Title: Commercial
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 2x1
Warnings: none
Note: I know some of the prices are quite expensive but I looked them up online. Didn't really research all that much though *sheepish look*
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys...unfortunately *sighs*


[Shot of Duo in a store buying lube and smiling at the sales clerk. He hands the clerk his credit card. The clerk raises an eyebrow but says nothing.]

Price of Lube....$2.24

[Shot of Duo at a leather store trying on tight leather pants that leave nothing to the imagination. He smiles into the mirror and hands the sales clerk his credit card.]

Price of Leather Pants....$159.00

[Shot of Duo in a BDSM store handing the handcuffs to the salesclerk. The salesclerk smiles widely and gestures to the many assortments of dildos and whips. Duo shakes his head no and gives the clerk the credit card. The clerk puts the purchase in a discrete bag and hands it to Duo and smirks. Duo smiles brightly and leaves the store.]

Price of Timed Release Handcuffs....$129.95

[Shot of Heero handcuffed on the bed with Duo standing near the bed in only the leather pants, smirking. He kneels onto the bed and pushes his lover down and kisses him. Heero struggles but realizing it's fruitless gives up and just enjoys the ride.]

Having your dominant lover at your mercy....priceless


The End.


Hope you liked that one. *Wicked Grin*