Title: The Love Calculator
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1x2
Category: SAP
Warnings: Duo is OOC...kind of...*shrugs* depends on how you look at Duo.
Notes: I was bored and I did this while talking with Ariel…from there this idea came to me….*grinning*
Disclaimer: I own this story but I don't own Gundam Wing or it's characters nor the Love Calculator *sighs*

Author Notes: *giggling* I was talking to my friend, Ariel and playing with the Love Calculator because I was sooo bored...and then the idea came to me...and I decided to write it and here it is....*grins* Enjoy and please send feedback...


Heero looked up from his newspaper and sighed when he heard Duo's wail. He put his coffee down and headed towards their room. When he got there he saw Duo staring despondently at his laptop.

"Duo, what are you doing on my laptop?"

"I was just playing on it, since I was bored. But Heero, I have something terrible to tell you."

Heero looked concerned at Duo, he hoped it wasn't bad news.

"What is it, koi?"

"We aren't meant to be together." Duo wailed. Heero stood shocked in the doorway.

"What…Why aren't we meant to be together, Duo?"

"The Love Calculator says so."

Now Heero was confused, "Love Calculator?" He moved towards Duo and looked over his shoulder at the screen.

Duo nodded his head, "Yeah, see. You put in the two people's name and then click enter. I paired you with all the people I know and the highest you got was a 76% and that was with Relena. I did the same with me but I got no further than Wufei before I called it quits. It seems I was meant to be with Wufei and you were meant to be with Relena."

Heero sighed, "Duo, you do know those things aren't real."

"Yes, but what if it's true and one day you wake up and go to Relena?"

Heero sighed and started to massage Duo's head and shoulders. He leaned down to his ear to speak, "Duo, I love you and nothing will take me away from you. Not even Relena."

"I know, but…"

"Fine, if you want to go by this thing…Put our names back in and let me see."

Duo typed for a few seconds and then pressed enter. The screen popped up with the answer, "See only 44% for us."

Heero chuckled. Duo looked up at him confused, "Why are you laughing."

"That's not how you spell my name in Japanese. Here let me show you."

Heero leaned around Duo and typed in the information and pushed entered. The response was immediate, 95%. Duo jumped from his seat and glomped Heero tightly.

"See, you were worried for nothing." Heero chuckled and held Duo tighter. He started to move them to their bed, "I told you that I love you and nothing, not even a stupid Love Calculator, will get in the way of that."

Duo smiled at him, "I know, I'm sorry. Now show me how much you love me," Duo said suggestively.

Heero smirked and laid Duo on the bed and they stayed there the whole night, only leaving once to get food.

The End.