Title: Commercial….Pt. 2
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1x2
Disclaimer: I don't own Heero nor Duo….*sighs*


[Shot of Heero in a the same BDSM store that Duo was in. He's looking at the assortment of ball gags until he finds the right one he needed. He puts it into the basket he is holding.]

Price of Ball Gag…$21.95

[Shot of Heero looking at the assortment of cock rings. His lips turn up in a slight smile as he picks up each one and evaluates them. He finds the perfect one and puts it next to the ball gag and goes up to the cashier and pays for his purchases and leaves the store.]

Price of Cock Ring…$29.00

[Shot of Heero on his laptop. He's at a BDSM store online where he can order special ordered paddles. He writes an email to them and smirks. Duo moves into the room and smiles at Heero. Heero closes the laptop and smiles wolfishly at Duo. Duo smiles but his eyes are wary.]

Price of Engraved Paddle…$39.95

[Shot of Duo handcuffed to the bed with his ass high in the air. You can see his hard cock standing at attention with the glistening silver cock ring. His head is turned towards Heero and looks pleadingly at him. Heero is standing in the leather pants Duo had been wearing a few weeks ago. They are slightly tighter on him and Duo drools even more. Duo's eyes widen when Heero pulls out the paddle and advances on him. Heero is smirking widely. Duo struggles wildly but he can't get away. Heero raises his hand and the paddle makes it way down to Duo's ass.]

The chance to punish your lover for the sore ass he gave you last week…priceless


The End