Title: Getaway
Author: DamnVespa
Category: Romance
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Notes: *waves* Hi...*grins* This is a one-shot...This is an apology fic for Ariel...hope you like

Heero looked over at his best friend and partner, Duo. They had both been working in the Preventors for a year now. Heero had come a long way from the Perfect Soldier he had been. He showed more feelings now then he had ever before and that was mostly due to Duo's influence.

For a long time now, Heero's felt something for Duo but he never had the courage to say something about it. For the past several months he had been flirting with Duo and Duo had been flirting back. But he didn't know if that was because Duo flirted with everyone or if Duo liked him personally.

Duo secretly looked at his long time friend and partner. He knew he had helped Heero out of his shell and he was enjoying all the new qualities Heero showed. It first shocked him when Heero started flirting with him but he got over it quickly and started flirting back. He had feelings for Heero but he didn't know if his affections would be returned so he kept quiet about them.

Heero stood and stretched from his desk in full view of Duo. Duo glanced at him out of the corner of his eye trying very hard not to drool. Heero smirked as he caught the look and then moved to the door, "I'm going to get something to drink. Want anything?"

"Sure. I want a Pepsi."

"You always want a Pepsi."

"I know. You should try one. They're really good."

Heero sighed, "I don't like Pepsi's. They're too sweet."

Duo smirked, "Like me?"

Heero sighed then left the room. Duo sighed explosively and leaned back in his chair. The banter had helped in lessening his arousal but he rearranged himself in his pants none the less.

Heero walked down the corridor to the soda machines. He got himself some water and Duo his Pepsi. As he was walking back, Trowa came out of his office, "Hello Heero."


"Getting something to drink for Duo and yourself?"

Heero nodded his head, "Yes."

"Ahh good. Why don't you just tell him."

Heero looked surprised, "Tell him what?"

"How you really feel. Quatre and I have been watching you guys flirt with each other for months now. Why don't you do something about it."

Heero sighed, "I don't know if he is serious or not."

"Has he dated anyone recently?"

Heero looked confused and thought about it, "Not that I know of."

"Does he stare at you when he thinks you aren't looking?"


"Does he flirt with anyone else besides you?"

Heero was about to say yes when he really thought about it he couldn't. He hadn't seen Duo flirt with anyone besides himself for the past couple of months, "Well I guess not."

"Then doesn't it stand to reason that he at least likes you?"

Heero smiled a little, "Yes, I guess it does."

"Good then you should tell him."

"Hmm. I'll think about it. Thank you Barton."

"You're welcome. Good luck to you."

Then Trowa walked down the hallway and out of sight. Heero stood in the hallway and thought about what he should do. He came up with an idea, and went to go put it into action. First he would need to talk to Lady Une.

Duo sat in his office and worked. He looked at the time and frowned, "He's been gone an awful long time just to get sodas."

He was about to get up and see where his partner was when Heero walked through the door. He handed Duo his now warm Pepsi and sat down at his desk. Duo opened his Pepsi and took a sip. He then looked confusedly up at Heero, "What took you so long?"

"I had stuff I remembered I had to do. By the way Lady Une talked to me. Starting tomorrow we have the whole week off."


"Yes and I was thinking..."

Duo smiled, "What were you thinking?"

"Well I heard of this great place to go. It's supposed to be really beautiful and stuff. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me."

Duo thought it over. He would have Heero to himself for the entire week and be in a beautiful place. He smiled as he could see nothing wrong with it, "Sure I would love to go. When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow morning at 7. I'll pick you up. So let's go home and pack while we can and take care of anything that needs to be taken care of."


They both shut down their computers and got their jackets. They left Preventers and went to their separate apartments and packed. Anxious about what tomorrow might bring.

The next morning Duo was waiting outside his door for Heero to come and pick him up. Heero pulled up in his silver jaguar, Wing, and Duo hopped in. The jaguar was a gift from Duo to Heero. Heero reciprocated and Duo had a matching black one he named Deathscythe.

Heero drove them to the terminal and they got boarded onto their plane and they were off to their destination. Duo tried to whine and beg to find out where they were going but Heero kept silent.

They had to connect to two different flights before landing on an island in the Caribbean. Then Heero took them to a boat, which took them to a secluded island. There they got out and they hiked inland towards the cabin Heero had rented. Duo's eyes widened as he realized he would be on a beautiful island with no one other than Heero. He smiled gleefully in anticipation.

The sun was just setting when they got to the cabin. The cabin was rustic looking but when they got inside they realized it had every modern accommodations. There was electricity and phone service. There was a living room, kitchen, and two rooms in the back. Small but spacious at the same time. Duo loved it. Duo and Heero claimed their rooms and unpacked. Duo could hear a loud roaring and wondered what that was. He walked out the back and gasped in shock. The cabin was overlooking a waterfall.

The water fell into a nice size lake that was part of a river flowing away from the cabin. The cabin was high enough that if the water ever rose the cabin couldn't flood. He walked down to the water and stepped in. He smiled when the water was warm and not cold like he expected. He felt like he was in paradise with trees surrounding the lake. There was enough space due to the lake for the sun to shine into the area.

After admiring the beauty for a little while, Duo walked back into the cabin and went to the kitchen area. There he found Heero standing nervously by the table. He was about to ask Heero what was wrong but Heero spoke before he could.

"Duo before you say anything hear me out."


"I like you a lot. As in more than friends type of way. If you don't like me the same way the boat will be leaving in 10 minutes. You just have enough time to run down there and get on it. Here's the return ticket. I'm sure you can have the dates changed if you like..."

Before he could talk more Duo put his hands to Heero's lips, "Shh... This is wonderful and I do like you a lot. As in more than friends. I'm glad that you told me."

Heero sighed in relief and smiled at Duo. He turned towards the cupboards and started to make dinner for the two of them. Duo sat down at the table and watched Heero make a light dinner. They ate together in silence just basking in the warmth of each other's presence.

That night before going to their separate rooms, Heero stopped Duo and held him close. He took a whiff of Duo's scent and sighed. Duo did the same and hugged Heero tighter. Then Heero pulled away and when he was far enough he leaned in close and gave Duo a chaste kiss.

Duo smiled into the kiss and sighed when Heero pulled away again. The kiss felt a little too short for him but he smiled anyways. Heero pulled away completely, "Good night Duo."

"Night Heero."

They both went to their rooms and slept. Their dreams filled with the each other.

The next morning Duo awoke to a heavenly smell. He was about to get up and investigate but was stopped when Heero came in through the door with a tray.

"I brought you breakfast in bed."

Duo smiled, "And it smells delicious."

Duo sat a little straighter and straightened the covers out. Heero brought the tray over and settled it across Duo's lap before settling himself beside Duo. Duo looked over the spread before him and his mouth watered. There was pancakes and eggs, hash browns, toast, syrup for his pancakes. There was orange juice and milk for him to drink. He smiled at Heero and dug in.

Heero smiled as he watched Duo eat. He stared at Duo as he slathered his pancakes in syrup and then cut them into pieces to eat. After he brought a piece to his mouth Heero noticed there was some syrup near Duo's mouth. He smirked and swiped it away with his finger.

Duo felt the caress and watched as Heero took the syrupy finger and sucked on it. Duo's arousal sprang to life but he ignored it and smiled. He picked up a piece of egg and held it aloft for Heero to eat. Heero smiled and leaned forward to eat it. The rest of the morning Duo alternately fed Heero and himself some of the breakfast.

After Heero took the tray away to clean, Duo got up to take a shower. Heero came back into the room just as Duo finished his shower and was coming out. Heero gasped as he saw Duo with his hair down. He had never before seen it down and not in its usual braid. Duo was shocked to see Heero in his room but decided to proceed as normal. Heero politely turned away so Duo could get dressed.

Duo dressed quickly and got the brush out to brush his hair. He felt the brush taken from his fingers and turned to look at Heero in question. Heero for his part blushed, "Could I brush your hair."

Duo smiled, "Sure you can."

He sat down on the bed and waited for Heero to start. Heero sat behind Duo and just looked at the hair. He tentatively reached a hand out to touch the hair and marveled at its smoothness. He took the brush and started at the bottom and worked his way up. With each stroke Duo purred in contentment. He would have fallen asleep if not for the fact that it was Heero brushing his hair and the arousal he was sporting.

Once Heero was finished with the hair he gave the brush back to Duo and watched as Duo braided it.

It took twenty minutes to decide but they decided to hike for the day. During the hike they brushed up against each other as often as possible. They helped each other when they got to some rocky terrain. They hiked for the whole day and explored the island. It was dark when they got back to the cabin. They searched themselves to make sure they weren't carrying any blood sucking parasites and then had dinner.

As they were going to bed, Heero once again held Duo. This time the kiss was deeper. Mouths moved against each other as tongues moved in a dance. They kissed for what seemed like for ever but was only a matter of minutes. Each pulled back panting for air.

They said their goodnights and went to their separate rooms. For the next several days Heero wooed Duo with breakfast in bed and brushing his hair. He also made lunch for them when they headed out. Duo was rapidly falling for Heero.

One night after the goodnight kiss, Duo awoke in a sweat. It was incredibly hot and he couldn't go back to sleep. He got up and went outside and saw the moon shining down on the lake and the waterfall. He wandered down to the lake and placed his feet in and sighed in pleasure. The water had cooled down some and it was heaven to his over heated body.

He started to strip off his shirt. He paused when he heard, "What are you doing?"

He took the shirt off the rest of the way and set it down on the shore. Then he looked at Heero, "What's it look like I'm doing. I'm going skinny dipping."

With that said he took off his boxers and ran into the water. Heero froze momentarily when he saw Duo's nude body run into the water. He was brought out of his stupor when he heard splashing. He looked and saw Duo swimming in the water, hair loose around. The sight took his breath away, the moon's light made Duo look like some ethereal being.

Duo smiled at Heero, "Come on in Heero. The water's fine."

Heero blushed and stripped off his spandex. He ran in the water as well and swam out to Duo. Skinny dipping was a new thing for him and he liked how the water caressed his nude body.

They both smiled at each other and swam around. Until Duo came up to him and touched his shoulder, "Tag you're it."

Then Duo took off. Heero smiled and raced after Duo. Duo dove underwater and swam towards the waterfall and behind it. He surfaced for air and found a small ledge to sit on. He sat on it and looked through the holes in the waterfall to see if he could spot Heero. He started to chew his lip when he couldn't find Heero. He heard a splash and looked down to see Heero only inches from him.

Heero was shocked to see Duo's nude form sitting on the rocks. He licked his lips as he gazed at his friend. Duo caught the look of lust in Heero's eyes and his arousal hardened. Heero smiled when he saw Duo harden and his own arousal firmed at the knowledge. He swam until he could feel the rock wall that Duo was sitting on. He pulled Duo's legs apart so he was in-between them and pulled on them. Duo getting the idea scooted forward until his erection was right in Heero's face.

Heero leaned forward and licked the erection from the base to the tip. Duo shuddered in pleasure. Heero then swallowed him whole. Duo gasped out Heero's name and caressed Heero's hair. Heero sucked and licked Duo's erection and smiled when Duo started to thrust his hips. Duo rode the waves of pleasure as Heero sucked on him. All to soon he exploded in Heero `s mouth. His cry of pleasure lost in the sound of the waterfall.

Heero drank down every last drop and gave one last lick as he pulled away. He smiled as he stared into Duo's lust filled eyes. He licked his lips and saw Duo harden once more but didn't do anything about it. He moved a little away and watched as Duo slid into the water. His erection was hard as a rock but he ignored it. Duo clutched his hand and started to drag him towards shore. When they could touch the ground again Duo stopped them. He turned towards the waterfall and brought Heero to stand in front of him. Duo reached around and grasped Heero's hard on.

Heero moaned when he felt Duo's hand on him. Duo slowly started to pump him.

"Do you see the beauty Heero. Because I can and I see you the most beautiful creature out here. I want to see you come Heero. I want to watch you come as you look at the beauty of this place."

Heero just nodded to every word spoken in Duo's silken voice. His mind far to gone with the stroking Duo was doing. Soon the pleasure was just too much and he shouted as he came.

He slumped against Duo and let Duo guide him back to shore. Instead of going to separate beds this time they went to the same one and cuddled on it.

The rest of the week went by quickly. They teased each other constantly but never went any further than touching. They cuddled, kissed and fondled the entire week away.

It was the night before the day they had to leave. Duo noticed that Heero was nervous about something and it puzzled him. He watched as Heero nervously flitted around the kitchen as he made dinner. Duo stood and enfolded Heero into his embrace, "Koi what's wrong?"

"I have something important to ask you but it has to wait until after dinner."


They ate dinner in silence but the tension was thick. Finally after dinner was completed and the dishes done Heero stood and got something from the other room and then walked back in. He sat down at the table while Duo sat across from him. There was a tense silence before Heero spoke.

"Duo I wanted to ask you something important. I love you and this week has been great. I wanted to know if you wanted to make it official?"

Duo gaped at Heero as Heero brought out a ring and continued to talk, "You don't have to answer now. Here's the ticket to go home. I'll place both in my room. If I wake in the morning and find the ticket gone I'll know your decision. Good night Duo."

Then Heero got up with the things in hand and went to his room. He placed the ticket and the ring on the nightstand and went to bed. He rolled on his side and waited to see if Duo would go to bed. He waited a while before he fell asleep exhausted.

Duo stayed in the kitchen and thought about the whole week and his feelings for Heero. Did he love Heero? Yes his mind supplied. Did he want to spend the rest of his life with him? That was harder to answer. He thought about it harder and came up with some pros and cons of marriage.

He finally decided that yes he would marry Heero. He looked outside and saw that it was light out and he had stayed up the entire night. He smiled as he thought back to the first morning here. He went to Heero's room and grabbed the ticket and then went back to the kitchen. He checked the departure time and realized he had enough time for what he was planning.

Heero woke up as light filtered into the room and hit his eyes. He immediately rolled over to look at the nightstand. His heart broke when he saw the ring box sitting there but no ticket. He felt tears well up in his eyes as he realized what Duo's answer was. He started to sob in pain from the heartache. He curled into a fetal position and cried. He didn't hear the door open nor smell of food.

He however did feel when someone sat on the bed and pull him into their arms. He looked up into violet eyes and searched for an answer.

"What's the matter Hee-chan?"

"I...I thought you left."

"No, I would never leave. I love you Heero."

"Then why..."

"Oh the ticket. I wanted to see how much time we had left and as for the ring, I wanted you to propose properly."

Heero smiled and wiped his eyes of the remaining tears. He stood and got the box then knelt on one knee in front of Duo.

"Will you marry me, Duo?"

"Yes Koi, I will."

Heero smiled and took the ring out of the box and placed it on Duo's ring finger. He rubbed the ring once it was on Duo's finger and smiled wider. He looked up into violet eyes and leaned forward. He kissed Duo hard.

Duo closed his eyes when they kissed and lean back on to the bed. Heero slid over him and rubbed his body against Duo's. Duo moaned as he felt Heero's erection press against his. Duo pushed Heero back a little, "Wait. What about breakfast?"

"You're my breakfast."

"Oh. Then shouldn't we get undressed."

Heero stripped as fast as he could and so did Duo. As soon as they were undressed they were meshed together. Touching anything they could reach. Heero started to kiss down Duo's chest, paying extra attention to Duo's nipples. Duo arched into the kisses gasping out Heero's name.

Heero kept going downwards until he got to Duo's hard erection. His mouth watered as he started to suck the tip of it. Then he made his way down until he swallowed Duo whole.

"Heero!" Duo cried out. He slid his hand into Heero's hair keeping him there.

Heero smiled around Duo's erection but kept sucking. He then gave one final lick and levered off of Duo. Duo whined in disappointment but Heero just kissed him. While Heero kissed Duo, his hand reached over to the nightstand and searched for the lube in the drawer. He finally found it and started to make his way down Duo's chest again. Instead of sucking on Duo's cock he stroked it.

Duo writhed on the bed as his arousal was stroked. While Heero stroked Duo with one hand his other hand flicked open the lube. He stopped stroking so he could coat his fingers with the lube. He then started stroking again while taking the other hand and bringing it down to Duo's opening. Letting his fingers caress it. Duo let out a keening whine, which made Heero smile. He gently pushed one finger into Duo and stretched him. He then pushed in another finger and gently thrust his fingers. He searched and smiled when Duo arched off the bed as he found Duo's sweet spot.

He kept up both the stroking and the thrusting until Duo orgasmed, "HEERO!" Duo then slumped onto the bed. He breathed heavily as his eyes stared at the ceiling. Heero ignored his own hard erection and cuddled up to Duo. Duo finally came down from his high and looked over at Heero.

He smiled at him but then frowned when he realized how hard Heero was. He reached down and started to stroke Heero. Heero closed his eyes in bliss and started to move his hips. Duo reached down to his chest and collected some of his come and smeared it on his fingers. He stretched down and gently massaged Heero's opening. Heero groaned at the contact and opened his legs wider.

Duo smiled and pushed one finger in and stretched him. Heero writhed on the bed and panted for breath. He opened his eyes and saw Duo smiling down at him. He gasped out, "Duo please..."

Duo smiled down at him and pushed in another finger and another. Soon he was thrusting in three fingers. Heero pushed down on the fingers wantonly. Duo figured Heero was ready and took his fingers out. Heero whined at the loss but Duo just caressed his face. He gathered the rest of the come and slathered his cock. He took his right hand and held himself as he pushed into Heero's opening. His other hand reached over and grasped Heero's hand.

Duo slid slowly into the warmth and sighed. Heero moaned in pleasure and pain at the feeling. Duo got control of himself and then started to move. At first he moved slowly in and out. Heero panted, "Duo faster...harder...please...more..."

Duo grinned down at Heero and did as directed. Soon he was pounding into Heero, who shrieked in pleasure. Duo sat on his thighs and pulled Heero to sit on his lap. All the while thrusting. Heero wrapped his legs and arms around Duo and held on. His erection was rubbing against Duo's stomach causing pleasure to swirl more inside him.

Heero's world dissolved down to the pleasure he was feeling and the violet eyes he looked into. He shouted loudly as he orgasmed. His body trembled in pleasure. Duo kept thrusting until he came. They both stayed that way as they floated down from their high. Duo lay down on the bed still connected to Heero. He gently pulled out of Heero and pulled Heero towards him. Heero shivered as Duo pulled out then he cuddled up to Duo. They lazed there for a few minutes.

"We have to go soon Duo," Heero stated as he caressed Duo's hip.

"Yeah I know. Let's get up and pack."

Heero nodded and moved to the edge of the bed and as he stood he looked down at the ground at the foot of the bed. He saw a tray there and food scattered across the floor. Broken plates and glasses littered the floor.

"Duo what's on the floor there?"

Duo looked down and blushed, "I told you I brought breakfast."

Heero smiled, "Well it looked good. I'm sorry I ruined it."

Duo stood and pulled Heero close to him, "You didn't ruin it. That was the best morning I've ever had. I love you."

"I love you too. Forever?"

"Yes, forever."