

"Sure Heero."

Treize handed the Rubik's cube to Heero and went on to tell the other five about the kind of tests he wanted Heero to take. Heero looked at the cube intently. He pushed and pulled the cube until he got all the same colors on one side. He tugged on Duo's sleeve again but Duo pushed his hand away. Heero tugged on his shirt again and Duo looked at Heero.

"I'm done."

Treize stared astonished at the finished Rubik's cube.

"How long has he been done with that? Never mind, well this is an interesting development. He seems to be gifted. How gifted I can't tell but we need to get him tested. The sooner the better. I'll have some colleagues of mine called in and we'll test him starting tomorrow at noon. If that is okay with you?"

"Yes, that's fine. So he can come back home with us, right?"

"Yes. He isn't hurt or ill we just want to test him."

"Well great. We'll have him in here tomorrow at noon."

Duo rose and shook Treize's hand and then led Heero out of the room. They went back to the car and stood there.

"What should we do now?"

"I say we go shopping. Heero can't wear Quatre's clothes forever."

"Wufei and I have to be getting back home but you guys go and have fun."

"Bye guys. Have fun. Are you two going to the mall with us?"

"No we can't. We were expecting to be camping for the next three weeks so we don't have food. We need to go shopping but we'll drop you off. I'll give you my credit card to pay for things you'll buy."

"Thanks Q."

They got into the car and Quatre handed Duo the credit card and they drove off to the mall.

After Duo and Heero waved bye to the Trowa and Quatre they went into the mall. Heero had never seen such a big place with so many things. The only thing he didn't like was the amount of people but his curiosity was overcoming the fear.

Duo took him to the clothing stores first and got some jeans and shirts for Heero to try on. Heero didn't want to go into the changing room alone so dragged Duo with him. It didn't take long as Duo thought it would. He let Heero choose some of his clothes. When they were done Heero had several t-shirts, jeans, a couple dress shirts and dress pants. Then they went and bought boxers and socks. They left the store and Duo kept a tight hold on Heero with one hand and their purchases in the other. They went to a shoe store and got a pair of sneakers for Heero. They got an ugly yellow pair but Heero had liked them so he didn't say anything. They also bought him some nice dress shoes too.

Ever since Heero left the basement he didn't have anything that belonged to him. They had left his radio and books behind. But now Heero was happy because Duo had bought him things that he said were his. They were walking down the mall when Heero spotted the toy store. He pleaded with Duo to go in and Duo relented and went in with him. Heero dragged him down all the aisles. He stopped in the stuffed animal and looked at them. He reached his hand out to touch but stopped and looked at Duo. Duo nodded his head and smiled at Heero. Heero grinned at Duo and touched one of the teddy bears. They were really soft and Heero picked one up to feel against his face. He looked at them all and came upon he really liked. It had purple-ish blue eyes that reminded him of Duo. He grabbed that one and held it close.

"Do you want that one?"


"Okay let's go pay for it and we can go."

Heero looked at Duo and saw that he didn't have one. He didn't want Duo to be left out so he looked at the racks of stuffed animals again. Duo looked at Heero wondering why Heero was still looking. He was going to ask when Heero brightened up and picked up another teddy bear.

"Here Duo. Now you can have one."

Duo looked down at the teddy bear and had to smile. The bear had blue eyes like Heero's.

"Thank you Heero. Come on let's get these and go."

Duo took Heero's hand and together they walked up to the cashier to get the bears. They walked out of the store and towards the entrance and stopped at a pay phone. He let go of Heero to check his pockets for the change he needed.

"Heero stay right here. I need to talk to Trowa right quick."


Duo turned back to the phone and put the money in. Then dialed Trowa's cell phone and waited for him to pick up. Trowa answered.

"Hey Trowa, We're finished shopping. Come and get us. Not done shopping yet? Uh huh, uh huh, sure okay. Don't worry we'll find something to do. See ya in an hour. Bye Tro."

Duo hung up and turned to Heero but didn't see him. He looked around for Heero but he couldn't see him anywhere. He had lost Heero. He tried to keep calm and looked around him again. Hoping he had just looked over him but he still saw nothing. Duo couldn't think of where Heero could have gone. He was glad that the surrounding shops were small and he could just glance in to see if Heero was there. He looked at one after the other until he got to the bookstore. He walked in and went straight to the cashier.

"Hello, did you see a boy come in here? He has short brown hair and blue eyes."

"I think so. I believe he's in the back of the store."


Duo rushed into the back and found Heero looking at some picture books. He sighed in relief and walked over to Heero.

"Heero didn't I tell you to stay put?"

Heero jumped at Duo's voice. He looked at Duo and looked down when he saw how mad he was.

"What were you thinking, huh? I didn't know where you were or what had happened to you. Don't ever do that again. Do you hear me?"

Heero was on the verge of crying. He didn't mean to make Duo so mad.

"I'm sorry Duo. I…I just w-wanted to look at the books. P-please, I'm s-sorry."

Duo sighed. He didn't mean to sound so angry but he just panicked. He calmed himself down and hugged Heero.

"It's okay Heero. You just worried me. Next time tell me if you are going to do that."

Heero nodded his head but didn't move.

"So what were you looking at?"

"These. Can I have one Duo?"

"Sure, pick as many as you want."

Heero ran to the children book section and picked up some books. Duo looked at the educational section and figured getting Heero some of those books wouldn't hurt him. They bought they books and left. Duo looked at his watch and realized they still had forty-five minutes before Trowa came to get them. As they were walking Duo saw a Baskin Robbins. He pulled Heero after him and went to the cashier.

"Hi I would like a scoop of vanilla on a sugar cone for him. For me, I want a scoop of cookies and cream on a sugar cone."

The cashier nodded her head and went off to make the orders. When they got their orders, Duo paid for the ice cream and took Heero to one of the benches and sat down. Heero sat down next to him and looked at the thing in his hand. Duo noticing Heero's confusion decided to help him out.

"It's ice cream Heero. Try it, it's really good."

Heero looked at Duo and watched as he licked the ice cream. Heero looked at his own cone and stuck his tongue out and touched the ice cream. He liked the taste and started to lick his ice cream rapidly. Duo looked over and saw that Heero liked the ice cream but was eating it really fast.

"Slow down Heero. You don't want to get a brain freeze."

"Brain freeze?"

"It's when you eat ice cream to fast. It makes your head hurt. Just eat it slowly and it shouldn't be a problem."

Heero slowed down but continued to lick his ice cream. When he got to the cone he didn't know what to do with it. He watched Duo. Duo took a bite of his cone and Heero did the same. Once they were done Heero licked his hands clean. Duo got some napkins and cleaned Heero's and his hands. They got up and wandered the mall some more. When it was time to go they headed towards the front of the mall and waited to be picked up. Soon Duo saw Trowa's car coming towards them and pulled Heero along with him. He put the purchases in the trunk and made Heero was in the car before he got in.

"Hi Trowa."

"Hey did you get everything he needed? Yep. Oh I didn't ask but did you guys happen to get Heero some toiletries while shopping?"

"Yes we did."

"Oh good. Hey Trowa, do you think we could stop at a barbershop. Heero needs his hair cut."

"I guess let me call Quatre and tell him."

Trowa took out his cell phone and called Quatre and told him the change in plans. Trowa drove them to the nearest barber and parked. He decided to wait in the car while Heero got his hair cut.

Duo took Heero's hand and walked in to the barbers. Duo walked up to the counter to see how long a wait it would be. The cashier told him it wasn't long and Duo put Heero's name down. When the barber called Heero's name Duo stood and took Heero to the chair the barber was standing in front of.

"What are we looking at today?"

Heero wasn't paying attention he was too focused on his reflection. Duo looked at Heero's hair to see what should be done. He liked the way Heero's hair was now but it still look like some took a chainsaw to it. He decided all Heero really needed was a trim.

"Could you just trim it so it looks okay?"

"Sure. Do you want to keep the bangs?"

"Yeah. Just trim them a little."


The barber took out scissors and was ready to cut Heero's hair. Heero looked up at the scissors the barber was holding and jumped out of the chair in fear. He hid behind Duo for protection. Duo looked at him bewildered at his behavior.

"Heero? Heero what's the matter?"

"Tell him to stay away. Those things hurt"

"Heero he needs to cut your hair. Look I told you I wouldn't let anyone hurt you and I promised I wouldn't leave right?"


"Okay now sit down. It's okay I'll be right here. I'll make sure he doesn't hurt you."

Heero slowly nodded and eased back down in the chair. He closed his eyes and grabbed Duo's hand. It was good that Heero closed his eyes because then he couldn't see how enraged Duo was. Duo thought of how Heero seemed afraid of the bath and now scissors. He didn't know what these people did to make Heero so afraid but he vowed that he would show Heero that there was nothing to be afraid of. He wanted to go back there and make them regret ever doing those things to Heero. But decided not too. He needed to be there for Heero. He swore to himself that he would always be there for Heero. No matter what.

Heero was scared to death. All he could hear was the snipping of the scissors. Duo noticed him trembling in his seat and tried to calm him down. When the barber was done he moved away. Duo knelt next the seat and shook Heero.

"Heero. It's okay, he's done now. Open your eyes Heero."

Heero opened his eyes and was relieved to see the scissors were gone. It hadn't hurt like he thought it would. Whenever the people at the house cut his hair it had hurt. He calmed down a little. Duo gave the man a tip and helped Heero to his feet. Heero steadied himself and started to walk towards the door. In his rush to get out of the place he didn't realize Duo wasn't behind him until he got to the door. He turned around and looked for him and found him at the cashier's desk. He walked over to him.


"Go out to the car Heero. I'll be right out. I just have to pay for the haircut."

Heero nodded and went out of the shop. He didn't know where the car was or what it looked like. So he waited for Duo to come out. He didn't want to get lost or wander away because it would make Duo worry. Trowa who was still sitting in the car spotted Heero standing outside the barbershop. He got out of the car and waved at him. Heero spotted Trowa and waved back. Trowa huffed with annoyance when he realized Heero didn't know he wanted him to come over to the car. Trowa walked towards him. When he got there Duo had just walked out of the place. He looked up and saw Trowa approaching. He waved and made his way towards him with Heero following. Trowa just turned around when they reached each other. The three made their way back to the car and then back to the apartment.

At the apartment, Duo and Heero went into Heero's room to put away the things Heero bought. Duo and Heero came out of the room, Heero holding the teddy bear and a book in his hand. Trowa and Quatre were in the kitchen so Duo decided to go in and see if he could help. Heero went and sat on the couch. He drew the teddy bear close to his chest with one hand and with the other opened his book. He stayed that way until Duo came over and told him dinner was ready. The four of them sat down and ate dinner. They talked about random things and how their days went. Heero even added to the conversation about how fun today was for him.

Later that night Heero woke up and found himself alone in the room again. He got up, grabbed his bear and walked into the living room where he knew Duo was. He laid down on floor near the couch and fell asleep.

Duo woke up but for the life of him he didn't know why. He looked around too see what would wake him when he saw Heero on the ground. He smiled fondly down at him and watched him sleep. The moon shining through the sliding door played across Heero's body. Making him look like an angel sent down from heaven. He brought his hand down and started to caress Heero's face. He wanted to protect Heero from everything. He didn't know when these feelings became so strong just that he had them. He also knew he was starting to fall in love with Heero. Every smile Heero gave him made his heart flutter and the other day in the bath about killed him. He wanted Heero badly but couldn't do anything because it would be too much like touching a child. He decided to wait until Heero matured mentally before doing anything like that. He went to asleep caressing Heero's face. Heero just held tighter to his teddy bear and smiled.

The next morning after breakfast, Duo was helping Quatre with the dishes while Trowa and Heero were watching TV.

"Hey Quatre, are we meeting Wufei and Sally at Dr. Khushrenada's office?"

"Hmm…oh no we aren't Duo. They called while you were out and said that they were going back to work. They decided that it wasn't really necessary for them to be here but they want us to keep them posted."

"Okay, just wondering."

When the four of them got to Dr. Khushrenada's they saw five old men that they hadn't seen before. They sat down and waited for Treize to explain.

"Good morning gentlemen. Before we start let me introduce you to my colleagues. The one with the fake arm and glasses is Dr. J, the one with the gray hair and large nose is Dr. G, the one with the moustache is Dr. H, the one with a prosthetic nose is Dr. S, and the bald one is Dr. O. These men will be testing Heero's mental capacity. More specifically hearing, speaking, reading, memory and such. We should have the results in a couple of days. All of you don't have to stay for the tests, actually we prefer if you don't. It would be more precise and accurate if you weren't there. Although I did notice his dependency on you Mr. Maxwell. So I think we can bend the rules and allow you to stay. You'll be there to keep him calm but no helping him cheat. Any questions?"

"No I don't think so. What about you Heero? Any questions?"

"Will it hurt?"

"No, Heero it won't Heero."

"Don't worry Heero I'll be there to make sure they don't do anything. Okay?"

Heero nodded his head and stood when Duo stood.

"Okay. Lead the way."

Duo and Heero followed the six doctors out of the office. Trowa told Duo before he left that He and Quatre would go home and for him to call them when he needed to be picked up. Heero was nervous about all these old men around him. He didn't like it and moved closer to Duo. Duo made him feel safer and more secure.

The tests didn't take as long as Duo expected. The doctors even seem surprised at how fast it took. They called Trowa and he picked the up and drove them back to the apartment. It was late afternoon when they got there. They didn't do much for the rest of the day. Duo gave Heero one of the educational books, he bought, to read. Heero was extremely tired from the tests but stayed up to have dinner. After dinner Duo took Heero to his bedroom and put him to bed. Before he could leave though Heero latched onto his arm. Duo turned and looked at Heero.

"What's the matter Heero?"

"Read me a story?"

"Sure, which one?"

Heero got up and found one that looked interesting. He took it over to Duo to read. Duo opened the book and started reading. Heero settled down and held the bear feeling his eyes get droopy from the sound of Duo's voice. Halfway through Duo noticed that Heero had fallen asleep. He gently closed the book and set it down on the nightstand. Duo couldn't stop thinking of how much he wanted Heero. Wanted to touch him and hold him knowing that he was his and his alone. Unfortunately he knew he couldn't do that, not yet. Not until Heero was more mentally mature.

He stood to leave but stopped when Heero whimpered. He looked back and saw Heero curled up just like when they had found him. Duo walked back and caressed Heero's hair and noticed that Heero had calmed. When he moved away Heero frowned and curled up again. He couldn't bear to see him like that so he grabbed some nightclothes and got into bed with him. Heero curled around Duo with the teddy bear between them. Duo put one arm around Heero's waist and fell asleep.

The next morning, Duo awoke to find Heero snuggled up against him. He smiled and was about to doze off when he head Heero moan. He looked sharply at Heero hoping it wasn't a nightmare. Heero's face was contorted to be what looked like pain. Duo gently shook Heero.

"Heero wake up. Come on Heero wake up."

Heero groggily woke up and looked at Duo. He snuggled closer to Duo. Duo didn't know what was going on so he just hugged him. He remembered the dream he was having where Duo was touching him in the bathtub again. He didn't know why he had dreamed or what these new feelings were. But he knew one thing: Duo would fix it.

"Duo it hurts."

"What hurts Heero?"

"This." With that Heero took Duo's hand an put it on Heero's erection. Duo blushed deep red when he realized the he woke Heero from a wet dream and not a nightmare. He wasn't quite sure how to fix this. He slowly took his hand away from Heero's cock.

"Heero, I can't do that. It's wrong. I just can't."

"Please Duo. It really hurts. Please make it stop hurting."

He looked into Heero's pleading eyes and couldn't say no. His baby, his angel was in pain and he could fix it. Even though he knew he would feel ashamed later. So against his better judgment, Duo took hold of Heero's cock and stroked it.

Heero was delighted that Duo was going to fix it. When Duo touched him it was the best thing he had ever felt. Duo started to stroke faster wanting to end it fast but also not wanting to end it. He watched the emotions fly across Heero's face. Heero started to pump his hips to get better friction. He loved the feeling of Duo's hand and the feelings inside that felt like they were going to burst. He panted and moaned as Duo stroked him. Up and down, Up and down, Heero didn't want it to end, but it did all to soon for him. Heero screamed as he came. When Heero settled down he looked gratefully at Duo.

"Thank you Duo. I feel better now. Can we do it again?"

"NO. No Heero, not now. Later."

Heero pouted and looked down and noticed a bulge in Duo's lap. Wondering what it was he touched it and Duo moaned. Duo knew he should leave and take care of this on his own. He felt like some kind of pervert, but Heero was touching him again and all thoughts flew out of his head. Heero continued to touch the bulge and moved the boxers out of the way. What he saw caused him to gasp. It looked like his but this one was bigger. It was soft and silky to the touch. He copied what Duo did to him and gazed at Duo. Duo had his eyes closed and was panting. Heero sped up the stroking and Duo started to moan and buck his hips. Heero liking that he was making Duo make those sounds stroked faster. He looked down at the erection he was holding when he noticed something white leaking out of it. He touched the stuff with his other hand and brought it up to his face. He smelled it and wrinkled his nose, it didn't smell all that good but he decided to taste it. Duo happened to look at Heero when he put those fingers in his mouth. That was enough to send him over the edge. He opened his mouth to scream.


Unfortunately that wasn't Duo screaming.

Trowa and Quatre had gotten up at the first scream. They raced towards Heero's bedroom. Quatre was about to barge in the room when Trowa shook his head.

"If Duo needed help, he would have yelled for it. He hasn't said
anything yet."

Quatre reluctantly nodded and they both turned to go back to bed. A loud moan rang out and they stopped in their tracks. They looked at each other wondering if they heard the same thing. They slowly turned to look at the door. They walked back and stood outside the door. When they heard another loud moan Quatre didn't want to wait. He barged into the room and into something he thought he would never see. Heero was sucking on his fingers and stroking Duo. Quatre couldn't believe what he saw and shouted at them.

Heero jumped at the unexpected shout and looked at the door where Trowa and Quatre were standing. They stood stock still from shock. After Duo calmed a little he looked sheepishly at them.

"Umm Hi."

"Trowa take Heero into the bathroom and get him cleaned up. I need to talk to Duo."

Trowa walked around to get Heero. Heero looked at Duo and he nodded his head. Heero reluctantly left with Trowa while Quatre stayed behind. Duo threw a cover over himself and looked down ashamedly at his lap. Quatre stood there opening and closing his mouth trying to think of something to say.

"What do you think you were doing?"

"It's not what it looked like?"

"Not what it looked like?"

"Okay maybe it was what it looked like but I can explain."

"Then explain and it better be good."

"Well I woke up to find Heero next to me. He started to moan and I thought he was having a nightmare. I woke him up and he said he hurt and for me to fix it. I asked him where and he grabbed my hand and put it on his…you know. I tried to take my hand away but he was adamant. So I… you know… helped him out a little. I know it was wrong Quatre and I should have stopped him but I couldn't. I feel like such a pervert now. I don't know what's wrong with me Quatre. I'm falling in love with him and I didn't want to hurt him."

"I understand Duo but he is still a child mentally. You could have hurt him horribly."

"God Quatre, I know. But his body is the body of an adult and it knows what it wants."

"That is still no excuse to molest him. I can't believe you did that. I'm so disappointed with you. I need to go and cool off."

Quatre left the room in a huff. Duo looked around and decided he needed a shower but knew that the only was being used at the moment. So he took a dirty t-shirt and cleaned himself as best as he could and went to the living room to wait until the bathroom was free.

Meanwhile, Trowa had taken Heero into the bathroom and started Heero's bath.

"Do you need help or can you handle it by yourself?"

"I can handle it by myself."

"I'll be sitting right here in case you need help."

Heero nodded and got into the tub. He found the washcloth and soap and started to wash his body. Trowa looked everywhere but at Heero. Feeling enough time had passed he decided to discuss what he saw in the room with Heero.

"So, do you want to tell me what you were doing? I won't get mad."

"I woke up and it hurt. Duo made it stop hurting but I saw that Duo was also hurting so I helped him."

"Okay. But Heero it wasn't right what you did."

"Why not?"

"Heero, what you were doing is part of what sex is. You shouldn't be doing that until you know better."

"Then teach me. What's sex?"

"Hmm…hard question to answer. I don't think we should be having this discussion right now. We'll talk about it later."

"No, right now. Duo always says later. I want to know right now."

"How about after your bath. I've got a book you can read. It will tell you all about sex. Okay?"


Heero finished his bath and both he and Trowa reentered his room. Duo and Quatre weren't in the room anymore. Trowa stayed around to make sure Heero got dressed and they both went out into the living room. Duo was sitting on the couch and was watching television. Quatre could be heard moving stuff in the kitchen. When he saw Heero enter he got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He didn't say anything to Heero nor did he look at him. Heero looked upset at that but didn't say anything.

The whole day went like that. Quatre avoided talking to Duo and Heero. Duo had been avoiding Heero. Heero was steadily getting more upset and poor Trowa was caught in the middle of it all. Later that night, Trowa had given the book he promised to Heero. Heero eagerly reached out his hands for the book, but Trowa held it in his hands.

"Now Heero, this has be our little secret."


"A secret is something you don't tell anyone about. For instance I am giving you this book. You are not to tell anyone I gave it to you. That way you are keeping the secret. Do you understand.?"

Heero thought about what Trowa said and understood. He nodded his head and Trowa gave him the book. He immediately started to read.

"Oh and Heero when you're not reading it put it somewhere where no one but you can find it. Okay?"


Heero went back to reading but kept a lookout for Duo and Quatre. He wanted to keep this secret.

Three days went by like this. When they all sat down for breakfast on the fourth day the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Heero had finished reading the book the other night. He had some questions and decided now would be the best time to ask them.

"Umm…Trowa I had a question about the book you gave me."

Duo and Quatre were stunned. This was the first time that Heero asked someone other than Duo a question without being prodded.

"Okay Heero, after breakfast I will answer any questions you have."

"Wait a minute. Trowa what book did you give to Heero?"

"Some educational book he wanted to read."

"Okay. Heero you don't have to wait until after breakfast ask us now and we can help."

"NO! Wait, umm…why can't we wait until after breakfast. I mean Heero needs to eat more…."

"Trowa, why are you so nervous? What book did you give him to read? Heero what book did Trowa give you to read?"

"I can't tell you it's a secret."

That made Quatre and Duo more suspicious. Heero began to fidget from his nervousness. Quatre and Duo didn't sound mad but they looked it. Trowa just hung his head down and tried to look small hoping for a miracle that would save him.

"Heero go on and ask your question."

Trowa looked ready to interrupt when Quatre shot him a glare.

"Shut up Trowa. Now Heero go on and ask your question."

Heero looked around nervously. Duo and Quatre were looking at him waiting for his question. He looked to Trowa for help.

"It's okay Heero. Go ahead and tell them."

Trowa seeing no way out just waited for the storm to burst.

"Okay. Umm…well how do men have sex? The book only shows sex between a man and a woman."

Quatre and Duo stared incredulously at Toa.

"You gave him a book about SEX!"

Trowa was saved from responding when the phone rang. He got up and answered but the glare he received from Quatre told him that this discussion was far from over.

"Hello, hi Dr. Khushrenada. Uh huh…yeah…sure we can do that. What time? Sounds good. Bye."

Trowa walked back to the table and sat down. Heero was looking at his lap trying hard not to cry. Quatre was glaring at Trowa. Duo, on the other hand, was shocked. He looked at Heero and noticed his distress. He put a hand on Heero's back and rubbed it to calm him down. Heero looked up at Duo and smiled. This was the first time in three days that Duo touched him.

"That was Dr. Khushrenada. They are finished with the tests and would like Heero to come back in so they could go over the results."

"When do they want us in by?"

"He said he wanted him in by noon."

"Okay. We better get moving then if we want to be there on time."

Trowa and Quatre dropped them off at the front of the hospital.

"Hey Q, you sure you don't want to come in with us?"

"Yes Duo, I need to talk to Trowa alone."

Trowa seemed to shrink in his seat when he heard the undercurrent of ice in his lover's voice. Duo winced in sympathy for him. He took Heero's hand and turned to enter the Hospital. When they got to the office Dr. Khushrenada was waiting for them.

"Welcome Gentlemen. If you would please sit down we can get started. Well it seems that Heero is a very smart man. He shows signs of being gifted which is probably how he learned to read and speak. He apparently taught himself. Now my colleagues want to make him some kind of science experiment but I didn't think you would like that."

"Damn straight I wouldn't like that. Heero isn't some lab experiment."

"I agree Mr. Maxwell. That is why I recommended Heero to a tutor and a psychologist. They both have dealt with children who have been grossly abused. Although this case is unusual I don't think there should be any problems."

"Okay. When will we meet them?"

"I can set up an appointment some time next week for you to meet them."

"That sounds good. So what should we do in the meantime?"

"You can start educating him yourself. Show him things that he probably hasn't seen or tried. Anything else?"

"Not that I can think of."

"Well I guess that settles that. I hope you have a good day. I will call you to set up the meeting."

"Thank you, Dr. Khushrenada."

They left the office and waited to be picked up to go back to the apartment. They didn't wait long before Quatre pulled up to pick them up. Duo looked a little shocked. Trowa usually drove the car.

"Hey Quatre, where's Trowa?"

"He locked himself in our bedroom and refuses to come out."

"Have you tried talking to him?"

"What do you think I was doing before he locked himself in.?"

"Were you talking or yelling?"

"Well there was some yelling."

"Oh I see so you got into a fight and he ran and hid in the bedroom."

"Fine if that is how you want to see it. Could you help me Duo? I still need to talk to him."

"As long as it's talking and not yelling."

"I will talk to him and not yell."

"Okay then I will help you."

When they got back to the apartment Duo made sure Heero was seated in the living room before heading off to Trowa and Quatre's bedroom. He saw Quatre standing outside trying to cajole Trowa into letting him in. It wasn't working.

"Quatre why don't you go into the kitchen. Heero's hungry and he wants you to make him a snack."

Quatre looked at Duo in confusion but saw the wicked look in his eye and decided to play along.

"Okay Duo. Trowa this isn't finished yet."

He started to walk away but Duo grabbed him and pushed him against the wall near the door. He put a finger to his mouth and went to the door and knocked.

"Okay Trowa he's gone. Would you like to explain what happened?"

"We got into a fight."

"I can tell. Why don't you open the door and let me in and we can discuss this."


Trowa opened the door to let Duo in but wasn't prepared for what happened next. When the door opened Duo grabbed Quatre and threw him in the room. He snatched the doorknob and closed the door behind him. Quatre sat on the floor where Duo threw him stunned at what happened. He would never had guessed Duo would throw him in here.

Duo smirked at the silence his stunt had caused. He walked back to the living room where Heero was still sitting.

"So Heero what do you want to do?"

Heero looked at Duo and wondered if he would answer his question. The same question he asked this morning. He never got an answer to it and now decided to ask Duo.

"Could I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"How do two men have sex with each other?"

Duo's jaw dropped when he heard the question. He had hoped Heero had forgotten the question. Apparently he hadn't. He didn't know how to explain this to Heero.

"Let me go get Trowa. He could explain this better than I can."

He walked back down the hallway to get Trowa. His hand was in mid knock when he heard a moan coming from the other side of the door. Evidently Trowa and Quatre had made up. He backed away from the door and went back to the living room trying to think of answers for Heero. He decided the best thing to do was be blunt. No matter how embarrassing. He sat down next to Heero. Heero faced Duo and waited for the answer.

"Umm…hmm…when two guys have sex one is on the bottom and one is on the top. The top puts his…penis…in the one on the bottom. Do you understand?"

"No. Where does he put it in at?"

"You know that place where umm…poop comes out."

Heero nodded his head. Duo was bright red trying to have this discussion with Heero. He never thought he would have to teach someone the gay version of the birds and the bees.

"It's called your anus. That is where."

"Does it hurt?"

"A little the first time, but not much after that."

"Do all guys have sex?"

"Well yes, but not all with men. Some have sex with women."

"Can we have sex?"

"NO. No Heero we can't have sex."

"Why not? I want to know what it feels like. Please?"

Right about then Trowa and Quatre walked into the living room. Duo and Heero fell silent and looked at them. Trowa and Quatre were smiling, it seems they had made up. They looked at Heero and Duo and realized they had interrupted something.

"Oh sorry, we didn't mean to interrupt."

"No it's okay Q, we were about finished with our discussion."

"Oh what was it about?"

"He wanted to know about sex and I told him."


"Well I couldn't not tell him about it. He had questions and I answered them for him. We can't treat him like a child. He might not be as intelligent as us yet but that doesn't mean we have to baby him."

"I know. That pretty much summed up our argument. It's okay but I still don't think it's appropriate."

"Okay Q. Well I need to do go to the bathroom."

"Okay Duo."

Duo didn't really need to go to the bathroom he just needed to get away from the conversation Heero and him were having. He went into the bathroom and locked the door. He turned around and leaned against the door and sighed. That had been one of the most embarrassing conversations he had had. He couldn't blame Heero though. Heero only asked a question but the last question really got him. He did want to have sex with Heero. Actually he wanted to make love to Heero but knew Heero wasn't ready yet. After he composed himself he left the bathroom. He stopped by Heero's room and grabbed another book for Heero to read.

Heero was waiting in the living room for Duo to return. He hoped Duo wasn't mad at him. He didn't know what he did that was wrong but he was going to apologize for it. He saw Duo walking towards him with another book and sit down next to him. Before Duo could speak, Heero started to talk.

"I'm sorry Duo. I didn't mean to do anything wrong."

"You didn't do anything wrong Heero. You don't have to be sorry. Here, I brought you another book to read. If you have any questions just ask."

Heero smiled and took the book. Happy that Duo wasn't mad at him. He decided to save the rest of his questions for later. He opened the book and started to read.

Heero spent the rest of the day reading to book. Duo sat by him and watched him read and helped him along the way. Duo watched Heero's expressions while reading. All to soon it was time for bed. Duo put Heero to bed and intended to sleep back on the couch. Just before leaving Heero grabbed his arm and held tight.

"Please sleep with me tonight."

"I can't Heero. I don't want what happened the last time I did that to happen again."

"I promise it won't happen."

"Heero it isn't something you can promise."

"Please Duo."

Heero looked up at him with puppy dog eyes and pleaded with him. Duo took one look and he couldn't say no. He changed and got into bed with Heero. Heero snuggled up to him and laid there. Duo watched him waiting for him to go to sleep. He liked to watch Heero sleep but Heero wasn't falling asleep.

"What's wrong Heero?"

"Oh…umm…I still have a question."

Duo sucked in a breath at the statement. He steeled himself for the question.

"Okay Heero what is the question?"

"Why do people have sex?"

"Besides being very pleasurable, they have sex because they love each other."


"Yes, love."

"What's that?"

"It's hard to explain. It is how you feel about someone who is special to you. You always want to be near the person and when you can't be you miss them terribly. You want to protect them from everything and keep beside you at all times. There are tons of other things to describe it but it is different for every person. All I can tell you is that you have to find out for yourself."

"Hmm…then I love you."

Duo was floored for a minute by that confession. But the rational part of his brain told him that Heero didn't mean it. He knew Heero was only saying that because he didn't know what love really was.

"No you don't Heero. You might admire me but it's not love. You have to figure it out for yourself. It can't be a split second decision."

"Well it is. I love you. I love the way you protect me, and your braid. I don't like hurting you and I love to make you smile. I don't want to be with anyone else. I like Trowa, Quatre, Wufei and Sally but not as much as I like you. You saved me from those evil people. You are my prince who came and rescued me just like in the stories."

"Yeah but those stories aren't real Heero."

"They aren't real?"

"No. They're called fantasy. There are no knights or princesses or things like that now."

"Oh. So they aren't real. So there isn't a thing called love?"

"No they aren't real but love does exist."

"So not all parts of the fairy tales are fake. They always say that love conquers all."

"I guess not but that doesn't mean you love me."

"Of course I love you. I hate being away from you. You make me feel safe and secure. Knowing nothing bad will happen because you won't let it. I like it when you touch me. I don't like anyone else's touch but yours. I love you Duo."

Heero hoped he conveyed that he really did love Duo. Duo sat shocked at what Heero was saying. Heero was nervous about the next thing he was going to ask. He needed to know the answer though.

"D-do you l-love me, Duo?"

"Yes, Heero I love you."


"I like the smiles you give me when you're happy.  The way you look at everything.  I want to protect you.  I feel this overpowering urge to just hold you and never let go.  I love watching you sleep and when you wake up.  I love you.

"You do?"

"Yes, I do."

"Okay.  Can we have sex now?"


"You said only people who love each other could have sex.  I love you and you love me.  So we can have sex."

"No, let's wait on that.  But I can give you a kiss, if you like?"

"A kiss?"

"Yeah, here let me show you.  Close your eyes and don't move."

Heero closed his eyes and waited.  He felt Duo lean down and cup his face.  He felt Duo's breath on his lips and then they moved closer and touched.  It was a short sweet chaste kiss but when Duo started to pull away Heero tried to follow.   Heero kept his eyes closed and savored the feelings.  After a few minutes, Heero opened his eyes and stared into purple eyes and smiled.  Duo smiled back at him and stroked Heero's cheek with his fingers.

"Did you like?"

"Hai.  Can we do it again?"

"Yes we can.  Now get some sleep."

Heero nodded and snuggled up to Duo.  He laid his head on Duo's chest and put one arm around Duo.  Duo smiled and leaned down to kiss his forehead.  They fell asleep each dreaming of the other and the love they shared.

A few days later Dr. Khushrenada called to tell them the time to meet the tutor and psychologist.  The two of them usually worked together and so they would meet them at Dr. Noin's office.  They met with them two days after the call.  They arrived at Dr. Noin's office, which happened to be close to the college.

When they went into the office they saw two people. One was a tall woman with dark black hair and really deep purple eyes.  The other was a man with platinum blond hair and ice blue eyes. He was slightly taller than the woman.  The woman was the first to speak.

"Hello my name is Dr. Noin but you can call me Noin.  This is Zechs Merquise.  And you must be Heero."

Heero nodded his head and stood closer to Duo.  He was slightly nervous about meeting them.  He didn't trust them yet but they seemed nice.

"Well it's good to meet you.  I heard a lot about you.  Now the reason I am here is so you can tell me anything you want to.  I'll always be here to listen to whatever you want to tell me.  I won't tell anyone else what you tell me.  It will be between us."

"Like a secret?"

"Yes exactly."

Heero was pleased with this and turned to Zechs Merquise waiting for him to say something.  Zechs Merquise strode forward and stood in front of Heero.  Heero backed away and closer to Duo.  The man was really tall.

"Hello Heero, I'm going to be the one teaching you.  I'm a hard teacher but from what I hear you are incredibly smart.  So I expect you to be a good student. Okay?"

Heero nodded again.  He didn't know if he liked this man.  Duo felt Heero tensing through the conversation and rubbed his back to calm him down.  He liked these people and hoped they would help Heero more than he could.

"So Heero, do you like us?  Do you want us to help you?"

Heero thought it over for a little bit.  He looked to Duo for guidance but Duo just looked blankly at him.  Duo wanted Heero to decide this for himself.  He didn't want to force Heero into something he didn't like.  Heero realized he had to make this decision himself and that Duo wasn't going to help him.  He looked back at the two people.  He liked Noin but it was the other guy he wasn't sure of.  Zechs noticing that he was being judged just smiled friendly at Heero.  That decided it for Heero, he would give them a try.


Zechs and Noin smiled when they heard Heero answer.  Heero felt relieved and a little happy.  He had made a decision by himself that regarded him.  He didn't mind that Duo made some decisions for him but this one he did himself and he liked it.

"Okay good.  Alright now for a schedule for him.  Is every Wednesday at say three okay for him to see me?"

"Okay I think we can manage that."

"Oh good, Zechs?  How about you?"

"I think every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 should work.  What do you think?"

"But on Wednesday he has to see Noin."

"I know.  It's a thing we do.  Every Wednesday we work together to make sure he is doing okay."

"I guess it would be okay."

"Good.  Well I'll see you next Wednesday Heero."

"And I'll see you on Monday."

They said goodbye and left.  Heero was unsure if he should be nervous or excited about the upcoming Monday.

When Monday came Trowa drove them to Dr. Noin's office.  Zechs was there waiting.  "Hi, if you could follow me.  In our rush to get a schedule worked out for you we forgot to tell you where we are to meet.  We will be meeting in my office which is two floors down."

They finally reached Zechs office and sat down.  Zechs got out some paper and a pencil and handed it to Heero.

"Okay first we are going to learn how to write.  I know you know the alphabet but you don't know how to write very well.  We'll fix that."

Zechs walked over a chalkboard that was opposite his desk and started to write the alphabet.  He instructed Heero how to write it down.  By the end of the day Heero had learned how to write almost perfectly. Unfortunately for Heero the rest of the day would not be so good. Later that night Duo got ready to go to work.  He started again today.  He explained it as much as he could to Heero but Heero wasn't listening.  Heero didn't want Duo to leave he had gotten used to Duo sleeping in his bed.

"Duo you can't leave."

"But I have to Heero.  I have to work.  I won't be gone long. I'll be here when you wake up."

"Please Duo don't leave.  I want you to stay here."

"I can't"

And with that he walked out the door.  Heero tried to follow but Trowa held him back.  He started to cry and scream for Duo to come back.  Quatre and Trowa just looked sadly at each other and took him to bed.  Heero stayed up most of the night clutching the teddy bear and sobbing Duo's name.  He eventually fell asleep.  When Duo came back in the early morning he found Heero curled up on the bed with the teddy bear.  Duo could see that he had been crying and probably cried himself to sleep.  He got into the bed and spooned up to Heero.  Heero sighed and snuggled up to the warmth around him but didn't waken.

When he woke the next morning he was shocked but that turned to elation that Duo had come back.  He hugged Duo harder than before. Duo woke up at the hard squeeze and saw Heero's smiling face.  Duo realized last night that he couldn't work the night shift anymore.

"Heero, I won't leave you at night ever again."


"Yes, I now work at the same time you have your lessons."


It had been a couple of months since Heero had started his lessons and sessions.  Trowa, Quatre alternated taking Heero and Duo to the campus.  Heero had learned so many new things.  He also learned things out side of class because of Duo.  Like sports, movies, and giving each other pet names.  Heero called Duo his prince like in the fairy tales and Duo had taken to calling him either baby or angel. Heero liked those names and loved it when Duo said them.  The only thing he didn't like was that Duo had only kissed him.  They never went any further and he wanted to.  He decided to ask Noin about it.

"Noin, I want Duo and me to have sex.  But whenever I bring it up he says later and kisses me.  It's not that I don't like the kisses. It's just that I want more."

"Well maybe he is waiting for something.  Personally I think you should both wait but I don't think you would listen to me."

"You're right I won't.  What do you think he's waiting for?"

"I don't know Heero.  Maybe you aren't phrasing it right?  What do you ask him?"

"I ask him if we can have sex and he says no and that we'll do it sometime later."

"What does Duo mean to you?"

"I love Duo.  He's my prince.  I want him more than anything in the world."

"Well I can see what the problem is but I can't tell you. You have to figure it out by yourself.  But I can give you hints."

"Okay then give me  some hints."

"First, what does sex mean to you?"

"It's where we one guy puts his penis…"

"I didn't mean physically.  I meant emotionally?"

"Emotionally?  I-I don't k-know."

"Okay how about love?  How does love make you feel?"

"It feels like flying.  I get really happy and smile.  Duo likes my smiles."

"Okay so what is the difference between sex and love?'

"One's an act and one's an emotion?"

"Right.  Can you see why Duo says to wait until later?"

Heero thought about her words.  He knew love was an emotion and emotions are what make you feel.

"So Duo wants love not sex."

"I can't answer that.  Why don't you think about it?  Then ask Duo."


Heero thought about that the rest of the day.  He knew love and sex were different things but didn't know the difference between the acts.  He figured Duo wanted the love and not the sex but was wanting love the same as sex?  That was the question that was plaguing him. He decided to take Noin's advice and ask Duo.

"Duo is wanting love the same as sex?"

Duo, who had been drinking a soda, spit out the drink and looked at Heero.  His jaw had dropped down and he didn't know what to say.  It took a few moments for him to gather himself to respond.

"Depends on what you mean about wanting love."

"I mean is it like sex but with love."

It took Duo a couple of minutes to realize what he was asking.

"Oh you mean making love. Then yeah but there is more emotion to making love than sex."

Heero chewed on this information and suddenly it clicked.  Duo wanted to make love and not have sex.

"Duo, can we make love?"

"Ummm… Heero you do know what this means right?"

"Hai.  I want to make love with you and only you.  Please?"

"Okay Heero, but first come here."

Heero walked over to Duo confused as to why Duo wanted him there. When he was with in range Duo grabbed Heero by the waist and pulled him into a kiss.  Heero had faltered and fell into Duo's arms.  The kiss wasn't like any of the kisses they had had before.  Duo started out softly but it grew with intensity.  He slipped his tongue out and swiped it across Heero's bottom lip. Heero gasped and shuddered at the contact.  Duo took advantage of the open mouth and stuck his tongue in.  Heero eyes flew open at the new sensation but then slowly closed again as the feeling over took him.  The tongue inside him felt good and he moaned in appreciation.  Duo moved his hands up and cupped Heero's head.  He drew back so they both could breath.  Heero was gasping for breath.  Duo leaned closer and nuzzled his nose with Heero's before kissing him again.

Duo brought his hands down and started to touch Heero through his shirt.  One hand went down and cupped Heero's ass while the other was pulling Heero's t-shirt from his pants.  When there was enough room the hand slid beneath the shirt and caressed the silky skin underneath.  Heero groaned and panted at the feeling of Duo's hands. He wanted to more so he leaned into the touches hoping that Duo didn't move the hand.  He felt himself get weak and reached up to grab hold of Duo's arms to keep him steady.  The new emotions were overwhelming but so pleasurable that Heero didn't want the to stop. Duo pulled away and leaned towards Heero's ear.

"Let's take this to your room."

All Heero could do was nod.  Duo pulled Heero along and when the got to the door Duo picked Heero up and cradled him next to his body.

"Been wanting to do this for awhile.  I'm your prince and I am going to take you to bed."

Heero smiled and looped one hand around Duo's head and the other opened the door for them.  When they were in Duo kicked the door shut and strode to the bed and set Heero down on it.   Duo stepped back a little and took off his shirt.  He smiled when he saw the Heero's eyes fill with desire and love at the sight.  Heero just looked at Duo and his beauty.  His fingers itched to touch the skin presented to him but waited to see what Duo would do.  Duo strode back to Heero but Heero stopped him when he put his hand on Duo's chest.  Duo took the hand away and kissed it.  Tonight was for Heero.

"Relax Heero. Let me do this.  Just lay there. I promise you'll get to touch me soon."

Heero put his hand back down on the bed and waited to see what Duo would do next.  Duo first grabbed Heero's t-shirt and pulled it off. He leaned down and started to kiss Heero's jaw line while his hands grabbed a hold of Heero's waist.  He kissed down Heero's chest paying extra attention to Heero's nipples.  He suckled on one and rolled the other between his fingers.  Then switched.  He did this until they were very sensitive to touch.  Heero was arching up and panting from the feeling.  He put his hand in Duo's hair to keep him there.  Duo took the hand back out and gave Heero his braid to hold instead. Heero clutched onto the braid as sensation upon sensation rolled through his body.  Duo kissed his way down Heero's chest and down to his stomach.  He kissed Heero's navel and heard Heero gasp.  He swirled his tongue around the bellybutton and Heero couldn't help but arch up into the feeling.

Duo's hands came down and stilled Heero's hips.  One hand went over and unbuttoned the jeans and tugged down the zipper.  Duo slipped his hand inside to grab hold of the erection he found there.  Heero almost jumped off the bed from the touch.  He panted and moaned loudly for Duo to continue.  But Duo didn't, he let go and pulled the pants down and off of Heero's body.  Duo slid his hands down Heero's thighs and legs then back up.  He then kissed down one leg and back up.  Heero was so hard it was starting to hurt.  He whimpered from the pleasurable pain.  Duo looked down and saw Heero's grimace and decided it was time to speed it up a little.  Duo took one hand and closed it around Heero's cock.  He stroked Heero's cock with one hand and massaged the balls with the other.

Heero felt all the sensations rolling in his gut and he felt like he was going to explode.  The pleasure was too much for him.


He didn't know what he was begging for all he wanted was more.

"Shh, baby its okay.  Let go Heero, I want to see you come."

Duo picked up the pace of the strokes and one finger massaged Heero's entrance and that was enough.  With a loud scream Heero came all over himself.  Duo lazily pumped him until Heero had calmed.  He took a finger and swiped it through the cum on Heero's chest.

"Hmmm.  Tasty."

Heero didn't understand it but his body was begging for more.  He didn't know what more was but he knew Duo did.

"Duo I want more. Please?"

"Okay baby.  Hold on."

Duo stood and took of his pants and boxers and got back onto the bed.  He spread Heero's legs and sat between them.  Heero looked between his legs to see Duo smiling down at him.  His erection was very swollen and red.  Heero could feel his cock getting hard from just looking.  Duo smiled at the response and gathered some of the cum on Heero's chest to spread on his fingers.  He brought those fingers down to Heero's entrance and massaged it.

"This might hurt or feel uncomfortable for a minute but just relax. It will feel good soon."

Duo pushed one finger in.  Heero whimpered at the slight pain he felt from the intrusion. After that it just felt uncomfortable.  Duo noticing the discomfort started to stroke Heero's arousal.  Heero completely forgot about the intruding fingers and just concentrated on the feelings rolling in his groin.   Duo put in another finger and kept thrusting in and out searching for the special spot inside Heero.  Heero was in a pleasurable daze but was snapped out of it when white stars flashed before his eyes.  Duo had found his sweet spot.

"DUO!  Do that again."

Duo smiled when he found the spot and hit again.  He added a third and fourth finger while hitting that spot.  Heero didn't know how much more he could take.

"Please…Duo…n-need you inside n-now."

"Are you sure Heero?"

"Duo, p-please make l-love to me.  Please…please…please…"

"Shh…baby.  Don't worry just relax."

Duo took his fingers out and swiped up some more cum and slathered his very hard cock.  He had been getting progressively harder but had been holding himself back for Heero.  He took hold of his cock and pressed it at Heero's entrance.  He slowly pushed himself in.  It was like entering heaven.  It was so tight and warm.  He slowly pushed all the way in and waited for Heero to adjust.

Heero had stopped breathing when Duo pushed in.  It had hurt a little at first but now it felt so good.  He felt filled and loved.  He looked up at Duo with tears in his eyes.  Duo looked down and started to worry.

"Shh… Heero don't cry.  I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you.  If you want we could stop."

"N-no.  I love you Duo.  It doesn't hurt it feels wonderful."

Duo was relieved to hear he wasn't hurting Heero.

"I love you too Heero.  Are you ready?"

Heero nodded but he wasn't quite sure what he was nodding for.  Then Duo started to move out of him.  Heero didn't like that and put his legs around Duo to keep him in but it wasn't working.  Heero was about to start crying from the loss when Duo pushed back in and filled him.  Heero gasped at the feeling.  The next thrust hit his prostate and he bucked up and moaned.

Duo started out slowly and then moved faster.  He couldn't stop himself now. The pleasure was overriding both their senses and they moved together.  Duo thrusting into Heero and Heero pushing back to meet the thrust.  Duo felt himself getting closer to edge and reached down to grab Heero's erection.  He stroked him while pumping into him.  Heero shouted at the new sensation.

Heero came first over their stomachs and Duo's hand.  Heero never felt so much pleasure before in his life.  He howled his pleasure.

Duo felt and heard Heero come.  He felt Heero constrict against his shaft and cried out Heero's name.  He continued to thrust while emptying himself in Heero.

Duo used the last of his strength to keep himself above Heero.  He hissed as he pulled out of Heero.  Heero was floating on a sea of pleasure.  He couldn't hear anything all he could do was feel.  While Duo waited for Heero to come back down to earth he leaned over the bed and grabbed Heero's shirt.  He used it to clean their bodies before lying down and pulling Heero to him.  Heero instantly cuddled up to him.


"Wow is right Heero."

"Can we do that again?"

"How about after our nap?"

"Okay but next time I want to make love to you."

"Okay Heero."

Heero and Duo slipped into sleep feeling sated and happy.

Five years later.

It only took Heero a year to catch up to people his age.  He decided to enroll into college to get a college degree. That same year Duo graduated from college and got a job as a director at the local radio station.  Heero and Duo bought an apartment near the college so Heero could walk to school and back.  The apartment was a lot like what Trowa's and Quatre's had been.  Quatre took over Winner Industries and business was booming more than when his father owned it.  Trowa was the director of a zoo, which happened to be near where Quatre worked.  They were still together the last time Duo had checked. Wufei and Sally had married.  Sally went on to medical school while Wufei went to law school.  The two schools are in different places but the long distance relationship seems to be working for them.

For Heero, it had been a wonderful five years with Duo and tomorrow was graduation day.  He had worked very hard and had gotten a degree in Child Psychology.  He wanted to help kids who were abandoned just like him.  Duo was extremely proud of Heero and his accomplishments.

Heero was home cooking dinner when Duo got home from work.  Quatre had taught Heero how to cook.  Heero loved cooking and cooked for Duo whenever he had the chance.  Duo came in to the living room and put his briefcase on the dining table and coat on the couch.  He then wandered into the kitchen to see what Heero was cooking for dinner. He came up behind him and wrapped his arms around him.  Then kissed his neck.

"Hi baby.  What's for dinner?"

"You'll find out.  How was work?"

"Good but I missed you."

"I missed you too. Could you set the table for me please."

"Sure.  Oh that reminds me I got the time off you asked me for."

"Really great.  You'll be at my graduation right?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world.  But why did you want me to take time off?"

"Promise you won't get mad?"

Duo knew it was something big.  Heero didn't usually ask that question unless it was very important to him.

"I promise."

"I want to go and see my family."

"WHAT!  Why?  They treated you horribly."

"I know but I think it would be good for me to see them.  Maybe bring myself some closure."

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Yes, I need to do it Duo.  I wanted you to come with me.  So I won't be alone.  You will come with me right?"

"Of course I will.  I'll always be there for you but if they hurt you I will make them pay."

"Thank you Duo.  You don't know how much this means to me."

The day after graduation Heero and Duo got into the car and made the long journey back to where they first met.  Heero was steadily getting more nervous as they drew closer to their destination.  When they finally made it to the house he was trembling like a leaf.  Duo reached over and squeezed his hand in support.  Heero smiled a little and got out of the car.  Duo got out and came around the other side. He held Heero's hand and they both walked up to the door of the house.  Heero knocked on the door and waited.

They heard a shuffling noise and then the door opened to reveal a boy.  He seemed to be in his early teens.  The boy looked quizzically up at them.

"Ohayo, How can I help you?"

"Hi, I…umm… used to live here."

"Oh I remember you.  You were the thing that lived downstairs.  The one my parents called the Demon.  I remembered the day you left.  My parents were extremely relieved.  So what brings you back here?"

"I wanted to speak with them.  Find out why they did what they did."

"I'm sorry you can't.  They aren't here but they should be back soon.  Would you like to come in?"

"Sure.  Thank you."

They went into the house.  It hadn't changed in the six years since they been there.  The boy led him to a chair in the kitchen and they sat down.

"I'm sorry I didn't ask for your name."

"It's okay, my name is Hanshiro (3).  And you are?"

"I'm Heero, and he's Duo.  I hate to ask you but why are you so different from your parents.  All I remember is how they kept me locked in the basement and they didn't treat me very well."

"Well I'm not here most of the time.  I go away to school but in the summer I come home.  I don't agree with my parents on many things. Including how they treated you, but I was too scared to say anything."

"It's okay, I don't blame you.  I'm happy that you had a good life and that you won't turn out to be your parents."

"Yeah.  So what did you want to speak to them about?"

"I want to know why they did what they did.  What made them believe I was a demon and who were my parents.  I don't know if they were or if they found me somewhere."

"Well I don't know about who your parents are but they told me a few things about why you were a demon.  I'd always hear stories about the demon in the basement and I wanted to know more about you.  So I asked how they could tell you were a demon.  They told me it was because you had blue eyes."


"And nothing.  That was it or at least that was all they told me."

Heero drooped in disappointment.  He had been hoping for a better reason other than his blue eyes.

"Well I happen to love his blue eyes.  I don't care what anyone says he's an angel to me."

"You two are together?"

"Yes we are."

"Cool.  But don't tell my parents they don't like that sort of thing."

"Okay we won't."

They sat around the table, each staring off at some point in the kitchen.  Heero looked towards the door, the door that led to the basement.

"Hanshiro, may we go down into the basement?"


Hanshiro opened it up for them and they walked down to where Heero used to live.  Heero looked around at his old home and shivered.  The place hadn't been touched and dust was on everything.  He walked over to the books and reverently touched them.  He moved over to the chest and found the pictures.  The pictures he always believed were his parents.  As he looked at the pictures he realized that it wasn't true.  The picture too old for them to be his parents.  He put the pictures back and wondered over to where he first met Duo.  He knelt down on the covers and found the old radio he had.  He gingerly picked it up and smiled.  Duo, who had been watching as Heero went through the stuff, came up behind him.  He put one hand in Heero's hair and tousled the wild locks.

"Are you okay Heero?"

"Yes, I'm fine.  Just remembering the first time we met."

Duo smiled at the memories.  They heard movement upstairs and felt they had been down here long enough.  Before they went upstairs though Duo grabbed Heero around the waist and held him.

"Heero, whatever happens today always remember I love you.  I fell in love with you the moment I saw you curled up in the corner of this basement.  That love has grown stronger since then.  I will love you for the rest of your life. I will be here for you."

Heero felt better after hearing those words.  He always liked it when Duo asserted his love for him.  He smiled and leaned over for a kiss.  After the kiss they went up the stairs to face whatever was to come.

They entered the kitchen and saw Hanshiro sitting with his parents. They seemed a little older since the last time they saw them.  The woman screamed and fled the room.  Hanshiro didn't know if he should stay or go but the look his father gave him made him chase after his mother.  The man was furious, his chair fell over when the man jumped up.

"Demon, what are you doing here?"

Duo growled and stepped up to Heero and enfolded him in his arms.

"Oh Shinigami-sama I didn't see you there."

"Look he isn't death and I'm not a demon.  I came back to ask you a couple questions."

"You are a Demon.  I don't care what you came back for but I want you
out of my house."

Heero was more determined to get answers to his question.  He had one important one he wanted to ask.

"All I have is one question.  Who are my parents?"

"You were spawned from Shinigami himself.  You killed our only son and took his body.  You are no child of ours.  Go back to the hell you came from.  Leave this family."

Heero looked shocked at the revelation.  Duo just wanted to rip this man apart but Heero held him back.  He had got what he came for.  He dragged Duo with him as they left the house.  Once they were outside the house, Heero sagged against Duo.  Worry overran the anger Duo was feeling.  He held Heero and waited for him to speak.

"I'm okay Duo.  I got what I came for."

"You sure Heero."

"Yes, I know who my parents are."

"And that you have a brother.  Are you going to tell him?"

"Maybe someday."

Duo smiled at Heero and they walked towards the car.  They heard a shout behind them and turned to see Hanshiro run up to them.

"Hi.  Sorry about dad, he can be a real bastard sometimes.  Are you leaving?"

At their nod he seemed saddened.

"Oh.  Well I hope you got what you came for.  It would have been cool if we had been brothers.  I never had one before.  Well got to go back in before they miss me.  Sayonara Heero and Duo."

With that Hanshiro went back into the house.  Duo got into the car and started it.  He waited patiently for Heero to get in.  Heero stood by his open car door and looked at the house.


"I'm coming Duo."

"Not yet but you will be."

Heero smiled at the promise and got into the car.  He felt a little better now since he came back.  He didn't have to worry about who is parents were anymore.  He decided not to dwell on them or what they had done to him.  He would forget them and live happily with Duo. This was a beginning to a life with Duo without doubts and worries. Maybe one day he would tell Hanshiro that he was his brother, but not today.  He would wait until the boy was older.  The rest of his thoughts were cut off when Duo started to fondle him while driving. Heero gave in to the feelings and thought it was going to be a long drive home.


(1) Silver Falls isn't a real place; at least I don't think it is.
(2) No not his mother.
(3) I looked up Japanese male baby names on the Internet.