Title: Cursed Computer
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1X2, a little 3X4
Category: AU
Warnings: Maybe a little OOC on Duo and Heero's part. (At least I think so).
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Gundam Wing Boys. Don't sue, because I have no money.


My computer must be cursed. There is just no other way to explain it. This is my fourth year at college and two of those years my computer has had problems. Although a really good thing came out of it. Well, let's start at the beginning of my tale so that you can fully understand how my computer is cursed.

My name is Duo Maxwell, I'm 21 now but I started college when I was 18 years old. I would tell you the college but it is unimportant to the story. I'm majoring in Communications. I figured since I talked a lot it wouldn't be that hard. So I go to school and my computer works fine for the first whole year, but it is the second year that my cursed computer decided to break down. Lets' start near the end of fall semester.

There I was sitting at my computer, just playing a game when all of sudden my computer gave me the blue screen of death.

"Aaaaahhh you stupid piece of junk computer! DAMNIT!" I shouted.

I didn't know what to do particularly. I'm definitely not a computer whiz. So I just turned the damn thing off, grumbling about it the whole time. My damn roommate, a Chinese guy named Wufei started to snicker at me.

"Having computer problems?" He asked.

I swear I wanted to sock the guy in the mouth. How dare he make fun of me about my computer breaking down.

"Shut up Wuffers" I growled back.

"My name is WUFEI" He nearly shouted at me. I felt a little better now that I have teased him.

"Hey Wu-man, what should I do about my computer. Do you know how to fix it?" I asked him as nicely as I could.

"Contact the computer people. They'll send someone over to check it out, and the name is Wufei." He told me then left the room in a huff before I could respond.

"Well doesn't someone have their panties in a bunch." I muttered to myself.

I looked up the phone number for the computer room and asked if someone could come up and take a look at my bastard computer. At this point I really hated my computer. It had no right just to totally die on me. I had done nothing to it. They said they would send someone right over to help me out. I thanked the person profusely and hung up. I waited about fifteen minutes and then there was a knock on my door. I stopped glaring at my computer and went to answer the door.

I opened the door and damn near had a heart attack. The most gorgeous guy that I have ever seen was on the other side. He had the most intense blue eyes, and a dark brown hair that looked like it needed a comb. He wore a green tank top that hung loosely from his body and jeans so tight it looked like he had sewn them around his body. I just stood there and stared and I think I drooled. I did that for at least ten minutes, but it might have been two. I don't know how long, all I know is that there was a god and he loved ME.

"Are you Duo Maxwell?" The guy said.

That kind of brought me out of my daze. He said it so monotonish. Okay I know monotonish is not a word but that is how it sounded. How could a guy look that good but sound so cold? I was still in shock so I nodded. He then brushed by me and into the room. I about near died when he touched me. Okay so it wasn't a touch but he did brush by me and it was exquisite. Thank the lord I was wearing baggy sweatpants or he would have seen how much he affected me.

He stopped in the middle of the room and looked around. That was about the time I started blushing. My room was a total disaster area. I had all my books on the floor, my clothes sprawled everywhere and anime posters on my wall. I was always teased about my posters, but I didn't care I liked them.

"Hi, ummm…. Sorry about the mess."

It was hard for me to get words out of my mouth. I watched as he looked at my room. He had a look of mild disgust on his face. I was kind of ashamed. I know that I am a slob and that I need to clean my side of the room, but I'm lazy and never feel like doing it.

"The bastard computer is on the desk over by the window."

The dorm room I am in is sort of a straight shot room. You come in through the door and on one side you have closets, then a bureau, then the bed, and finally the desk. The same goes for the other side. So that leaves a narrow walkway to the window. Anyways back to the problem, my computer and the gorgeous guy in my room.

He walked to the computer and flipped it on. It started to boot up and then the computer gave him the blue screen of death. He frowned a little at this and started to fiddle with my computer.

"What have you done on you computer lately?" He asked. I walked over too him slowly. My hard on was killing me and I was still blushing.

"Umm, nothing much. Just did some homework, and played some games. That's about it." I told him. While I watched him try to fix the bastard thing.

"Have you downloaded anything?" He asked again.

"Yeah I downloaded some songs off the network."

"Did you know the people you were downloaded songs off of?"

"Umm, no."

"Baka." He grunted.

Thank goodness for my anime collection or I would have never known what he just said. At the moment I was angry. How dare he say I'm an idiot. Just because I don't know computers that well. All I did was download some songs off of some one else's computer. What is the harm in that.

"There is plenty of harm." He responded. Oops I guess I said that part out loud.

"It looks like to me that you downloaded some virus and it killed your hard drive. You have re install everything you had on your computer."

"What do you mean I have to reinstall everything?" I exclaimed.

"Like I said, reinstall everything, baka." He monotoned to me again.

At this point I didn't care that he was the most handsome man I have ever seen I just wanted to deck him. But I kept myself in check, he still needs to help me fix it.

"Okay fine, what do I have to do."

He started to rattle off everything I would need but I didn't understand half of it.

"Look I don't think I have anything you were saying. I didn't bring that stuff with me, at least I don't think I did."

"Hn, baka." He grunted at me again.

Then he up and left. I didn't know where he had gone. I just sat there on my bed trying really hard not to cry. I mean my computer was broken and the only guy who could fix it just left me here. `Boys don't cry, boys don't cry' was running through my head. Then I heard a noise and watched as the boy came back in with some disks and cds in his hand. He went straight to my computer and worked. He didn't tell me what he was doing and I didn't ask. I just watched him. It was almost like watching ballet. Okay maybe not since I have never watched ballet but isn't that the saying most people use. Anyways, he was graceful in his movements and so intense. I shivered just thinking about what he would do to me if I could get him in my bed. All of a sudden my computer booted up and it was fixed. I blinked at him for a second then I hugged him. He was not happy and pushed me off of him. I pouted at him but he didn't seem to care. He stood and went to the door to leave. I stood up quickly and grabbed his hand.

"Thanks for fixing my computer and all ummm…"

At this point he was supposed to fill in his name but all he did was nod and then he left. It was very strange I went to go after him but he was already gone. It sucks living really close to the hall door. I went back in my room to check out my computer. It was running just fine and I jumped for joy and started to pet my computer.

"Good computer, now don't break on me again. I promise never to be mean to you again."

I figured if I gave the computer encouragement for working it wouldn't break down again. I set to start listening to my music and go back to playing my game. That was when I noticed it. I had no music player, I looked for the mp3s and had none of those either.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO. YOU BASTARD COMPUTER! How could you do this to me? I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.."

So that was the first semester of my second year but instead of getting better it got worse. After I found all my music again (not from the network this time) and my music player. My computer worked fine. I never did find out the computer techs name, and I haven't seen him since. After getting over the shock of meeting the most handsome man I've ever seen I realized what an asshole he was to me. I tried to forgot about him and to go on with my life. I didn't have any problems with my computer until three weeks before college ended.

I had cleaned my room a little and had my books on the shelf above my computer on the desk. I had put a glass of water on the shelf cause 1) I was thirsty and 2) my desk had papers strewn about. I was working on a paper due for one of my classes. I took one of the books down but apparently my books weren't all that stable. They all did a domino slide effect and hit the cup of water. I watched in slow motion as the cup of water fell on top of my monitor.

"NOOOOOOO" I yelled. I couldn't believe it, I sat there stunned as hell. It took me a full minute before I could move and turn off the monitor. Now I know I'm not dumb as I have said before but I am when it comes to computers. My roomie wasn't home, thank the lord (see I knew he loved me). I don't think I could take it if he started laughing at my stupidity. I went to my best friend, Quatre, who lived two doors down from me to get help.

"Hey Q, you'll never guess what happened."

"What happened now?" He asked me.


"Duo, you told me I would never guess. So just tell me already."

Wow he must be having boyfriend troubles. He is never like this unless he is mad at his boyfriend. Yeah if you haven't figured it out he is gay. I mean the guy wears purple and pink with khakis. How much more gay could you get. His boyfriend is kind of weird looking he has these bangs that hang in front of his face and covers one eye. His name is Trowa if I remember right. But he is handsome guy not as handsome as the computer tech guy but up there. Anyways he is giving me the evil eye so I guess I should answer him.

"I accidentally poured water over my monitor." I meekly told him.

"You really are a baka, aren't you?" He asked me while laughing.

And no he isn't a fan of anime. He took Japanese as a second language. Why I will never know, but he likes to integrate what he has learned into his speech. Sometimes it gets annoying basically because I don't understand what he says half the time.

"What do you think I should do. I turned off the monitor but it is still wet inside or at least I think it is."

"Why don't you call the computer people again?" He suggested to me still giggling.

"Nah, the last time they sent this guy, he was hot but cold at the same time. Anything else you can think of."

"Why don't you take it outside in the sun to dry it out. Maybe that will work. It is a nice, hot sunny day." He gave a pleasant smile, which put me on edge.

He usually reserves those smiles to people he doesn't know or when he thinks of something mischievous to do. I really didn't have any other choice, I mean he could have had an idea about Trowa. So I put away my misgivings about the smile and went to do what he suggested. I walked back to my room and unhooked my monitor from the computer, grabbed a blanket and headed outside. I found a place in the grass and laid back. It kind of got hot because I was wearing black jeans and t-shirt but I didn't care I was drying out my monitor. I laid back and got comfortable. I closed my eyes because the sun was shining in them. Then a cloud must have passed over because it got a little cooler.

"Hn, baka."

Okay the last time I checked clouds didn't speak. So I opened my eyes and looked into two pools of blue. It was the computer tech guy again. He looked a little amused by what I was doing. I just cocked an eyebrow at him. Damn but he was still gorgeous as the last time I had seen him. This time he opted for shorts instead of jeans but the same green tank top. I looked him up and down and admired the view. His olive skin glinted in the sunlight and the green tank top showed off his chest and arms. I know that this time I was drooling.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Well I thought that my monitor was looking a little pale so I thought I would take him out and get him some sun. What do you think? Does he look tan enough to you?"

He kind of glared at me and waited. Apparently he wasn't going to answer. Waiting for the real reason.

"Okay, okay, I accidentally poured water on my monitor while it was still on. My friend suggested that I come out here and let it dry in the sun."

"Baka, the monitor is dead. Taking it out in the sun is not going to help your monitor. You're going to have to buy a new one." He told me.

I gasped. Well first because Quatre lied to me. He knows more about computers than I do so he would know what worked and what didn't.

Boy is he going to get a surprise in his bed tonight. I chuckled evilly at that thought. Then the rest of what he said filtered through my brain.

"I can't buy a new monitor. I don't have enough money for one. Damn it, now what am I going to do."

I sat there trying to think of what to do. I had no money and I was here only because I got a full scholarship. I didn't get a job because I just didn't want one. I'm lazy remember. Even though now I was starting to regret it.

"Come on Baka, you can borrow one of my old monitors I have around." He told me.

He helped me up and took the monitor to the nearest dumpster and flung it in.

"Wait before we go, what is your name? I never did catch it."

"Hn. Heero Yuy."

"Heero, huh? Nice name." I swore when I said that he blushed.

But I couldn't really tell he turned away from me, but his ears were cute pink color. I followed him and he led me to his car.

"Where are we going. I thought we were going to your room?"

"We are. I live off campus now get in."

I shrugged and got into the car. `Heero' I repeated in my head. It had a nice ring to it.

"Heero, that's a Japanese name isn't it?"


"You don't talk much unless it has to do with computers do you?"

"Hn. Baka."

"You do realize I know what Baka means right?"


This guy is so aggravating. Why couldn't I like a guy that could talk. I just babbled at him while he drove to his apartment. I looked around at where we were going in case I ever needed to come back this way sometime. I don't really remember what I talked about but I think I talked about everything under the sun. We finally arrived at his apartment.

"Do you ever shut up?"

"umm… no. So this is where you live Heero?"

I looked at the apartments and they didn't seem so bad. He just started walking off so I followed. He led me to his apartment and let me in. It was a single apartment with no decorations at all. It was plain but everything was in its place. It was like a perfectionist's wet dream. There was no clutter and it was all-clean. This boy really needed to get a life. He went off into one of the rooms and came back with a monitor. He gave it to me and ushered me out of his apartment. Well wasn't he pushy. He didn't even offer me anything. We got back in the car and went back to my dorm. I kept up my one sided conversation while he drove me back. When we got back he got out and followed me to my room. He hooked it back up for me.

"Thanks, Heero. Do I need to pay you anything?"

"No." He turned around and started to walk out the door. I just couldn't let what happened the last time happen again.

"Wait," Heero stopped and turned to me and waited for me to continue, "umm.. let me repay you. How about I take you out for coffee or dinner sometime?"

He raised an eyebrow at me but stayed silent. I was getting nervous because he wasn't answering.

"Dinner at 7pm. I'll pick you up and you'll pay."

Then he left. I just looked at the door he just left through. He had agreed. He just agreed to go to dinner with me. I couldn't believe it. Then it really hit me. He said he would go to dinner with me tonight at 7 it was three right now and I didn't have anything to wear.


I raced out of my room and ran to his door. His door was open and I just barreled right in and turned as red as a tomato. I just ran in on Trowa and Quatre kissing like there was no tomorrow.

"Oops, Sorry Quatre."


He sounded a little upset so I waited out side as they calmed down.

"Okay Duo you can come back in now."

Trowa was sitting on the bed with Quatre standing between his legs and leaning in to him. It was really cute looking.

"You know if you were going to start making out you should really close your door. What if some one saw you? Besides you deserved it. You knew that drying my monitor out would do nothing." "Yeah well sorry Duo. I wasn't in my right mind when I told you that. Now why did you feel the need to interrupt my make out session with Trowa?"

"Umm, remember that guy I was telling you about. The one who fixed my computer when it died last semester. Well I saw him today while I was sunning with my computer. He took me to his apartment and gave me one of his old monitors he didn't use. So I asked him out to repay him for the monitor and he said yes."

"Well that's good Duo, but I still don't understand why you had to yell my name and rush in hear as if your ass was on fire."

"Umm.. I don't have anything to wear. Actually I don't know what to wear and was wondering if you could help me out. But if you're too busy I understand. I'll just try and pick something out myself."

At this point I was pouting and started to walk dejectedly out of the room. This never failed to get Quatre to help me out.

"Okay, you can stop moping now. I'll help you out. Come on let's see what you have to wear."

We spent hours looking for something for me to wear. We finally decided on a nice pair of black slacks and a dark blue shirt. I looked at the time and found I only had an hour to get ready so I decided to take a shower. After that I put on my clothes and braided my hair. I was waiting outside for him to come and get me. At 7 sharp he was in the parking lot. He was wearing nice gray pants and nice blue silk shirt with the first two buttons undone. I just got into his car and we were off. I was really nervous and didn't know what to do or say. I mean this would be my first date. So I decided to say whatever came to me.

"Ummm… You look great."

"Hn. So do you." He responded.

That about made my day. He said I looked good. I smiled at him and looked out the window. I kept quiet during the drive. I didn't know what else to say and Heero didn't say anything either. It didn't take long to get to the restaurant. It was called Howard's. We walked in and got booth seats near a window. Our waiter came over and took our orders and we started making small talk. Which was cool because he was actually answering my questions. We talked about classes and how hard some of them were. He was majoring in computer engineering and that was why he helped fix computers. Dinner was great and we flirted with each other all through it. I didn't think he could flirt with me but I was wrong. The big hint was when he swiped a bit of gravy off my chin with his finger and sucked on it. Then he smirked at me. Just from that stunt I was hard for the rest of dinner. I had to think quickly though we were leaving and my pants didn't conceal my hard on. So I thought of as many non-sexy things I could think of. It wasn't quite working but when I saw the check it was like cold water was thrown on me. It wasn't that expensive but it would deplete most of the money I had worked for during the summer. I just sucked it up and paid for dinner. He took me back to my dorm. He parked his car in the parking lot and waited for me to get out.

"Heero, I had a really nice time tonight. Thanks."

"Your welcome." He said and smiled.

It wasn't a big smile just a small upturn of his lips, but it made him look down right sexy. Before I could lose my courage I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss and was just making my escape when he grabbed my hand. I stopped and looked back. I was kind of scared of what he would do. Would he yell at me or maybe punch me. I don't know dating etiquettes and I think just made a big mistake. I closed my eyes not wanting to see what he would do. Then I felt his lips on mine. I gasped and opened my eyes wide. I looked straight into his blue eyes and fell into them. It was so intense I just closed my eyes again and kept the contact. There was no tongue just touching of our lips. He backed away and I smiled at him. I took a piece of paper out of my pocket and wrote my number down.

"That was really nice. Here's my number if you want to call me and do something, but next time you pay."

I grinned at him and then left. I waved at him and went into my room. That night my dreams were plagued with dreams of a blue eyed beauty and the kiss we shared.

We went on plenty more dates like that. We both stayed the summer since we both had no one to go back to. I found out about his past and how both his parents had died in a automobile accident and he had lived with his uncle. His uncle wasn't the nicest man and that was why he seemed so cold. After I got him to open up he was even more beautiful to me. He had a great sense of humor and great listener. He still didn't talk much but he wasn't quiet either. He learned that I was always an orphan and this was my one chance to make something of myself. He also learned when I was hiding behind my mask and when I wasn't. That summer was a great learning experience. We were each other's firsts.

During my junior year nothing happened to my computer. It decided not to be a bastard. I decided to move in with Heero during the summer. So now we share an apartment off campus. Which leads us to now. My cursed computer decided to get a couple of viruses on it again.

"Heero, my computer is broken again."

"Baka, you are always having problems with it. Let me look."

As I think about it maybe my computer is not as cursed as I thought it was. I mean it lead me to Heero. So maybe it was a bastard and I should like the thing a little. I looked at the screen and decided against liking the little bastard.

"Not the blue screen of death AGAIN!!!"


The end


Okay the problems with the computer did happen to me. And yes I did take the monitor out to dry it. I only got the blue screen of death once though. It didn't happen the second time but it almost did. But I fixed it. Yeah go me! Anyways was this good or bad. Please review.