Title: Finding Heero's Mate pt. 1/?
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 2x5 then later 1x2x5, 3x4, and others.
Category: Angst
Archive: onetwentyfive ml, gw-fan ml, and http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/princess_vespa/
Notes: This also came to me…but *sighs* I just now got to writing it…I'm sooooo behind.
Warnings: Angst…for now…


Heero sighed once again as he sipped his water. He should be happy, the wars are over, and he was free now. Free to do whatever he wanted but still…he wasn't happy. As he looked over at his friends he knew why he wasn't happy.

Quatre and Trowa smiled contentedly at each other as they laughed at a joke made by Wufei. Which was a surprise to Heero but it shouldn't have been. He knew Wufei and Duo had been together since the first war. They'd been together longer than Trowa and Quatre.

The five of them were having lunch in one of Quatre's estates. It was the weekend and they decided to meet Quatre there on their day off.

Heero sighed sadly as he looked at Duo and Wufei. Those two were his best friends, but he wanted more. During the beginning of the first war he fell in love with Duo. Duo's joy of life and his vibrant nature. Not to mention his steely determination. Those blue violet eyes and that wide smile. Heero was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Then later he met Wufei and fell for him as well. Fell for his sense of justice, his fascination with books. He loved the times when he secretly watched Wufei read books. Wufei's whole attention was put into reading the book. He often wondered what that focused attention would feel like on him.

At the time he didn't understand those feelings but now he knew he loved them. And was saddened that he found out too late. He resigned himself to just being their friends.

The lunch went on with him being silent as usual. He rarely talked unless spoken to. Not because he didn't know what to say but because he didn't want to intrude on their conversation. He often felt like the fifth wheel while with them. He sighed and stared into his drink. He looked up when he heard the sudden silence.


"That's the fifth time I heard you sigh, Heero." Duo said. He looked at Heero in concern, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Just thinking."

"What about? You seemed upset." Wufei said.

Heero frowned minutely into his drink. He didn't want the two objects of his obsession to be worried about him. He needed to get away and quickly.

"I'm fine, really." He made a show of looking at his watch and then looked back at the rest of them, "I'm sorry but I've got to get going. I'm meeting Relena for coffee. Excuse me."

Heero all but fled the room in his haste to leave. Duo watched him leave and frowned. Quatre noticed the frown, "What's wrong Duo?"

"I'm worried about Heero."

"Me too. I can sense he's lonely."

Duo frowned even more but then smirked mischievously. Wufei saw the smirk, "Uh oh, what are you thinking?"

"I think I know how to help Heero."


"Let's set him up with someone."

"Duo that's a wonderful idea."

Trowa raised a single eyebrow, "I don't think Heero would think it is."

"I agree. Duo, honey, we should stay out of Heero's love life."

Duo just shook his head, "If we stay out of it. Then he'll be lonely for the rest of his life. You and I both know how he is."

"I know Duo, but…" Wufei's words died off when he looked into the pleading face of his lover. He scowled fiercely, "That should be outlawed."

Duo beamed at Wufei, "Alright, let's find a mate for Heero."


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