Title: Hot Showers
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1x1…*smiles*
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Warnings: none…
Notes: This came to me when I was taking a shower…
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of GW….


Heero POV

Hot Showers.

Not baths but showers. Hot ones are the greatest. The water is so warm and it runs over your body like hands caressing a lover.

The others think that my poor Duo takes all the hot water. But they couldn't be more wrong. It's me who does. Duo would be in here with me if the shower were big enough but it isn't. So we're stuck taking individual showers. Which I know annoys him greatly. The reason is because hot showers make me…


I start with moderate heat, letting my body warm to the temperature. Let the water wash over me, caress me, wet me. Then I turn it up.

I don't use soap, not yet. No, I wait until the water is just that right temperature. My skin starts flushing from the heat, which only makes me hotter.

The temperature is at the right level. I can see the mist flowing around me like a phantom ghost. Trying to touch me but never making contact.

Now I get the soap, and slather it in my hands. The foam slipping through my fingers and falling to the floor. When my hands are nice and soapy I start touching my body. The heat of the water easing the way down my body. The soap being washed away but I don't care. I moan as the water hits my hard on.

I gasp as I turn around and let the hot water flow around it making it harder. I don't touch it yet, not yet. I get more soap and start rubbing my nipples. I groan at the contact and stand under the spray letting the water wipe away the suds. My hands wander down my chest to my stomach and right to my nest of curls. I tangle my fingers there and pull slightly.

The slight pain excites me more. I moan louder and finally I touch myself. I hold myself in my hand under the hot water. The water feels a little cold so I turn it up a notch.

There, the water is perfect. I start to pump myself with the water as an eager participant. I start off slow, never speeding up even though my body demands it. Then I go faster and faster. The water eagerly wiping the pre cum down my hard cock.

I gasp, moan and whimper at the sensations. I can feel my orgasm coming and I stand fully under the spray. The combination of hot water pouring all over myself and my hand pumping my erection is all it takes. I explode, gasping sharply while still standing in the spray.

The water is still pouring on me adding sensations to my already overly taxed system. I shakily turn the water off and let the mist calm me. The mist is like a warm blanket that wraps around you before seeping out of the corners of the room. I step out of the shower and stand wrapped firmly in the mist.

The air starts to cool as the mist dissipates. I wipe the fog off the mirror, the last remnant of the mist, and look at myself. I'm flushed red as if my brains had been fucked out. I smile at myself and walk out the bathroom door.

I walk into the bedroom to find Duo standing there with only a small towel around his waist. He holds a towel in his hands and smiles at me.

"Have a nice shower?" He asks.

I nod and he wraps me up in the towel. He dries me himself and I let him. Duo knows of my preoccupation with the shower and he doesn't tell anyone just so I can have my time in it. Besides he loves to see me reddened and he gets horny just by looking at me.

My shower time is done and I'm a little upset but I know tomorrow is another day and another time with the shower.


The End.