Title: Finding A Home 1/? (??????)
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 2x1, 3x4, 6x13, 5xSally, RxD, and others
Category: Angst, some Sap
Archive: 1x2 ml, Gw-fan ml, DHML, http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/damnvespa
Notes: I've been thinking about this one for awhile…just never got around to writing it…*sheepish look*
Warnings: Umm…there is going to be angst…well some angst…Everyone will probably be OOC or a little OOC…*shrugs*


A five-year-old boy with big blue eyes and messy brown hair was laughing as he played in the park. His mom and dad had decided to take him to the park for doing well in school. He played happily with the other children he met there. He had just made a sand castle and wanted to show his parents. So he looked to where his parents were standing but he didn't see them.

His eyes widened and he ran to where he last saw them. He looked around frantically searching for his parents. Tears started to form in his eyes when he didn't see them.

"Mama? Papa?" The little boy whimpered.

Whimpering turned to yelling then to sobbing. He sobbed loudly and sat on the ground. He was surprised when warm arms suddenly picked him up. For an instant he thought it was his mother and he turned in the arms suddenly and whispered, "Mama?"

But all the boy saw was a strange woman. She had sunflower blue eyes and light blond hair put up in a bun. She smiled down at the boy and cradled him against her body. Then he heard the soothing voice, "Shh…honey…Now what's the matter?"

He sniffled, "I can't find my mommy!" He then started to sob again.

She massaged his back as she held the little boy. Her heart went out the small child. She looked around the playground looking for anyone who might be looking for the child in her arms but she found none.

She pulled out her cell phone and called the police, "Yes I've found a child but I can't find his parents. I'm at the park between Fifth and Seventh. Thank you."

She held the child until the small boy stopped crying. He sniffled in her arms but otherwise didn't say anything. All too soon the police were there taking her statement and giving the boy a small teddy bear. He hugged it close to him as one of the policewoman held the boy.

The police informed her that the boy was going to be taken to a local orphanage and if the parents weren't found with in the week then the boy would be turned over to the state. She ached in pain for the boy but she thought that maybe there was something she could do.

She wanted another son. Her husband, in a fit of anger, disowned her first son and sent him away. Since that time the bond between her and her husband had been strained. She was glad that she still had her daughter but she wanted her other child back in her life. But it wasn't possible unless she divorced her husband. She had given a lot of thought to that option, but in the end she had decided no. She still loved her husband, no matter how bigoted, how stupid and arrogant he was.

She quickly decided that she would adopt the boy. Even if her husband was against it. She would adopt the boy and raise him as her own son.