I haven't gotten around to writing my new fic that I polled for but look for it tomorrow night some time. This one though was buzzing around my head for like a day. I remembered a story I read for an English class. It was a short story called The Lady or the Tiger by Frank Stockton. It is an interesting story. This is based on that story with some changes. I hope you enjoy and please send feedback.


Title: The Lady or The Tiger? (1/1)
Author: DamnVespa
Warnings: Angst and death (?)
Pairings: 1+2+1


In an ancient land there lived a king. He was great man but had a tendency to be cruel. He had come up with a great way to punish crimes committed in the city. He had built a great arena for his people. It was used as a place to shop and art when not in use for trials. When a criminal was put on trial he was brought in through a door that opened up on the arena floor. He faced two doors on the opposite end. The two doors were the same in everyway. He would have a choice of picking which door he wanted. People who were sitting in the seats above would wait on baited breath for which door the criminal would choose.

Behind one door were bloodthirsty tigers and when the door opened they would tear the criminal to pieces. Behind the other door was a beautiful maiden of the same wealth status as the criminal. She would be handpicked for beauty for this event. When she came out of the door the two would be wed right there. No matter if the criminal was already married or loved someone else. There was no order to what door they were behind. That way no one influenced the criminal into choosing.

The people were okay with this kind of punishment because they were letting fate choose. If the man was indeed guilty fate would surely make sure he was punished but if he was innocent he was rewarded. Sometimes it didn't work out that way but no one really talked about it.

The king had a son who was just like him in many aspects. The son was the apple of the king's eye and was named Duo. He was very beautiful and had many courtiers. One was named Heero but he wasn't of the same status as the prince and would have no chance of ever marrying the prince. But they didn't care. They fell in love and for months carried on a love affair behind the king's back.

There was another courtier for the prince, her name was Hilde and she was very jealous. She did not like Heero and decided to break them up. She figured the prince was only lusting after him and after he was gone she would finally be his wife. She ran to the king and told him. The king not believing it went to find out for himself. He found them in the garden kissing under a weeping willow tree. He was outraged.

Duo and Heero were happy and talked about leaving together and never coming back. They met under the weeping willow so as to hide from the outside world. They worried that their happiness wouldn't last and planned to escape the next day. They finalized their plans and kissed. That was when the king found them.

The king had Heero thrown in the dungeon and announced that tomorrow there was going to be a trial. Duo was devastated. He stayed in his room for the day and didn't speak to anyone for a while before realizing he needed to find out what was behind which door. He called on his friends for help.

The next day came to soon for Heero. He was walked to the door that led to the arena and took in a deep breath. He needed to be strong. He didn't know what exactly what would happen but he wouldn't show fear in front of the king. He walked out into the arena and saw that all of the city people were there. The crowd gasped and chattered about how fair and young the man was. They hoped he picked the right door because they didn't want to see him shredded by the vicious tigers. Heero went to the center and to everyone else it looked like he was bowing to the king when he was really looking at Duo.

Duo looked down at Heero knowing it would be the last time. Heero looked back at him and waited. He quickly looked at the doors and then back at Duo asking with his eyes, `Which one should I choose.' No one knew the silent communication happening they were all waiting for Heero's choice. Duo knew this was it. He knew which one led to tigers and which one lead to the lady. He flicked his thumb to the right and closed his eyes. He couldn't stand to watch what was going to happen.

Heero saw the movement and with courage he strode up the door on the right and flung it open. He gasped at the sight that greeted him.

Duo had found out the night before which was behind which door. He reflected on which one to pick that whole night. He didn't want Heero to be killed by tigers but he didn't want him end up with his rival. Her name was Relena and he had seen her give Heero looks. Duo had become insanely jealous but Heero had always assured him that it was him and only him that he could ever love. Duo had dreams about what the day would bring. Dreams of blood and shrieks as Heero was torn apart by the fierce claws and teeth of the tigers. He also had dreams of Heero rushing to greet the lady and go on with a new life, happy to be alive. He finally came to a decision even though it killed him to do it. He flicked his thumb to the right and hoped Heero would forgive him.

Now the question I leave to you is: Did Duo choose the Lady or the Tiger?

The End


Okay this is how the story ended. My English teacher gave us an assignment to write our own ending to this story. You can change part of the story a little if need be but write your own ending to the story. Now if anyone on the ml wants to they can write their own ending to this. Here is mine. I hope you like.

Warning: I don't want to give it away but it's not pretty.

Heero saw the movement and with courage he strode up the door on the right and flung it open. He gasped at the sight that greeted him.

There was Duo all decked out in his princely attire. His hair was down and a crown of laurel leaves was resting atop his head. A priest and some well-wishers followed him. He heard cheers go up throughout the crowd. He was never so happy as he was right now.

He didn't even think that he had just seen Duo moments ago up in the royalty box. That it took much longer for Duo to get down there and dressed as he was. He just accepted it and reached for Duo.

Then he felt a deep sharp pain in his stomach. He stepped a couple feet away and looked down in confusion. The cheering he had heard turned to shrieks. When he looked down he saw three deep gashes across his stomach. He brought his hand towards it and touched it. When he brought it away he saw blood. He looked up in confusion and still saw Duo standing, smiling down at him. He reached out to touch him but touched nothing but air. The illusion faded and he fell to his knees and looked at what was really behind the door. He couldn't stand to look at the tiger stalking towards him for the kill. He looked up to Duo.

Duo had his eyes closed and he could hear the shrieks from the women and some men. He didn't dare look down to see the carnage of what was happening. Heero looked up at Duo and begged silently for Duo to open his eyes. He knew why Duo had done what he'd done. He needed to express to him that it wasn't his fault that he was happy with Duo's decision. He didn't want to be married to some strange girl when all he wanted was Duo.

Duo felt eyes upon him and opened his eyes. He looked straight into the blue eyes of his lover. Duo felt tears well up in his eyes but refused to let them fall. Duo looked into those blue eyes and saw joy and relief but anger or blame. Duo was relieved that Heero was not upset with him and didn't blame him for his death. Neither saw the tiger tense or sprinting towards Heero. Their eyes were only for each other. The tiger pounced on Heero and ripped out his throat. There had been no screams from him. He had gone to his death bravely and shown no fear.

Duo still kept looking into the dead eyes of his lover as the savage beast tore at Heero's body. Finally the tiger was herded back into his cage. They dragged Heero's body away to be buried in an unmarked grave. Duo didn't move from his spot until one of his friends carefully guided Duo from the chair. As he was leaving he saw Hilde approach with a confident look on her face. Duo glared at the girl but was led away before he could do anything to her. Hilde looked a little disheartened but believed that Duo would come around. She would never find out if that were to be true.

Duo was dead before morning with a crown of laurel leaves left behind on his bed.


The End.