Title: A Lighthouse Tale
Author: DamnVespa email: jasminepearl@h...
Category: Songfic, AU (?), Deathfic
Pairing: 1+2
Disclaimer: I don't own GW nor do I own Nickel Creek's "A
Lighthouse's Tale." So, umm.. please don't sue me. Besides I have no money.
Notes: Deathfic but with a sort of happy ending. Anything else you'll just have to read.
Rating: G


[I am a lighthouse, worn by the weather and the waves.
I keep my lamp lit, to warn the sailors on their way. ]

I was built many centuries ago as a beacon to warn sailors to not get to close. If they do they will die. My life is a lonely one but I make do. I've watched many ships sink and many men and women die in the depths of the sea. I have been home to some who have helped me in my job of warning sailors and of the dangers of the shore.

[I'll tell a story, paint you a picture from my past.
I was so happy, but joy in this life seldom lasts.]

I have had many owners who have lived their lives here, but none so unique and tragic as the last one. I will tell you his story, as I have known it. For I only knew him for a short time.

[I had a keeper, he helped me warn the ships at sea.
We had grown closer, 'till his joy meant everything to me.]

He came to me when he was around twenty. He always wore black and had a long brown braid. He seemed happy and jovial to anyone looking but when it was just him and me he was always sad and lonely. He would stare at the stars. His name was Duo. He always talked to me and kept me company. It was nice.

[And he was to marry, a girl who shone with beauty and light.
And they loved each other, and with me watched the sunsets into night.]

One day a boy about his age came up to me. He had jeans and a green tank top on. My owner, Duo, ran out of me and jumped on the boy. After that they were hardly ever seen by themselves. One look and you could tell they were in love. Now Duo wasn't so lonely or sad anymore. He and the other boy, Heero, would sit atop of me and watch the sun set together. I could hear them whisper words of love together as they held each other. They eventually had a wedding ceremony, nothing grand, but they held it near me so I could watch. It was beautiful and if I could cry I would cry tears of joy for them.

[And the waves crashing around me, the sand slips out to sea.
And the winds that blow remind me, of what has been, and what can never be.]

Life was grand with them there. There were hardly any quiet nights here. I was no longer alone. I had two owners who cared for me and helped me with my job. I loved them for it as I have loved my previous owners. They had their fights but they always made up, but there was never a dull moment.

[She'd had to leave us, my keeper he prayed for a safe return.
But when the night came, the weather to a raging storm had turned.]

Unfortunately the one named Heero had to go away but he said he would return. Duo was sad but he let him go. Duo sat up every night and stared out over the ocean waiting for Heero to return. It would be a few months before he saw the ship Heero would be sailing in on come in. Unfortunately there was harsh storm that night. Duo stood there and watched the ship bounce over the waves. I felt helpless and I tried to warn them as best I could that they were getting to close to the shore and the rocks. Duo kneeled and started praying. He prayed for hours as he watched the ship fight.

[He watched her ship fight, but in vain against the wild and terrible wave.
In me so helpless, as dashed against the rock she met her end.]

Then finally it happened. The ship hit the biggest rock out there and started to sink. Duo started screaming and wailing as he watched the ship finally slipped beneath the waves. He broke down right then. It was devastating. I wish I had arms so I could hug Duo but all I could do was listen to his cries and the harsh winds through the night.

[And the waves crashing around me, the sand slips out to sea.
And the winds that blow remind me, of what has been, and what can never be]

I can't but feel sad as I tell this story. My previous owners had suffered similar fates but none as tragically as my current owner.

[Then on the next day, my keeper found her washed up on the sand.
He kissed her cold face, that they'd be together soon he'd swore. ]

The next day my owner left me and went along the beach looking for anything he could salvage. I saw him start running and kneel next to a body that had washed up on the shore. Duo let out an ear-piercing howl as he found Heero's body. He held on to the body for hours on end. He just rocked back and forth while sobs wracked his body. He finally laid him down and kissed his face.

[I saw him crying, watched as he buried her in the sand.
And then he climbed my tower, and off of the edge of me he ran.]

He came back to me to get a shovel then went back out and buried him. He stayed out there for hours just looking at the grave. He fell to his knees and let out one last wail and collapsed on the grave. He stayed like that forever and then finally made his way back to me. He climbed to the top of me and stood staring out at the sea at the sunset. Then the most shocking thing happened. Heero was standing in front of him and opened his arms. He stood there and waited. Duo stood in shock then a happy smile graced his face. He ran to meet him and ran right off of me. Heero caught his soul but Duo's body fell to the ocean below. As the final rays of light dimmed so did Heero and Duo.

[And the waves crashing around me, the sand slips out to sea.
And the winds that blow remind me, of what has been, and what can never be]

No one knew about it for a couple of days. Then finally some people came and found what happened. They buried them together at the base of me. Three of their friends stayed long after everyone had left. They were saddened but they left smiling. They looked toward the sea and then finally left the place. They come back every once and awhile but they don't stay long.

[I am a lighthouse, worn by the weather and the waves.
And though I am empty, I still warn the sailors on their way.]

Now I am alone. No one lives here anymore, but I still do my job of protecting but I frequently think of my last owners. I hope that wherever they are they are happy.


The End