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Title: Love and Football
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 2X1, 3X4, some others
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
Archived: mediaminer.org, 1X2 ml, DHML, http://www.geocities.com/etherealin_sanity/index.html
Warnings: None as of yet.


Duo Maxwell hated high school. It was filled with snobs and the upper crust but what would you expect from one of the elite high schools in the state. He only got in because he was selected for a special program designed to help the poor with education. He felt that it was only because the rich wanted to feel like they're helping rather than actually doing something.

When Duo first came to the school, many girls had flocked to him. Most of them because they wanted to go out with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Unfortunately for them, Duo turned them down. Duo was not one to believe in lying or hiding who you were. So when one of the girls asked him why he didn't want to go out with them he told them he was gay. It spread through the school like wildfire but no one seemed to mind much. They cared more for his social standing than anything else.

Duo went out for the football team and was accepted on to the team. He was the replacement quarterback in case something happened to the quarterback. It wasn't because he had no skills or that he was worse than the quarterback. In fact he was better than the quarterback they had now, but the problem lie with the other players. They didn't want to play with what they termed `a street rat.' He did have one friend on the team though. His name is Trowa Barton, he's the kicker for the team. Through Trowa he found many friends that he hung out with.

Not only was he teased because he was poor but also because he lives in an orphanage. He wasn't an orphan anymore but it didn't matter to most of the school. Sister Helen and Father Maxwell, the two people who ran the orphanage, had adopted him three years ago.

Every morning he would wake up at six and help Sister Helen with the chores. He then got ready for school and ran to the bus stop that was three blocks away. Today wasn't any different, or at least that was what Duo thought.

Duo awoke to the loud ringing of the alarm clock. He groggily rolled over on his bed and turned it off. He yawned as he sat up and got dressed. He slowly walked down the stairs to help Sister Helen make breakfast.

"Good Morning Sister Helen."

"Good Morning Duo. Have a good sleep?"

"Sort of. Had to stay up late to study for a test today but other than that fine. You?"

"Good. Help me make breakfast?"


Duo helped Sister Helen make breakfast for the children who still lived in the orphanage. There were fifteen in all ranging from 2 months to 10 years old. Not including Duo who was 17. It was 6:30 by the time breakfast was done and all the children were assembled to eat. Father Maxwell came in and they all sat down, said a short prayer, and started to eat. When they were finished the ones who had to go to school rushed to get dressed and ready. Since Duo was already ready he helped clear the table and wash the dishes. Duo went back to his room and studied a little bit more. He looked at the clock and noticed if he didn't hurry he would miss the bus. He grabbed his backpack and rushed down the stairs, kissed Sister Helen on the cheek, and ran to the bus stop.

He arrived at school and was getting off the bus when he heard a shout.


"Hey Relena. How are you this fine morning?"

"Oh cut it out. You know I hate that formal bullshit."

"Oh my Relena. You said a bad word. Where did you ever hear such a thing."

"Well my best friend taught me."

"I never taught you that word!"

Relena laughed and punched Duo. They both knew very well who taught who what. Before Relena met Duo she had been one of the most popular girls in school, but then an ugly rumor started about her by one of her rivals. The people she thought were friends abandoned her. Even when she told them it wasn't true and that they shouldn't believe it. They still left her and she was alone. No one wanted to be friends with her. That was when she met Duo. He made her laugh and taught her the true meaning of friendship. She would never forget it. That was freshman year of high school. Now it was junior year.

"So are you ready for the English test Duo?"

"I hope so. I stayed up almost all night to study for it. Why do the teachers feel the need to torture me?"

"Because they like to see you squirm Maxwell."

"Good morning Wufei."

"Yeah good morning fei."

"My name is Wufei, not fei."

"Oh sorry fei."


Duo laughed at him. Wufei swatted him and the three of them kept walking to the school. Wufei was another of Duo's friends. He had met him through Trowa. At first Wufei seemed like the rest of the stuck up populous of the high school but that changed when they found they had some things in common. They became better friends even though it was under great duress before Wufei would admit to it.

The three of them walked up to the school and separated to go to their first class. They met back up at lunch. Duo waded through the crowds with his tray before coming to their table. Everyone had certain tables they sat at. If you didn't belong to that group you didn't sit at that table.

There were some people already sitting at the table when he got there. Trowa was sitting next to his lover Quatre. Duo had been pleased when he met other people who were gay like him. When he had first came to the school he thought the other kids would make fun of him because he was gay and not because he was from a lower social standing.

"Hello Duo."

"Hi Quatre, Trowa. How are you guys doing?"

"We're fine. And you?"

"Doing okay. I think I failed that English test."

"I'm sure you did fine."

"Yeah yeah. So where is everyone else?"

"Getting food."


Duo started to eat his meal and waited for his other friends to show up.

"Hey Bastard!"

Duo spun around when he heard that and smiled.

"Hey Bitch!"

Dorothy smirked and sauntered up to the table with Relena close behind. Dorothy originally didn't have many friends. But then she met Duo who introduced her to Relena. From then on they were inseparable and she owed Duo for that. Duo knew Relena needed more girl friends and not guy friends so he introduced the two. Duo didn't remember how the tradition to call each other names started but it was a tradition and he wasn't going to break it. They sat down and started to converse about their day when Wufei showed up.

"Hey Wufei, where's Sally?"

"How would I know where that onna went?"

"Well, she's your girlfriend right?"

"Maxwell, that isn't any of your business. And just to save myself from arguing with you, no she isn't my girlfriend. Not yet anyway."

"OOOOH you going to put the moves on her?"

"MAXWELL, drop the subject now. What were you guys talking about before I got here?"

"My history exam." Dorothy stated before Duo could open his mouth. Wufei was very touchy about certain subjects and she didn't want to listen to another one of their arguments. They continued to talk about the history exam and other things. Relena happened to look at Duo and noticed he wasn't paying attention. In fact it looked like he was looking at something.

"What are you looking at Duo?"

Duo didn't hear the question and continued to look at the beautiful boy who was heading towards them. He noticed that he was following Sally but he didn't care as long as he was heading towards him. He looked over the boy and felt instantly attracted. He had brown tousled hair that looked like it was never combed. He had golden colored skin and small type frame. He looked shorter than Duo. And Duo always liked his men shorter than him. The boys head was tilted down and Duo couldn't see his eyes but that didn't matter the boy was gorgeous. He felt some one jab his arm and twirled around to see who poked him.

"Dorothy! What was that for?"

"We've been calling you for the past few minutes. What were you looking at?"

Before he could respond Sally had arrived at their table.

"Hi everyone. I would like you all to meet Heero. Heero these are my friends."

Heero looked at them but didn't say anything. Duo finally got to see his eyes and he sucked in a breath. Heero had the most striking blue eyes he had ever seen. He was about to introduce himself when someone else spoke up.

"Hi, my name is Quatre Raberba Winner and this is Trowa Barton."

Trowa nodded at him and Heero nodded back. The boy next to him stood and bowed at him.

"Chang Wufei."

Heero bowed back and looked to the next two girls.

"Relena Peacecraft, pleasure to meet you."

"Dorothy Catalonia."

Heero just nodded at them but offered no response. Then he looked at Duo. Duo sat stunned for a moment. Just caught up in the blue eyes when Dorothy prodded him with her fork again.

"Umm. Hi, my name's Duo Maxwell."

"It's nice to meet you, all of you."

Duo smiled at Heero and gestured for him to sit next to him. He hadn't missed that Heero had spoken to him and only him. He had scooted over to offer more room. Heero sat down and looked around.

"So, Heero, you're new?" asked Dorothy.

Heero nodded his head again to the question.

"Where were you from?" Duo asked.


"Cool. So why did you move here?"


"Ahh gotcha."

The rest started to ask questions when they heard a voice behind them.

"Hello, you must be new here."

Standing behind Heero was a girl. She wasn't tall but she wasn't short either. She had dark hair dyed purple. She smiled at Heero. Heero merely looked at her and waited. The girl looked a little flustered but began to speak again.

"Hi, my name is Hilde Scheibeker. Since you're new let me enlighten you on a few things. First you don't want to sit with this group. See these people are the outcasts. They associate with this street trash. I can tell by your clothes that you are from a high standing family. You don't want to associate with this gutter rat or his friends. I, on the other hand, am the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school. I'm also one of the richest. We rich people have to stick together. I'm not trying to force you to join our group but I think you would like our group better than theirs. Why don't you think about it for a few days, then decide."

Heero shook his head no.

"So you've already chosen. Great so who do you choose?"


Heero hated school. Actually he didn't hate school but he hated to move during a school year. He moved from beautiful Japan to the United States. He didn't want to move but his father owns one of the biggest businesses and forced him to move. Apparently they are forming a merger with the Winners, the family of the biggest company out there.

His father said that all Heero had to do was adjust to his new surroundings. Heero didn't want to adjust but he had no choice in the matter and that infuriated him. He liked to think he could make his own choices but his father hadn't gave him any.

The next morning he had to get up at six to get ready for his first day of school. He took a shower while the servants came in and cleaned his room. When he arrived here, he had written specific instructions for the hired help. They were to clean when he wasn't there and to leave immediately when he returned. No matter if they were in the middle of something or not. Also he told them that he would choose everything he wore. That was the one thing he did like. In Japan he had a set uniform but here he could wear anything he liked. He decided to put on some dark slacks and a blue button up shirt. He didn't comb his hair but that was his choice.

When he was younger all his choices had been taken away from him. Now that he was older and back with his parents he was given the chance to choose. He loved the idea that he could have control of what happened. The ability to choose was important to him and it rankled that the biggest choice was taken away from him. So he reveled in the smaller choices hoping it would take the sting out of not making a bigger choice.

He went down the stairs and met his parents for breakfast. His parents talked about the upcoming meeting with the Winners. His mother was most excited with meeting one of the richest families in the world. Then they turned to Heero and tried to get him to talk with him but he refused to. They gave up with saddened looks and went back to their meal.

Heero did love his parents but it had been ingrained in him not to talk to people or bad things would happen. Now that he had the choice to talk he felt intimidated talking to people. He loved that his parents took him out of the bad place he had been staying. He had gotten the full story of what happened to him from his parents and kept it close to his heart. Knowing that his parents loved him and had loved him. He didn't want to think about those dark days again.

"Heero what's the matter?" His mother asked. She looked at Heero in concern. Heero realized he had been glaring at his breakfast. He did that anytime he thought about his past. He shrugged his shoulders and went back to eating.

His mother sighed and went back to eating her food. She wished he would talk to them but she knew she had to give it time.

Heero ate his breakfast then stood and bowed to his parents and left. He grabbed his backpack and got in the limo to go to school. It was the middle of the school year here and he didn't like having to be the new student. Especially in the middle of the school year. When he got to the school it had already started. He relaxed a little and headed to the main office.

When he walked in there was a girl sitting in one of the chairs. She was pretty with dirty blonde hair that came down into two twists on the sides of her head. He bypassed her and headed straight for the secretary. The secretary looked up and smiled.

"Hello dear, you must be the new student. I'm sorry but the principal is really busy right now and can't introduce you properly. But he did give me your new schedule and someone to show you around. The girl behind you is Sally. She'll show you around and take you to your class. Have a good day."

Heero stood there stunned. The woman had talked so fast and had knew that he was a new student. He didn't get a chance to contemplate that because he felt a light touch on his shoulder. He jumped in surprise and turned around. The girl he saw when he got in here was standing behind him and smiling.

"Hi my name is Sally."

Heero nodded at her. She waited to see if he would speak or at least tell her his name but he didn't say a word.

"Don't talk much do you?"

He shook his head no.

"Well that's okay. Come on I'll show you around. Well as you can see we are in the main office. Let me see your schedule."

Heero handed her the schedule and looked around. They were in a hallway that on one side led to a big open area. The other side led to the front doors with a hallway branching off to the left.

"Well Heero is it?"

He nodded in reply.

"It seems that your locker is near mine and that you have the first three periods with me. Well let's start here. Okay as you see the big wide space is the cafeteria. Now down the hallway you see the main doors. But if you take a left you go towards the music rooms, the gym, and the pool."

Sally walked away and Heero followed as she explained where everything was. The school was very easy to navigate. It was only one story and the hallways were huge. Sally showed him his locker and how to make it work. Then she guided him to their first class. It was Literature.

He expected to be announced to the class and be forced to say a few words as he had seen done in Japan but he wasn't. The teacher just nodded at them and gestured to take their seats. The teacher waited for them to settle and then proceeded to discuss what they were reading. Heero kept his head down during most of the class and looked at the text he was given. Hopefully the teacher would overlook him if she asked questions. The class flew by fairly quickly. The bell rang and everyone stood to leave. Some came over to say hi but when there was no response they left. Sally stood and showed him to the next class.

Heero's early assumption about how easy it was to navigate the halls proved to be false. There was a sea of students. He felt like he was a car in traffic rather than in a school hallway. He couldn't believe how many students were in the hallway. Most were nicely dressed while others weren't. But Heero had learned early on that looks could be deceiving. He kept his head down and followed Sally. He didn't like people looking at him. That was why he kept his head down. He hoped no one noticed him.

After three more classes it was time for lunch. Lunch was a complicated ordeal. There were three lunch periods. Either you had lunch before your fourth class, in the middle of the class, or after the class. Luckily for Heero it was after class.

"Well Heero after lunch we don't have the same classes anymore but I'm sure you can find your way. Now what do you want for lunch. You can either get cafeteria food or go to the student store. Which did you want to do?"

Heero shrugged. He really didn't care besides he didn't feel like eating anything. He was too nervous with all the students in the halls. Sally sighed and showed him where the student store was but they didn't buy anything. She then took him to the cafeteria.

"Aren't you hungry Heero?"

Heero shook his head no. Sally sighed and told him to wait here while she got lunch. He waited quietly at the end of the lunch line for Sally.

"Okay. Did you want to eat with me and my friends or go somewhere else?"

Heero indicated that she should lead the way.

"Heero we have got to teach you to speak." Sally muttered and led the way.

Heero shrugged his shoulders and followed her. She walked through the various tables and finally stopped at one in the back. This part of the cafeteria was more open and had windows to let the sun in. He felt a little better now that he was in a more open spot.

He still kept his head down though. When he heard some introducing himself he looked up. He saw a blonde haired boy and a brown haired boy sitting close together. He nodded to both in greeting when he realized that Quatre's last name was Winner. So he must be the son of the Winners. His further contemplation was interrupted when a Chinese boy stood and bowed. His name was Wufei and Heero inwardly smiled to find another Asian like him in the school. Across the table from him were two girls. They were equally pretty just like Sally but he just didn't swing that way. He nodded as they gave their names. Then his eyes landed on the last person. They had gone in a circle and the last one was also the one closest to him.

He looked down into violet eyes. The boy introduced himself as Duo Maxwell. Heero continued to stare. Never had he seen such a beautiful person nor anyone with long hair like that. For the first time in a long while he had the urge to speak.

"It's nice to meet you," he realized that he had been addressing only Duo and felt it was rude and added rather quickly, "All of you."

Heero sat down next to Duo when he scooted over. He looked around trying not to fall into the purple eyes that belonged to Duo. He found himself answering questions whenever Duo asked him. Even though it was only one word he was still speaking to someone. He never spoke to people. Duo had stopped speaking for a second and the others started asking him questions. He felt more relaxed and answered some of them. He didn't understand why he felt safer with Duo sitting next to him. He just did and he went with the feeling. Then they heard someone speak up from behind him.

He could see by the way all of them changed from being happy to being annoyed the next that this girl was not well liked by this group. He listened to what she had to say with half an ear. He paid more attention to Duo. It seemed with every word Duo flinched. Then he heard her say gutter rat. His eyes widened at the level of disrespect she was showing to the group. Then she had the audacity to ask him to join her group. When he shook his head to indicate that he had already chosen she seemed pleased.

"So you've already chosen. Great so who do you choose?"

He just turned his back to her.

"Hey I asked you a question. Who did you choose?"

Heero couldn't believe that the girl didn't get it. He didn't want to join her silly group. He turned back around and glared for all he was worth at the girl and then quickly turned his back to her. Hoping this time she got the point.

Hilde was mad, well not mad but livid. She couldn't believe that this guy had disrespected her in front of the whole school.

"Looks to me Hilde, that Heero wants to stay with us. Why don't you go back to your little airheads and leave us alone."

"Shut Up Mr. Chang. Well it seems you have chosen them. Well mark my words, street rat, I will get even for this. This is the last time that you slight me."

"Look Hilde I didn't slight you…"

"Shut up. I don't want to hear your pitiful excuses. You just better be careful."

She turned around and left. Duo smiled sheepishly at Heero.

"Sorry about that. She's been that way ever since I turned her down. She was my most persistent suitor here but she was extremely mean. That was one of the reasons why I don't have anything to do with her."

"What's the other reason?"

Duo just looked at Heero when Heero asked the question. Heero was shocked himself but hid it better. For the first time in a long time Duo felt the need to hide his preferences.

"Ummm… the other reason was because…first promise me this won't affect anything."

"I promise."

"Okay well I'm gay and she didn't react to well to that."

"You're gay?!"

"What you have a problem with it?"

Duo looked upset about that fact. It seemed that Heero was straight and had a thing against gays. `Damn it,' he thought, `Why are all the hot guys straight?' What he heard next shocked him.

"No I have no problem. I'm gay too. It just shocked me that you're so open about it."




"It's Japanese for yes."


Duo smiled when the words finally hit him. He didn't want to waste any time and went to ask him if he was single but the bell rang. He was slightly disappointed but figured he would see him again.

The others had been watching the exchange with smiles on their faces. They were happy that their friend might have found some one for himself. They all got up when the bell rang and threw away their food.

Heero stood and felt a little lost. He looked at his schedule and to see what his next class was. He knew where it was but it was the fact of navigating the crowds that scared him. Duo noticed that Heero was standing there with his schedule in hand but wasn't moving. Duo walked over to him.

"You okay Heero?"

"I don't like big crowds and I have to get to my next class."

Heero looked down ashamed to admit his fear. Duo felt bad for the boy. He seemed scared of most things. He didn't say anything or make fun of his fear. He just took his schedule and found Heero's next class.

"You have a class that's close to mine. Follow me, I'll show you a different way of getting there so you don't have to get through the crowds."

Heero smiled gratefully and followed Duo.


It had been a couple of weeks and Duo still hadn't asked Heero out or vice versa. And Quatre was getting sick of it. They both liked each other but neither would take the next step. So he decided he would try and get the ball rolling.

It was after football practice, and Trowa and Duo were getting dressed in the locker room when Quatre walked in.

"Hi Trowa, Duo."

He walked up to Trowa and kissed him. Duo looked away but felt a little jealous because he didn't have that, well not yet.

"So how was practice."

"Okay I guess. I didn't get to play much as usual."

"Sorry Duo. I know how much you like to play. Anyways, there was something I've been meaning to ask you."

"Well ask away Quatre."

"I was wondering when you were going to ask Heero out on a date?"

At first Duo was shocked that he had found out about his interest in Heero. But realized he didn't quite keep the interest a secret either. Unfortunately it didn't seem like Heero noticed at all.

"So you noticed."

"I think everyone noticed except maybe Heero. So when are you going to ask him out."

Trowa was not going to involve himself with the conversation. He heard the tone Quatre had used and realized it would probably be safer to stay out of it. But that didn't mean he wasn't listening. Quatre decided he was going to get Duo to ask Heero out on a date even if it killed him. Duo looked down kind of ashamed and turned to look at his locker. Trying to avoid the determined gaze of Quatre.

"I don't know. I mean he's richer than I am. What would he want to do with a street rat like me?"

"Duo you are NOT a street rat."

"Yes I am. We all know it. I just don't think he would want to associate with someone like me. I mean who knows if he even likes me."

"DUO! The guy only talks to you. He only talks to us when you're at the table or if he wants to know where you are. He only has eyes for you. Need I go on?"

"No that's quite alright. I think I get what you're saying. I'll ask him when I see him next."

"You swear?"

"Yes, I swear."

"Good. He's outside."


Quatre just smiled, grabbed Trowa and left. Duo's jaw was hanging wide open. Finally he just smiled and shook his head. Only Quatre could that and get away with it. He packed his stuff and walked to the locker room door. He took a deep breath and gathered his courage. Hoping he was accepted but expecting rejection.

He walked through the door and there was Heero standing in the hall just like Quatre said. He was leaning against the wall and had looked up when the door opened. Trowa and Quatre were already gone. Duo walked slowly up to Heero.

"Hi Heero."

"Hi Duo. Good practice?"

"Yeah it was okay. Umm… can I ask you question?"

"Sure Duo."

"Okay…ummm….would you like to go out on a date with me?"

Duo rushed the words out so quickly Heero wasn't sure if he had heard right. Duo looked down at his toes waiting for the answer. His heart was beating so wildly that he felt it would burst at any moment.

"What d-did you s-say?"

"It's okay if you didn't want to. I'd completely understand if you didn't want to go on a date with me but I thought I would just ask. I mean I think you're a really nice guy and stuff…"

"You want to d-date me?"

Duo looked up at Heero when he heard his voice. The voice sounded so scared and unsure. Heero had his head down and he looked to be blushing. Duo smiled at the cute picture he made.

"Of course I want to date you. I mean you are a sweet guy and I want to get to know you better. Besides you're a hottie."

Heero blushed even harder at that. He looked up at Duo and smiled tentatively.


"Great. How about tomorrow night at, say, seven?"

"S-sounds g-good."

"Alright. Well let's go meet Quatre and Trowa. I bet they're waiting to hear what happened."

Heero nodded and they both turned towards the door. As they walked down the hall, Duo walked a little closer to Heero and grabbed Heero's hand. Heero looked up startled but didn't let go. He smiled a little and Duo smiled back. They walked out and found Trowa and Quatre kissing heatedly in front of their car. Duo whistled appreciatively and they jumped apart. Trowa smiled a little sheepishly and went to the driver's side and got in. Quatre smiled and blushed in embarrassment and looked anywhere but at Duo. That's when he noticed that Heero and Duo were holding hands. He watched as they disengaged and Heero went to the backseat door on the driver's side and Duo came over to him. He raised one eyebrow in question and Duo just smiled widely. They all got in the car and Trowa drove them to meet the rest of their friends at their favorite hangout.

They ate dinner, went to the arcade, and generally just had fun. Duo held Heero's hand the whole time and they were never far from each other. The others smiled secretly at each other. All of them noticing the changes that were occurring. It wasn't until 9 when they decided they should head home. Trowa took Quatre, Duo and Heero home.

Since Heero's house was the closest they dropped him off first. Duo walked Heero to the door and smiled at him. They stood outside the door for a few minutes just looking at everything but each other.

"Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Have a good night."

Before Heero could react Duo swept down and kissed him chastely on the lips. It was only for a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity to Heero. Then before he could blink Duo was gone. He watched as Duo jumped into the car and waved goodbye. He half-heartedly waved back too shocked to do much else. The car drove off with Heero still standing at the door. Heero reached up with his hands and touched his lips. Then he smiled and walked through the door.

Heero's mother had been at the window and watched the whole scene. She smiled when she saw how happy Heero was. For the first time since they got him back he had smiled. She would forever be grateful to that boy. Now she was off to see if she could get any information from her son.

Duo was smiling goofily in the car. It was a quiet drive to Duo's home but Duo didn't mind. He was too busy thinking about Heero and his lips. How soft they had felt against his. He was jolted from his thoughts when Trowa stopped the car in front of the orphanage. Duo smiled at them and got out. He ran up to the stairs and into the orphanage.

Meanwhile Trowa and Quatre drove away.

"They got it bad, don't they?"

"Oh yeah."

Duo ran into the orphanage and went to find Sister Helen. He just had to tell her the great news. He found her cleaning up the playroom. He helped her clean but he never lost his smile. Sister Helen saw the smile and smiled in response.

"Something good happen today Duo?"

"Yes, Sister, yes. You remember that boy I was telling you about?"


"No, its Heero. Anyways, I asked him on a date and he said yes! Can you believe it?"

Duo had told the Sister and Father about his sexual preferences when he first figured it out. He had been a little afraid of their reactions but they just hugged him and said that love was love. Sister Helen smiled at the pure happiness radiating from Duo.

"Yes I can believe it. You are a bright, smart boy. Who wouldn't want to date you?"

Duo ignored the question. He didn't like to upset Sister Helen and telling her the truth would hurt her. So he evaded the question.

"We're going out tomorrow night at seven. I can't wait."

Sister Helen smiled and listened as Duo recounted to her what had happened and how great Heero was. She had heard many good things and if he uplifted Duo's spirit so much, Sister Helen was happy for him.

The next day Duo was so excited that he couldn't sit still. He hoped school would hurry up and end. He wanted to go to practice and then get ready for his date with Heero. Heero likewise was excited but he was also nervous as hell. This would be the first date he had ever gone on. At lunch they exchanged nervous smiles. The rest of the day after lunch kind of slowed down for both of them. All they wanted was to get out of there so they could prepare for their date.

When Heero finally got home he went directly to his room. He decided the best way to pass the time was to finish his homework and then he would get ready for his date. Duo meanwhile had to go to football practice. For the first time in his life he didn't want to go but he had to. He got ready and went out onto the practice field. They started out with some exercises to loosen up then they started to play skirmishes. Their first game was next week and they needed to be ready.

Duo watched the skirmish with little interest. He knew he was better but doubted he would ever play like he wanted to. As he watched, one of the linebackers on the defense rushed the quarterback. He wasn't expecting it and they both fell down hard. Duo watched with concern. It didn't look good. When the linebacker got off the quarterback , the quarterback didn't move. Duo moved towards the fields while the coach and several others ran to the fallen player. Everyone else stopped and watched to see what would happen. All the players began to move in and huddle around the downed quarterback.

"He's conscious," The coach yelled. There was a sigh of relief heard through the mass of football players. "But we need to get him to the hospital. He's hurt bad."

They ambulance arrived soon after and loaded him up to take him to the hospital. The other players got into their cars to drive after them. Trowa drove Duo with him to the hospital to see how the guy was doing. They got to the hospital and found the other players sitting in the waiting room. So they found themselves seats to wait it out. It had been a couple of hours when Duo looked up at the clock. He gasped at the time, it was almost seven. He needed to call Heero. He went to the nurse's desk to ask where the nearest pay phone was. She directed him to go down the hall and take a left. He found the pay phone and called Heero. It took a couple of rings before someone picked up.

"Yuy residence."

"Hi, Can I speak to Heero, please?"

"One moment."

Duo waited anxiously for Heero to answer.


"Hi Heero it's me Duo."

"Hi Duo. Ummm why are you calling me? You're supposed to be picking me up in a few minutes."

"Yeah I know. I'm sorry Heero but something's happened. The quarterback for our team got hurt and needed to go to the hospital. That's where I am now. I need to be here with the rest of the team to see what the prognosis is. So we're going to have to put off the date tonight."

"Oh." Duo could hear the disappointment in Heero's voice.

"It doesn't mean I don't want to date you I just can't do it tonight. How about tomorrow at the same time. I swear I'll make this up to you and take you on the best date you ever had."


"Really. I swear."


"Great. I'll see ya tomorrow Heero. You have a good night and sleep tight."

"You too, Duo. Night."

Duo hung the phone up and sighed. He really wanted to go on that date but at least it was only postponed until tomorrow. He went back to the waiting room and sat next to Trowa.

"Any news?"


Duo sighed and fell quiet. They all waited another hour before the coach finally walked into the waiting room. They all stood to see what he would say.

"Jason's fine. Unfortunately he has a broken leg and that means he can't play for the rest of the year. That means you, Maxwell, will now be playing Quarterback."

Duo had never felt so excited but he made sure to not let it show. He didn't need the rest of the team to know he was happy that Jason got hurt. Not that he wanted him to get hurt but it was giving Duo the chance to play.

The other guys looked a little dumbfounded and all turned to look at Duo. Waiting to see what he did next. Duo realizing that all eyes were on him thought it might good to say something.

"I'm really sorry about what happened to Jason, coach…"

Before he could say more one of the bigger football players sneered, "Yeah I'm sure you're real sorry."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Duo spat out.

"It means that you have been waiting for this to happen. You probably orchestrated this from the beginning."

"I'm not the guys who let the guy by. I'm also not the one who tackled Jason to the ground."

Before the other guy, who Duo realized was the one who had tackled Jason to the ground, could speak they heard a new voice shout.


They all turned and saw Jason walk out on crutches.

"This was no one's fault. Now you all will have to listen to Maxwell here or we won't win. I want you all to listen to him and play with him like you do with me. Do you all understand?"

The other players nodded their heads but three players in the back didn't. They never liked Maxwell and they definitely didn't want to put up with him on the same team. But they knew that there wasn't anyone to take his place. But they decided to make it hard for Duo to do anything. Duo on the other hand was happy that he had the quarterback on his side. When the quarterback walked past him Duo whispered, "Thanks."

"Don't thank me. Just because I defended you doesn't mean I like you. I only want our team to win. I could care less about you."

With that said Jason left. Duo stood there and felt a little hurt but he understood. He just had Trowa drive him home. He had a lot to think about. First was how he was going to play on team where the only person who liked him was the kicker. And the second was how he was going to make up for the missed date with Heero. He solemnly made his way to his room and went to sleep. Hopefully the morning will give him some answers.

The next day found Duo at school eating lunch with his friends the questions still unanswered. Heero walked up to him slowly and sat next to him. Heero wasn't sure if the date was still on for tonight. Maybe Duo changed his mind again. Duo noticed that Heero looked like he was waiting for Duo to reject him for something.

"Hey Heero anything wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong."

"Okay, we're still on for our date tonight right?"

Heero looked up surprised but nodded his head yes. He felt joy well up in him when he realized that Duo still wanted to go out with him. Duo immediately noticed how Heero relaxed when he asked about the date but he decided to keep quiet on it. Quatre looked up when he heard the word date.

"You two are going on a date?"

"Yes Quatre we are."

"Great. It's about time you asked him out."

"Yeah. Thanks for the advice Quatre. Well we would have gone out last night but Jason, our quarterback got hurt."

"Is he okay?" Relena piped up. The others knew she had been dating him before the rumors started. She had fallen in love with him and was hurt when he dumped her because of the rumors, but she still loved him. He was now dating Hilde, which hurt Relena even more. They hardly ever talked about him in the group.

"Yeah, he's fine. He only broke his leg."

"So the rumors are true. You're the quarterback now?" This time it was Dorothy who asked.

"Yep, that's right. I'm the new quarterback."

"Congratulations Duo. I know you've been waiting for awhile now."

"Thanks Quatre."

They went back to eating their meal in silence. Heero had leaned over into Duo throughout the conversation. When the conversation was over he moved to sit back up when Duo put a hand around his waist to keep him there. Heero looked down and blushed at the attention. Duo smiled at the blush and started a new conversation. The others had noticed the interaction but hadn't said anything.

After the last class Duo was getting ready to leave and go to practice when Heero stopped him.

"Hi Heero. What's up?"

"Ummm…for our date…where are we going?"

Duo smiled at the nervousness radiating from Heero. Heero had his head bent down and was studying his shoes. Duo put a finger under Heero's chin and lifted until he could see Heero's eyes.

"I thought dinner and a movie. Is that okay with you?"

"Umm…y-yeah that's fine with me. Thank you Duo."

"Thank you for what?"

"Telling me and taking me out on a d-date."

"Heero, the pleasure is all mine. I don't need to be thanked. Now I need to go to practice. I'll pick you up at 7pm. You just be ready."


Duo bent down and pecked Heero on the cheek and ran off for practice. Heero blushed and put his hand to his cheek. He smiled at the feeling and went home. When Heero got home he realized he didn't have anything to wear. Like last night, he didn't know what to wear on a date. He had still been in his boxers when he answered the phone call from Duo. But tonight Duo expected him to be ready for the date. He knew he needed help but didn't want to embarrass himself in front of his friends. So he went to the one person who he thought could help.


"Heero? What is it honey?"

Inside she was jumping for joy and a little worried. He had finally talked to her but he sounded nervous. She didn't want to scare him off.

"I..ummm…need help."

"What do you need help with?"

"I have a d-date t-tonight and I…I was wondering if you…you could help me dress for it."

"Sure sweetheart. Where are you two going?"

"He…I mean we're going to dinner and the movies."

Heero hoped she would overlook his accidental slip. He didn't want to come out to his parents yet. Right now they were the only stable things he had and he didn't want to lose it. Heero's mother looked deep in thought. She had heard the slip but didn't say anything afraid that Heero would recoil and leave.

"Well let's go see what you have in your closet?"

Heero sighed in relief and nodded. He followed his mother to his room and together they figured out what would be best to wear on his date and some tidbits he should know.

Duo had just finished practice and he was sorer than he had ever been in his life. They had not held back for him. Some even more violent than necessary but made sure that the coach didn't see it. He looked around after he finished his shower and found he was the only one left in the locker room. He got dressed slowly and was about to leave when he heard his named called from behind him. When he turned he saw Jason sitting on a bench with his crutches on the floor in front of him. Apparently he was wasn't the only one left.

"What do you want Jason?"

"Come over here and sit. I want to talk to you."

Duo found this odd and his curiosity was peaked. Never had Jason wanted to talk to him but he had never been out for the season either. Duo made his way over and sat next to Jason.

"Look, I was watching practice today and noticed some things. Mainly you had no control over your team."

"It's hard to have control when no one wants to listen to you."

"Yeah I know, but you need to make them listen. Don't beg or plead for them to. You have to demand that they do. You also have to be tough but I think you have that part under control. I just wish I could be as tough as you."

"What? You are tough. You were…are the quarterback. Everyone listens to you. You are a great quarterback and as tough as they come."

"Listen Duo. I'm going to tell you something that I don't want to leave this room. Okay?"

"Okay. I'm listening."

"I admire you. You are a better player than I am and don't give me that disbelieving look. I know a better player when I see him. I believe that you could lead this team to the championship, something I haven't been able to do. I'm not as tough as you think I am. If I was maybe I would have stayed with Relena rather than dumping her for some stupid rumor Hilde started."

Duo's mouth was hanging open. Never in a million years would he expect Jason to say what he was saying. He got his dazed mind under control and shut his gaping mouth. Jason looked upset and staring forlornly at the floor. Sensing his pain he decided to try and help Jason.

"Why don't you just go back to Relena if you still care for her?"

"Because I…I...I don't know."

"Well why did you start dating Hilde?"

"I started dating Hilde in hopes that maybe she would take back the rumor. Maybe Relena could get back in good graces with her friends and rise back up to being popular. I knew how much that meant to Relena. I just wanted to see her happy again. But then she found you guys and didn't seem to think of me anymore. So I stayed where I was."

"Look man, she still loves you and cares for you. She is still hoping that you will come back to her. If I were you I would dump Hilde and go to Relena."

"You make it sound so easy but I would lose all my friends if I did that."

"Listen I don't know what else to tell you. But think about it. Do your friends mean more to you than Relena? And are they really your friends if all they think about his how popular you are instead of who you are? Think about it. I will take your advice though. Thanks. I'll see you later."

Duo walked out the door. He didn't wait for an answer knowing Jason needed to think. He could only hope Jason figured out for himself what Relena had already found out. He rushed home and got ready for his date with Heero.

At 7pm he drove Trowa's car, which he was borrowing for the night, up to Heero's house well more like mansion. He parked and got out to go to the front door. He knocked and waited for someone to answer. A butler came to the door and ushered him in to the main hall. The butler then left to go get Heero. Soon Heero came rushing down the stairs ready to go. Duo looked up at the vision that came down the stairs. He had on fitted black slacks that didn't leave much to the imagination. His shirt was blue, the same color of his eyes, and it looked to be silk. His hair looked a little tamer but not much.

Heero had never been so excited in his life. He still expected the call to come in saying that Duo had to cancel yet again but it never came. The butler had gotten him and told him that Duo was here. He raced out of the room and went down the stairs. He looked down at Duo and almost fell down the stairs. Duo was wearing tight black jeans that showed off his lean legs. He was wearing a purple shirt with a few of the top buttons undone. It was neatly tucked in to his pants. Even his braid looked good. Duo smiled down at Heero when he finally got to Duo.

Duo took Heero's hand and kissed it.

"Do I get to meet the parents?"

"N-no. They're out tonight. But they told me to have fun but not get carried away."

"Do you have a time that you need to come back by?"

"They didn't say."


When Heero got home that night he couldn't stop smiling and he felt like he was floating on cloud nine. The date had been like a dream especially the part at the end. Duo had taken him to a small diner where they ate and talked about themselves a little bit. What their likes and dislikes were. After dinner they headed to the cinema. Duo asked which one Heero would like to see. Heero picked a scary one that had just come out. His mother had told him while helping him dress that a scary movie was a great excuse to getting closer to your date. He snuggled up to Duo before the movie started but quickly realized why his mother suggested it. Every time something popped up he would get scared and jump directly into Duo's arms. Duo would then hold him closer. He smiled at the feeling of safety that Duo was giving him. He snuggled deeper in Duo's arms while watching the movie. When it ended Duo drove him home. He parked and walked Heero to the door. Heero smiled wider when he remembered Duo leaning down and kissing him. This time longer than the last time. He could still feel Duo's lips on him and how soft they were. He couldn't wait until they went out again.

His parents watched him come in and noticed his dreamy smile but let him be. They felt that Heero would tell them when he felt he needed to. Besides he had asked for help and they felt that was just one step closer to getting him to open up and talk to them.


The next couple of days were a mixture of Heaven and Hell for Duo. Heaven because of the dates he had with Heero. Hell because of the football practices. Duo hoped the Hell part would fix itself soon. He didn't know if he could survive the beating. Already his body resembled road kill. He was literally covered with bruises. Heero had been concerned but Duo told him that he was fine and he would fix the problems.

Tonight was the big day and despite what he told Heero he hadn't fixed the problem. They still let him get beat up on. He didn't know what to do anymore. He was slowly getting pissed off.

The whole team was in the locker room preparing for the game. Duo was just putting his pads on when Trowa tapped him on the shoulder. Duo raised an eyebrow in question. Trowa just pointed his head to the side. Duo looked over and noticed that Jason was walking determinedly towards him. If he took time to notice the other players he would have noticed that some of them sneered as he past.


"Jason, what can I do for you?"

"I wanted to wish you good luck and I wanted to thank you."

"Thank me?"

"Yes Thank you for your help. With out it Relena and I wouldn't be back together."

"You and Relena got back together?"

"I thought you would have heard the gossip by now."

"Umm…Sorry I haven't. I've been so preoccupied with things that I haven't heard any gossip."

"Well I had a noisy breakup with Hilde and then begged forgiveness from Relena. She yelled at me at first but then forgave me. Well somewhat, I'm on a trial basis with her. I plan to pass the trial."

"That's great man! Have you met the rest of the group?"

"Not yet, Relena and I just got back together like five minutes ago."

"Well meet the first one, this is Trowa. Trowa this is Jason. Our new friend."

Trowa nodded his greeting and shook Jason's hand.

"Hi Trowa."

There was an uncomfortable silence.

"Well I better get going, Relena is expecting me."

"Okay. See ya around and tell Relena that you already met us."

"Will do. Oh and Duo. Beware of Hilde. She is out for your blood right now. I would stay away from her."

"Thanks for the warning."

Trowa just looked at Duo when Jason left. Duo blinked innocently and smiled. Trowa just shook his head at his friend. It never ceased to amaze him how easily someone could be friends with Duo. They suited up and after the coach gave them some encouraging words they ran out onto the field. The crowd roared when they came out onto the field. They spread out and started to warm up. Every so often Duo would look to the stands to see if he could find Heero. Heero had said he would come to the game. He caught sight of Quatre in the stands and moved down the line of friends until he recognized Heero. Heero was looking right at him and then he waved. Duo smiled and got back to warming up.

The game started too soon for Duo, who was becoming nervous. The referee called for the captain of the two teams and two other players to come out onto the field. They all shook hands and the referee asked the visiting team's captain to call it. The referee flipped a coin in the air and the captain shouted heads. It landed on tails. The referee then turned to Duo to ask if they wanted to be offensive or defensive. He thought about it for a second and said offensive. Then they shook hands again and prepared to start the game. The other team kicked off and they ended up at their own thirty-yard line. Duo realized he needed to go seventy more yards for a touchdown.

Duo called a huddle and read the first play from the offensive coach's gestures. He related it to his teammates and hoped that the play went fine. Duo got behind the center and got ready to make the first play of the game. He started to sweat and pant just from the nervousness and adrenaline running through his system. He smiled, this is what he lived for. He barked out the cadence that they had set up and the center snapped him the ball. Duo ran back a few feet and looked for his wide receivers. He found one that was relatively free and threw to him. He watched as his ball soared through the air in a perfect throw but he never got to see if the player caught it. He was tackled quite ruthlessly to the ground.

Heero had seen the guy come up behind Duo and tackle him to the ground. His heart leapt into his throat and hoped Duo was okay. When he saw the guy get up and then Duo stand after him he breathed a sigh of relief.

Duo heard a cheer go through the crowd and it took him a moment to realize which side was cheering. It was their side, apparently the wide receiver had caught the ball. When the heavy player got off of him he slowly stood up. He saw that they had made it to about the fifty-yard line. They re-huddled quickly and Duo told them the next play. He missed the unholy glint in their eyes, too focused on the next play and the idea that maybe his luck had changed. He got everything set up and was snapped the ball. The next thing he knew he was down on the ground with a 320 lb behemoth on top of him. He realized he still had the ball and was a little glad that he did. The whistle sounded and the heavy player got off. Duo stood up and glared at his fellow players. He had an inkling that the guy getting through wasn't a fluke.

The next two plays played out the same way. Each time he got the ball he was sacked. He was getting pissed off but it was too late to yell at anyone. He saw Trowa run onto the field as he prepared to punt. He wanted to say something but the look in Duo's eyes told him to hold his tongue.

When it was finally half time Duo was livid. The other team had scored 14 points while they were still at zero. The only reason this was happening was because the other players weren't helping much. He got sacked a couple more times but some of the other plays got completed. The coach had yelled at him and when he told him the problem the coach told him he had to deal with it. Duo made his way to the locker room and didn't even look to see if Heero was watching.

Heero frowned when Duo passed by without even looking at him. He had been extremely worried when Duo was tackled so many times. Heero looked at Duo's face and saw the barely suppressed anger. He winced at the face and went to sit back down. He would talk to him later when he was in a better mood.

When the team got into the locker room they just sat down on the bench, looking like they were whipped but Duo knew better. He knew they were happy with the way things were going.

The coach looked ready to yell at them when Duo put up a hand and asked if he could speak. The coach relented and Duo walked to the front and turned to face his fellow football players. The other players looked at Duo and some were going to say something snide but stopped. Duo's glared for all he was worth at them and the other players were a little intimidated. The look spelled death to anyone who interrupted him.

"I want you all to listen to me and listen good. I want this all to stop. I am here to play football NOT to be ground beef because you are acting like petty little children. I know some of you are seniors and this is your last year before you go to college. I hope you know that college recruiters DO NOT recruit players who can't work well with others. Now I don't care if don't like me but you will play like football players or mark my words I will make your lives a living hell. Now anyone who wants to stay on my good side better get their asses up here and stand beside me."

Duo waited for some kind of response. Trowa stood, smirked at Duo and walked to stand beside him. Soon after, a couple of more players stood behind Duo. Then most of the team was standing behind Duo except for a select few who obstinately sat on the bench. Duo smiled, at least he got some of them to see reason.

"Well good enough. Now let's go out their and win this game. Okay Guys?"

Cheers resounded and they grabbed their gear and exited. The half was over and the game started again. Duo was once again behind the center and got ready for the ball to be snapped to him. He looked at the defense to see if they had decided to rush but it didn't seem like it. Duo called out the code again and was snapped the ball. He ran back a few feet and noticed one of the other team's player running straight at him. He moved to get out of the way but the player wasn't taking his sights off of him. Duo decided not to worry about him and look for his receiver. He found one and threw to him just as the other guy was breathing down his neck. He kept his eyes on the ball but waited to be tackled When nothing came he finally looked to where he had last seen the other player only to find him a couple of feet away on the ground. One of his teammates stood proudly and gave him a thumbs up. Duo smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Then moved on to the next play.

To Duo the game went too fast and before he knew it the game was over. They had won with a score of 21 to 14. The crowd was roaring and Trowa came out and gave him a hug. They had won their first game and it was the great feeling for Duo. But Duo knew the road would be a hard and long one. He knew he hadn't got the trust nor the belief that he could lead their team to victory. He still needed to prove himself.

Duo shook these thoughts from his head and went towards the locker room. This time he looked for Heero and found him leaning over the railing, smiling. Duo ran over and looked up at Heero.

"Great game."

"Thanks Heero. I need to go shower and change. I'll see ya afterwards okay?"


Duo flexed his finger at Heero indicating that Heero should get closer. Heero knelt down and went through the railing to get closer to Duo. Duo stood on his tiptoes and kissed Heero on the lips. Heero blushed and backed away. Duo just grinned at him and darted to the locker room. Heero straightened and blushed even redder when he noticed that his friends were watching and smiling at him. But he couldn't stop the happy feeling bubbling up inside him.

They waited out in the parking lot for the Duo and Trowa to come out. The two finally waltzed out and walked towards the group. When they got there they were greeted with hugs for a job well done.

"Thank you, Thank you."

"You did a good job Duo. I could tell you finally took control in the second half of the game."

"Yeah, I finally took your advice Jason. Some of them kind of respect me…"

"More like wary of you."


"What do you mean Trowa?"

"Well he practically scared the others into submission with a look of death. Most just don't want to get on his bad side.

"Whatever, I did what I had to do. Hopefully I'll gain their respect and all those sacks won't happen again."

Heero walked up to Duo and leaned against him.

"Are you okay Duo?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Are you cold?"

Heero nodded his head. That was one of the reasons he leaned against Duo in the first place. Duo put a hand around his waist and pulled him closer. They chatted for a few minutes before they decided that they should go somewhere warmer to talk. They all piled into the three cars they had taken and drove to Denny's to eat.

The next day Duo had expected that maybe some of the his other classmates would be nicer to him but they didn't. They acted like he had nothing to do with the game yesterday and the fact they had won. He was a little disheartened but got over it quickly. During lunch Duo came to the table to see Trowa reading the school paper.

"Anything good?"

"You could say that."

With that said Trowa showed Duo the front page. On the front page was a picture of the game. Duo quickly grabbed the paper to read. As he read the story he couldn't believe the biasness of it. His name was only printed once and all other times he was referred to as the quarterback. He put down the story and grimaced at the paper. Apparently winning one game didn't get you any praise.

"Well doesn't this suck. Here I thought that people might think I'm a good player but I guess I was wrong."

Duo hhmphed and practically hurled the paper back at Trowa. Trowa nodded his head in agreement and promptly threw the paper away. Duo smiled at the gesture.

"Thanks Trowa."

"No problem Duo."

Soon the others came to the table and all sat down. They all started to chat about their day. Duo was happily relating a funny thing that happened at the orphanage that morning when a voice spoke up from behind him.

"Talking about street rats again? Tsk Tsk, you should know by now that no one really cares about your silly little stories."

Heero growled and glared at the girl. She smirked at him, which only seem to infuriate him more. He would have done something had Duo not held his arm.

"Hello Hilde. Is there something you wanted?"

"Why yes there is but first I would like to have my boyfriend back. Jason, come back to me. Whatever this trash told you is not true. You shouldn't believe him. Besides, what is a quarterback with out the head cheerleader for a girlfriend."

"I'm not a quarterback anymore Hilde. And NO I will not go back to you."

"Jason cut out the crap. You know your reputation is going to go down. I know you feel some sort of obligation to the team and to help out this trash so that our team can win. But don't you think this is going a bit too far."

Jason was surprised when his friends all got up. They started to shout obscenities at Hilde but he stopped them.

"Guys this is my fight. Look Hilde. I don't care about my reputation. I found that my friends were lacking in loyalty and found friends who wouldn't turn their back on me. I mean just now they all stood up to defend me when I hardly deserve it for the way I treated them. And as for going back to you. Again I repeat no I will not. I'm staying with Relena. She is the only one I'll ever love."

Hilde was enraged with fury when Jason denied to come back to her. She glowered at Relena.

"You want this…this…slut for a girlfriend instead of me?"

A slap rang out through the cafeteria. Jason stood there eyes flaming as he glared at his ex-girlfriend.

"You will never call Relena a slut do you hear me. That rumor was a lie and I know because she told me it was. I only went to you to try and get you to stop the rumor so she could get back her status. You were nothing to me. If I ever find out that you or anyone else speaking badly about any one of my friends I will find you and you won't just get a slap on the face."

Jason sat back down and cradled his girlfriend to him. Relena was shocked but smiled in happiness when she realized what Jason had actually said. He had turned down popularity for her. She leaned over and kissed him soundly. He was surprised for a moment but accepted the kiss anyways.

Hilde was more livid than ever. She turned her blazing eyes to Duo.

"You'll pay for this street trash. If it is the last thing I do, I'll get even with you and your slut of a boyfriend."

Duo moved to slap her too when Heero got in-between them.

"She's not worth it."

Duo looked into calm blue eyes and relaxed. He smiled at Heero and took his hand. They both sat down and started to eat again. Everyone ignored the fuming Hilde and went back to eating. Hilde stomped off in a huff vowing vengeance and making plans of revenge.

Duo frowned at the sense of foreboding flowing through his body. Heero caressed his cheek and Duo snapped out of it. He smiled and kissed the hand caressing his cheek. Heero blushed yet again and looked down.

"Guys I think we should watch out for the next couple of weeks. Who knows what Hilde is capable of when she is mad."

The others nodded their head in acquiescence. Then Duo looked at Jason.

"I liked what you said Jason. You really figured out what I was trying to tell you. I'm happy you think so highly of us. And be rest assured if you need us we'll be there for you."

"As I will be there for you if need be."

"Thanks Jason."

They ate silently for the rest of the period.


It had been several weeks after the first game and their team had won a few more games. It was Friday night and Heero was nervous. Duo was coming over to meet his parents. He had already met Sister Helen and Father Maxwell, the adopted parents of Duo, a couple of weeks ago. It had gone splendidly, but he wasn't sure about his parents. He still hadn't told them about his sexual preferences. He wasn't sure if his mother knew or not.

Actually he hadn't told anyone his problem. He was too afraid too. He didn't want to lose the friends he made no matter what how loyal they said they were. He was fidgeting in his seat in the den waiting for Duo to arrive. He had told his parents that a friend was coming to dinner. They had been excited about it and had the chef cook a grand dinner for them. Heero felt a bit overwhelmed by it all but vowed to get through this night. He didn't know why but he felt he needed to tell his parents.

Ever since Heero's first date he started to open up to his parents. He blamed it on Duo's influence. His parents couldn't have been happier that their son was finally talking to them. Heero's mother noticed that Heero was fidgeting on the sofa.

"Heero calm down. You're only bringing a friend to dinner. Your friend will be here soon."

Those words didn't calm him down. A few minutes later the butler came in and told him that his friend was waiting in the main hall. Heero jumped up and all but flew to the main hall. He saw Duo standing there looking every bit a sophisticated man. He had on dark black slacks with a nice sweater on.

Duo turned and smiled at Heero when he heard him approach. Heero never failed to take Duo's breath away. Heero was dressed in gray slacks with a black sweater. The sweater looked a little too big for him but it just made him look more enticing.

"Hi Duo."

"Hi Heero. So do I look okay? I had to ask Quatre and Trowa about the wardrobe. I wanted to look good but sophisticated when I met your parents."

"You look beautiful." Heero blushed when he realized what he said. He didn't mean to say it out loud but he did and he couldn't take it back nor did he want to. Duo smiled widely at Heero. Heero noticed the mischievous glint in his eye and became wary. The last time he had seen that glint he had been tackled into a pile of leaves and tickled till he couldn't breath. Duo stepped back a step and bowed. Then he reached down and lightly grabbed Heero's hand and brought it up to his lips. He kissed the back of the hand before letting it fall. Heero colored but smiled at the treatment.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look when you blush like that?"

All Heero could do was nod. In fact, every time he blushed Duo would say he was beautiful. It seemed that Duo's goal in life was to make him blush. While he was thinking about that line of thought he never noticed Duo inching closer to him. He was startled when a kiss was placed on his lips and he looked up into blue-violet eyes. With them so close all he could smell was Duo. Duo leaned down and kissed him on the lips again. The kiss would have gone deeper but Heero heard his parents coming down the hall. He quickly broke the kiss and jumped back. Just in time for his parents to turn the corner. Duo looked confused but kept his mouth shut.

"Ahh you must be Duo. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you ma'am, sir."

"You don't have to be so formal with us boy. Call me Mr. Yuy or Odin. Come now dinner should be ready."

"Okay Mr. Yuy."

Mr. Yuy and Duo walked off to the dinning room while Heero watched. He then followed them with his mother by his side. His mother walked next to him and looked at him.

"Heero everything will be fine. I think he's cute and he seems sweet on you."

Heero gaped at his mother and started to panic. His mother noticed and rushed to allay his fears.

"Heero it's alright. I know already and it's fine with me. I also know it will be definitely okay with your father. You don't have to worry."

Heero nodded his head but didn't believe her. When they got to the dining room they found Mr. Yuy and Duo talking animatedly about football. Mrs. Yuy just shook her head and moved to sit next to her husband. Heero sat next to Duo. Soon after they all sat down dinner was served. Dinner was a quiet affair and Duo kept giving Heero weird looks.

Duo was confused, he could only guess why Heero jumped away from his kiss when his parents came in and he didn't like it. After dinner they decided to sit in the den and get to know Duo better. While Heero's parents led the way Duo hung back with Heero. When they were a proper distance away he stopped Heero.

"Heero, are you ashamed of me?"

"No Duo why do you ask that?"

"Well you jumped away from me in the hall. What am I supposed to think?"

"It wasn't like that Duo. I…I…"

"You, you what?" Duo said sarcastically

Heero didn't know what to say. He was flustered and couldn't get his emotions in check enough to come up with a suitable answer for Duo. Duo taking the silence as a confirmation of what he thought Heero was feeling, decided to leave.

"Well you obviously have no good excuse for why you did that. I can only assume it is because you are ashamed of me. I'm disappointed in you Heero. I'm leaving."

Duo turned on his heel and headed towards the main hall to leave. Heero ran after him and hugged him from behind. Duo struggled half-heartedly which made Heero hold on harder.

"Wait Duo. I'm not ashamed of you, never you. I'm more ashamed with myself. Duo I haven't even told my family I'm gay yet and I didn't want to shock them before I could get them to like you first. I'm sorry Duo, please forgive me?"

Duo relaxed when he heard the words and turned in Heero's arms. He looked into the pleading blue eyes and knew he could never leave those eyes. He brought his hand up and caressed Heero's cheek. Heero leaned into the caress glad that it seemed Duo had forgiven him.

"Well you could have told me but I'll let it go. Let's go and talk to your parents. Before they come looking for us."

Heero nodded and let go of Duo. Duo didn't want to be let go of him so he grabbed a hold of Heero's hand and they walked hand in hand to the den. When they got right outside the den Heero they let go of the other's hand and walked in.

"Ahh, Duo my boy I was wondering where you went. Sit sit…"

Before Mr. Yuy could say anymore Heero cleared his throat.

"Mom, Dad. I have something to tell you."

They waited patiently for Heero to continue. Heero looked at Duo and gathered the strength he needed to talk.

"Duo isn't only my friend. He's my boyfriend too."

With that said, Heero grabbed and held Duo's hand. His mother only smiled in response but his father was shocked. He didn't say anything for a very long time. He just seemed to be deep in thought.

"Odin, say something. You're making the boys nervous."

"Oh sorry. Well are you happy?"

"Yes we are."

"Good then I'm happy."

Heero sighed with relief and looked at Duo. Duo smiled in reassurance and gently squeezed his hand. Mrs. Yuy gasped which made both boys jump. Mr. Yuy just chuckled.

"Oh Dear. Look at the time. It's past eleven."

"Well I better be going. It was nice to finally meet you both."

"Wait Duo, why don't you stay the night. I don't want you driving home this late at night. We have plenty of room."

"No it's alright. I'm sure I can manage."

"Oh Duo please stay. It would make me feel better to know that you were safe."

"Well if you insist Mrs. Yuy."

"I do."

"Do you have a phone? I need to call Sister Helen and tell her I won't be home tonight."

"Sister Helen?"

Duo sighed. He didn't really want to have this conversation. They thought so highly of him right now and he didn't want to blow it. But he knew that he needed to tell them about himself sooner or later. He might as well bite the bullet now.

"Sister Helen and Father Maxwell run the orphanage. I was an orphan there before they adopted me into their care."

"Oh. I'm sorry that you were an orphan. I wish there didn't have to be orphans."

"It's okay Mrs. Yuy. I turned out okay and so are the others who are at the orphanage. So…umm…where's the phone?"

"Oh yes the phone. It's in the main hall near the closest. If you need I can call someone to escort you there."

Duo was going to say no but Mr. Yuy piped in before he could utter a word.

"No I think I can show him. Besides I need to talk to him."

Mr. Yuy motioned for Duo to go ahead of him and then the two of them left. That left Heero and his mother waiting in the den. Heero looked anxiously at her. He didn't know what his father wanted to talk to Duo about but he hoped it wasn't bad.

"Sweetie, it's okay. Your dad is just going to talk to him. Nothing bad will happen."

Mrs. Yuy sat next to her son to offer her support if needed. Heero sat there and stared at the floor but didn't take the offered support.

Meanwhile Duo and Mr. Yuy were walking down the hall. Duo glanced nervously at Mr. Yuy, he didn't know what he wanted to talk to him about but he hoped it wasn't bad.

"Son, first I want to say I'm sorry about my wife. She was born into a rich family and knows little about leading a hard life. I, on the other hand, was born into poverty. I see a little of me in you. I was given a chance like you were and grasped it with both hands. I hope you are doing the same."

"Yes I am."

"Good an education is the most important thing. Now some other things you might need to know. Heero has had a hard life as well. He was taken from us when he was young and placed with his grandfather. We don't know what happened to him while we tried to get him back. When we finally got him back he was different. He was very scared of everything around him. He's settled down some and isn't as jumpy as before. When he was a child he used to smile and laugh but after we got him back he stopped. He just started again and I have you to thank for it."

"No thanks necessary Mr. Yuy. I just love your son."

"I know, son. Thanks. I just needed the reassurance that you were serious."

"I am very serious Mr. Yuy and I haven't been more serious about anything else in my life. I hope his grandfather can't get his grimy fingers on my Heero anymore."

"Don't worry boy I took care of it. He won't be touching Heero or anyone else ever."

Duo saw the dark glint in Mr. Yuy's eyes telling him something dark and horrible happened to Heero's grandfather. But he didn't say anything just smiled evilly. The father answered in the same smile. They finally got to the phone and Duo called Sister Helen. Then they went back to the den.

When they got back, Heero stood and moved towards Duo. Duo just smiled and whispered reassurances in Heero's ear.

"Well it's been a long night boys and we have to get up early to meet the Winners. Heero why don't you show him to your…"

Before Mr. Yuy could finish the sentence, Mrs. Yuy smacked him upside his head. She frowned at him and Mr. Yuy mock glared at her.

"Okay, Okay fine, show him to one of the guest rooms. Happy?"


With that the Yuys bid them goodnight and headed off to their bed. Heero showed Duo to a guest room, which was in the same wing as Heero. His parents lived in the opposite wing. His room was right next door to Heero's room and a bathroom connected them. Duo smiled at this convenience when Heero wasn't looking. They bid each other goodnight.

They both got into their pajamas. Duo was borrowing a pair from Heero. Then they fell asleep.

During the night Duo woke up. He lay there in bed wondering what woke him up from a dream of Heero and a full bottle of chocolate syrup. Then he heard it. A whimper. It sounded like some one or thing was in pain. He got up and followed the sound. It led him to the bathroom door, he opened it and walked in. He didn't see anything but he heard the whimper again a little louder. That was when he realized it was coming from Heero's room. He rushed into his room to find Heero in the throes of a nightmare. He was fighting something in his sleep and his face was set in a deep frown. He emitted another high-pitched whimper and Duo rushed to calm him down.

When Duo got to the bed and grabbed one of Heero's arms, Heero fought back harder. He looked to be saying something. Then it became louder until Duo could hear the words.

"No…No more…please…I'll be a good boy…please stop…"

Duo repressed the urge to go hit something and used all his weight to restrain Heero while trying to wake him up.

"Wake up. Heero. You're dreaming. Come on Heero wake up. It's okay it's only a dream."

He repeated this over and over until Heero woke up with a gasp. He tensed at the unfamiliar weight on top of him and made to throw whatever was on him off when Duo spoke.

"Shhh…Heero it's okay. It was only a dream."


"Yes Heero, it's me."

Duo got up and sat beside Heero. He then opened his arms for Heero to crawl into if he wanted to. Heero hesitantly edged into Duo's arms. Once safely in his arms he melted and took the comfort Duo was offering. Duo held him tighter and started to rock him gently.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Heero nodded. It took a couple of tries but Heero finally got the words to come out and he told Duo about his past and his time spent with his grandfather.

He started at the beginning when his mother met his father. The part where his Japanese mother from a wealthy family fell in love with a poor half American half Japanese man. How her father, his grandfather, was disgusted and ordered her to marry someone of breeding or lose her inheritance. She had said no and they eloped. Then he went on to tell how he was born and was such a joy for his parents, at least that was what his parents had said.

Then onto the hard part of the story, his grandfather kidnapping him. Heero started to sniffle and choke out his words. He was trying really hard to hold back his tears but he didn't once stop telling his story. He went on to say how his grandfather had been watching the family and was very angered about the child. If his daughter were ever to get married to some one of good social breeding he had to get rid of the child. He had his men kidnap the child, Heero, and bring him back to him. His grandfather had a friend, who was a scientist named J. He wanted to make the boy disappear but he didn't want the death of a child on his hand so he handed the child over to his friend telling him he could do whatever he wanted with him.

Duo sat and listened intently as Heero recounted the time with the scientist. How he was beaten horribly if he uttered a word. How he couldn't make any choices about what he wanted done and what he did not want done to him. He didn't even have control over his own body. The scientist controlled him for a year before his parents found him and got him out. They had become rich in that year he was gone. Much more wealthier than his mother's own family. His grandfather, on his deathbed, told them where they could find Heero. He apparently felt guilty and wanted a clean soul before he died. Then Heero went on to say how scared of speaking or doing anything anyone didn't tell him to do. His parents got him the best psychologists in the world and they eventually got him to talk, but he never said much. Still afraid of the repercussions of speaking aloud.

By the end of his tale, Duo wanted to kill something. How could someone do such a horrible thing to his baby, his Heero? He wanted to kill the man who hurt Heero but knew he couldn't. Heero's father already alluded to the fact that he was dead and not by a natural death either. Then a thought came to him.

"Heero, do your parent's know what happened to you while in Dr. J's control?"

Heero shook his head no and sniffled.

"Maybe you should tell them. They should know what happened."

"No, I can't tell them. They wouldn't want me anymore."

"Of course they would want you. They love you. If you want I'll sit with you when you tell them."

Heero thought about it. He had wanted to tell his parents for a long time but didn't want to them to not want him anymore. But if Duo was there maybe it will be better, at least Duo would still want him.

"Okay. Tomorrow after breakfast."

"Good. Now you should go back to sleep Heero."

"NO! Don't leave…please stay?" Heero pleaded and clung tighter to Duo.

"Who said I was leaving? Do you want me to sleep in here with you tonight, so the nightmares don't come back?"

Heero looked up hopefully at Duo and nodded his head. Duo smiled and raised the covers so he could get under them with Heero. Heero moved away for a second but grabbed a hold of Duo's braid to make sure Duo wouldn't leave. When Duo was lying down, Heero moved over to him and snuggled up to him. He laid his head on Duo's chest and one of his hands was holding on to Duo's waist. The braid was resting in his other hand between his and Duo's bodies.


Heero nodded his head. Then he felt sleep overtake him. Duo watched as Heero eyes slowly slipped close. When he was sure he was asleep, he bent his head until he could whisper into Heero's ear.

"I'll protect you from now on, baby. No one will ever hurt you again. I promise."

In sleep, Heero smiled and cuddled closer. It was the first time he had gone to sleep without having a nightmare.

The morning came all to soon for them. Heero woke up to find that he was spooned up against Duo with Duo's braid still in his hand. Duo's arms were holding Heero to him and would tighten if Heero moved too much. Heero smiled and stroked the braid still in his hand. The braid gave him a sense of security and he brought it closer to smell. He turned over in Duo's arms and watched Duo sleep. Duo looked so peaceful in his sleep and he was smiling. Heero then looked at the braid still in his hands and got a wicked idea. He took the braid and started to tickle Duo's nose with it. He did it several times but stopped when Duo scrunched up his nose trying to evade the ticklish sensation.

Duo was coming out of dreamland when a ticklish sensation on his nose awoke him. He kept his eyes closed and it took a minute but he realized where he was and what was happening. He slitted his eyes open enough so that Heero didn't notice he was awake yet.

Heero was bringing the braid in for another attack on Duo's nose when Duo suddenly rolled them over. Heero looked up in surprise to see Duo's sparkling eyes above him. Duo was getting closer to his face and Heero closed his eyes waiting for the kiss he knew was coming. It never came instead Duo's hand went to Heero's sides and tickled him. Heero broke out in laughter.

"Thought you would get away with it didn't you?"

"*Gasp* Duo stop….ha ha ha ha…please….can't breathe….ha ha ha…*pant*"

Duo tickled him for a few more minutes but finally stopped. He looked down at Heero and saw that his blue eyes were slightly glowing with happiness, his chest heaving for air. To Duo it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He gently lowered himself onto Heero and kissed him soundly. Heero moaned into the kiss and threaded his fingers through Duo's hair. Duo could feel his erection growing and could feel the answering hardness in Heero's boxers.

Duo slowly brought one hand down and massaged Heero's chest, gently rubbing Heero's nipples. He heard Heero moan into the kiss and Duo slowly slid his hand down Heero's body until he got to the boxers. He let up on the kiss so they could breath. He looked questioningly at Heero and caressed Heero's erection through his boxers. Heero moaned and nodded his head. Duo slowly pulled the boxers down Heero's hips until Heero's cock was freed. Duo gently grabbed Heero's erection and started to pump slowly. Heero's cock was hard but the skin's texture was like stroking velvet.

Heero had never felt the pleasure he was feeling now before. At first when he felt the hand caress his most intimate part, he had been a little nervous but nodded his agreement. He felt Duo pumping him slowly and he hardened more. The feelings from the sensations were pooling in his groin just waiting to burst. Then he felt a warmth on his nipple and arched up into the feeling. He looked down to see Duo's head on his chest and he could feel the hand on his cock speed up a little but not enough. Heero whimpered and pleaded.

"Duo…please..go faster…please…please…"

"Shh…baby, just feel."

Heero slowly nodded but didn't stop his moans or whimpers. He felt Duo start kissing down his chest to his navel. Where Heero could feel Duo's tongue start to lick his bellybutton. Heero's stomach fluttered at the ticklish sensation. Duo then made his way down and settled just about Heero's cock. Heero closed his eyes when Duo's breath wafted across the head of his member.

"Heero, open your eyes, watch me."

Heero opened his eyes at the whispered command and looked down. He saw Duo's head descend on his cock and pleasure sear through his veins. He felt the wet warmth all around his cock. He opened his mouth wide but no sound came out. The pleasure robbing his voice box of sound. His back was arched at an incredibly angle but soon he flopped back down when Duo did nothing. Duo just kept still waiting for Heero to calm down enough to not hurt himself. When he did Duo starting sucking in earnest. Heero moaned louder and louder, and one stray thought ran across his mind, `I'm glad my parents sleep in the other wing.' Then it was lost in a haze of pleasure.

It was over too soon for Heero, but the pleasure burst out of him and into Duo's mouth. Duo moaned loudly around Heero's erection, which only served to heighten Heero's orgasm. Heero shouted his pleasure to the walls. Tremors ran through Heero's body as his orgasm ebbed. He looked down and saw Duo sitting in between his legs. His chest was covered with his own evidence of orgasm. Heero sat up and reached out to Duo's chest. He swiped some onto his fingers and swallowed it. The taste was tangy but still had a quality that screamed Duo. Duo moaned at the sight and started to harden again. Heero was going to repay the favor but Duo put a hand out to stop him.

"Come on let's get up and go eat breakfast. Your parents must be wondering what's keeping you. Well if they didn't hear the screaming that is."

Heero colored at Duo's tease and half-heartedly swatted him. Duo just smiled then swooped down and placed a tiny kiss on Heero's upturned nose and got up. Heero lay on the bed stunned for a minute before getting up as well.

When they got dressed they met each other in the hall and made their way downstairs to the dining room. When they got there they saw Mr. and Mrs. Yuy sitting down already eating their breakfast. They sat down and breakfast was brought out to them by one of the maids. They ate their breakfast in silence but every so often Duo gave Heero a pointed look. He wasn't going to allow Heero to back out of telling his parents. Heero sighed when he saw the determined look his boyfriend was sending him. He looked up at his parents and cleared his throat.

"Mom, Dad, I have something to tell after breakfast. Do you have the time?"

"Of course Heero. We always have time for you."

"Okay, thanks."

They went back to eating their breakfast in silence. When they were done and the plates cleared they waited for Heero to speak. Duo put his hand on Heero's back and started to rub it in a circular motion. Heero relaxed into the touch and began to tell all that happened to him at the hands of grandfather and the scientist, Dr. J.

After the story was over he felt relieved to have it finally off his chest. His mother rushed to him and held him close to her. She started to cry, which started Heero crying. He was relieved that they still wanted him. His father came over and hugged them both. Duo had backed away to let them have this moment.

Heero still needed to hear that they wanted him so in a small voice he asked, "Does this mean you still want me?"

"Want you? Of course we want you. You are our son. We could never not want you." His mother told him while rocking him as they cried.

"It wasn't your fault Heero, it was never your fault." His father said. Heero sighed in relief that they both still wanted him. Then his father abruptly strolled out of the room.

Odin Yuy had never felt so livid in his life but he repressed his anger to reassure his son. Then he left the room. He couldn't contain his anger anymore and didn't want his wife and son to get in the way. He swore if his father in law wasn't already dead he soon would be. He went into the den and calmly closed the door. Then he screamed his anger to the room and threw the first thing his hands got a hold of. He kept on throwing things in the room, his anger fueling the strength of the throw.

Heero looked questioningly at his mother wondering why his father had left so abruptly. They jumped when they heard a scream and a crash come from the den. The three ran to the den and opened to door to find Mr. Yuy totally destroying it. Mrs. Yuy moved to go in there but Duo held her back. They watched as he destroyed the whole den and waited until he calmed down a little before going in. Mrs. Yuy all but rushed into the room and ran right to her husband.


"I'm fine, honey. Heero come here please."

Heero looked a little frightened and looked at Duo. Duo nodded that it was okay and Heero went forward. When he got close enough, his father gathered him in his arms and held him tight.

"I'm sorry Heero. I'm so sorry."

Then Odin fell to his knees and hugged his son to him. All the guilt and shame of not protecting his son came to the forefront. He wept onto his son's shirt and held him tightly. Heero brought his hands up and held his father just as tightly.

"It's okay, dad."

Duo felt he was invading in on a private moment. He got Mrs. Yuy's attention and signaled that he was going to go. She nodded her head and watched as he leaved. Then looked at the father and son holding onto each other in the middle of the destroyed den, crying.

The Yuys decided to put off the meeting with the Winners until the next day. They wanted to spend the day as a family, to talk.

Duo knew he had done the right thing when he told Heero to tell his parents. But the pain it brought. To think that Heero thought no one wanted him was more than he could bear. It brought up horrible memories of families that didn't want him, of times spent in the orphanage alone thinking no one could ever want him. He drove to Trowa's house to return the car and had Trowa drive him home. When he got home he searched out Sister Helen and found her sitting in the kitchen with Father Maxwell. He could hear the other children in the playroom upstairs. He came right up to Sister Helen and stood there not saying a word. Sister Helen looked up at him.

"Duo, what is it?"

"Hold me. Just hold me."

Sister Helen opened her arms and Duo curled up in them. He felt the security of her arms and looked towards Father Maxwell. He was looking at him curiously, wondering what brought this on. Duo reached out a hand for him and Father Maxwell came around the table and grabbed it. He faltered slightly when Duo pulled him towards them. When he was close enough Duo grabbed onto him too.

"Duo what brought this on?"

Duo didn't answer right away and sighed. He felt better in the arms of the people who he knew loved him but he still needed the reassurance.

In a small voice he asked, "You still want me right?"

"Of course Duo. We'll always want you."

"Sister Helen is right. You're our son, now."

Duo sighed but didn't say anything else. Father Maxwell just shrugged at the look he got from Sister Helen. They both just held Duo tighter giving him the reassurance he needed. They stayed that way for a while then Duo moved to stand. He gave them both radiant smiles and went to the playroom to watch the kids.

Duo left later that day so he could be early to the football game that night. When the time came to go out on the field to warm up he looked for Heero in the stands as usual. What wasn't so usual was he found Heero sitting next to his parents who were also sitting next to the Winners. He was shocked for a few seconds but soon was grinning happily.

The game was a hard one. The teams were equally matched and the score kept shifting each time one team had the ball. Unfortunately the other team made a great play and they lost the game but not for a lack of trying.

When Trowa and Duo finally came out of the locker room they found the whole gang waiting for them along with the Yuys and the Winners. The four parents congratulated both Duo and Trowa on a game well played. After accepting their praises, Duo walked over to Heero and pecked him on the cheek. Heero reddened and gave him a small smile. Trowa did the same to Quatre. Quatre's father seemed a little disgusted at the scene and left. Duo looked questioningly at Quatre. Quatre just shook his head to indicate not now. He didn't want to get into it right now.

Duo just shrugged and that was the end of that, at least for now. The Yuys bid their farewells and followed the Winners. The gang decided to go out to eat and then go home. Duo wasn't in the mood to hang out too long. The day had been taxing for him and for Heero.

While they were at dinner Duo finally got Quatre to talk about what he had seen Mr. Winner do. The others stopped eating to listen to Quatre.

"It's nothing important. My dad just doesn't agree with my choice for a boyfriend. He thinks I should have chosen a girl. I told him I wouldn't. We had a fight but we fixed it. Nothing to worry about."

Duo look worried but Quatre gave him a smile and that was all he needed.

"Well if you ever need us we'll be there for you. Remember that."

Quatre smiled at the reassurance and nodded his head. The conversation began again with something less stressful.

During the meal Heero was getting tired and so was Duo. Duo told Trowa that he needed to take them home before they fell asleep at the table. They didn't fall asleep at the table but they fell asleep in the car. Heero was sleeping peacefully on Duo's chest and Duo had his arms around Heero with his head leaning on Heero's. When they came to Heero's stop, Trowa reached back and shook Duo awake. Duo in turn woke Heero up and walked him to the door. He gave a kiss goodnight and went back in to the car. Trowa then drove Duo home. Duo got out of the car, waved goodbye to Trowa and made his way into the orphanage. Duo went straight to his room and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.


It was the night before the big game. The game, which decided who went the championships and who won't. Duo was wide-awake even though he should be sleeping, he couldn't. His thoughts weren't giving him any rest. For the past month or so he had gotten the respect of the entire school. The popular kids, including Hilde, had asked him to rejoin their groups but he had declined. He knew better than to join a group of false friends when he had good enough friends as is. Heero had been upset when Hilde didn't get that point and promptly kissed him in front of the whole school.

Duo grinned when he remembered that kiss. He was always the one to initiate things but not that day.


They were eating lunch at their table as usual. Duo looked up when he heard a polite cough from behind him. He turned to see many girls from the more popular groups standing there. Among them was Hilde.

"Hi Duo. Since you are the star quarterback we've decided that you have earned the right to join our ranks. So do you want to join us?"

"Uhh…what about my friends?"

"Well I guess they could join but this is an exclusive club. They have to pass our requirements."

"Umm…thanks for the offer but no."

The girls looked down heartened when he answered. He was going to turn to eat his lunch when Hilde stepped forward.

"Duo," she started in a sickly sweet voice. No one bought it for a minute. "You should really reconsider. I mean everyone looks up to you and if you refuse these nice girls offer I'm sure your friends on the team won't be happy. You would lose all you have worked hard for. Besides I'm way better a girlfriend than your boyfriend over there. So what do you say?"

Duo was furious. He didn't know how many times he had to explain it to the woman she just didn't take no for an answer.

"Listen Hilde, I said No. N-O."

"But why?"

"I could state a couple of reasons. 1) I don't like you or people who pretend to be friends when they aren't. 2) I'm Gay, G-A-Y. I don't know how many times I have to tell you this."

"All you need is the right woman. What can this slut give you that I can't?"

Apparently that was enough for Heero. He immediately stood up and glared for all he was worth at her. Then he grabbed Duo's face turned it toward him and gave Duo the hottest kiss his is young life. When Heero felt he proved his point he let go of Duo, smirked at Hilde and sat back down. Some of the other classmates were clapping, some were gossiping, and others looked shocked. Duo looked dazed while Hilde was fuming.

"Mark my words, you'll regret ever doing that."


Duo couldn't stop grinning from that memory. He wished he could have snapped out of it earlier, he missed Hilde's expression. He went back to thinking about what Hilde's plan was. He told Heero to watch out for her, but didn't know if that was enough.

Heero was laying in bed thinking about Duo and all that has happened to him since he moved to America. He remembered how he used to hate it here but it quickly changed when he met Duo. How Duo was such a gentleman to him and made sure he was taken care of. He remembered one day when Duo didn't go to school because he had gotten sick and the tables were turned. Heero had to take care of Duo.


Duo was lying on his side facing the door. A bucket was situated on the floor and medicine littered the nightstand. He was covered head to toe with a big black comforter. Used tissues were scattered everywhere around the room. Duo was not a happy camper, he was missing practice because he was too ill to move. Sister Helen had gone downstairs to make him some soup and bring it back up to him. He dozed while waiting but snapped awake when he heard the door open. He looked at the door and was shocked when he saw Heero standing there holding a tray with soup and juice. Duo smiled warmly at him and watched Heero walk into the room. Heero smiled in return and sat on the bed, he put a hand to Duo's forehead.

"Duo, how are you feeling?"

Duo blew his nose so he could answer without sounding like he had a stuffed up nose.

"Sick. What are you doing here?"

"I heard you were sick."

Heero smiled down at Duo. Duo yawned loudly when he was done he looked sheepishly at Heero. Heero smiled down at him.

"Eat, take your medicine, then sleep."

Heero took the spoon and started to spoon feed Duo. Duo mock glared at Heero, "I can do this myself you know." Heero nodded his head but waited for Duo to open his mouth. Realizing that there was no way out of it he opened his mouth. He ate the soup, which made him more tired than he already was. He was barely awake when Heero tapped him again.




Heero measured out the Nyquil and waited until Duo was ready before giving it to him. Duo swallowed the nasty medicine down. He smacked his lips and swallowed convulsively to try and get rid of the nasty aftertaste. With a whispered, "Ugh." He fell asleep. Heero cleaned up his mess and watched over him while he slept. When Duo woke up later that day he didn't see Heero anywhere but he heard a child laughing. He got up to see what was so funny. When he got to the door he stopped, he heard voices on the other side.

"Shh…Duo's sleeping. We've got to be quiet."

"Kay, Mr. Heero."

Duo smiled and hurried back into bed. Heero came in and trailing behind him was four-year-old Brianna.

"Hi Bree." Duo croaked out. Brianna looked up at him and smiled. Then it turned to a frown and she pulled on Heero's pant leg.

"Mr. Heero, why does he sound like that?"

"Because he's sick. You better go back to the play room or you'll get sick like him."

"Is that true, Duo?"

"Yes, Bree. Now shoo."

Brianna looked a little disappointed but left anyway.

"How are you feeling?"


"You sound it. I've got to go. I hope you get better soon. Oh and here."

Heero handed him a crane made out of origami. Duo looked at it questioningly and waited for Heero to explain.

"There is an old Japanese story about how paper cranes are supposed to make a sick person better. I thought I would make you one. I don't remember the story all that much."

Duo smiled at the crane and set it carefully down on the nightstand. Then he motioned for Heero to get closer. Heero leaned down to him to see what he wanted. When Heero was close enough he pulled him forward and gave him a kiss. Heero pulled back, a little bit irritated but smiled anyways. Then he left to go home. Two weeks later he was sick with the cold.


It wasn't the best tasting kiss he had received but he liked it just the same. Then his thoughts turned to Hilde. Duo had warned him to be careful of her but he didn't know what to expect. He fell asleep, determined not to think of her. He fell asleep soon after thinking of Duo.

Somewhere in a mansion sat a prim and proper girl on the phone. She was smiling cruelly as she spoke.

"Did you get it?"

"Yes. Now do I have your word you won't spread that rumor?"

"No, not until you do the rest of what I asked you."

"I don't know, don't you think this is a little cruel?"

"No, they deserve everything they get. Just be ready for my signal."

She hung up the phone. Content in knowing her bidding was being done. She picked up a picture of Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy.

"Soon, soon you'll get what you deserve."

It was five minutes before the big game. This game will decide who will go to the championship and who won't. Duo got ready, nervousness and adrenaline both running through his body. He never felt so alive. They rushed out on to the field and the game started.

The game was going okay until the fourth quarter. The other team managed to catch up and now they were tied 24-24. There was one and a half minutes left in the game. Duo's team had the ball. They moved down the field steadily and now there was only a minute left. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The crowd in the stands were standing, screaming and rooting for their team.

Duo got the play set up, if it worked they would win the game if not well he didn't want to think about it. He was snapped the ball and he ran back a few feet. He found one open wide receiver in the end zone and he threw it to him. He watched it fly through the air straight to the receiver. The screaming and cheers seemed to be muted as he watched the ball fly, time seemed to slow. The receiver was there and he reached up to catch the ball. It slipped through the receiver's hands, the pass was incomplete. Duo slumped over when he saw what happened. There was still hope, they had one more down and they were going to go for the three points. Trowa ran out onto the field. Unfortunately, they were at least 40 yards from the field goals and Trowa was having a bad night. He had missed 3 of the 4 attempts.

"Okay Trowa, it's up to you. Can you kick it that far?"


"Okay. I trust you. Let's go guys."

They all went to their positions. They only had ten seconds to get the points to win. Trowa counted out his steps and nodded to Duo that he was ready. Duo nodded back and called the code and was snapped the ball. Trowa rushed forward while Duo got the ball ready. Trowa kicked the ball and Duo stood to see what would happen. The ball sailed through the air. It started to drift right a little and didn't look like it was going to go in, and the timer ran down to zero. They waited on baited breath for the call, then the referees were raising their hands, it was good. They had won the game 27 to 24. The other players rushed the field and hoisted Duo and Trowa on to their shoulders.

After the congratulations they were carried off the field to the locker rooms. The game ball was awarded to Duo. When the two came out of the locker room their friends plus their teammates were waiting for them. They were invited to a celebratory party at one of the guy's house. They decided to go and celebrate and everyone got into cars and drove there.

The party was jumping and everyone was having a grand time. Some one had spiked the punch but no one really cared. Hilde looked for her prey and found him chatting drunkenly to Mueller, a teammate and one of Hilde's secret goons. Hilde smiled maliciously and went in search of Heero. She found him near the punch bowl getting two cups. She approached him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hello Heero."

Heero didn't respond but he did glare at her.

"Oh come now. You don't want to glare at me. Not when I could ruin your relationship with Duo."

"Listen, you can't do anything. Duo loves me and no one else and I love him. Nothing you can do can change that. Leave us alone."

With that Heero stomped off towards Duo.

"We'll see Heero, We'll see."

Hilde smiled cruelly, well if she couldn't threaten him she would have to resort to something else. She walked back to where she had seen Mueller and nodded at him. He nodded back and when neither boy was looking slipped something into Duo's drink. Neither of them noticed that anything was wrong.

Duo felt weird. That's all he could explain it as. He knew he hadn't drunk that much, he knew because he made sure to watch how much he drank. It took a few minutes to think but he figured out someone had done something to his drink. He felt really hot and had Heero help him outside in to the cooler air.

Heero knew there was something wrong with Duo. Duo didn't look right. When Duo asked to be taken outside he didn't hesitate. He found a secluded corner and took him there. He sat him down on a the ground and started to check him over.

It took a few minutes but Duo's hazy mind finally allowed some sensations through. He felt the cold ground seep in through his legs and realized he was sitting on the ground. Then he felt hands, nice cool hands touching him. He looked up into blue eyes and felt a wave of heat overtake him. The heat seemed to tell him to take those blue eyes, hear that voice scream his name, feel him arch into him. All reason fled from his mind, all he knew was he had to have blue eyes and he had to have him now.

Heero looked into Duo's eyes and for the first time got scared of what he saw there. Duo pushed forward and Heero ended up on his back with Duo on top of him. Duo was kissing him. The kiss was gentle or passionate but rough and hurtful. Heero tried in vain to push Duo off of him. He didn't know what was going on but he didn't like it. He stopped struggling when he realized that he couldn't get away.

All Duo knew were the sensations. He was not aware of ripping Heero's shirt or the pants he was wearing. All he was aware of was the nice silky feeling of skin and the way Heero was crying out to him.

"Duo, snap out of it. Please…don't do this Duo. PLEASE!"

Heero cried out to Duo to stop. He knew something was seriously wrong but didn't want to hurt Duo. He knew Duo would never ever touch him like this without his permission. Duo heard the cries but they didn't register, it sounded garbled to him. All he heard was his name and the word please. Heero was crying and he hoped someone would stop Duo before Duo did something that Duo would regret. Then he felt Duo ripped off of him. He sat up quickly and tried to cover himself. He looked up to see Wufei and Trowa restraining Duo while Quatre was keeping people back. Relena ran towards Heero and knelt next to him while Jason went and helped Quatre.

"Heero, are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine. But Duo isn't. Please help him. He was fine just a few minutes ago and then he…he…"

"It's okay. We'll make sure he doesn't hurt you anymore."

"No you don't understand. I don't think he was entirely conscious of what he was doing. He looked strange and he felt really warm. Please help him."

"Okay Heero. We'll find out what happened in the morning. Okay?"

Heero nodded his head and rested it against Relena's shoulder. He looked up to see Wufei and Trowa start to drag Duo away from him.

Duo didn't know what was happening. He was ripped away from blue eyes and held in unfamiliar hands. The hands were too hot, he tried to escape but they wouldn't let go. He felt them burning his arms and whimpered in pain. He could still see blue eyes but they were really far away. Then he was dragged from them. He struggled in vain, but then felt heat sear him at the back of his neck and then blessed darkness.

Wufei had knocked Duo out by pinching a nerve in his neck. Trowa and Wufei looked at each other. They decided to take him to Trowa's house and then they would find out exactly what he was thinking.


Duo groaned as he woke up. He had a killer headache and wondered what he had to drink last night. Duo opened his eyes only to shut them again when the bright light of the sun blinded him. He felt as if knifes were being inserted into his brain. He opened his eyes a little and noticed the light had been dimmed. He slowly opened his eyes and when it didn't hurt he opened them fully. He noticed he wasn't at home, and he couldn't remember what happened the other night. He looked over to his left and saw Trowa and Wufei standing next to the door, looking at him. They didn't look very happy. Duo tried to speak but his throat was too dry to speak. Wufei silently went into the bathroom and came out with a glass of water and gave it to Duo. Duo started to sit up slowly because he found if he moved to fast he would get incredibly dizzy. Wufei handed him the glass of water and Duo took it. He took several sips before he was able to speak properly.

"What happened and where am I?"

"You're in my room, and that is what we would like to know."

Duo looked confused by the answer he was given.

"What do you mean Trowa?"

"What was the last thing you remember from last night?"

"I remember winning the game then going to the party. I was talking to Mueller about something. Then Heero came over with our drinks. I was watching how much I drank to make sure I didn't get too drunk. Then nothing."

"We figured as much. Listen, we think someone put something in your drink."

"Who would do that?"

"We have an idea but we can't prove it yet. Jason and Quatre are out looking for clues. Someone called him about it and they are going to go talk to him."

"Okay. But I do have an idea to who could have done this."


"Hilde. You know she is out for my blood."

"We thought so too but she was on the other side of the room and hadn't come near you the whole night."

"Well she must have had someone do it for her. I just know she is behind it."

The other two nodded their heads in agreement. An awkward silence settled in the room. Wufei decided to leave the room to make some calls while Trowa stayed behind to watch Duo. Duo began to pick through his braid when he thought of Heero and how worried he must be.

"Trowa do you think I could use the phone. I need to call Heero and tell him I'm alright. He must be worried."

"I don't think that is a wise choice at this moment."

"Huh, what do you mean?"

It struck Duo right then. Flashes from last night began bombarding his mind. He saw them leaving the party. He saw Heero on the ground under him trying to fight back. He saw the torn shirt and pants. He heard Heero crying for him to stop, pleading with him. Duo put his hands over his ears and closed his eyes tightly trying to block out what he was remembering. One image stuck in his mind, the sight of Heero's blue eyes with tears streaming out of them. They looked scared of him.

Trowa had watched the whole transformation but didn't move to help. He didn't know how too. Duo started to shake like a leaf and Trowa leaned over to make sure he was alright. Duo attached himself to Trowa and looked up pleadingly at him.

"Trowa please tell me it's not true, tell me I didn't do what I think I did."

"Do you remember?"

"All I see are flashes and they aren't pretty. I see Heero beneath me with a torn shirt and pants. I see him crying. Please…please…tell me I didn't do anything bad."

Trowa kept silent trying to think of the best way to break it to Duo. Duo crumbled onto the bed when Trowa didn't answer. That was answer enough. He had done something horrible to the one he loved. He pulled his knees to his body and started to rock back and forth, crying and mumbling.

"I raped him, I raped him, oh god I raped him…"

Over and over he said this. He didn't hear or feel anything around him. All he could think of was the pleading blue eyes and all he could hear was his pleading for him to stop.

Wufei came back into the room and was in shock of what he saw. Trowa was trying to get Duo to listen to him but Duo wouldn't stop rocking back and forth. In fact he wasn't responding. He looked to be in his own world.

"Trowa what happened?"

"He wanted to call Heero, I told him it wasn't a good idea. Then he started to remember and now he thinks he raped Heero. I can't get through to him to tell him he didn't."

Wufei rushed over and tried to help Trowa snap Duo out of it. No amount of cajoling or soothing words worked. Wufei decided to take drastic measures, he slapped Duo hard. Duo was shaken from his thoughts and looked up at Wufei. Tears were streaming down his face. He knew he deserved the slap and waited for the rest of his punishment.

"Now are you going to listen to us?"

Duo nodded his head. He knew he deserved what ever he got.

"You didn't rape Yuy."

Duo stared at Wufei shocked.


"No buts, you didn't. You tried but we pulled you off before you went any further. All you did was rip his shirt and pants. You didn't even hurt him physically."

"Really?" Duo asked in a small voice.

"Yes. Now go give him a call. He knew it wasn't your fault. I think he's worried sick about you."

"Thanks Wufei, Trowa."

Duo was relieved that he hadn't raped Heero but he knew that he almost did. That was unforgivable. Trowa and Wufei just nodded their heads in acknowledgement to his thanks and helped Duo off the bed. The three of them left the room to find the phone and give Heero a call.

Heero was sitting in his room watching the phone that he had brought in here. Wufei had called a few minutes ago and said that Duo had woke up and would be calling him soon. Relena and Dorothy were sitting next to him. They had brought him home the other night and stayed the night with him. Just in case they were needed. Heero watched the phone hoping it would ring. When it finally did, He reached for it but Dorothy got to it first.

"Hello, Yuy Residence, Dorothy speaking."

"Do…Dorothy? Is H-He-Heero there?"

"Yes he is, who is calling?"

"It's me Duo."

"Oh, hold on."

"Heero, it's Duo do you want to speak with him."

Heero held out his hand for the phone. Dorothy sighed.

"Are you sure?"

Heero sighed. He didn't know how many times he had to tell Dorothy and Relena that he was fine but they refused to believe him.

"I'm fine, give me the phone."

Dorothy sighed and gave the phone to Heero. Relena and Dorothy had already decided that if Duo caused more distress to Heero that they would stop the call.


"Heero. Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. How are you?"

Heero heard a sob come through the phone.

"H-heero, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. There is no excuse for what I did. I should have controlled myself better…I should have…"

"Listen Duo, I don't blame you. I just need to know what happened."

"I…was drugged. I think Hilde had someone drug my drink. You've got to believe me, I would never do anything you didn't want."

"Duo, calm down. I'm fine. I know you would never consciously hurt me."

"Thank you. I want to make this up to you."

"Okay. I have an idea. How about we meet somewhere. I need to see you."

"Where do you want to meet?"

"How about the food court in the mall in about an hour."

"O-okay. I'll bring Trowa and Wufei with me."

"Alright I'll bring Relena and Dorothy."

"See ya soon, Heero."

"Bye Duo. I'll see you at the mall."

Duo hung up the phone and told Wufei and Trowa what was going on. Trowa took the phone and called Quatre's cell. He told them where they were going and to meet them there. After that, the three of them left Trowa's house and went to Duo's. Duo changed quickly and soon were on their way to the mall.

When they got there, Heero was already waiting for him. Duo slowly walked up to him and put his hand out to touch Heero's cheek but pulled it back when he saw Heero flinch. Duo immediately retracted his hand and fell to his knees sobbing.

Heero's mind flashed to the night before and he flinched when Duo put his hand out. He didn't mean to do it, it just happened. He watched as Duo's face crumbled and he fell to the floor and started to sob. Heero waved off the others and kneeled down next to Duo. He gathered the man into his arms and started to rock him. He heard Duo mumbling and leaned in closer to Duo.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"

"Shh…Duo it's okay. I know you're sorry. I'm sorry too."

Heero's comforted Duo while the others surrounded them creating a barrier for them. Through the haze that Duo was in he heard Heero's voice. He followed the voice until he could clearly hear what was being said. He felt even more horrible when he realized that Heero was apologizing.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. It wasn't your fault. I'm such a horrible person. I tried to rape you. I'm so sorry. I…I…"

Duo couldn't think properly. He crawled out of Heero's arms and stood up quickly. Heero stood and looked up at him. All Duo could see was Heero's blue eyes and then the vision of those crying eyes overlapped them. He cried out in horror and backed away. Those sad crying eyes followed him and he couldn't back up fast enough. He felt the overpowering urge to run. He turned and took off. He just kept running and running, not caring where he went. He finally stopped and looked to see where he was. He found himself in a park. He always felt safe at this park and he knew no one would find him. He never told anyone about this place. He found the tree, which was his favorite hiding place and climbed up it. He seated himself in the tree and started to cry.

Heero looked quizzically as Duo stood so fast. He saw a look of horror come over Duo's face and watched as Duo backpedaled, turned and ran from them. Wufei and Trowa tried to follow but they couldn't catch him. He was too fast. Wufei and Trowa came back to see Heero sitting in a chair stunned while Dorothy and Relena tried to snap him out of it. Relena noticed they were back and turned to them.

"Did you catch him?"

"No, he's too fast."

"Darn. Okay, well we'll just have to find him later. First we have to get Heero to snap out of it."

It took a few minutes of cajoling but they finally got him to come around. He looked sad that Duo had run but decided to give Duo some space. Just then Jason and Quatre walked up to them.

"Well we've confirmed it was Hilde. Mueller was the one who called me. He felt horrible so he told us what happened." Quatre said.

He looked at the rest and noticed that Duo wasn't there.

"Where's Duo."

"He got upset and took off. He was too fast and we couldn't catch him. We don't know where he went."

"We should find him."

"Wait, give him time. He needs to have some space. I have some more bad news." Jason said. He looked concerned.

"What is it Jason?"

"I was waiting for Quatre to bring the car around when…"


Jason was on his way out of school, where he and Quatre had met Mueller. Quatre was going to get the car so Jason didn't have to walk all the way out there on crutches. Jason heard someone talking near the gym and was going to ignore it when he recognized one of the voices belonging to Hilde. He quietly made his way over and stopped far enough away so he couldn't be seen but close enough to hear everything. The other voice he couldn't recognize right then.

"Do you understand what you have to do?"


"Good. I don't want that street rat to leave the field walking."

"Trust me, he won't be. Now about the payment."

"You'll get paid after the game once you have fulfilled your end of the bargain."

"Okay. Do I get a preview of what I'll be getting?"

"If you want."

The next few minutes were filled with kissing sounds and then pants. Jason made a face at that. He didn't think Hilde would sell herself for whatever she wanted.

"We have a deal?"

"Oh yes…sweet thing."

"Good. Now if anyone asks, we never had this discussion. I don't know you and you don't know me. Understood?"



Jason hurried away. He found Quatre waiting for him at the front of the school and he hurriedly got in. He looked back to make sure Hilde hadn't seen him. When they finally left school grounds he sighed in relief.

"What's the matter Jason?"

"I think Duo and Heero's problem just got worse. I'll tell you later when we get back to the others."

Quatre nodded and sped up a little more. Judging from Jason's face it wasn't good.


"That does sound bad. But what does Hilde have planned now and who was she talking too?"

"I don't know Relena. I know I've heard that voice before but I can't place where. We'll just have to watch out for both Duo and you, Heero."

Heero nodded his head but he wasn't really paying attention the conversation. All he could think of was Duo's face when he left. He wanted to know what caused that reaction. He needed to talk to Duo about it. He didn't care what the others said. He would search for Duo himself.

Duo was sitting up on one of the limbs of the tree. His braid was held firmly in his hands. His eyes were open but unseeing of the world around him. All he could see was the pleading blue eyes and all he could hear was the pleading voice of his beloved. Pleading for him to stop.

Heero had been searching the city the entire day.  He asked everyone who knew Duo where he could have possibly gone.  But neither hide nor hair of him could be found.  Heero stayed with Sister Helen and Father Maxwell in hopes that Duo would call or come back.  Trowa and Wufei were still on the streets searching for Duo.

Trowa and Wufei were walking down the streets, looking at all the people walking around hurriedly.  They both walked down the street with their hands near the weapons concealed in their coat's pocket.  Duo had taught them to never walk around these parts of the city without being armed.  They stayed away from the gangs that littered the streets another thing Duo taught them.  They tried to blend in a little so they could be ignored.  It seemed to be working for a little while.


Trowa and Wufei turned around to see a kid standing there with a gun pointed at them.  People moved out of the way and hid, not wanting to get caught in a gang war.  The kid looked to be about 10 years old.  He had scraggly hair and dark brown eyes.  He wore a red bandana around his waist.  Trowa and Wufei waited for him to start talking.

"Not from around here, are ya?"

They shook their heads no.

"So, what're doin' in these parts?  Rich kids like ya, don' need ta be down here.  Are ya slummin'?"

"No, we are looking for someone."

"Yeah well tha street walkers don' come out til nine."

"We aren't looking for a street walker.  We're looking for our friend.  His name is Duo Maxwell."

"Aw Shit.  Hey Slim,"  A small kid around 7 years old came from out of the alley.  He held a gun on them as well, but looked to the older kid for directions.

"Slim, I want ya ta go get da boss."

Slim ran off into the alley.  The 10 year old was paying more attention to the boy so Trowa and Wufei started to inch away.

"Don't move or I shoot ya."

Trowa and Wufei stopped moving.  They subtly moved their hands to their concealed weapons, hoping it wouldn't come down to it.  They watched as Slim came back, followed by an older boy.  He looked to be about 19 years old.  He looked at both of them and smirked.

"I hear ya lookin' for kid.  What do ya want him for?"

Wufei and Trowa looked at each other and decided Trowa should do the speaking for them.

"He ran away from us.  We need to find him so we can tell him we don't blame him or anything."

"What did he do wrong?"

"I'm not sure I can tell you.  It's kind of a private thing."

"Well then I'll show ya, but if you do anythin' to harm him.  We hurt you.  Ya understand?"

Trowa and Wufei nodded their heads.

"Good, by the way my name is Quick. You know Slim, the other boy is Fingers."

Quick then whistled and four other boys joined them.  In total there were seven boys surrounding Trowa and Wufei.  Wufei didn't seem pleased at this concept.  Quick took the lead and they followed.  Quick with two boys in front, two boys beside Trowa and Wufei and two boys behind them walked down the street.  Wufei leaned over to Trowa.

"I don't think this is a good idea.  We don't know if we can trust them."  Wufei hissed into Trowa's ear.

"We have no choice."

Then they stopped talking.  They were led through a park and to a tree.  Quick made some movements with his hand and four of the boys started to scout around.  Quick then turned to Trowa and Wufei.

"We figure he's got ta be somewhere in here.  This tree here was their favorite spot."

"Whose favorite spot?"

"Kid nevah told ya?  Well kid's older brother Solo was tha leader of this gang. Kid was nevah in it but we protected him from trouble.  He was like a little brother to us all.  He was shot and killed when someone tried ta take ovah."

The four boys came back from their scouting to report they hadn't found him.  The sun was going down and night was quickly setting in.  Quick decided to send out all the boys he had with him.  They looked everywhere but still couldn't find him.  They met back at the tree.  It was pitch dark outside, showing how late they were out there for.

"Sorry, I couldn' help ya more.  I was sure he'd be here."

Just as he said that they heard a noise.  They all tensed and put their hands on their weapons.  Then they heard it again, Wufei pinpointed it to be in the tree.  Slim was elected to climb his way up there to see what was making the noise.

"Hey boss, I found him.  He's sleeping, but doesn't look like it's nice."

Trowa, Wufei, and Quick hurried up into the tree while Slim climbed down.  They found Duo leaning against the tree with his legs straddling a branch.  Quick reached over and shook Duo awake.

Duo had been sitting in the tree the whole day not moving.  He couldn't stop thinking of those blue eyes crying at him to stop.  He soon fell asleep in the tree and then his nightmares started.  He could only watch as he raped Heero over and over again.  He couldn't stop himself.  He started to cry out stop but nothing came out.  He woke up when some one shook his shoulder.  Duo woke up with a start.  He looked around him and found Trowa and Wufei staring at him with concern.  He looked toward the person who woke him and dropped his jaw in shock.


"Yeah, kid, whatcha doin' in this tree?  We've been lookin' for ya."

"I did something bad.  Horrible."

"Well, ya tell Quick about it, and I'll see what I can do."

Trowa and Wufei climbed down from the tree to give them some privacy.  They milled around the base of the tree waiting for them to climb down as well.  They heard an occasional sob from the tree but nothing else.

A little while later Duo and Quick both climbed down the tree.  Duo wouldn't look at anyone and Quick looked like he wanted to kill someone.  He walked over to Trowa and handed him scrap of paper with a number on it.

"If ya need my help, give me a ring.  Here's my cell number."

"Thank you."

With that the seven boys walked away and vanished into the night.  Duo, Trowa and Wufei were standing in the park.  Duo still hadn't looked at anyone.  Trowa just sighed and started to walk back to the orphanage. Wufei and Duo followed.

"We were worried about you."

No reply was given.

"No one blames you."

Still no reply.


"Could we please not talk about this.  I just want to go home and sleep in my bed."

With that Trowa and Wufei shut up.  They walked silently with Duo all the way back to the orphanage.

When they got inside the orphanage, they saw that Heero was there waiting for them.


He came rushing up to Duo but stopped when Duo put his hand out.  Duo just walked around Heero and moved to the stairs.  Heero reached out to touch him, but he just backed up even more and avoided the touch altogether.  He then ran up the stairs to his room and shut the door.

Heero looked forlornly at his hand.  Tears started to well up in his eyes.  He choked back a cry and wiped his eyes of tears.  He looked sadly at Trowa.

"Trowa, please take me home."

Trowa nodded his head.  Wufei followed them out to the car and they all went home.  Duo stayed in his room, laying on his bed.  Crying because of his decision to stay away from Heero, in order to protect him from Hilde. Thinking about Hilde jump-started him on planning his revenge against Hilde.

Heero was sitting in the car looking out the window.  All he could do was ask himself what he done wrong.  There was no answer for him.

The next week, Duo avoided Heero as much as he could.  He didn't sit with his friends for lunch nor did he even look at Heero.  Heero was getting more depressed as the week dragged on.  He tried everything to get close to Duo but nothing worked.

It was the night of the championship game, Duo had been depressed all week.  He wanted to sit next to Heero and be with him but with Hilde around he couldn't.  He didn't want to hurt Heero more than he already had.  His emotional distress showed through even at practice.  He didn't have the heart behind it.  His teammates looked at him in concern.  They didn't know if they would win this game or not.  Mueller found Trowa and talked to him.

"We need to fix this.  He's been getting worse all week.  Is there anything we can do for him?"

"I don't know."

"Well, I think we should do this…"

Mueller related his plan to Trowa.  With each word Trowa's eyes lit up.  He nodded his head in compliance.  Trowa suited up and left to get what he needed for the plan to work.

Soon everyone was out on the field and the game started.  Duo wasn't playing well, he would either under throw the ball or overthrow it.  The coach was getting madder by the minute.  The defense was holding their own and the other team didn't score often.

Duo was snapped the ball again and he ran a few feet back.  He didn't see a hulking player from the other team coming towards him until he hit him.  The player dove at him with all his strength and his helmet collided with Duo's knee.

Duo shrieked in pain, and dropped the ball.  The other team recovered the ball and the whistles ran through the air as the play ended.  Duo still didn't get up and clutched his knee.  The other player got up and smirked.  He would get his payment now.  Duo saw the smirk and growled in anger.  He gritted his teeth and stood on his two feet.  The other player frowned and glared in anger at Duo before retreating off the field.  Duo smiled and limped off the field.  The coach came over with a look of angered concern.

"What the hell were you thinking out there Maxwell?"

"Sorry sir."

"Damn it! You better not be hurt."

The assistant coach checked his knee and found nothing wrong with it.  Just that Duo would have huge bruise on it.  Duo grimaced but didn't say anything.  Soon the first half was over with the other team leading 20 points to zero.  They all slumped into the locker room downtrodden about the score.  The coach was too angry to say anything and retreated to his office with the other coaches.  Duo sat down wearily from the game.  He didn't look up at anyone until he saw some yellow tennis shoes enter his line of vision.

He looked up and saw Heero standing in front of him with a nervous smile on his face.

"Can we talk?"

Duo nodded and stood dragging Heero into the alley that led to the football field.  They could have some privacy here. When they got there, Heero started to cry.

"I'm s-sorry Duo.  I d-didn't mean to d-do anything w-wrong.  I'm s-s-sorry."

Duo was stunned at this and pulled Heero to him.  Heero flinched a little but still laid his head down on Duo's chest.

"Oh baby, it wasn't your fault.  I'm sorry.  You didn't do anything wrong.  I just needed to sort things out.  I was scared that I hurt you beyond repair and I was scared of what Hilde would do to you.  I failed to protect you and I'm sorry about that."

"You didn't fail. You are still protecting me.  I love you Duo.  Please don't avoid me anymore.  I love you, love you, love you…"

Heero hid his face in the crook of Duo's neck.  He repeated those two words over and over until Duo pulled him back a little. Duo put his finger under Heero's chin and grimaced when Heero yet again flinched.  He lifted the head until Heero was looking at him in the eyes.

"I love you too Heero. You shouldn't love me but I know you do.  I won't ever leave you again.  I'm sorry baby.  I love you Heero, my Heero."

"Yes, yours and you're mine."

"Of course baby."

They heard clapping and realized that the whole team was there watching them.  They were all grinning.  Duo and Heero both blushed.

"He's mine!"  Duo growled.

"Yes, he is.  Don't worry about us.  We're behind you 100% Duo." Said Mueller.

The whole team clapped Duo on the back and left for the field.  Trowa and Mueller came up to Duo and Heero.  Trowa was holding Duo's gear that he still needed to put on.  Heero kissed Duo on the lips and put the helmet on Duo's head.  Duo smiled and stroked Heero's hand.

"You should get going, the half is almost over and I have a game to win."  Duo said to Heero.

Heero smiled and walked back out to the stands.  When he turned back to Trowa, Trowa was wearing a serious expression.

"Listen Duo, Hilde has something else planned and but we don't know what.  It has something to do with you and not walking off the field."

"Yeah, I figured as much when one of the tackles about rammed his head into my knee cap.  I think that is what Hilde means about not walking off the field."

"Don't worry Duo, tell me his number and I'll make sure he doesn't step a foot near you."

"Thanks Mueller, his number is 63.  Alright let's go out there and win this game."

They raced back onto the field just in time for the game to start again.  Duo ran out onto the field and got ready for the play.  Duo was snapped the ball and ran a few feet back.  He saw number 63 running towards him at full speed.  Duo took his eyes away from him, found a receiver and threw it to him.  When he looked back the player was almost on him.  He prepared for him to get hit but another player came out of nowhere and collided with 63.  63 flew threw the air and landed on his back a few feet away from them.  Mueller turned and smiled at Duo then gave him a thumbs up.  Duo smiled and returned the thumbs up and went on with the game.

The crowds were shouting and yelling when their team started to win.  Duo was playing better than he had all game.  He made his passes and they were now winning the game.  Mueller was doing his job and 63 never got within a foot of Duo.  Hilde was on the sidelines fuming with anger.  It seemed as if her plan had worked in the beginning but now it was in shambles.  She would have to think of something else.

They finally won the game, 24 to 23.  Duo was paraded around the field on the shoulders of Mueller and Trowa.  Then Heero was hoisted up onto shoulders and paraded around with Duo.  Heero smiled and laughed with Duo, they linked hands and never let go.

Hilde watched all of this from the ground.  Everyone was cheering all around her.  She was furious, and showed it.  She stalked off the field and ran into the player she had hired to help her.

"Listen, I'll still pay you if you make sure Duo doesn't leave this school walking.  I don't care how you do it.  I do want him alive though so don't get too enthusiastic and make sure you get his lover boy too.  Got me?"


Trowa saw Hilde leave the field and motioned for Quatre, Relena, and Dorothy to follow her.  They easily followed her and gasped in shock about what he heard.  Hilde and the other player immediately turned towards them.

"Run!" Quatre yelled.

The two girls ran back to Trowa while Quatre went forward to keep Hilde and the other guy from following.  The other guy quickly punched Quatre in the jaw, which knocked him unconscious.  But Quatre had bought the time needed for Relena and Dorothy to get back to Trowa.

Trowa was milling around with Duo, Heero, Jason and Mueller on the field.  Some of the school reporters were talking to Duo about the game.  Relena and Dorothy ran up to them gasping for breath.  Duo got rid of the school reporter and turned to Dorothy and Relena.

"Trowa, they are going to do something horrible to Duo.  There was this guy and she told him to make sure Duo and Heero didn't walk away from here.  Then they heard us and Quatre told us to run but he didn't run with us.  He ran towards them and…and…I don't know what happened."

Relena was crying at this point and Dorothy was holding her on one side while Jason was on the other.  Trowa, Mueller, Duo and Heero rushed off to find out what happened.  When they got there they found Wufei and Sally sitting there trying to wake up Quatre.

"I was in the bathroom when this happened.  This big guy with the number 63 on his back punched Quatre in the jaw.  Then Hilde and him tried to run after the girls but they were too far ahead.  Hilde left and the guy said something about making sure Duo never left the parking lot."

Trowa immediately knelt next to Quatre and cradled his head in his lap.  He took out his cell phone and called a number.

"Trowa who are you calling?"  Duo asked.

Trowa ignored him and waited patiently for the person on the other side to pick up.  Sally was wiping Quatre's bruised jaw with a cold paper towel.  Dorothy went to a food stand and got them ice for the bruise.

"Hello, Quick, this is Trowa.  Duo's in trouble."

Later that night, when everyone else left Duo along with his friends walked out into the silent parking lot.  They were heading to Trowa's car when 63 and his friends surrounded them.  They were still in their football Jerseys and they didn't look happy.

"Lookie what we have here.  Our fight isn't with the rest of you but if you don't move away from the quarterback it will be."

No one moved.  Trowa, Wufei, Mueller and Heero formed a protective ring around Duo.  The girls were still inside the building attending to Quatre.

"Well, I guess our fight is with you.  It's been nice knowin' ya."

They started to move in when a loud yell boomed through the parking lot.


The players all stopped and turned to see who shouted.  The players faces quickly lost all color when they seen 10 kids aiming guns at them with red sashes around their waist.

"The Red Dragons."  Whispered one of the players.

"I see ya heard of us.  Now let me say something.  This kid here is our protectee, that means nobody messes with him.  Ya get me?"

The other players nodded their head.  Quick smirked.

"Now if ya want to keep ya lives I suggest ya book it and leave them alone.  Or we'll find ya and it won't be pretty."

All of them beat a hasty retreat, even number 63.  He didn't care about Hilde or her payment.  It wasn't enough to get him to cross the Red Dragons.

"Okay kid?"

"Yeah, thanks Quick."

"No prob.  Now we must be goin'.  All this fancy stuff not sittin' with me well."

"Bye Quick."

"Bye Kid, and be good."

With that the members of Quick's gang left as quickly as they came.  When the only thing they heard was the chirping of crickets.  Duo let out a sigh of relief.

"Well that was fun." Duo said sarcastically.

The others nodded in agreement.  They heard some clicking of shoes and turned to see the girls and Quatre walk over to them.  Dorothy and Sally walk out with Quatre in between them.  He was awake but still a little dizzy and needed the support.  Trowa ran to his side and relieved Dorothy and Sally of their burden.  Relena went up to Jason and hugged him tightly and Jason held her just as strongly.  Sally went up and hugged Wufei then stood by his side. Wufei put his hand around her waist.  Dorothy stood beside Mueller and they shook hands.  Heero wrapped his hands around Duo's waist and laid his head on Duo's shoulder.  Duo stood with his fist clenched.  This had gone on too long for him.

"This has gone to far.  Hilde needs to be stopped and I have just the plan.  Here's what we do…"

Duo then outlined the plan that he had been thinking of all week.  The others quickly agreed.  Tomorrow Hilde was going to get what she deserved.

When school started on Monday, Hilde looked pleased as punch until Duo and Heero strolled into the school.  They didn't have so much as a mark on them.  Hilde was furious.  The other girls made sure to steer clear of her as she made her way to her first class.

Heero and Duo smirked to each other.  So far so good.  They showed Hilde they were still alive and kicking.  Now on to the next step.  They nodded to Mueller who nodded back to them.  He walked off to the main office to make an appointment.  Duo and Heero gave each other a kiss before going to their first classes.

The secretary looked up as Mueller walked into the office.  He looked scared and would continually look behind him as if looking for someone.

"C-can I help you?"

Mueller jumped when he heard her voice.  The secretary looked concerned at him.

"Y-yes, I need to speak to the principal and quickly."

"Hold on.  Let me see if he's available."

The secretary got up and went to the principal's door.  She knocked quietly and when she heard him say enter she opened the door.

"Sir, there is a young man out here who wants to see you.  He looks like the devil is coming after him."

"Tell him to come in after I make the morning announcements."

"Okay sir."

She quietly closed the doors and walked back to where Mueller was standing.

"If you would have a seat, Mr.?"

"Just call me Mueller."

"Okay, Mueller, if you have a seat the principal will see you after the morning announcements."

Mueller nodded and sat down.  When the secretary wasn't looking he smirked.  Phase two of the plan was going along nicely.  When the announcements were over he was summoned into the office.

"Mueller, I hear you needed to see me?"

"Yes sir, you see…this is hard to say."

"It's okay Mueller.  Just tell me what it is."

"O-okay.  Hilde Scheibecker and Duo Maxwell have been threatening me.  They keep saying that if I don't do what they say they will make me pay.  I'm scared of what they might do to me.  I don't…I don't…"

"It's okay Mueller, we'll handle this.  Do you want to go home for the day?"

"No, I can't.  If I do they'll know I told you.  I have to stay.  Don't worry, sir, I don't have to answer them until tomorrow.  So I shouldn't be bothered too much today."

"Alright, but I'm going to have a word with them right now."

"Wait!  Could you wait until third lunch?  I don't have that lunch and they do.  I don't want to be around when you call them to your office."

"Okay, son.  I'll do that.  Now go on back to class.  I'll have the secretary give you a pass."

"Thank you sir."

Mueller left the office with a look of relief.  He went to the secretary and got his pass then went off to his first class.  He smirked all the way back to his class.  Phase two was complete now on to phase three.

It was right before third lunch when the principal called over the sound system.

"Will Hilde Scheibecker and Duo Maxwell please report to my office.  Thank You."

Inside Duo was smirking but outside he wore a confused look.  Hilde and Duo made their way to the main office.  When they got there, the secretary gave them hateful glares and just pointed at them to take their seats.  They sat down while she went to get the principal.  Hilde looked wary and Duo still acted like he was confused.  The secretary came back out to where they were sitting and glared at them.

"The principal will see you now."  She spat at them, then sat down and didn't look at them.

They got up and walked into the principals office to see him sitting in his chair looking at his desk.  He looked deep in thought, he didn't look up until they sat down in the chairs. Duo looked for the soundboard and quickly spotted it and brought his attention back to the principal.  The principal looked sternly at the both of them causing Hilde to squirm in her chair.

"It has been brought to my attention, that there has been something going on between the two of you that concerns another student.  He will not be named but I would like answers."

Lunch had started while Duo and Hilde made their way to the office.  Heero and some of the others were sitting at the table grinning.  Phase three was in process as they ate.  Then Jason came over to sit but was stopped by Wufei.

"I've heard a nasty little rumor that you are framing Duo for something he didn't do.  In fact he is in the office paying for it now."  He said rather loudly.

The whole cafeteria stopped.  It was apparent by Wufei's voice that he was angry.  Then Heero stood and glared angrily at Jason.  Relena gasped and looked at Jason in confusion.  The crowd was just eating up the performance.

"Jason, please tell me you didn't do it."

Then Jason started laughing.

"Of course I did.  Did you honestly think I would join this group and leave popularity behind.  I needed something to get me back in good graces with Hilde.  This plan worked perfectly.  Won't Duo be surprised when he's accused of stealing a priceless jewel from Hilde."

The crowd gasped in shock at the revelation.  Relena started to cry and leaned towards Dorothy.  Heero and Wufei growled and rushed Jason.  Trowa leapt to his feet and went to try to break it up.  The three men were wrestling and fighting on the floor like animals.  The crowd moved in to get a closer look.

If anyone looked really close they would have realized that the tree of them were being very careful with Jason.  When they rushed him it had looked like he had fallen hard but in actuality Heero and Wufei were cushioning his fall.

Quatre ran to the main office to get the principal.  Nobody noticed the wide grin on his face.  He rushed into the main office and the secretary looked up at him.

"Fight! In the cafeteria."  was all he said.  The secretary was immediately on her feet and went to the principals office to tell him.

"…I would like answers," said the principal.

He looked sternly at the two but they made no move to speak. Then the secretary burst in.

"Sorry sir but there's a fight in the cafeteria."

"Okay.  Thank you Mrs. Winters.  Now you two stay here and don't move.  I'll be back shortly."

He ran out of the room and closed the door behind him.  Once the door was closed Duo stood up and looked at the soundboard.  He turned it on then off and made sure Hilde deliberately seen him turn it off.   She immediately jumped up and flipped the switch. If she had been paying attention she would have realized she had switched the sound system back on.

"Nice trick Duo.  I saw that."

"Damn.  Well then I guess this is for my own personal benefit.  Did you send that guy from the other team after me?"

She laughed at this.

"Oh sweet naïve Duo, I didn't do just that I did more.  You know that night at the party.  I had a friend of mine drug you.  Unfortunately you two got back together.  Tell me Duo, how does it feel to rape Heero.  I bet it felt good."

"I didn't rape Heero," Duo yelled.

"Oh damn, I guess all my plans failed.  Well I'll think of more don't worry."

"All your plans?"

"Yes. All my plans.  I guess it won't hurt to tell you what they were since they failed.  Let's see, I had you drugged, I had that guy after you at the game and after the game.  I think that was all."

"Why are you telling me all this Hilde.  I could report you."

"True you could but who would believe you.  Especially when I let loose a string of rumors about you raping other men.  Who do you think people believe, sweet innocent little me or a brash street rat like you?  We all know who they would believe."

Duo took a menacing step forward.  Hilde backed up a little but then stood her ground.

"Ah ah ah, if you hurt me, I will just talk to my daddy and he'll make sure you are expelled from this school."

"My friends will believe me.  And Relena's father is more influential than yours."

"Yes, but no one in school will listen to her.  Not after the false rumor I spread about her.  It was easy too.  I mean everyone believed me because of the photos I had altered.  No one could tell that it wasn't Relena in those photos."

"Oh so that's how everyone turned on her so quick."

Duo thought prepared himself for the big question. He always wondered why Hilde had it in for him.  Now he was going to find out.

"I have one more question.  Why?"

"Why?  Why?  You want to know why?  I'll tell you why."

Hilde was growing more furious as she spoke.  Duo backed away from her not wanting her to lash out at him.

"Solo is why.  He was your friend and you killed him. That's why!  If you weren't in that damn gang he would still be alive right now."

Duo at first was shocked by what she said and then sighed sadly.  Apparently his older brother wasn't quite truthful to either of them.

"I didn't know he was going out with you, Hilde.  He never told me.  But listen what he told you was wrong.  I bet he was trying to protect you from life in the inner city.  Solo wasn't only my best friend, he was my older brother.  He was the leader of the gang when someone trying to usurp his power shot him.  I found him and he died in my arms."

"You Lie!" She screamed and rushed at him.  He held her as her furious words gave way to crying.

"I'm not lying Hilde."

She looked up into his eyes and saw the truth there but she didn't want to believe it.

"I don't believe you.  You lie."

She backed out of his embrace and looked at the desk.  She spotted a letter opener.  She picked it up and turned back to him.

"Die you liar, DIE!"  She screeched and ran at him with the letter opener.  He caught her hand and they both struggled.  Suddenly the principal and some teachers ripped the girl off of him.  She screamed and wiggled to get free but they wouldn't let go of her.  The Principal helped Duo to his feet and looked sternly down at him.

The Principal had just shown up at the fight when the sound system was turned on and Hilde started to talk.  The fight stopped immediately and they all got up and waited.  The crowd stood silently and waited to hear what was up.  The Principal was confused until he heard the conversation they were having.  He glared at the fighters who just grinned sheepishly at him.  When he heard Hilde scream, "Die," he rushed back to his office just in time to stop the girl from killing Duo.  He had several teachers come in and restrain the girl.  Then gave Duo a stern look.

"I want the whole story Mr. Maxwell and I want it now.  I don`t take to kindly to being played."

Duo gulped and related all the events up until that point.  The principal was not pleased but decided to be lient on Duo and gave him a month's detention.  The secretary had called the police and they arrived at the scene a little later to take Hilde away.  They got statements from the students and soon left.

Finally the ordeal was over.  School went on as usual but everyone talked about what had happened during lunch.  They all gossiped and chattered on about it.  Then rumors started spreading but none of them were vicious ones.  The others just smiled and went on with their day as if nothing had happened.

After school, they all decided to go out for a celebration.  They went out to eat and watched a movie.  They complimented each other on their acting and finally everyone went home.  They slept much better that night knowing Hilde wasn't going to be there the next day.


For that year and the next, things looked better for them.  Relena was offered to go back to her group of popular friends but turned them down.  Jason's leg came out of the cast and he went back to being quarterback.  But now Duo and he switched every game so they could play equally.  Mueller joined their group of friends and soon was dating Dorothy.  Hilde didn't go to jail but she was transferred to all girl boarding school the day after she was arrested.  She was also cut off from her funds and had to earn her money if she wanted to spend it.

They were now eighteen, and they had just graduated from high school a few days ago.  They were lounging at Heero's home one summer day.

"So have you all decided where you are going to go to college?"  Quatre asked.

"I've had several offers but I'm not sure yet.  How about you Jason?"

"Well the coach from UCLA has asked me to play for his team but I'm not sure if I'm going to take it.  It all depends on where Relena goes."

"Ahh that's so sweet."  Duo said sarcastically.  He received two glares in return.

"Does that mean you don't want go to the same school I am."

Duo immediately looked down into the pouting face of Heero.  He panicked.

"Of course not, I would love to go to the same school you are."

"Really, you don't sound like it.  I knew you didn't really care for me."

"No...no I do.  Trust me Heero I love you."

Duo heard chuckling from the others and noticed that Heero was smirking at him.  He knew he had been played.  He mock glared at Heero and tickled him.  Heero squealed and tried to get away but couldn't.  He continued to laugh while Duo tickled him.  Duo stopped after Heero was thoroughly tickled.  The others gave them amused smiles.

The rest of the day was spent talking about the future and where they would go.  Duo knew for a fact that wherever Heero went he would follow.  When he told Heero that, Heero agreed and told him it was the same for him.  Then it was time for everyone to go home.  They all said their goodbyes and left the house.  Duo had already asked permission to stay the night.  Heero's parents had a feeling that he would be spending the night a lot.  They came down and said their good nights to them.

"Good night Heero and Duo. Have a good sleep, and try to keep it down."  Heero's dad said then gave Duo a wink.  Duo blushed while Mrs. Yuy cuffed Mr. Yuy.

"Stop making the boys blush.  You two have a nice night."

With that both of them went upstairs to bed.  Duo and Heero were still blushing as they walked back to Heero's room.  Duo now slept in Heero's room, they gave up the pretense of sleeping alone soon after Hilde was sent away.  They had to start all over again with being intimate with each other.  It had taken a year but Heero stopped flinching whenever Duo touched him.  Duo thought that was great progress and decided to just stay at Heero's speed.  He didn't want to frighten Heero anymore.

For the past several months Heero knew what he wanted.  He wanted to make love with Duo but Duo had always shied away.  If Heero was truthful he did too, he didn't want to take that big of a step until they graduated high school.  But since they had graduated he couldn't wait anymore.

Heero walked into the room first followed by Duo.  The minute Duo entered the room Heero leaned in and kissed him.  Heero made sure to close the door behind Duo then started to open Duo's shirt.  Duo moaned in response and leaned into the kiss.  He started to take off  Heero's shirt.  Soon both were shirtless and caressing the other.  Heero gasped when Duo ran a finger over his nipple.  Duo groaned when Heero started to suck on his ear.  Then he breathed huskily in Duo's ear, "I want you to make love to me."

Duo stopped all movement when he heard those words.  He pulled back and looked at Heero.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes.  I've been wanting this for awhile.  Please make love to me?"

"Of course, baby."

Duo leaned back in and kissed him passionately.  Heero felt fire run through his veins from the kiss.  Duo's tongue danced with his tongue.  Duo rubbed his growing arousal against Heero's, which caused Heero to groan in his mouth.  Duo pushed Heero to the bed and had him lie down.  He crawled over him and started to kiss down his chest.

Heero arched up into the kisses and begged for more.  When Duo got to his pants, Heero looked down at him and froze.  For the briefest second, Heero saw the Duo from the night he was drugged instead of the man in front of him now.  Duo noticed his fearful face and ceased all movement.  He slowly got off of him and sat on the edge of the bed.  Heero shook his head of the vision.  He looked over to Duo with tears in his eyes.

"I'm s-sorry Duo. I-I didn't mean too.  I thought I was over it."

"It's okay Heero.  It's not something you get over quickly.  Do you want to stop?"

"No, please keep going.  I want to do this."


He sounded reluctant to go on but he stood and took off his pants.  He wouldn't deny Heero anything.  He retrieved a tube of lubricant from the pocket in his pants and put it on the nightstand.  Then turned his attention back to Heero.  He didn't want Heero to relive those memories again.  He looked at him and tried to figure the best way to make sure he didn't.

"Heero sit up on your knees."

Heero looked questioningly at him but did as he was told.  Duo laid down on the bed and put his arms above him.  One hand grasped his other wrist tightly and he laid like that not moving a muscle.  Heero still looked puzzled at what Duo was doing.


"I trust you Heero.  I know you trust me somewhat but not all the way.  You can do whatever you want to me.  I won't move to stop you unless you ask me to or you look like you might hurt yourself.  You understand?"

"Yes Duo, thank you."

Heero was happy. He didn't understand it completely but he knew it made him feel more at ease being in control like this. He reached out with one hand and placed it at the base of Duo's neck.  Then he slid it down all the way to his waist.  He stopped before reaching the heavy looking erection.  Heero bent over and began to lick at Duo's chest.  Duo's arms trembled but didn't move.  Duo moaned and arched his back into the caresses.  Heero made his way down Duo's chest.  He stopped at the nipples and suckled each one.  Then continued downward.  He bypassed the hard member and started to suck on Duo's inner thighs.

Duo whimpered and moaned at the kisses and suction.  He jumped when he felt a bite on his inner thigh.  He looked down to see Heero look up at him.  He was smiling mischievously.  Heero then attended the now hard muscle standing at attention between Duo's legs.  He began by flicking his tongue across the tip of Duo's erection.  Then he took the erection into his mouth.

Duo cried out when he felt warmth surrounding his hard on.  He repressed the urge to thrust up into the warm mouth knowing he might hurt his baby.  Heero looked up at him and smiled around him.  He directed his attention back to Duo's erection but kept looking up to make sure Duo was enjoying it.  He formed a tight ring around the shaft and started to bob up an down.  Whenever he got to the top the head of Duo's erection had to push through the ring made by Heero's mouth.  Duo moaned loudly whenever this happened.

Heero needed to feel pleasure, his erection was so hard from Duo's sweet voice moaning and groaning.  It needed attention and it needed it now.  He got up and waited until Duo's eyes were on him.  Duo looked up at him, when the warmth was removed from his erection.  He looked up at Heero waiting to see what happened next.  Heero slowly worked the pants off of himself and threw them across the room.  He then leaned over Duo and grabbed the lubricant off the night stand and placed it in Duo's hand and moved back southward.

Duo's body jumped when the warmth was reapplied to his erection.  Duo fought to keep his eyes open and watch what Heero was doing.  Heero maneuvered himself until he was laying on his side and his erection was at Duo's mouth.  He let go of Duo's erection, "Duo…please."

Duo immediately turned on his side and started to lick the erection in front of his face.  He felt Heero moan around him.  He shivered at the feeling but kept going.  His hands were opening the lubricant bottle and gelling his fingers.  When he felt they were sufficiently lubricated he placed one finger at Heero's hole.  He massaged the entrance and then slowly pushed in.  Heero let go of him for a second to cry out.

Duo stopped all movement and waited.  Heero panted but looked back at Duo and nodded.  Duo slowly moved the finger while still sucking on Heero's cock.  Heero whimpered in need and went back to sucking Duo's hard on.  Duo gently moved the finger around and then added a second.  Heero whimpered in delight and sucked harder at Duo's erection.  Duo did the same and then added two more fingers.  Heero pushed back onto the fingers, wanting them deeper inside him.

Heero felt himself get used to the fingers and he got impatient.  He wanted Duo in him now. Heero got up and maneuvered so he was straddling Duo's waist.  He grabbed Duo's erection and positioned it ready to thrust down on it.

Duo realized what Heero was doing and knew it was going to hurt him if he went too fast.  Duo reached out and grabbed Heero's waist to stop him.  Heero sobbed in frustration.  He looked pleadingly at Duo to give him what he wanted.

"Slow down Heero, we have all night."

"Duo…I need…please…I need it."

"I know baby, but if you move too quickly you'll hurt yourself.  Let me help you."


Duo gently guided Heero on to his cock.  He made sure Heero didn't take more than he was ready for. Soon Heero was sitting on Duo, speared on his cock.  Heero did as Duo directed and waited until he felt his body relax.  When he finally felt his body relax he began to move.  It started out as a small thrust but soon he was riding Duo for all he was worth.

He leaned down and kissed Duo on the mouth as he rode him.  At this new angle, Duo's erection touched his sweet spot.  His vision went white for a second and he screamed in pleasure.  Duo stopped altogether afraid he might have hurt him.

Heero whimpered when Duo stopped moving in him.  He looked down and saw the fearful look Duo was giving him.

"It doesn't hurt Duo, it felt really good.  Do it again, please…"

Duo moved again and Heero screamed in pleasure.  Duo smiled and started to push into him faster.  He reached down and captured Heero's erection pumping him in time with his thrusts.

Heero pleaded for more and for Duo to not stop.  He never felt this good in his life, even the blow job paled in comparison.

"Oh god…Duo more…please…"

Were the only words he could speak.  He repeated them over and over again.  Duo grunted and kept up the pace.  He entwined one of his hands with Heero's and held it.  He leaned up and kissed Heero while hitting Heero's sweet spot. The result was Heero screaming into his mouth.

Heero was flying higher and higher with each thrust.  He could feel the emotions flowing around him ready to burst.  Soon, with Duo hitting his sweet spot with every thrust and the pumping on his cock, he came.  Duo felt the silky passage tighten around him and he also came.  They screamed together and it was so loud Heero's parents heard them in the other wing.

His parents smiled at each other and went back to sleep.  Knowing that it wasn't a scream of pain but one of pure pleasure.

Meanwhile back in the room, Duo and Heero were just coming down from the high of the orgasm.  Heero was still lying on Duo and panting heavily.  Duo was doing the same.  When they came back to their senses, Duo gently pulled out of Heero.  Heero hissed but moved so he was laying on his side and cuddled up to Duo.  Duo held him in his arms and with one hand tangled his fingers in Heero's hair.

"I love you Duo."

"I love you too Heero."

They kissed each other chastely and settled down on the bed.  Heero looked down at himself and realized he was all sticky.

"Duo we're sticky."

"Yeah, we are."

"I need a shower."

"Okay, do you want me to come with."

"Of course."

They both got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.  The house staff walked into the room to clean up the mess.  They were told before by the Yuys that this might happen and to be ready to clean the room when Duo and Heero left.  While they were cleaning they heard moans coming from the shower.  They smiled to themselves and kept on cleaning.  Making sure to be out of there before the happy couple came back into the room.


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