Title: Heero of Basil Street
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1X2, 3X4 and 5X6
Category: AU,
Warnings: A little OOCish on Heero's part. I think that is all for now.


In a run down apartment on the poor side of town lived a nice man, Treize Khushrenada, and his daughter, Mariamaya. He had just gotten home from his job as a toy maker. He didn't make very much but he was happy just the same. It was his little girl's birthday and he had made a special gift for her.

"Marie, I'm home."

"Daddy." Yelled Maria as she glomped onto her father.

He just smiled and kissed her forehead then set her back on her feet. He took the present out from his jacket and held it up to her eyes. It was a flower bud.

"Happy birthday sweetie. I made this just for you."

"Ooh daddy, it's beautiful. What does it do?"

"Why don't you wind it up and see?"

Marie took the flower bud and found the crank and started to wind it up. When she couldn't wind it anymore she let go to see what it did. The flower bud emitted a lovely tune and started rocking to the music and then it transformed into a lovely ballerina and started dancing in the palm of her hand.

"OOOH Daddy I LOVE IT." She again glomped her father but she was mindful of her new toy. He set her down and headed into the kitchen to start dinner for them. Marie went into the living room and played with her new toy. She knew her father didn't have much but he always tried to get the best for her and she loved him dearly for it.

When dinner was done they had just sat down to eat when they heard a noise at the door. It sounded like some one was trying to break in. Treize hurriedly picked Marie up and put her in one of the cabinets.

"Marie, honey, you stay in here and don't make a sound. Don't come out until I come and get you. Okay? I'll be just fine."

Marie nodded her head and Treize closed the cabinet door. He was going towards the front door when it banged open. He started to move away from the kitchen so that the person who broke in wouldn't go in there and find his daughter.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"

"Dekim would like to speak to you. So if you would just follow me, you won't get hurt." A gruff voice answered.

"I already told Dekim that I wouldn't do what he wanted. Now leave this house this instant."

Marie, from her hiding place, heard her father talking. She wanted to know who was in the house so she opened the cabinet a little. She saw her father standing in front of the window facing the kitchen while the other man was facing her father. The other man was shorter than her father and was wearing a lot of white. He also had black hair tied into a ponytail.

"Well then I guess we do this the hard way. Ready to fight old man?"

"I won't come willingly. So come and get me."

The boy with the black ponytail lunged at Treize. Treize sidestepped and grabbed the nearest thing to him to use as a weapon. It turned out to be a lamp. He swung it around trying to keep the other guy at bay and look for an opening. The other guy was jumping and knocking things down all over the place. Trying to get a hit in and avoid the lamp that Treize was swinging. Treize got lucky when the guy slipped on a rug. Treize whacked him in the stomach with the lamp. "INJUSTICE!" the guy shrieked and tackled Treize. Treize went down and hit his head on the coffee table and was knocked out.

Marie had closed the cabinet door at the beginning of the fight. She was really scared. She hoped her daddy won the fight and killed that evil man. She heard the other man yell and she closed her eyes tight and put her hands over her ears. She waited for what seemed like forever before she reopened her eyes and took her hands down. She didn't hear a sound. She waited just like her daddy told her to but she was getting scared. Her daddy should have come by now. She opened the door to the cabinet and looked out. The lights were off and it was really dark in the room but the moonlight highlighted the mess. The whole living room was destroyed. The couch was overturned. The lamp was smashed on the floor. The coffee table was on its side. She slowly crept out into the house and looked around for her daddy.



No one answered her. She looked through the whole house but she couldn't find anyone. She also noticed that her new toy was gone. The man had stolen her daddy and her new toy. She ran out into the street to find some one to help her. Maybe her daddy ran away and was coming back for her.

"DADDY!" She screamed.

She waited on the steps. She saw no one. She was alone. She started to cry.


A young man was walking down the street. He was well dressed which looked odd in the poor section of town. His long brown braid swung behind his back with each step. He looked generally happy but still on edge. It was night and he knew in this section of town thieves and murderers like to come out. As he walked down the street he heard someone crying. He stopped to find out where the sound was coming from. He saw a little girl with fire red hair and a blue dress sitting on the steps to a building. She was crying and her knees were pulled to her chest. She looked like she had been there for a while. He walked up to her and squatted down to her level. He picked up his braid so it didn't get dirty and looked at the girl.

"Hi little girl. My names Duo, Duo Maxwell. I may run and hide but I never lie. What's your name?"

"Hi Mr. Maxwell. My name is Mariemaya Khushrenada."

"Why are you crying, Marie? Where are your parents?"

"I don't know where my daddy went. Someone stole him. Will help me find my daddy Mr. Maxwell. PLEASE!"

"Alright I'll help you find your daddy, but on one condition?"


"You call me Duo. Mister makes me feel old."

At this she giggled at him and Duo smiled at her. Duo stood up and grabbed her hand and they walked off towards the police station. He would help the girl as much as he could.

They walked into the police station and right up to the front desk. A fat police officer sat staring at the computer while eating a donut. He didn't look happy and Duo had some misgivings about asking for help. He pushed those misgivings aside because he had promised Marie that he would help.

"Excuse me officer but this little girl says that her father was kidnapped."

"How long has he been missing." The police officer asked without looking up from his screen.

"Since tonight." Said Marie. The police officer looked at her and snorted.

"Listen, girl. He probably took off and left you behind. Mister why don't you take her down to the local orphanage. We have too many problems to deal with and we don't have time to find runaway dads."

"Look here Sir. This girl says her father was kidnapped and you pass it off as some kind of errant father who left his little girl behind. What happened to protecting the innocent and helping them. Or are you just upset because you are stuck behind a desk so you take it out on poor defenseless people who need help." Duo ranted.

When Duo was getting to the height of his rant, two police officers that had been watching the scene came and escorted him and the little girl off the premises. Duo left peacefully because if he got arrested he couldn't help Marie. But he was boiling with anger.

"What are we going to do now, Duo? How are we going to find my father?" Marie asked.

She was bordering on tears. Duo looked down at her and his anger fled. He gathered the little girl in his arms and rocked her back and forth. One of the officers who had escorted them out felt bad for them.

"Hey, look, we would have to file a missing persons report and it could take weeks to months before we find anything. But here, take this card, he should be able to help you in less time than that. Good luck."

Then the officer retreated to the police station. Duo held the card and looked at it. It said: Heero Yuy, Private Detective. 125 Basil (1) Street. He looked back up to say thanks to the officer but he was already gone.

"Well let's go give this a try. He should be able to help us. Come on."

Duo hailed a cab and told the cab driver where to go. He comforted the little girl as much as he could. He watched as the city lights whirled by the window. `I wonder if this guy can really help us.

Because if he can't I don't know what to do.' Duo thought. Soon they arrived at the place. It was a house in the middle of the city. Kind of squished in-between two buildings, but still a house. Duo paid the cab fare and took Marie by the hand up to doorstep. He rang the doorbell and waited. When no one immediately opened the door he did it again and smiled at Marie. Finally they heard shuffling behind the door and the door was opened.

Duo and Mariemaya both gasped in shock. They couldn't believe their eyes. A young man around his early twenties, with short blond hair and aquamarine eyes answered the door. That wasn't what shocked them, what shocked them was what he was wearing. He only wore a towel around his slim hips. He blushed a nice rosy color when he found a guy and a little girl standing at the door.

"Could you hold on for just a second?"


The blond haired boy left them standing in the doorway while he went to put on more appropriate clothing. He came back shortly wearing some gray sweatpants and a dark purple t-shirt.

"Yes. How may I help you?"

"Is this the residence of Heero Yuy the private detective?"

"Yes it is. My name is Quatre, Heero isn't home right now but come on in. Trowa and he should be back in a jiffy."


"His partner. He finds out where the bad guys are and leads Heero to them. Now what is your name little girl?"

"Mariemaya Khushrenada."

"Well that is a lovely name. Let me finish baking some cookies and we can eat some. Is that okay with you?"

"Thank you Mr. Quatre. That would be nice."

"Just Quatre, Marie. Why don't you two make yourselves at home."

Quatre walked back into the kitchen. Marie looked around the house and took a seat in a big armchair near the fireplace. Duo also looked around a bit. He saw science equipment on one side of the room. Books lined the shelves and a picture of the ugliest man he had ever seen was in a frame above the mantel. He was just stepping closer to the picture when the door banged open. A fat man who was bald and had a mustache ran into the run waving a gun around.

"AHA! I shall have him." The man yelled.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" Duo Maxwell said and stood in front of Marie in case this man was dangerous.

The man straightend immediately when he found unknown people in the house. He popped the mask off his face. He then pulled something underneath his clothing that made the clothing drape around him. The youth that stepped out was in his early twenties. He had wild brown hair and the bluest eyes. He was very lean and muscular. He wore a green tank top and black spandex shorts underneath the disguise with ugly yellow sneakers.

"Hn. Heero Yuy."

"Okay good, this little girl needs your help."

"Not right now I need to finish this. You will help me."

Duo stood there shocked. Not only had this guy brushed him off, he demanded that he help him. Heero started gathering pillows and threw them into Duo's arms. Duo caught them out of reflex, he was still too shocked to movie. But when Heero pointed a gun at the pillows he threw them on the armchair, grabbed Marie and ducked behind a sofa. They heard a loud bang and then they seen feathers flying everywhere. Quatre ran in because he heard the gun shot. He gaped at the feathers flying around the room.


Heero popped up from in front of the armchair and looked at Quatre. He wore an expression of shock and a tad bit of guilt was in there too.

"LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO THE PILLOWS. These pillows cost money. Money we shouldn't be spending at the moment. Would you care to explain WHY you decided to shoot them?"

"Ano.. umm I needed the bullet for a lead. It had to be shot from a gun. Umm… Gomen."

Quatre sighed, "It's okay Heero. I'll get some more later."

With that Quatre went back into the kitchen. As soon as Quatre was gone, Heero was back to searching for the bullet. He was searching the ground surrounding the armchair when he came upon Marie who was holding the bullet in her hand. He grabbed the bullet and glared at her. He snorted then turned back to the lab on the other side of the room. Duo looked at the girl and nudged her to speak to him.

"Mr. Heero Yuy, my name is Mariemaya Khushrenada…"

"Shut up. I'm working."

Duo was not happy that he shunned the girl. Marie was angry but Duo gestured for her to be quiet. They would wait until he was finished. Heero was intensely studying the bullets. They seemed the same until he put it under the microscope. One of the lines didn't match up. He threw the bullets away and went back the armchair. He sat down and stared into the fire. Duo nudged Marie over again and gestured she should start talking to him now.

"Hi Mr. Heero Yuy. I was told you could help me. My father was stolen, and I need your help."

"Hn. File a missing person report with the police and go home."

"I don't have anyone to go home to. I don't have a mother. Please you have got to help me."

"Look I can't help every kid whose parents were `stolen.' He probably owed people money. You probably won't see him again. Why don't you go down to the local orphanage."

"He didn't owe anybody anything. A man wearing white came in through our door and took my daddy."

When Marie said that the man was wearing white Heero perked up a little and straightened in his chair.

"Was he Asian?"

"I don't know but he did have a ponytail and his hair was black."

"Hn. Good. I can help you ms.?"

"Khushrenada, Mariemaya Khushrenada."

Duo Maxwell perked up a little when Heero said he would help her.

"I'm going to help you too. I promised Marie that I would help her get her father back."

Heero seemed to think this over. He looked Duo up and down and finally said, "You can help."

"So do you know this man she was describing?"

"His name is Wufei Chang, he is from china and he is the right hand man of the leader of a terrorist organization who try to take over the ruler of this country. The leader of this group is a man named Dekim Barton. He would try anything and everything to take over and rule. I have been after him for years. Finally I have lead that might be able to bring him in."


On the other side of town near the waterfront was Dekim Barton. He was in his fifties, wearing a business suit. He was smoking a cigarette outside a huge warehouse. He put out his cigarette and walked back into the warehouse. He walked towards the back of the building. On either side of him stood huge mobile dolls ready to be fixed and used. He opened the door to a small cell.

"Hello Mr. Khushrenada. Are you prepared to help us now?"

Treize lifted his head to glare at Dekim. He had woken up in this tiny room a couple of hours ago. He had looked around the room to see if he could get out but there wasn't any way. He sat back down in the corner and thought of his daughter. She was home alone and he couldn't get back to her. He just hoped she was okay. When Dekim came in he had winced at the light but then glared for all he was worth once Dekim started talking.

"I'll never help you. I don't care what you do to me, I won't help you in your rebellion."

"Ahh, but you see you have to help me. I shudder to think what could happen to your daughter. Don't look so surprised. I sent my best men to pick her up for you. I know you must have been really worried about her." Dekim said with mock concern.

"YOU FILTHY BASTARD." Treize ran to grab Dekim but came up short when Dekim pointed a gun at his head.

"Now that isn't a nice way to treat your host. I wouldn't want your daughter to become fatherless. Do you?"

Treize growled and sat back down at the other end of the room. Just then a man came up dressed in a business suit and black sunglasses.

"What is it?" Dekim asked. Clearly annoyed at being interrupted.

"We can't get the girl, sir."

"What do you mean you can't get the girl?"

The man seemed nervous now. The rest of the news wasn't good and he really didn't want to tell Dekim, but those were his orders.

"We found the girl but a man came by and picked her up. We didn't know who he was so we followed them. They went to the police station but were shortly escorted out. We continued to follow them and they ended up at the house where Heero Yuy lives."

"HEERO YUY. Damn it. The greatest detective in this country and he is on the case. We'll just have to bump up the schedule a little bit. Who was in charge of bringing the girl here?"

"Wufei Chang, sir."

"Go get him and tell him to come meet me here."

"Yes sir."

During the whole conversation, Treize had been sitting on the other side of the room. He visibly relaxed when he knew that his daughter was safe with Heero Yuy. Once the other man left Dekim took out a cell phone.

"Get ready, I'm bringing someone to you."

Then he turned off the cell phone.

"Excuse me but I have important matters to deal with. Why don't you stay here and make yourself comfortable. I'm not finished with you yet."

With that Dekim left the room and locked the door. He stood outside the door and waited for Wufei to meet him here. Soon, a Chinese boy came around the corner.

"Ahh, Wufei. I heard you didn't catch the girl. That's all right. Why don't you follow me I have something to discuss with you."

Wufei just nodded his head and followed. Wufei was a little apprehensive but Dekim wasn't showing any signs that he was going to kill him, but you never knew. They went down a lot of hallways and finally entered a big empty space.

"Now Wufei you know we do not tolerate failures."

With that Dekim took a bell out of one of his pockets and rang it. Wufei instantly turned around and his eyes widened. He grabbed for his katana and got ready to fight. A fight for his life against one of the best swordsman in the country, a man named Zechs Merquise. Dekim backed away from the upcoming fight, and thought of what he needed to do to make sure his plan went on with out a hitch.


Meanwhile back on Basil Street. Duo had just put Marie to bed in one of the spare rooms. Unfortunately there weren't enough rooms so he would have to share with Heero. But when Duo really thought about it, he really didn't care. Heero was one hot detective. Duo walked down the stairs and back into the living room. Heero was sitting in the armchair facing the fire while Quatre was being held in someone's lap. That someone was tall with brown hair that fell into a huge bang and obscured one eye. The someone was also male and had green eyes.

"She's asleep finally. I'm sorry but I don't think we have been properly introduced. I'm Duo Maxwell. I run, I hide, but I never lie. And you are?"

"Barton, Trowa Barton."

"Barton! Are you related to the ugly creep that we're going after?" Duo asked.


Duo looked at him weird and waited. Hoping to get more information but Trowa sat there and looked at him. When Duo realized he wasn't going to get any more information he went and sat down on the floor next to the armchair.

"Well let's tell each other a little about ourselves. Since I'm going to be helping you all I guess I'll go first. I grew up in a small town as an orphan. My parents had abandoned me there. I lived in an orphanage until the age of 17 when I enlisted in the army. I just got back from…"

"Don't lie to us, Duo."

"Huh? What do you mean Heero?"

"You have street smarts. If you lived on the streets you were probably a thief. Since I saw you eyeing all the expensive stuff in here. That also means you couldn't have lived in a small town. The orphanage is probably true because you are an educated person. You were in the military but I would say black ops of some kind. You are also carrying three knives two in your sleeves and one in your braid. A small gun on the inside of your boot. And lock picks which are also in your hair. What happened to I never lie?"

"Damn, you're good, but I didn't lie, I just edged around it. I was an orphan, my parents did abandon me, and I did get enlisted into the army. I just didn't tell you that the small town was part of a bigger city and I was enlisted into the black ops of the army. I was used mainly for stealth. I could get in about anywhere without anyone the wiser." Duo paused for a second and looked thoughtful, "You know that is the most I've heard you say all day."


"Oh great he went back to not speaking. Okay well we'll skip you and go on to blondie. So Q, how about your life story?"

Quatre blinked in mild shock at being called blondie and Q in one sentence. When he got over the shock he looked at Trowa. Trowa just nodded his head and gave him a squeeze. Telling him nonverbally that it was okay to tell Duo.

"Well my name is Quatre Raberba Winner.."

"You mean THE Winner. The one who owns half the city?"

"Yes that Winner. Now if you let me finish. My father was very strict guy and traditional man. He wanted the family business to fall to his son. The only problem was he didn't have a son. He married a lot of women and all he had were daughters, up until the last one. By this time he had 29 daughters and no son. He was getting alarmed that he had no son. He decided that if he didn't have a son with the next marriage he would give the business to one of his nephews. He married my mother and she did become pregnant with me. My father was ecstatic that now he would have a son. My mother died in childbirth, but he didn't care all that much he had his heir. I was taught from a very early age about being the heir to the corporation. After my mothers' death, father didn't marry anymore, he had what he wanted, an heir."

Quatre spat that word out. Throughout his speech about his father he became increasingly bitter. Trowa noticed this and squeezed Quatre a little tighter giving his support. Quatre smiled at Trowa and continued telling his story.

"He left it to his daughters to care for me. Some were nice while others were upset that they were being looked over because they were female. I grew up knowing little love and a lot of hatred. But being kind was a defense for me. It threw my sisters for loops sometimes." Quatre smiled wistfully. "It was my fifteenth birthday and one of my older sisters took me to a circus, where I met a dashing acrobat my age. We hit it off and I fell in love."

Quatre smiled at Trowa and then looked back at Duo. Duo was totally wrapped up in the story that Quatre was weaving.

"When my father found out he was furious. He wanted to disown me but didn't think that it would look to good in the public's eye. So he told me to he would give me a monthly salary if I would discreetly leave the family and not make trouble for him. I think one of my cousins is going to head the Winner Corporation. Then I moved in with Trowa and Heero. And that is about it."

"Man, I'm sorry Q. That must have been awful. Hey, wait didn't you call Heero Winner too?"

At this point Heero glared at Quatre and Trowa glared at Heero. Heero then turned his glare to Duo. Duo seemed unperturbed at this and just looked back. Heero noticing that his glare wasn't working turned and looked at the fire.

"Uh, yes I did. His name is Heero Winner Yuy. He's one of my nephews. His mother is my half sister. I would tell you more but it is getting late, I am going to bed. You coming Trowa?"

Trowa nodded his head and followed Quatre upstairs. Duo moved to the sofa when Quatre and Trowa disappeared upstairs. He was facing Heero and trying to think of something to say. Heero just looked at the fire but was looking at Duo out of the corner of his eye. When no one said anything for the next couple of minutes, Duo sighed.

"I'm going to bed and we'll come up with a plan of attack tomorrow. Goodnight Heero."

Heero gave no sign that he heard Duo. Duo looked at Heero for a few minutes, shook his head, and started to climb the stairs to the room. He took some time to look at the room he would be sharing with Heero. There was only one bed, with a nightstand on one side. In one corner of the room there was a desk. The moon was shining through the window and highlighting the bureau on the far wall. On the desk there was a laptop that was turned off. He noticed that the bed and the desk were set up so no one could see who was inside from the outside. As he looked around again he realized there were hardly any personal belongings in the room. He would have pondered on that more but he was tired. That was when he realized he had no spare clothing with him. He shrugged he would just have to make due with what he had. He took off his pants and his shirt. He wore black silk boxers. He got into the bed and fell asleep.

Downstairs, Heero continued to look into the fire. He finally moved and went upstairs to the room he was going to share with Duo. Duo was curled into a fetal position on one side of the bed facing away from him. The covers on covered half of his body. Heero could see his chest and a gold cross Duo wore around his neck. Heero admired the sleek muscles of Duo's chest and arms. He also admired the long braid that lay enticingly over Duo's hip. Heero stared at the image of him for a couple minutes, sighed, and changed for bed. His pajamas were only white boxers. He got into bed and curled up with out touching Duo and fell asleep. On the other side of the bed Duo had woke up when Heero entered. He waited until Heero was asleep before he turned over to stare at his roommate. He watched the slight rise and fall of Heero's chest as he slept. He took a few minutes to admire the firm backside and the tousled hair, and then fell asleep.


Meanwhile on the other side of town, Wufei was still fighting for his life. A couple of times Zechs almost had him but he evaded the slashes quickly. Zechs meanwhile was having fun. He never had such a skilled opponent. He couldn't help but admire the way the Chinese boy moved. Wufei's hair was starting to fall out of its ponytail. Which made him all the more desirable to Zechs. Zechs had never seen anyone move with such grace and stay alive as long as Wufei had. He really didn't want to kill the boy but that was what he was paid to do.

Dekim wasn't paying attention to the fight. He was too focused on moaning about Heero Yuy. He wanted to get rid of Heero Yuy, or make sure he wouldn't interfere with his plans. He just didn't know how to do it. Then the idea hit him.

"Wait, stop the fight."

Both fighters stopped but were still ready to go again if Dekim changed his mind.

"I have a brilliant idea and I need Wufei alive for it."

Zechs was pleased. He didn't want to kill the boy. This was the first time he had a real challenge. He admired the spirit in the boy and hoped he could face him again when they didn't need to fight to the death, maybe in a bedroom setting.

"I have a plans that should take care of Heero Yuy."

He then proceeded to tell Wufei his plan and what he would need. He waved Zechs away while he talked. Zechs took one last look at Wufei and left. When Dekim was done outlining his plan he was cackling madly.

"I'll we get it done sir. What shall we do with the prisoner?" Wufei asked.

"Leave him to me." Dekim said and walked off towards Treize's cell.


The next day in the Yuy house on Basil Street, Duo was just getting up. He could hear people moving around downstairs and realized it was late in the morning and he needed to get up. He opened his eyes and looked around the room. Heero was nowhere in sight. Duo was a little disappointed because he wanted to see what Heero looked like when he woke up, but decided not to dwell on it. He got dressed in what he wore the other day and walked down the stairs. In the living room he saw Heero sitting in the armchair cleaning his gun. Trowa was on the sofa doing the same thing. He heard some one in the kitchen and decided to see what was going on. Quatre was making breakfast and Marie was helping him. Well it looked like she was making more of a mess than actually helping. Quatre looked up when Duo walked in.

"Hi Duo, did you have a nice sleep?"

"Yes I did. Thank you Q. So what's for breakfast?"

"Nothing much. Marie is helping me out right now. Why don't you take a seat at the table over there? Breakfast should be done in a minute."

Duo walked over to the table, which was on the other side of the kitchen. The kitchen was fairly small but still had a nice homey feel to it. Duo sat in one of the chairs. He looked at the table and chairs and realized there wasn't going to be enough room for everyone to sit down.

"Hey Q, you do realize that there are only three seats and 5 people, right?"

"Umm…. We'll figure something out."

Several minutes later breakfast was done and Marie was setting the table.

"Heero, Trowa Breakfast," Quatre called.

Marie sat down in one of the chairs and started to eat. Heero, Duo, Quatre, and Trowa looked at the last two seats trying to figure out who would get them.

"Let's take turns flipping a coin," said Duo. "Quatre and I will flip first and the winner gets one chair. While Heero and Trowa flip and that winner gets the last chair. The losers have to stand and eat. Okay?"

The four men nodded at this and Marie watched while eating her breakfast.

"Okay Q, Heads I win, Tails you lose. Got it?" Duo asked and fished a penny out of his pocket.


Duo flipped the coin and it came up with tails.

"Sorry Q, you lost. I get the chair."

Quatre looked down at the penny in confusion. Duo just sat at the table and smiled. He didn't think Quatre would fall for that but he did. Quatre was still looking at the penny in confusion. Trowa just smiled and picked the penny up to flip for the last chair. Trowa flipped the coin and Heero called heads. The coin landed on tails again and Heero lost. Trowa smiled smugly and sat down too. They all gaped at how much Duo had on his plate. Duo just looked around at everyone and smiled. Then he dug into his breakfast. Halfway through breakfast, Marie was done so she excused herself and went in to the living room. That freed up the only other chair. Heero stared at Quatre and Quatre stared right back. Heero picked up the penny.

"Heads I win, Tails you lose," Heero monotoned.

Quatre nodded his head and watched him flip the coin. Duo just started to giggle to see the blond fall for it again. Needless to say Heero won and sat down. Quatre was very confused and he kept looking at the coin while eating his breakfast. When everyone was done they put their dishes in the sink. They decided to flip the coin to see who would do the dishes. Quatre lost again (2).

"It's not fair. I keep losing. No matter what side the coin lands on…. I ….lose."

Realization hit Quatre like a ton of bricks. Quatre was not pleased at this discovery and decided that they all should die very slow deaths. The three guys started to slowly back away from Quatre when he started smiling insanely.

"That was a pretty neat trick you pulled on me. Thought you guys could get away with it didn't you?"

"Q, it was just a joke. I mean I thought you would have caught on the first couple of times."

"Oh really, Duo, well this is no joke. You are doing the dishes and Heero's helping you. I want this Kitchen spotless. And as for you Trowa, you're sleeping on the couch."

With that said Quatre left the kitchen in a huff. Trowa looked slightly upset but not as upset as Duo.

"Ahh man I hate doing the dishes."

Heero just snorted and started to work. Trowa left the room and went to find Quatre in hopes of easing the punishment. Duo pouted and sighed then started to help Heero do the dishes and clean the kitchen.

It took about two hours to get the whole kitchen spotless. Heero and Duo wondered into the living room to plan what they should do about Dekim. Marie was sitting in the armchair while Quatre and Trowa were sitting next to each other on the couch. Trowa didn't seem pleased about sitting next to Quatre. He preferred that Quatre be sitting in his lap. Heero moved to the armchair and picked Marie up out of the seat. He set her on the ground and sat in his chair. Marie was not happy about being moved so she climbed back onto the armchair and sat in Heero's lap. Duo started to giggle when Heero glared at the girl. Marie just stuck her tongue out at him and sat on his lap with her hands crossed in front of her chest. Heero glared harder but soon gave up when she didn't move. Duo sat down on the floor near the armchair and winked at Marie. She smiled back at Duo.

"Before we start talking about plans to get Dekim Barton. I think Marie and I should go and grab some stuff. Like for instance a change of clothing," Duo said.

"That's a good idea Duo, and while we're at Marie's we can check out the apartment to see if there were any clues left behind from the kidnapping," Quatre said.

"Good then it's settled, come on Marie time to get our stuff," Duo said.

They all decided to go to Marie's apartment first since it was closer than Duo's. They piled into a cab and rode over to the seedier part of town.

Meanwhile Wufei was in the apartment planting evidence. Dekim told him specific things to leave behind to lead Heero Yuy to them. He just hoped it work. He didn't want to face Zechs Merquise again. On the other hand Zechs wasn't a bad looking man and he presented a challenge that Wufei hadn't had in years. Wufei was just making his escape when he heard someone opening the door to the apartment. He climbed out of the window onto the fire escape and ran to get ready for the next part of the plan.

The apartment door opened and Duo stealthily walked in to see if anyone was in the apartment. He didn't see anyone so he waved everyone in. Heero looked around and was picking up evidence. Quatre had taken Marie into her room to gather her stuff while Trowa was standing off to one side and looking at the room in whole. Duo was looking at the evidence being collected and the state of the living room. He didn't like it.

"I don't like this. It seems most of this stuff was planted," Duo said.

"Why do you say that?" Asked Trowa.

"Well from what Heero said, the man is the right hand man so he has to be pretty good. I don't think that he would leave this much evidence behind so we could find him."

"They don't know I'm on the case. They were sloppy because they were overconfident. That will lead to their downfall," Heero said.

"Whatever, I still think it was planted."

"Trowa can you find out where Wufei Chang currently is. If we find him, we can follow him right to Dekim."

"No problem Heero."

Trowa whipped out a cell phone and started to call people. He talked quickly and quietly into the phone. Heero still looked through the room, gathering more evidence. Quatre and Marie came out into the living room with a bag.

"Got everything you want kiddo?" Duo asked.

"Yep. Are we going now?"

"I think in a minute we are."

"Heero I have a lead on Wufei. It seems he was seen walking into a mall not too far away from here."

"Then that's where we'll go. We don't have time to waste."

They hailed another cab and made their way to the mall. Duo and Quatre put Marie between them while Heero and Trowa were ahead looking for any sign of Wufei. Wufei watched them look for him. He smirked slightly; everything was going according to the plans. He followed them waiting for the right time to strike. It came when Marie saw a toyshop.

Duo was keeping an eye on his surroundings looking for anyone suspicious. Quatre was also, but he also kept an eye on Marie. Heero and Trowa were a little ways ahead and were not slowing down so that the others could catch up. There were a lot of people in the mall. After half an hour spent looking they sat down on a bench to rest.

"We have to split up. Duo and Quatre watch Marie and go down that way. Trowa and I will go down this way. We'll meet back here in an hour," said Heero

"That seems like a good plan. Let's go. Wait where's Marie?" asked Duo.

They looked around them and that's when they heard the scream. They looked to where the sound was heard and saw Marie struggling in the arms of Wufei. While they had been talking Marie had slipped away to look at the toy store. She had never seen so many toys in one place. While she was standing there looking in the window Wufei came up to her and grabbed her. She started to scream instantly. Wufei knew he was spotted and took off towards the nearest exit.

"Damn it!" Yelled Duo as he and the others took off after them. Trowa ran ahead of them. He was gaining on Wufei when he did a flip in the air and landed a few feet in front of him. Wufei did an about face and ran back the way he came He stopped when he saw that he was trapped. They were getting closer to him when he noticed the stairs on his right. He started to race up them with Heero hot on his heels. Heero was getting closer and was about to tackle Wufei when Wufei jumped into an elevator. The doors closed in Heero's face. The elevator went up to the next floor and Wufei rushed out. He still held the girl who was struggling fiercely. People were avoiding him and he could see the mall cops coming towards him. He ran the other way and got into an elevator going down. He got out on the ground floor and ran for the door. He was finally outside of the mall. He got on his motorcycle and put Marie in front of him. She had quieted down when she realized she couldn't get away. He revved the engine. The doors to the Mall burst open and Wufei saw Heero running towards him. He gunned the engine and was off before Heero could get to him.

Heero stared at Wufei's retreating back in anger. The others finally made it to his side. He rounded on them and glared at Quatre and Duo.

"What happened? You two were supposed to be watching her! How could you let her out of your site." Heero seethed.

"Heero, we're sorry. We didn't mean to lose sight of her." Duo responded.

"I don't care if you're sorry. You two are at fault here. She was taken and now is in the hands of Dekim Barton!" Heero growled out.

Quatre was softly crying into Trowa's shirt. He wasn't paying attention to what was being said. He knew it was partly his fault. He should have been watching more carefully. Duo had turned his back on Heero and walked a few feet away. His shoulders were slumped and he was trembling slightly.

After Heero's anger died down he felt guilty about blaming Duo and Quatre. He knew it wasn't their fault. He was just upset because Wufei got away. He had failed. Trowa had taken Quatre back into the mall, which left Heero and Duo outside. Heero looked towards Duo and felt utterly lost. He didn't know what to do. Heero couldn't take the despondent looking Duo anymore and walked over and stood next to him.

"Duo, Gomen."

"It's okay Heero. I know you're just angry and you needed to vent."


"So, what are we going to do now?"

There was no answer.


Back at the warehouse, Treize was putting on the finishing touches of Dekim's plan. He had been working all night on it. He was only going along with it so he could be able to sabotage Dekim's plans. He had no idea that at the moment Wufei was coming back to the warehouse with his daughter.

"How's it coming along Treize?"

"Fine, Dekim. All you have to do is push this button and it should bring the system online and download it into the mobile dolls."

The system was something Treize designed when he was a bright and upcoming scientist. He made the system to help people better react and predict hazards in mobile suits. It was supposed to be used only for mining, but the military got wind of it and used it in their plans for mobile suits as weapons. It was soon found to be highly unstable and it unfortunately killed one of the very first people it was experimented on. Treize was devastated that his system had been used and that it had killed someone. He decided never to use the system again. He went as far as to make sure it was destroyed. Apparently he didn't destroy all of it.

Dekim was pleased with how things were working. Soon he would have the girl in case he needed Treize for something later. The mobile dolls were about finished and Heero Yuy should be right where he wanted him before the night was through. All was going according to schedule. He went over to the computer module and pushed the button. There was a slight hum of noise as electricity flowed through the wires and into the machines. Dekim slowly smiled in joy that it had worked then sharply frowned in dismay when sparks started to fly out of the first mobile suit. It seemed to catch on to the others. Soon all the mobile suits had sparks flying. When the sparks finally died down he looked at Treize and Treize smiled.

"You sabotaged it didn't you?"

"Yes I did. I told you before that I wouldn't help you. You can do what ever you like with me but I know my daughter is safe."

At this Dekim started to laugh.

"Oh Treize, you have it all wrong. See, your little girl isn't safe. In fact she is on her way here. I thought it would be better to have you two together than apart."

Treize looked horrified. His little girl was coming here. He didn't know what to do. He had to do what Dekim said. He didn't want Dekim to carry through on his threat to Marie. One of the engineers hesitantly made his way up to where Dekim stood.

"Dekim, sir, all the mobile doll's circuitry are fried. There isn't any way to fix them."

Dekim turned red in the face. All his hard work was down the drain. His plan was in utter shambles. He had to think of something fast because without the mobile dolls he didn't have enough men to do a hostile take over. He needed to think of something fast. He glared angrily at Treize for a while. He shoved his hands deep into his pockets. He felt something odd in his pocket and pulled it out. It turned out to be Marie's toy. Dekim twisted the crank and watched as it played. While watching the ballerina dance he thought of a crazy idea. At this point, Dekim didn't care. He would try anything no matter how wild to take over and rule.

"Treize you are a toy maker am I correct?"

"Yes," Treize answered hesitantly. He didn't know what Dekim was up to and that was what scared him.

"I want you to make me a toy. A toy that is fully functional and can move. A robot if you will. I want it to be a life size replica of Queen Relena. You can do that right Treize?" Dekim asked with a hint of malice. "If not, I would hate to see what would happen to your daughter in my hands." With that said he started to squeeze the doll until it broke. Treize looked on in horror and fear but nodded his head. His daughter's life was more important to him than anyone in the world.

"You have until tonight to get it finished. Get working."

"Tonight. I can't build it by tonight."

"You better see to it that you do or your little girl will end up like this toy. Broken. Oh and Treize you better hurry. You only have 11 hours."

With that, Dekim walked back to his room. Treize just stared after Dekim and sighed and started to work. Dekim was about to unlock the door when he heard voices coming from inside.

"Let me go."

"Hold still, onna!"

"I will not! And what is an onna?"

"Just hold still."

Dekim opened the door to the sight of a little girl struggling in the arms of Wufei. Wufei looked up at Dekim when he walked in.

"Here is the girl sir. Anything else you need of me sir."

"No, Wufei. You have the rest of the day to get ready for tonight's events. You may leave us now." Dekim said. Wufei let go of the girl and left the room. Dekim looked at Marie, and she glared right back. She didn't like this man he was creepy and ugly.

"Well little girl, would like to see your daddy?"

Marie wanted to see her daddy but she didn't want to go with him.

She hesitantly nodded her head. Dekim only smiled and held his hand out for the girl. She reluctantly grabbed the hand and let him lead her to her daddy. He led her to one of the rooms in the warehouse. It was huge. She didn't pay attention to what was in the room all she saw was her daddy.

"DADDY!!" She yelled and tried to get free from Dekim's hold. Treize looked up at the scream and saw his little girl. All hope that Dekim had been lying went down the drain. Marie wiggled trying to get out of the hold. When that didn't work she kicked Dekim in the shin with all her might. Dekim let go of her hand to grab his bruised shin. Marie ran all the way to her daddy and hugged him. Treize picked her up and held her close. Dekim let go of his shin and slowly made his way up to Treize. He grabbed Marie from his arms and pulled her close to him. She struggled to get away and back to her daddy but he didn't relinquish his hold on her.

"Well, Treize I hope there won't be any complications with this new toy I want you to build. You're daughter will be safe if you comply, but if not..."

Dekim left the rest of the sentence unsaid. He held Marie in his arms and ran his hand through her hair. He looked at Treize over the top of her head to see if he understood the threat. Treize understood loud and clear. He nodded his head and turned to go back to work. Dekim just walked out with Marie still in her arms. She tried to struggle to get out but she was tiring quickly. He dropped her in a small room and locked the door. She looked at the door and cried. She hoped Heero and the others would get her soon.

After Wufei had left Marie with Dekim, he wondered the warehouse walls. He eventually came to the room where he had fought Zechs Merquise the night before. He got a good look at the room now that he wasn't fighting for his life. One side of the wall was gone but there was a rail in place so you didn't fall. You could see the sun setting on the horizon. Silhouetted in the rays was Zechs Merquise. Wufei made his way over to him. He stood next to Zechs and looked out at the sea but every few minutes he would look out of the corner of his eyes at Zechs.

Zechs had seen the handsome young man walk into the room but kept quiet. He watched as he moved with liquid grace to stand next to him at the railing. They stood there in silence for a while until Zechs broke it.

"Isn't it beautiful? I like to come here and watch the sun set."

Wufei just nodded his head.

"The fight we had was the best one I've had in awhile. You're very good with the sword."

"So are you. I wonder how you know how to swordfight. It doesn't seem like a skill one would pick up from the streets."

"Because I didn't." Zechs felt that he could trust Wufei. He didn't know why but it felt right. "If I tell you where I learned how to fence, would you promise not to tell a soul?"

"You have my word." Wufei said gravely.

"My real name is Milliardo Peacecraft." At Wufei's shocked expression he continued, " Yes, the older sibling to Relena Peacecraft. When I was younger I learned all the noble ways of fighting and some of the not so noble ways. I was to be the heir to the throne. I never was around many people, just my sister and my tutors. Life was pretty normal for me until I hit puberty. It was around this age that suitors came flocking to my door. I found myself becoming attracted to boys and not girls. I didn't think much of it at the time.

I met a handsome young man by the name of Walker. We spent most of our time together. He was the one who first kissed me. We were sitting in the library when he leaned over to kiss me and that's when my father walked in. He was livid. He ripped us apart and had me escorted to my room. I didn't find out until later that night that he had Walker disposed of. You, see Walker was poor and an orphan. He had been working at the estate when he caught my eye. I was upset. Father tried to force me onto other girls but I refused every time. One night after I refused yet another girl my father became enraged and rushed at me. I reacted and tried to push him off. At some point during the fight he pulled a knife. I got it out of his hands and stabbed him. That was the first time I ever killed anyone. I left that night.

I wandered the streets avoiding the cops. I didn't know what to do. I never lived on the streets before. That is until Dekim showed up, he took me under his wing and made me into what I am today." Zechs looked out to the sea trying desperately not to cry. He finally looked at Wufei and said, "How about you? How did you become the right hand man to Dekim?"

"I dishonored my family and was kicked out like you were. I had lived in a small town in China. My clan was very respected and very traditional. I was married at the age of fourteen to a girl I had never met. My whole life I had been trying to keep it a secret that I was gay, she figured it out with in ten minutes of being married. She said she didn't mind it at all. We became good friends after that. She would nag me because I was a scholar while she was a warrior. It was nice." Wufei said with a wistful expression at the remembered memories, but it soon turned into a frown as he remembered what happened next.

"A year into the marriage I was walking home from work thinking about nothing of importance. When I opened the door and found Meiran, dead on the floor with a knife through her heart. I got angry and vowed to find the man who had killed her. I scoured high and low, asked anyone and everyone until I eventually found the man who killed my wife.

It turned out to be my own brother. I didn't even give him a chance to explain before I killed him in cold blood. As he lay dying on the ground he told me what had happened. Meiran wasn't killed she had committed suicide for reasons that elude me even today. My brother was the one who found her and fearing that he would be blamed he had ran. I was upset that not only my best friend killed herself, but that I killed my brother on an assumption. When my family found out they kicked me out of the clan. I couldn't stay in China. I got on a boat bound for here. I was new here and didn't know my way around. Dekim found me fighting against three men twice my size. He quickly took me under his wing."

Both men were silent and reflective of their pasts. They both owed Dekim their lives. If it wasn't for him they don't know what could have happened to them or where they would be right now. Zechs slid closer to Wufei. He moved his hand to lay it atop of Wufei's. Wufei grasped Zechs hand and entwined their fingers. They stood there looking at the sunset.

"Can I trust you with something else, Wufei?"

A nod.

"I want to leave."

Wufei gasped in shock. He looked at Zechs to see if he was joking but the look in his eyes proved he wasn't. Zechs was a little apprehensive, but what Wufei said next relieved him of his fears.

"I do too."

Wufei leaned into Zechs for support. They both knew that they couldn't leave. Their ingrained sense of honor would not allow them. They were stuck. Wufei looked at his watch and frowned. He had to leave to implement the next part of the plan.

"I'm sorry, Zechs, but I can't stay. Could I see you again?"

"Meet me here once this is over. I'll be waiting."

Wufei nodded and was off. Back at the home on Basil Street, Heero and Duo were getting ready to leave. The evidence gave Heero some ideas on where to find Wufei. He decided the first place to check was a bar that he had found on a receipt in the Khushrenada home.


Heero and Duo entered the bar and took their seats. A waitress sauntered over to them. She had long hair tied into two braids that hung on either side of her head. She wore a low cut dress that was designed for men to notice her breasts.

"Wha'll ya have honey?" She asked.

"Two beers." Heero replied. As the waitress started to leave he grabbed her arm, "Hey, I was wondering. I just came into town and was looking for a friend of mine. Name's Dekim Barton."

The girl looked shocked for a second but covered it with a smile. Heero saw the shock and knew if they didn't find Wufei Chang here they could question people here on Dekim's whereabouts.

"Nevah heard of `im," She said and then sauntered back to the bar. Heero covertly saw her talking to the bartender. The bartender nodded his head and poured the two drinks. Heero couldn't see very well but he thought he saw the bartender put something in the drinks.

Duo had been checking the patrons of the bar out looking for Wufei. He didn't notice what was happening at the bar. He looked onto the stage to see what was happening. A girl had come out. She seemed about Duo's age and had purple hair. She wore a long purple skirt with a blue top. She also had a beret on her head. She looked fairly innocent as she started to sing.

During the song they were served their beers. Duo thinking nothing about it gulped down the beer before Heero could warn him. The drinks were drugged which made the alcohol affect his system much faster than it should have. As Duo started to shout at the singer/dancer on the stage, Wufei entered the bar. He walked right passed them without sparing them a glance. Heero watched him like a hawk and wasn't paying attention to what Duo was doing. That is until he heard Duo shouting from the stage.

He looked on in horror and a little amusement at what Duo was doing. He was doing the can-can with the girls on the stage that had changed during the song. They now looked like Las Vegas showgirls (3). After the song was over Duo practically fell off the stage and onto a scrawny looking guy in the front row. Duo stumbled to his feet and turned to help the guy to his feet. The scrawny guy was not happy and picked up his chair to swing it at Duo. Right before the chair hit Duo in the face, Duo fell down. The chair instead hit the guy behind Duo. This guy was very big and muscular, and was now very mad. That was when the whole bar started in a huge fistfight.

Heero went and grabbed Duo from the floor near the stage. Duo looked on dazedly but was soon becoming aware of his surroundings. He was especially becoming aware of the fact that Heero was holding him protectively in his arms. Heero didn't seem to notice that Duo was aware and he started to drag Duo to where he had last seen Wufei. Duo finally got more control of his body and said, "H…Heero?"

"Hn." It seemed whatever the drug was had been burned out of Duo's system. He let go of Duo and told him what was going on.

"I saw Wufei, he's over by the bar. Come on," Heero said. He dragged Duo to the bar but Wufei was gone, but they did notice a semi-hidden door at the back. They went through the door cautiously. Duo led the way since he knew more about stealth than Heero. They saw Wufei and followed him. Eventually they came upon a warehouse. They saw Wufei enter through a door on the side of the warehouse and followed him in. They were led through the warehouse and down a hall with rooms on either side. They heard a small sob coming from one of the rooms. It sounded like Marie and she sounded frightened. They ran towards the door only to find it locked. Duo grabbed his lock picks and started picking the lock. Heero stood guard to make sure no one was coming. Duo stopped picking the lock for a second.

"Heero, this doesn't seem right. It's too easy."

"As I said before, Duo, they just got to cocky. They don't even know we're here. We'll get the girl and find Dekim. Then we'll end this."

Duo started to pick the lock again. He still didn't feel right about it, but if it turned out bad he would just have to save Heero. For now though Heero was the one leading the investigation so he would follow him. He finally got the lock picked and opened the door. They both stared wide-eyed at what they saw.

There in the room stood Dekim Barton, on his right was Wufei Chang and on his left was Zechs Merquise. The sobbing was coming from tape recorder held in Dekim's hand. As Heero and Duo stood transfixed, Dekim's men quickly surrounded them. Dekim stopped the recording and stood there looking smug.

"I have finally caught the great Heero Yuy. The best detective in the whole country. Ha!"

Heero growled but said nothing. Duo looked at Dekim and then back at Heero.

"Don't believe a word he says Heero. You're still the best, this is just a minor setback," said Duo as confidently as he could.

"A MINOR setback. I would think this would be a major one. Who would have thought that the great….Heero…Yuy would be caught." Dekim was gasping for breath because he was laughing so hard. The other men joined in on the laughter except for Wufei and Zechs.

"Bastard," Heero hissed out through clenched teeth.

"Yes, I am a bastard. But I have you now and you won't be getting in my way."

Dekim laughed some more. Then he waved to his men and a couple of them restrained them and tied their hands behind their backs. Heero seemed to deflate in front of all the laughter and Duo couldn't do a thing about it at the moment. When he was a lone with Heero, then he would deal with it. Dekim walked out of the room and motioned for the men to follow him. He led them to the part of the warehouse where all the dead mobile dolls were.

"Unfortunately I can't stay and see to your deaths but these dolls will. I set the timer of the self destruct button, to end when a song I made just for your arrival ends."

Wufei then sidled up to Dekim, "Sir, everything is loaded and ready to go."

"Good, let's tie these two up and get going."

A couple of men tied Heero and Duo's legs together then set them on the floor. They laid facing each other. One of the other men pushed the timer, a funeral dirge was heard playing as the timer was started and started its countdown from twenty minutes. They left Heero and Duo there on the floor.

The moment they were gone Duo started struggling with the ropes. He started to work his hands free when he noticed that Heero was just laying there.

"Heero, come on we have to get out of here. We have nineteen minutes left before this place blows sky high." When no response came he looked back at Heero, "Heero, are you listening to me?"

"It's no use Duo."

"What do mean it's no use. We still have time to stop whatever Dekim is planning."

"You don't understand Duo, I failed my mission. I'm worthless now. There's no point for me living. I'm not the best anymore, not perfect."

While Heero was talking Duo had worked his hands free of the rope. He gently cupped Heero's face. Heero's eyes widened as he looked at Duo.

"Look Heero, we don't have much time, but you are not a failure. There is still a mission going on. The mission is to stop whatever schemes Dekim is committing. And Heero, you'll always be the best, if only in my eyes."

With that said Duo leaned over and kissed Heero. Heero was shocked at first but soon moaned and kissed back. It was a chaste kiss until Heero opened his mouth and swiped his tongue over Duo's bottom lip. Duo moaned and opened his mouth. Their tongues twined together with such gentleness that it left them panting for air. Heero smiled at Duo, "Okay let's get out of here."

Duo smiled at him and helped him out of the ropes. They both ran up to where the timer was and tried to figure out how to dismantle it without blowing themselves up.

"Duo you take that computer over there and see if you can stop that awful music. I'll see if I can stop the timer."

Both boys worked diligently while the timer ran down. Finally the music was turned off but the timer still counted down.

"Uh, Heero, right now would be a good time to stop the timer."

There was only 30 seconds left and Heero was still typing.

"Heero, hurry"


"Shutting it off would be nice right about now."


"Heero, hurry up. We don't have much time left."

"Shut up Baka, I'm trying to concentrate."

5…Duo started to pray…4….3…2…Duo closed his eyes…1 "HEERO!"

Nothing happened. Duo cautiously opened his eyes and looked right into a pair of intense blue eyes. He yelped and backed away a few steps. Heero seemed amused by Duo's antics. Duo straightened and said, "You did that on purpose. Just to scare me."

Heero just shrugged and smiled. Duo walked right back up to Heero, grabbed his hair and pulled him down for a kiss. Their mouths opened as their tongues fought for dominance. Heero won and plundered Duo's mouth. His tongue explored all the silky recesses of Duo's mouth while Duo whimpered at the intensity of the kiss. Heero pulled back when he needed to breathe. Duo stood there panting hard. Trying to get air into his starved lungs. He had a glazed look to his eyes for a second before he became aware again.

"Wow." Was all he could say. Duo shifted uncomfortably because his pants seemed a little too tight at the moment. Heero noticed this and he cupped Duo's groin and kneaded Duo's arousal through his pants and placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

Duo groaned, "As much as I would like to continue this we have a job to do."

Heero sighed and stepped back. "You're right koi. Let's go get Dekim."

Then he was gone. Duo stood a few moments trying to keep his raging hormones in check and followed him. As they were leaving the warehouse they heard a sobbing sound from one of the rooms.

Wary of a second trap they went to the door. Duo tried the door and was surprised to find it unlocked. He slowly slid the door open but stopped when he saw a wire attached to it. There was enough room to squeeze his head through to see what trap had been set. He was shocked to see Marie tied to a chair in the corner of the room. She had a gag in her mouth that was muffling her crying. She nodded to the other side of the room to where a rifle was located. The trap was set up so that if anyone opened the door all the way the rifle would fire and kill Marie. He took out one of his knives that was hidden in his sleeves and cut the wire. He still cautiously opened the door but he didn't see anything that was indicative of another trap. Duo untied Marie and picked her up. Marie clung to Duo and buried her head in his shoulder. Heero was standing outside waiting for Duo, and when he emerged from the door. Heero grabbed Duo's hand and walked side by side out of the warehouse. Duo was smiling the whole way.

When they got outside they saw two people standing there waiting for them. Heero immediately dropped Duo's hand and stood protectively in front of him and Marie. The two men were Zechs Merquise and Wufei Chang. Duo set Marie down and stood in front of the girl to protect her from harm.

"What do you want?" Duo spat

"We want to help. What Dekim did to you, Yuy was dishonorable. Merquise and I felt we should help you." Wufei calmly stated.

"Besides Dekim has gone off the deep end. We'll take you to where Dekim is now and fill you in on his plans on the way." Zechs added from beside Wufei.

"How do we know that this isn't a trap?" Duo asked.

"On our honor we promise that this is not a trap." Wufei said.

Heero watched the interaction between them and decided to trust them. He knew about honor and reasoned that these two were both honorable men. Besides they didn't have much of a choice. They needed to get to Dekim before he goes through with his plan.

"We'll go with you." Heero said and walked towards them.

Duo gaped at Heero, but Duo trusted him. Even so, he made sure that his knives and gun were still accessible. He grabbed Marie's hand and followed them to their car.

At the palace Queen Relena was putting on her finishing touches for her speech. She wore an elegant white gown with a diamond necklace and matching earrings. Her hair was gathered on top of her head and held there by her tiara. As she was applying her make up there was a knock at her door. She put the rouge down and got up to answer the door. She didn't look very closely at the guards. New ones were always being added. She just couldn't keep track of them all. One of the guards held out a piece of paper and the other brought in a box wrapped like a present.

"A present for her majesty."

"A present? Who's it from?"

"I don't know ma'am it wasn't signed."

Trusting that her guards would protect her she opened the present. The box fell away to show a life size replica of the queen. Albeit the replica was only wearing a bra and panties. Relena was shocked and she leaned in close to get a better look. The replica opened her eyes and made a grab for Relena. Relena screamed and ran around the room trying to get away from the doll. The doll suddenly stopped chasing her and stood still. Relena was hiding behind her guards when a man walked into the room. When she looked to see who it was, she gasped.

"Dekim Barton! Guards seize that contemptible creature."

The guards just snickered at her. She was infuriated these guards were supposed to be protecting her not making fun of her. Dekim lifted a microphone and repeated what Relena had just said. Instead of hearing Dekim's voice, the pseudo Relena walked over to her and said, "Guards seize that contemptible creature."

Relena gasped in shock when her guards grabbed her. They immediately gagged her and tied her up. She glared angrily at Dekim.

"Strip her and outfit the doll with her clothing. We need to hurry. Don't worry my Queen, you'll thank me once this is over."

The guards quickly stripped Relena of her clothes and placed the on the doll. One of the guards brought out a robe and wrapped her in it. Relena glared at Dekim as the guards escorted her out of the room. Dekim ignored her and turned his attention to his new doll. He took out a handkerchief and brushed off some imaginary oil from the doll. He pocketed the microphone, took out the remote control and had the pseudo Relena follow him out of her room. All was going to plan and soon the stage will be set for him.

Outside the Palace, Heero and Duo stood waiting with Marie. Zechs and Wufei had already gone inside so they wouldn't arouse suspicion. Finally, a cab rolled up to the curb. Trowa stepped out while Quatre was paying the fare. When the cab rolled away Heero and Duo filled the two of them in on the plan. Quatre and Trowa were staying behind to guard Marie while Heero and Duo went inside.

The real Relena was being led down one the many halls in her palace. She didn't know where they were going so she struggled all the way. While they were escorting her a new person intercepted them. He was Chinese and had a black ponytail.

"Dekim told me to take her and that you guys were needed in the main hall."

"Yes sir."

They handed Relena to him and left. Wufei grabbed her and threw her over her shoulder and started down the hallway. She tried to scream around the gag and tried to hit him in the face from her new position. Wufei just held on tight and started to carry her towards the back entrance of the palace.

In the main meeting hall, many people were grouped together waiting for Queen Relena to start her speech. They didn't have to wait long as the pseudo Queen Relena stepped out from the curtains.

"My dear citizens. Today is a glorious day for I have appointed a new advisor to my staff."

The people started murmuring amongst themselves. They had no idea that a new advisor had been appointed.

"Please help me in welcoming my newest advisor, Mr. Dekim Barton."

Gasps were heard throughout the crowd when Dekim Barton came out. The crowd stepped back from the stage to get further away from the hideous man.

"Ahh, yes. As your newest advisor, my queen, I would like to make a few suggestions that I would like to see implemented."

Meanwhile, in another part of the castle Heero and Duo were waiting for Wufei to come down the hall with the queen. They heard her first before they saw them. Queen Relena was shrieking as much as the gag would allow and struggling to get free. Wufei was exhausted from all her struggling and was relieved to see Heero and Duo run out and grab her from him. He half-heartedly fought against Heero, as he was pushed through the door and outside into Zechs waiting arms. They were about to rush Heero when they heard Trowa running towards them. They both flashed a quick smile at Heero and ran away. Then Trowa ran past Heero but stopped a couple of feet away.

"They are much too fast. I would never be able to catch up with them." Trowa gasped. He exaggerated the panting to make it seem like he was out of breath. It was all a ruse for the queen.

Duo had finished untying the Queen when Trowa came in. He'd just unwrapped the gag from her mouth when she shouted, "My Hero!"

She ran towards Heero and glomped on his arm. Duo was mad with jealousy while Heero looked like a deer caught in headlights. He tried to get out of the young queen's grasp but she clung to him like glue. Duo stomped over and ripped the girl from him. He shoved her into Trowa's arms "Take her to her room. Heero and I still have work to do." He spat out.

He grabbed Heero's hand and roughly pulled him down the hall. Halfway to the main hall, Duo had lessened his hold on Heero but he was still mad. Heero noticed his anger and pulled Duo to a stop. He reached over and pulled Duo closer to him.

"Don't worry about her, koi. You're the one I want by my side not her."

With that said Heero leaned over and kissed Duo.

"Now come on. We still have to get Dekim."

Duo smiled and nodded his head and they both started down the hall again.

They found the room that was behind the stage of the main hall. They walked in to see two guards and Treize sitting there facing a video screen. On the screen you could see what was happening on the other side of the curtain. Dekim was still talking about the changes he wanted to implement.

Duo stealthily made his way to where the guards sat. He hit one of the guards in the neck, which made the guard pass out. The other guard noticing that his friend was on the ground pointed his gun at Duo. Duo smirked and kicked the gun out of his hand. He then rushed forward and punched him in the stomach. The guard went down moaning. Heero quickly tied both guards up and took the microphone and remote control from Treize.

Out on the stage, Dekim had just finished his list of changes.

"My queen, what do you think of these changes?"

The pseudo queen didn't answer. He wanted to smack the doll but knew it wouldn't look good if he hit the queen on live television. Finally the pseudo queen answered, "I think those were all…. bad ideas from a despicable creature. Only someone as low and underhanded as you would pull something like this off."

Behind the curtain Heero pushed the self-destruct button on the remote control. On the stage the doll started to shake and a whirring noise could be heard. The doll started to fall apart and the crowd could see that it was a robot. Finally the doll just collapsed and Heero strolled out from behind the curtain.

"It's all over Dekim. You've lost."

"I haven't lost yet."

Dekim pushed his way through the shocked crowd. He reached the doors and pushed them open and ran for the front gate. As he ran by the front gate he noticed Quatre with Marie sitting on a bench in front of the palace walls. Heero and Duo were trying to fight the crowd to get out. Finally they made it out in time to see Dekim punch Quatre in the face and grab Marie. Dekim then ran for his car. He threw the girl in and started it. Behind him Heero and Duo found a motorcycle on the side of the road. Duo hopped on first and hotwired the motorcycle. Heero jumped on right after and they took off after Dekim.

They weaved through traffic catching up to Dekim's car. He led them all through town and then down the back roads. They ended up on a long curvy stretch of Highway near the coast. On one side there was a hills and the other side there was nothing but cliffs.

"Duo, can you get beside the car and keep the motorcycle steady?" Heero shouted over the wind.

"Yeah. Hold on."

Duo revved the engine and shot ahead. They came up on the side of car driving down the opposite lane. Dekim looked over and saw them and he swerved towards them trying to get them off his tail. Duo slowed down to avoid being hit then sped back up until he was parallel with the car again.

"What's the plan, Heero?" Duo shouted.

"Just hold her steady."

Heero put his hands on Duo's shoulders and started to stand up on the seat.

"Shit, Heero! Are you crazy!"

"Just hold her steady Duo."

Duo did as he was told, grumbling about suicidal detectives. Heero waited until Dekim swerved towards them again and jumped and landed on the hood of the car. Duo swerved to avoid the car but got right back beside it again. Dekim, realizing someone was on the hood, started to swerve viciously. Heero held on with all his might and inched his way down the side of the car. He got about level to the back door and opened it. He crawled into the car and shut the door. Duo who had been watching the whole time, sighed in relief to see Heero safely in the car.

Dekim didn't seem to notice that Heero was in the car with him too intent on regaining control of the car. Heero rolled down the window next to him and tapped Marie on the head. She swiveled her head and her face lit up in joy at the sight of him. He gestured that she should climb over the seat.

Dekim felt a breeze on the back of his head. He immediately turned to look and saw Marie climbing over the seat to Heero. Dekim reached over to grab Marie but Heero was faster. Heero grabbed her and pulled her into the seat. Dekim wildly try to grab the both of them while keeping one hand on the wheel. Heero pushed Marie through the window and then the upper part of himself. He gestured to Duo to come closer to the car to grab Marie. Duo reached his hand out to grab the girl. Heero leaned as far as he could go. Dekim started to swerve the car again, trying to get Heero to get back in the car. Heero grabbed the door with one hand to steady himself. When Dekim had to straighten out or risk sliding sideways, Heero reached out to Duo again. Duo got as close as he could and reached out. He curled his arm around Marie's waist and pulled Marie toward him. Duo then placed her in front of him.

Heero was just getting to his feet to crawl out the window when he felt someone grab his shirt. He was pulled back into the car. Heero looked at Dekim and noticed he had given up any sense of driving. The car spun out of control and towards the side of the road with the cliffs. It hit the barrier and semi-crashed through. Heero hit his head on the seat in front of him. The car stopped and teetered precariously in its position. It hung half on the road and half off. Heero heard a motorcycle get close and then turn off.


Heero looked through the back window of the car and saw Duo standing there. Not to far away was Marie. Heero opened the back door and started to step out when Dekim pulled him back in. Heero fought with all his might to get out. Dekim hit and punched Heero and finally got his fingers around his neck. The car teetered back and forth dangerously as they fought. Heero was losing air when they both heard a scraping sound. They looked towards the front of the car and saw a large pelican on the hood of the car. In that moment of distraction Heero kneed Dekim in the side and started to crawl out. He was almost out the door when the pelican flew off the car. The sudden displacement of weight caused the car to slide off the edge.

Duo saw Heero start to get out of the car when he was pulled back in. He didn't go near the car in fear that if he got to close the car would go over the edge. After a few tense minutes he saw Heero start to climb out again when the car teetered to low and started to fall off the edge. He saw the surprise on Heero's face before the car and Heero started to fall down the cliff.

"HEERO!!!" Both Marie and Duo screamed. Duo and Marie raced towards the edge and looked down. All they saw was black smoke wafting upwards and the smoky remains of the car. Duo turned away. He couldn't stand to look at it anymore. Duo realized right then that he loved Heero but now will never be able to tell him. Marie looked sadly at Duo and was going to hug him when she heard a small sound coming from the edge of the cliff. She looked back over the cliff's edge to see what made that noise. She looked into the smoke that was wafting up towards her when a breeze pushed the smoke away.

"Duo. Look Duo Look!" Marie excitedly yelled and tugged on Duo's shirt.

Duo looked back over the edge and saw Heero slowly crawling up the side of the cliff. He cried out in relief and got down on the ground. He leaned down as far as he could and gave Heero his hand. Heero reached up and grabbed Duo's hand and pulled himself up.

When he reached solid ground again he was squeezed hard by Duo.

"Itai. My ribs."

Duo let up on the hug but didn't release his hold on him. Marie also joined in the hug. They stayed that until the police came. Some paramedics came over and looked Heero over. He had cuts and bruises but nothing was broken. They put some bandages on some of the nastier cuts and left him alone.

The three of them were standing around doing nothing while the police worked. Then they heard someone yell.



Marie ran to her daddy and leapt into his arms. He hugged her close and looked gratefully at Heero and Duo.

"Thank you so much for returning her to me. I don't know how to repay you."

Heero just nodded his head and led Duo away to give them some time alone. As they walked towards town they heard shouts and saw Quatre and Trowa running up to them.

"Heero, are you okay? What happened?"

"I'll tell you when we get home. How's the head?"

"Fine. Just a bruise."

Heero turned to Duo, "Let's go home koi."

"Yeah, lets."


The next morning found the four of them in the living room with Trieze and Marie. Heero was sitting in the armchair, with Duo on the floor beside him. The only difference was that Heero's hand was in Duo's hair. Trowa was sitting on the sofa with Quatre in his lap. Treize and Marie were standing in the middle.

"We have to get going or we'll miss the train. Thank you for all your help."

"Think nothing of it Treize," replied Duo.

Marie ran to Trowa and Quatre and hugged both of them. Then she turned and hugged Duo. She stood in front of Heero's armchair and looked at Heero. Heero merely raised an eyebrow at the girl. She then climbed into his lap and Heero glared at her. Even though he glared at her there was no real heat in the glare, just a narrowing of the eyes. She stuck her tongue out at him and then hugged him. She hopped down and walked back to her daddy. He grabbed her hand and started to lead her to the door.

"Bye," she said and waved to them. They waved back and with the closing of the door she was gone. They all sat in silence and then Duo stood and stretched.

"Well this has been fun but I need to get back to my apartment." Duo said.

"You're leaving." Heero seemed shocked and upset at this news.

"Yeah it's about time I go back and seeing as you don't need me, I thought it was about time I went back to my apartment."

Heero growled and stood. He stalked towards Duo, who backed up until he hit the wall. Trowa and Quatre discreetly made their way into the kitchen so they wouldn't disturb them. Heero put both hands on either side of Duo's face. Duo looked like he was about to bolt but Heero had effectively trapped him. Heero leaned closer and kissed Duo on the lips. Duo moaned into the kiss and brought his hands up and held onto Heero's back. He pulled Heero closer to him until there was no space left between them.

Heero pulled back and panted, "Bedroom. Now."

Duo nodded his head and followed Heero up to their shared room. Once Duo was in the room Heero pulled Duo towards him. Heero started to kiss Duo again and ran his hands all over Duo's clothed chest. He started to unbutton Duo's shirt while Duo was pulling out Heero's tank top from his jeans. Duo had to stop in his task so that the shirt could fall off his shoulders.

While they were taking off each other's shirts, Heero had been maneuvering Duo towards the bed. Duo bumped up against the bed and fell backwards onto it. Heero became harder just seeing Duo lying there spread out for him. His braid fell over his chest Duo's lips were puffy and red from the kissing. He was panting and looking at Heero with his deep purple eyes shining with lust and love. Heero ripped off his tank top and reached for Duo's jeans. He kneeled between Duo's legs and unbuttoned the jeans slowly. He could see the hardness that was pressing itself against the jeans.

Duo moaned at the way Heero was eyeing him. He almost came in his pants when Heero licked his lips. Heero moved his mouth towards the zipper and caught it in his teeth. He pulled the zipper down which caused a loud moan to escape from Duo. He moved his hands to Duo's hips and grabbed the jeans and boxers and pulled them down. Finally Duo's erection was standing proud and Duo sighed in relief.

His sigh turned into a moan when Heero breathed onto his cock. Heero just looked at Duo's erection. It was long and thick and it was nestled in chestnut curls. Pre-cum was already spilling out of the head and Heero bent to lick it up. Duo snapped his hips up at the touch. Heero grabbed Duo's hips and held them down. He slowly lowered his mouth onto the erection. Duo groaned at the feel of the hot wet mouth on him. He wanted to push harder into that silky mouth but Heero's hands were holding him down. Heero slowly went down on Duo and then every so slowly went back up.

"Stop….teasing….me," Duo panted.

Heero just smiled and started to go faster. Duo writhed under the ministration. He grabbed onto Heero's hair and held on. He was close to coming. Heero could feel Duo's legs tensing and reached up with one hand and pulled on Duo's balls to deny him release. Duo cried out when his release was denied. Heero gave one last lick to Duo's cock and backed away. Duo whimpered on the bed. He was sweating and hard and he needed to come. When Heero didn't do anything Duo decided he would have to do it himself. He reached down to grab himself. Heero snapped his hand out stopped the movement of Duo's hand.

"Don't touch."

Duo moaned at the command and moved his hands to grab the sheets. Heero hurriedly tossed off his pants. He rummaged in the nightstand for some lube. He finally found it and walked back to the bed. Duo was half on the bed and half off still. He whined piteously at Heero. He needed to come badly. Heero took pity on Duo and stood between the legs. Duo wrapped his legs around Heero's waist and waited. Heero squeezed some of the lube into his hand and slicked his fingers. He put one finger at Duo's opening, and just circled it. Duo was panting again, and tried to push back onto the finger. Heero kept circling the finger outside the hole never letting it enter Duo.

"Please, Heero. Stop teasoohhhhh"

Heero pushed in the finger and started to massage the inner walls. Once Duo got comfortable with one finger he pushed in a second finger then a third finger. With the fourth finger he found the spot he was searching for. Duo arched off the bed when Heero massaged the spot.

"Please, Heero. I need you in me now. Need to feel you. Please" Duo begged. Heero quickly spread some lube on his manhood and lifted Duo's hips. Duo's shoulders and head were the only things on the bed while the rest of him was elevated. His hands grasped the sheets as he felt Heero's erection at his entrance.

Heero slowly made his way inside Duo. Duo whimpered in pain and pleasure of the penetration. He tried to thrust back but Heero held him still. He didn't want to hurt Duo.

Heero finally stopped when he was seated fully in Duo. Duo panted to get his breath back and then started to wiggle. Heero took that as his cue to start moving. He pulled out slowly and thrust back in quickly. With each thrust he pushed Duo back on to the bed then laid down on top of him while still thrusting. Duo looked into Heero's eyes while they moved. Duo could see Heero's eyes darken from the pleasure he was receiving and giving. When Heero was close to coming he reached between them and grasped Duo's cock and started to pump it. Duo cried out from the double sensations. It didn't take long for both of them to come.



Heero collapsed to the side of Duo and gently pulled out. Duo whimpered as Heero pulled out then sighed as he felt the warm wetness of Heero's seed leak out of him. It was comforting. Heero cuddled up to Duo and held him. After they both calmed down a little, Duo started to get up. Heero who had almost fell asleep snapped awake and tightened his hold on him.

"Where are you going?"

"I told you, I'm going back to my apartment."

"Does that mean you don't love me?"

Heero bowed his head to hid the hurt he felt. He let go of Duo and sat back. He didn't understand why Duo wanted to leave. He thought he loved him.

"No, no I do love you Heero."

"And I love you. So why are you leaving me?"

That's when it clicked for Duo. He pulled Heero into a hug. Heero reluctantly laid his head down on Duo's chest.

"Heero, I have to leave but I'm coming back. I just have to get some stuff from my apartment first. I told you last night that I wanted to go home and home is where ever you are."

"So you're not leaving."

"No, I'm not leaving. I will come back."

Heero smiled at Duo and hugged him back. They sat like that for a little while before Duo started to move again. Duo stood to get his clothes back on when he was pulled back on to the bed.


"You can get your clothes later koi," said Heero and proceeded to make love to Duo again. All Duo could do was moan.


Meanwhile, in the warehouse two men stared out over the ocean.

"You know we should probably turn ourselves in. It would be the noble thing to do," said the long blond haired one.

"Yeah it would be noble," said his partner, a Chinese man with black hair in a tight ponytail.

"You know, I hear Barbados is nice this time of year."

"Hmm. Sounds like a good idea."

They held hands and left the warehouse. Neither noticing the wet footprints on the floor, nor the bloody handprints on the wall. Deep in the warehouse in one of the rooms, eyes lighted in unholy gleam as the person held a newspaper clipping of Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell.

"It's not over yet Yuy. I will get you yet."


The End….or is it?

Did you like it?


(1) Basil is the name of the mouse in The Great Mouse detective. I am not sure on the number house but 125 sounded good.

(2) Okay this happened to me. It took my Younger sister several times of doing this before I caught on. Needless to say I was not pleased.

(3) Okay I couldn't for the life of me figure out what they were wearing. It looks like a swimsuit but it isn't called that. I just couldn't figure out the name.


If you want to compare the movie here are the parts that each play.
Heero Yuy->Basil Dekim Barton->Rattigan
Duo Maxwell->Mr. Dawson Wufei Chang->Widgit
Trowa Barton->Toby Zechs Merquise->the Cat
Quatre Winner->The Housekeeper Relena Peacecraft->The Queen
Mariemaya Khushrenada->Olivia Treize Khushrenada->Mr. Flavurshum