Title: Love, War, and Peace
Author: DamnVespa
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, DxR, ZechsxTreize, 5xZechs
Category: AU (????)
Archived: Mediaminer.org, 1x2ml, DHML
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Notes: I am seriously screwing with the GW world. I got the idea from a techno-ized version of a Braveheart song. Warnings: There are going to be a couple of deaths. I'm not going to tell you who but they will die. And there is Major Angst. So be prepared. Another thing, towards the end it will get kind of gross…


Ten years ago, Duke Dermail, the leader of Romefeller, assumed control and crowned himself King. Many were outraged but any protests were quickly silenced. Once he was crowned, Dermail set out to conquer the Earth and the colonies. Nations and Colonies alike resisted. The war started to become costly and many gave in because they yearned for peace. Dermail as a sign of good faith established an Alliance of sorts. The Alliance's primary goal was to gain Peace. In order to do that the colonies were to send a man from each colony to represent them. Romefeller would have it's own representative, Dermail's trusted advisor and General, Treize Khrushrenada.

The Colonies agreed whole-heartedly and sent their representatives down to Earth. There they met and hashed out the details of an agreement between the colonies and Romefeller. Unfortunately, three days into the meetings, the conference room where they met exploded with them inside. The only one to survive was Treize Khrushrenada. Treize claimed to be so traumatized by what had happened that he couldn't be the representative for Romefeller any longer. He recommended that Zechs Merquise, his most trusted friend, follower, and lover take his place instead. No one else spoke against the recommendation and Zechs Merquise was the new representative.

The colonies were devastated at the loss. Most of their prized delegates had been there. Dermail allowed them some time to mourn but then requested they come back for another meeting to try and get the agreement signed. The colony delegates resisted at first but there was no other way around it. The talks resumed four months after the incident.

Most of the nations of Earth had conceded defeat and fell into the hands of Dermail. One of the nations that didn't concede defeat was the Sanq Kingdom ruled by Queen Relena Peacecraft. Her father had been one of the voices silenced when Dermail crowned himself king. She, like her father, had taken a stand against the militaristic ways of King Dermail. Peacecraft spoke vehemently against the use of arms and tried to teach the ways of pacifism throughout her nation. King Dermail not liking the opposition threatened total destruction of the tiny kingdom. Relena Peacecraft, reluctant to use arms against Dermail and compromise her beliefs decided to sign a treaty with them. Agreeing to marry King Dermail's son, Prince Philip, in exchange for the guaranteed safety of Sanq. Dermail readily agreed.

Meanwhile the colonists struggled under the heavy taxations and violence that Dermail ruled them with. Most colonists prayed for help from the divine. Others tried to fight but were overpowered easily. Five scientists knew the agreement would be wrong for the colonists and Earth. That there could be no peace while Dermail was still in power. The five scientists, or doctors as they called themselves, got together and brainstormed. Using old ideas and combining them with new and getting rid of anything that didn't make sense or couldn't feasibly be done. Soon a plan was set and immediately they worked to get it done. They decided to build five massive mobile suits that they would call Gundams.

Knowing that if Dermail caught a whiff of this they would be dead, they decided to split up. Each picked a suitable candidate and trained them to be pilots of these massive machines. Each doctor and their protégé went to a different colony to start construction and training.

Unfortunately there was a leak and Dermail found out about the project. He sent out a search party to find these rogue rebels. Three of the richer families in the colonies, harboring the scientists, hid them from Dermail. Believing in their plan for peace. L1, on the other hand, trying to show its compliance with Dermail sent all available men to search for these rogues. Dr. J who was on L1 knew it wasn't safe anymore. He and his protégé, Heero Yuy, fled the colony along with the half made Gundam. They went to the nearby colony of L2. There they met up with Dr. G and his protégé, Duo Maxwell. L2 was too poor to do that kind of search and they knew that any search would come up fruitless. People learned to keep their mouths shut about everything that was heard or saw. Dermail not liking that answer sent his own men to go search but as predicted they came back without answers. Dermail was livid but soon other affairs of state took precedence in his mind. He soon forgot about these mysterious rebels.

Dr. G and Dr. J tried to keep their pilots separated but soon discovered their protégés worked well with each other. So they decided to train them to work together rather than separate. Duo and Heero trained closely together and soon became lovers. At first the Doctors were upset but deadly glares from both stopped their protests. They continued to build the gundams and turned the other way on the activities of their protégés.

The year is AC 194, the day before the fight for peace and freedom was to begin. As colonists struggled to stay alive, and the citizens of Earth were cowed by King Dermail and his army, Heero and Duo readied themselves for the upcoming battles.

These are the times when heroes and legends are made. When men stood up for their beliefs with out a thought to their own lives. No matter the dangers or how hopeless the cause. They stood and fought because that was all they could do.

Part 1:

On L2:

Two old men were sitting in room facing two young boys both standing straight with no facial expressions. One old man had a mop of hair that hid his eyes but not his nose, which had a huge jagged scar on it. The other was an old man who had a metallic arm and machinery for eyes. On the desk in front of the old men papers were strewn about, but they weren't looking at them. They carefully assessed the two young men across from them.

Dr. J's scratchy voice spoke up, "Okay boys listen up. Tomorrow you two will be sent to Earth. Dr. G and I will check your suits for any last minute things. Any questions?"

There was a pause. The two boys being addressed just stood there at attention.

"Good. You are free for the rest of the day. Dismissed."

The two scientists grabbed some papers then left the room. They debated back and forth about a minor mechanical problem on one of the suits. When they were out of earshot, the boy with violet eyes slumped and sighed. His partner still stood ramrod straight but he glanced at the other boy. The violet-eyed boy smirked at the other, "I'm glad they're gone. I couldn't stand still for much longer."

The other boy, with messy brown hair and deep dark blue eyes snorted and left the room. The other boy followed him and soon caught up to him. They both walked side-by-side heading towards their room.

The blue eyed boy said, "We need to go and rest. Tomorrow will be a tiring day."

"Heero, could we please talk about something other than what happens tomorrow."

"No, Duo. It's important, what we're doing. We need to go and rest."

"But I don't want to go and sleep. It's too early. This might be my last day and I don't want to spend it sleeping."

"I didn't say we were going to go to sleep. I said we should rest. Relax before the mission tomorrow."

Duo leered at Heero, "Relax, oh I can get you relaxed."

"I'm well aware of your relaxation techniques…they're very…stress reducing."

When they go there Heero opened the door and dragged Duo inside. Duo just smiled. He knew he was in for a bumpy ride.

In the Sank Kingdom:

Relena Peacecraft was sitting pristinely in her office. Her aide, Dorothy Catalonia, stood to the left of her. Relena was looking over the peace treaty. She didn't want to sign the paper but she was left with no other choice. She looked over to the left at her aide and lover. She gnawed on her lip for a minute before asking, "Dorothy, am I doing the right thing?"

Dorothy sighed and stood behind the young Queen. She rested her hands on Relena's shoulder and started to knead the tense muscles she felt there.

"I can't tell you if what you're doing is right or wrong. You just have to make the decision on what you know right now and hope it's for the best."

"Well you're no help," Relena smirked then sighed. She picked up the pen and signed the treaty. She looked at it in despair then handed it to Dorothy. Dorothy sighed as well and took the paper. She left the office for a minute to hand it to the secretary. The secretary immediately set to work to get it sent to King Dermail.

Dorothy walked back in to the office. She looked at Relena and she felt for her. Relena was taking on the responsibilities of a Queen and up until now it hadn't been too hard for her. This though was the hardest thing she ever had to do. She just signed her life away for the safety of her people. Dorothy felt proud of her and saddened at the same time. She walked over to Relena and hugged her. Relena moved the chair a little from the desk and Dorothy took the opportunity to sit in her lap. Dorothy leaned in and kissed her on the lips. It started out chastely but soon became more heated. They were interrupted from going further when the secretary buzzed the intercom.

"Queen Relena, I've sent the treaty."

Relena groaned in discontent while Dorothy got off her lap. Relena hit the intercom button, "Thank you Mrs. Bates." Then she turned the intercom off and slumped in her chair. She reached out her hand and Dorothy grabbed it and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"I'm sorry, Dorothy."

"You have nothing to be sorry for. I love you, Relena. We'll get through this."

"I know." Relena sighed then looked up hopefully at Dorothy, "You're coming with me right?"

Dorothy felt relief rush through her. She had been scared that Relena wouldn't want her to come along.

"Of course, I told you that if we started a relationship, you could never ever get rid of me."

Relena smiled gratefully at the conviction in Dorothy's voice. Relena stood from her chair and turned towards Dorothy.

"Why don't you remind me then," She said seductively. Dorothy grinned and pulled Relena closer.

"Oh I will, my Queen, I will."

Dorothy pulled her to the door and down to Relena's room. Relena grinned widely the entire way.

Zechs Merquise was a likeable young man. Some even called him a god with his long blonde hair and his clear blue eyes. He was only nineteen years old and he should be out enjoying his young adult life. Going out on dates and things of that nature, but that wasn't what happening. Instead he took his lover's position as a Representative for Romefeller. He was to get the delegates to agree to sign an alliance with Dermail.

Unfortunately it wasn't working. He wasn't getting anywhere with the colonists. They seemed to want to discuss their salaries rather than allying with Dermail. He leaned back in the chair he was sitting on.

He was sitting in Treize Khrushrenada's room. The room was not large but it wasn't small either. He sat in a cushioned chair that was next to the only window in the room. The window faced out into the gardens and away from anything resembling civilization. It was dark outside and Zechs looked at the moon hoping the answers he sought would be found there.

He heard moaning from the bed and looked over at it. The Queen sized bed lay against the opposite wall out of the moon's light reach. The lamp on the stand next to the bed was on showering a warm glow on the bed's occupant.

Treize Khrushrenada was sleeping fitfully on the bed. The covers bunched around his waist. His well-muscled chest glowed in the lamplight and Zechs took a minute to look at the beauty of it. But then Treize rolled over showing off the hideous scars on the left side of his chest. Scars of the burns he received from the explosion. Treize's face also held scars. Only half his head had hair on it and the left side of his face was a mass of burn scars. Zechs flinched at the sight then cursed himself for flinching. This was the behavior that Treize hated and that's why he wouldn't let Zechs touch him.

Zechs wasn't going to let that deter him from loving the man. Zechs remembered back to four months ago, before the explosion. Treize was the representative for Romefeller. He was a charismatic man and was devoted to the idea of peace. He was always working hard to get a peaceful resolution between the conflicting powers. Dermail had set up the place to meet to show his support for the peace process. Zech would have gone with Treize like he had done in the past but Treize told him to stay behind this time. They got into an argument but Treize won and Zechs stayed home. Treize took Lady Une with him instead. From the testimony that Treize had given, it was a suicide mission. A man from the rebel front walked into the conference room wearing explosives. Treize leapt up and yelled for everyone to run. He grabbed Lady Une and they both ran out of the meeting hall. Treize reported that Lady Une had thrown him through a nearby window. But it was too late for her to get out. The building exploded with Treize only a few feet away from it. The resulting heat and force catapulted him twenty feet from the building and left him with third degree burns. Nothing was left of the building. Treize lived but would forever be changed.

Zechs sighed into the night. He wished Lady Une had survived, she would be here helping him with Treize. She was the last person he could turn to, besides Treize. Zechs sat there and thought over the things Treize guided him to do. He wasn't sure that these were right but Treize knew the political mind better than he did, so for now he would trust him.

Zechs was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard murmuring from the bed.

"Get out of here…there's a bomb. Une…..UNE!"

"Treize wake up. It's just a nightmare," Zechs rushed to soothe the distressed man on the bed. This was the only time Zechs could touch Treize. Zechs held him and calmed him back into a peaceful sleep. Zechs got up and left the room and headed toward his room. Treize hated for him to sleep in the same bed. So Zechs left to get some sleep he had another meeting tomorrow morning with the delegates.

Treize dreamed on in his bed. Dreams of blood and fire with cries of betrayal ringing in his ears.

Part 2:

Duo sat in Deathscythe waiting for the go ahead. Deathscythe was situated in a shuttle that would protect the Gundam during the entry to Earth. He felt the adrenaline pumping with a good dose of fear mixed in. Today was finally the day when Heero and him would go to Earth and fight. He shifted in his seat a little because he was a little sore from the day before. Heero and him had been trained to have a lot of stamina, which was a plus in bed. Duo smirked when an image of Heero shifting just as much as him popped into his head. Duo was shaken from that interesting image when G popped up on his view screen.

"Okay Duo, it's time. Good Luck."

"Bye G. Thanks."

His hands flew across the controls in Deathscythe which was linked to the controls of the shuttle. He looked over at the left view screen and saw Heero's shuttle that was protecting him. He watched as the shuttle slowly started its descent to Earth and he followed him.

Heero sat quietly waiting for the go ahead. He looked at his right view screen and saw the shuttle Deathscythe was in, floating majestically in space. Heero frowned minutely when the ache from his bottom made him shift in his seat. He glared at the shuttle, knowing Duo couldn't see it but feeling better that he had glared. He was brought out of his glaring when J popped up onto his front view screen.

"Heero, my boy, ready to go?"


"Good. Go then."


Heero's hands flew across the controls as he started the boosters for his shuttle. He directed the shuttle to a course for Earth. He looked out his right view screen and saw the other shuttle starting to follow. He quickly turned his attention to his controls. Duo and Heero were so focused on Earth and navigating that they never noticed the three other blips on their screen all heading to Earth.

Heero had just broken through the Earth's atmosphere and the protective shielding that the shuttle gave fell away revealing Wing in bird mode. He was heading towards the rendezvous spot that he and Duo had set up. They couldn't stay together during the descent for fear of discovery. So they had separated each taking a different re entry course.

Heero calmly piloted Wing while looking at Earth and was humbled at the beauty he saw. He hoped that if Duo and he survived the war that they could live here on Earth. As he thought of the possible future he didn't notice the rapidly approaching suits. The alarms suddenly blared jerking Heero back into the here and now. He cursed when his radar showed there were two enemy mobile suits incoming.

Two Aries were closing in on him fast. He flicked the switches that would change Wing from bird mode to Gundam mode then turned to face his enemy. He aimed his buster rifle at the two approaching Aries. He let a shot out and it got one of the Aries but the other one had moved too quickly and was left unscathed. It fired shots at the Gundam but no damage was made. Heero smirked at what the other pilot must be thinking. He re-aimed his rifle while the other Aries backed off a little and contacted base. The pilot of the Aries suit was nervous and decided that going back to base was a very good idea. He turned to flee but before he could leave Heero shot the Aries and it exploded. Heero smirked then turned back into bird mode and flew off towards the appointed rendezvous spot.

It was a bright morning but Relena couldn't find anything cheerful about it. Soon she'll be married to a man she could never love. She sighed and went back to reading the news and eating her breakfast. Dorothy soon came downstairs and breakfast was set in front of her. She started to eat her meal while looking at Relena. She noticed that Relean was very interested in one of the articles printed.

"Anything interesting?" She asked.

"Well apparently five new mobile suits, called Gundams, have been reported landing on Earth. They are believed to be hostile to Dermail. I hope so because I don't want to marry his son."

"Well we can only hope." Dorothy smiled. She saw the thoughtful look on Relena's face and asked, "Do you want me to try and find these Gundam pilots?"

Relena was shocked for a second before she replied, "Yes I do. How do you read my mind like that?"

"That's a secret." Dorothy smiled enigmatically.

They fell into companionable silence and went back to eating. Relena finished with her meal and handed the paper to Dorothy. Then she went upstairs and changed for another day of work. Dorothy read the paper while waiting for Relena to come back down the stairs. When Relena came back down they headed out the front door and into the waiting limo.

In an ornate palace in Belgium, Dermail was given a report. There were five new mobile suits that were destroying his suits. He growled as he remembered that not to long ago he had heard the rumors but couldn't find anything. Some one had hid them and he was not happy about it. He stormed his way into his office and privately contacted one of his informants in the Alliance.

"I have been given reports of new mobile suits. They're calling themselves Gundams. They have already destroyed several of my Aries. Do you know anything about it or anyone who might have hid them?"

A smooth cultured voice responded, "No, this is the first I heard of it. Don't worry they are of no consequence. Once the agreement is signed there will be no need for them and they will vanish."

"Are you sure?"

"Quite sure."

"Fine. Goodbye and make sure that protégé of yours gets the agreement signed."

Dermail cut the line before a response could be given and sat heavily in his seat. Should he trust his informant or try to find out on his own. After giving the matter some careful consideration he dialed another number.

"Get me Commander Noin."

He waited a few minutes before a young woman appeared on the screen. She had dark almost purple hair cut in a military style. "Noin here sir."

"Good. Get me everything you can find on these Gundams. I don't care how you get it just get it. I want to know their strengths and their weaknesses and plans to exploit them."

"Yes sir."

Dermail cut the connection and he sat in his chair thinking but his hunger got the better of him. He got up and headed towards the dining hall. His son, Philip, and his fencing instructor, Toby, were already sitting there. He sat down still contemplating what to do about the Gundams. His son, Philip, nervously sat on his left with Toby sitting next to him. Philip's hands fiddled with his shirt until Toby grabbed one of his hands in reassurance. Philip looked over at him gratefully, Toby just smiled. He turned back to his father more confidently and opened his mouth to speak. Unfortunately a messenger arrived at that moment and gave a piece of paper to the King. Dermail looked extremely pleased and turned toward his son.

"Queen Relena has surrendered and has signed the treaty. You two shall wed in three months."

"Father, I need to talk to you," Philip stated confidently.

Dermail turned his attention to eating. He read over the treaty and awaited to see what his son said, "Fine, then talk."

"I don't want to marry, I don't even want to be king."

Dermail spit out the wine he had been drinking at looked murderously at his son, "WHAT! Your duty as Prince is to become King. So you will be. I leave you no other choice."

Philip looked slightly scared, "But Father, Toby and I…"

"Toby? I don't care about him. You will marry Queen Relena and you'll have an heir AND rule this kingdom. Toby is not a part of this."

"No, Father…"

"No? NO! I will not have such an insolent son. I'll teach you to mind me. Guards take him." He pointed at Toby, "to the dungeons and have him beheaded."

The guards rushed forward and grabbed Toby. Philip tried to fight them but the guards held him back. Toby fought with all his might but he was overpowered and dragged away. Philip turned on his father intending to attack him but Dermail was a little quicker and punched Philip. Philip laid on the ground where he fell and sobbed. Dermail disgusted with his wimp of a son left the room. Once Dermail had left, Philip got up then ran back to his room and cried for his lost love.

Part 3:

Heero and Duo were sitting in the safe house reading the news on the Internet. It had been reported that five new mobile suits, called Gundams, had been spotted. Heero and Duo looked at each other in speculation.

"Well I guess G and J weren't the only ones with that idea."

There was a beep from the laptop indicating a new message had come in. Heero opened it and ran a decoder he made himself. He made it so that no one but him could break it. When it was done they found the email was from G and J.

Perfect Soldier, Shinigami

Contact the other three Gundam pilots. Team up if possible. Good luck. You are on your own. Too dangerous for us to contact you anymore.


Below the message was the contact information for the other three pilots. Duo and Heero looked at each other.

"Well I guess this is it. We're on our own." Duo stated and frowned.

"We knew this was going to happen."

"I know, I just…I don't know."

"Stop worrying we'll do fine. I know in my heart that we are doing what's right. Besides look at the good side."

"What good side?"

"No mission reports."

Duo laughed at that while Heero gave a small smile. Then he went about contacting the other pilots.

"Well I guess that's a plus. I wonder what the other pilots will be like. What do you think?"

"I reserve judgment until I meet them."

"Well hopefully we can work as a group. It would suck if we couldn't."

Heero nodded his head and sent out the messages. Duo looked at Heero thoughtfully then a mischievous smirk came over his face. He quickly grabbed Heero's chair and pulled it out with Heero still on it. Heero looked up at in surprise, but Duo just smirked and straddled his lap. He put his arms around Heero's neck and touched foreheads with him. Heero in response put his arms around Duo's waist to keep him there. Duo looked into the blue eyes of his love then slowly he went in closer for a small sweet kiss. The kiss was slow but passionate. Duo never closed his eyes and neither did Heero. They looked into each other's eyes trying to convey the love that they couldn't speak in words. They eventually pulled apart and panted heavily. When Heero caught his breath he asked, "What was that for?"

"Just wanted to make sure you are still with me."

Heero smiled slightly and reached up a hand to move Duo's bangs away from his face.

"I'm here Duo and I'm not leaving you."

"I know, I just needed the reassurance. Besides I'm horny."

Heero smiled and leaned back in for another kiss. They kissed for what seemed like hours. Duo eventually pulled away to get a breath of air. While Heero sat smirking, Duo whapped him in the back of his head but leaned forward for another kiss. Duo threaded his fingers through Heero's hair and reveled in the moan he felt rather than heard come from Heero's mouth. Heero, for his part, caressed Duo's back in long languid strokes. He then grabbed Duo's ass and squeezed hard. Duo moaned into the kiss but didn't let go. This time it was Heero who had to break the kiss to get some air. Duo nuzzled their noses again and gave fleeting kisses along Heero's cheekbone. They were interrupted from their activities from the beeping of the laptop. Duo reluctantly got back up and Heero pulled his chair back to the table to read the email

To: Perfect Soldier and Shinigami From: Viper

By chance the other two pilots and I have already met and are currently staying together in a safe house. Below are the coordinates for the safe house. We will be awaiting your arrival.

They both memorized the coordinates then Heero deleted the message. Heero looked at Duo and Duo looked back at him. Heero's eyes smoldered with barely concealed lust. Duo grabbed Heero's hand and dragged him off to one of the bedrooms in the safe house. Heero just smiled but gave some resistance. He didn't want to make it too easy for his lover.

The next day Heero and Duo landed their Gundams in a forested area near the coordinates given to them. It provided good coverage for their Gundams and for them. They powered down their Gundams and then exited them. They quickly got out some camouflage nets and hid their Gundams. Duo bounced on the balls of his feet as Heero made last minute checks. He was excited and nervous at the same time while Heero was the picture of calm. He looked around the area to make sure nothing was amiss then turned to Duo. He nodded and they both turned and moved toward the coordinates. They progressed quietly neither making a sound. Both listened for unusual sounds but didn't hear anything other than the animals in the forest. They checked the area around the coordinates and slowly made their way toward it. They could see the outline of what looked like a two-story house. They got to the edge of a clearing that surrounded the house. They could see smoke coming from the chimney clearly stating that the home was occupied. Heero signed for Duo to go around the back while he went around the front. They sprinted to the house on silent feet and then quietly entered the house.

Heero eased the front door open and was glad there seemed to be no noise. He checked for traps but there didn't seem to be any. He passed the den and what seemed to be like a living room. He saw Duo ghost his way from the back of the house. Duo slipped passed a couple of bedrooms and a laundry room. They all appeared to be empty. He met up with Heero in the living room. They looked towards the stairs and were going to check it out when they both heard noises emanating from the kitchen, which was the only place they hadn't looked on the first floor. Heero swiftly made his way up the stairs and took a cursory look but found nothing and heard nothing. He signed to Duo that the upstairs was clear. He went back down the stairs and they swiftly but quietly snuck up to the kitchen door and eased it open. The two boys inside didn't seem to notice they were there. Heero and Duo quickly pointed their weapons at them as they checked for other threats. One of the boys was of Chinese descent and he was at the sink doing the dishes. The other was a tall brown- headed person with a huge bang that hung in front of his face obscuring one of his eyes. He was at the oven frying something in the pan. They both turned towards the intruders but realizing they were at a disadvantage just lifted their hands in surrender.

Before Duo and Heero could question them, they both felt gun barrels pressed against the back of their heads. Duo swore and Heero glared but they both raised their hands into harmless positions. The tall banged boy walked over to take the guns out of their hands.

"Now, that we have your guns, please identify yourselves." Said a voice from behind them.

Duo and Heero both remained quiet neither saying a word. The gun at the back of their heads prodded them forward. They walked into the kitchen while looking for a means to escape.

"Please sit."

Knowing they could do nothing until captors gave them an opportunity. They both chose to sit at the table. The person behind them walked to sit down opposite them. They were shocked to find a blonde boy around their age with golden hair smiling at them. He sat down and gave his guns over to the other two boys who took up places slightly behind and to either side of him. The blonde haired boy just looked at them. Duo couldn't stand the silence and opened his mouth to speak, "Who are you?"

"You think that I would answer you?"

"What did you forget your own name. Man, I didn't think the stories were true about blondes but I guess they were right."

The blonde boy in front of them frowned and the two boys behind him bristled. Duo smirked and crossed his arms.

"You would think that Dermail would send someone smarter and with better fashion sense."

The tall banged boy quickly went over and slapped Duo across the face. This was the opportunity Duo was hoping for. He leapt to his feet and pulled the hidden dagger from his sleeve. He immediately grabbed the banged boy and pressed the blade against his neck. The tall banged boy feeling the sharp cold steel, stilled immediately. The Chinese boy had moved as soon as the banged haired boy had. He ran at Heero with his Katana drawn but Heero also had a dagger, which was hidden in his spandex, and parried the swing. He then pinned the Chinese boy like Duo had the banged boy. The blonde had shouted, "NO," The minute the banged boy made his move but no one listened to him. Now Heero and Duo had the advantage. The blonde haired boy looked at them calmly and in a clear voice said, "Please let go of my friends, Shinigami and Perfect Soldier."

"How did you know those names?"

"I'm Viper."

"Why should we believe you?"

"Well you're the one who emailed us. Besides if Dermail actually sent us would you still be alive right now?"

Duo looked at Heero while Heero looked back at him. A tense feeling hovered over the air while Duo and Heero silently communicated with each other. Then Duo smirked and nodded his head at Heero. They both let go of the boys they were holding and sat back down. The two boys grabbed their necks and massaged them all the while looking disbelievingly at them. They took up positions behind Viper while Viper sat back down at the table.

"Alright Blondie you have us there. So you three are the other pilots?"

"Yes. We are, baka." Said the black haired boy.

Heero glared harshly at the boy. The boy took a step back but then frowned when he realized he did. Duo put a restraining hand on Heero's arm and looked pointedly at the boy.

"Be careful who you call an idiot."

"Calm down, everyone," said the Viper. "Let's introduce ourselves first. My name is Quatre aka Viper, pilot of Sandrock."

"Just Quatre? There's no last name?"

"There is one but you wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Alright, well my name is Duo Maxwell, Pilot of Deathscythe, nickname Shinigami. I run, I hide, but I never lie."

"Heero Yuy, Wing, Perfect Soldier."

Duo rolled his eyes and elbowed Heero in the ribs. Heero glared at him for a minute then looked at the rest of them, "Hi."

Duo smiled and then looked expectantly at the banged one.

"Trowa Barton, HeavyArms, Emerald Eyes (1). Hello."

"Chang Wufei, Nataku, Nezha (2). Hello." Then he bowed.

"Well it's nice to meet you all. I guess we should take a couple of days to get to know each other. See if we can cooperate." Quatre said.

Heero, Trowa and Wufei nodded their heads in acceptance. Duo rolled his eyes and looked at Quatre, "How can you stand them not talking. I have to hit this one sometimes to get him to speak. OW!"

Heero had reached over and pulled on Duo's braid. Duo pulled his braid in front of him and petted it lovingly. Wufei snorted at Duo's antics. Duo glared at him but soon a wicked smile crossed his face and he winked. Wufei snorted again but kept a wary eye on Duo.

"Well Trowa was just making lunch. What would you like to have?"

"Whatever he's cooking is fine."

Trowa took the blackened food off the stove and threw it away. He got out some more bread and cheese and looked at the two new pilots.

"Grilled Cheese?"

"Sounds good," Duo looked towards Wufei and smiled, "so Wufei was that a katana I saw you pull?"

Wufei looked over in surprise to see a smiling Duo. He nodded his head, "Yes, it was passed down to me from my ancestors."

"Can I see it?"

"I guess, if I get to see your dagger."


The rest of the afternoon they tested each other's boundaries. They found that Wufei was highly protective of his Gundam and if he got mad enough he would rant about the injustice of it all. Duo found he and Wufei were both had sharp tongues and for the rest of the afternoon they fought with words and Duo was ecstatic at the exercise. Heero and Trowa got along better since they both were of a quieter nature. Even though Trowa would speak when he felt it was necessary and he had a dark sense of humor. Quatre got a long with everyone but especially Trowa and Duo.

Later that night, Duo and Heero lay in bed together both sated and drowsy. Duo spooned up against Heero and placed an arm around his waist massaging Heero's stomach muscles.

"They seem like nice guys."


"We seemed to hit it off today. It's good to have allies."


"Heero, are you sleeping?"


Duo chuckled at the sleepy answer. He looked lovingly down at the sleeping boy next to him. He smiled to himself and snuggled up against him before slipping into the world of dreams.

Part 4:

For the next month or so, Zechs did what he was supposed to be doing. Trying to find a peaceful resolution between the colonies and Earth. But these last couple of days had been very trying for Zechs. He wanted to kill something or more specifically the delegates. The talks had gone splendidly wrong today. The representatives had argued and argued mostly about mundane things but there was no stop to it. They even argued over what to have for lunch. Zechs was just happy that the day was over for now. Although, he knew tomorrow would be another full day of listening to them squabble.

He walked into Treize's room to check on him. An irrational sense of panic erupted in him when he didn't see him immediately. But it was let out in a huff of air when he saw him ensconced in the chair looking out at the garden, sipping his wine. Zechs took off his coat and walked to the bed. Falling on it in hope of burying himself and never having to get out again. He groaned in pleasure as his tense muscles relaxed due to the softness of the bed. Treize glanced over and chuckled.

"Bad day?"

"You wouldn't believe the day I had. I want to do serious harm to some of those delegates. One argued that he wouldn't be given enough money for his position, greedy little twit. Then another argued about the money distribution. And it got worse from there."

He heard Treize chuckling and smiled. He hadn't heard that sound for a while now.

"How about you Treize, how was your day?"

"It was fine. I listened to the birds chirp and watched the news but nothing much."

Zechs sighed. He kept telling Treize that he had to get out but Treize wouldn't listen to him. He hated seeing Treize in this room by himself. Treize sighed as well and sipped his wine.

"Do you have any advice about how to deal with the delegates?"

"None I can think of. Just let them argue it out. They'll come to a consensus soon."

"That doesn't help, but thank you for the suggestion. I just hope Dermail sees it your way. He has been really pushing for this treaty. He sure doesn't sound like he wants this peace." Zechs said. He glanced at Treize while chewing his lip. He was having doubts about this and he needed Treize to dispel the doubts, "Are you sure we're doing the right thing."

Treize sighed and took one final pull from the wine glass then looked at Zechs, "Yes. I believe what you're doing is right. Just remember when this is over we can go somewhere nice and escape all of this. Wouldn't that be nice?"

Zechs smiled and nodded a yes then lied back down and closed his eyes. His thoughts turned to their future together and where they would go. Treize just smirked at him then got up to get more wine.

It had been a couple of months and the Gundam pilots seemed to be doing some good. They were in another safe house out in the middle of nowhere, the boys were resting from their recent mission. It had been hard but they all made it through with little bumps and bruises.

Heero was sitting in his and Duo's room working on his laptop. He was hacking into a base that was nearby since that was their next self-appointed mission. Duo was with him, laying on the bed listening to music and reading a book. Trowa and Quatre were in their room sleeping while Wufei was meditating in the backyard.

Heero frowned in concentration at what he was reading. The base had some Leos and Aries but it didn't seem to be fully manned. He figured it would be a two-man job. He shut down his computer and sat in his chair thinking. He kept having a bad feeling about this base. He couldn't put his finger on it though and that was the problem. Duo looked up from his book to see that Heero was done with the laptop. He frowned when he noticed the tense feelings coming from Heero. He took off his headphones and walked up behind Heero then started to massage Heero's shoulders. Heero sighed in pleasure and relaxed. Duo kept up the gentle massage and asked, "What's wrong?"

"The base, 10km from here, doesn't seem to have a full staff."

"That's great. Not much of a job for us then. Why would you be tense about that?"

"I have a bad feeling about it that's all."


"It just seems too easy."

"Sometimes things are that easy."

"I know, I'm just worrying."

"Well stop. Let's discuss this with the others, shall we?"


Duo turned around and rushed out of the room. He first knocked on Quatre and Trowa's door. A bleary-eyed Quatre opened the door and looked at him.

"Sorry for waking ya. We have a mission briefing in the kitchen, now."

Quatre nodded his head and went back into the room to get Trowa. Duo hurried downstairs and out the back door. He found Wufei sitting in the middle of the back yard with his eyes closed. Duo smiled and snuck up behind Wufei. He was about to pounce on him when he heard a silky voice say, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Ah Wufei, you sure know how to ruin a guy's fun."

Wufei just ignored his last statement, "I assume you're out here for a reason."

"Yep, mission briefing, right now, in the kitchen."

Wufei nodded his head and stood up. He gestured for Duo to lead them back into the house. Duo just turned around and started back to the house with Wufei following. They went to the kitchen to see the other three pilots waiting for them. Duo took his seat by Heero while Wufei sat next to Duo.

"Well we're here. Start the briefing."

"There is a base, 10km from here. It seems to be only less than half- manned. It should only require two Gundams." He turned back to his laptop that he brought downstairs. He called up the files on the base. "It says that it can house up to 200 Aries but it only has 100 right now. All we have to do is figure out who will go and who will stay behind. I think the best way to find out who goes is to draw straws. The two pilots who draw the shortest gets to go."

The others nodded in agreement and waited while Heero went into the kitchen and found some toothpicks. Three he left the same and two he broke in half. Then he went out to where the others were and held out his hand. Trowa took one first and he drew a long one. Quatre went next, he looked at with intense concentration and finally picked one. It was also a long stick. He smiled slightly and leaned into Trowa. Wufei was the next to pick. He drew a short one. He grimaced slightly but nodded his head. He stepped back to see who his partner would be. It was down to one long one and one short one. Heero knew which was which but to be fair he didn't say or do anything to indicate which one was shorter. Duo looked hard at them and frowned. He closed his eyes and picked a toothpick. Duo cautiously looked at the toothpick to find he had picked the short one.

He smiled and looked at Heero. Heero didn't look happy at the prospect of Duo leaving with Wufei but a mission was a mission.

"Well it seems Wufei and Duo are the ones going on this mission. It should take you at most of the day to finish. Be careful you two."

"Don't worry, Heero. We'll be fine."

Duo smiled comfortingly at Heero and then he and Wufei walked off to prepare for the mission. Heero looked back at the laptop and frowned. He still couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. He shut down the laptop and went to his room hoping to catch Duo before he left.

Duo was in his room picking up some things in case they were needed. Like his guns and daggers. Of course he wasn't supposed to be getting out of his Gundam but it always pays to be prepared. He checked the room one last time when he heard Heero come up from behind him. Heero slid his arms around Duo's waist and breathed in the smell of Duo's hair. Duo caressed the arms around his waist and leaned back into Heero's hold.

"I don't want you to go."

"Still worried?"


"I have to go but I'll be extra cautious, how's that?"

"I guess that is all I can hope for."

Duo turned around in his arms and looked into Heero's eyes.

"I'll be fine Heero, but I will be more careful than usual," Duo then leaned closer and kissed Heero. Heero fell into the kiss. Duo was getting a little worried. Heero never got this worried about anything before but he couldn't let this distract him. He pulled away from the kiss and smirked, "I'll be home for dinner and afterwards I can help you relax. Sound like a plan?"

Heero nodded his head but didn't say anything. Duo gave him an impish smile, one last peck on the lips and then sprinted out of the room. Heero watched him go and then turned back into the room. He walked over to the window and looked out. He saw Wufei and Duo chatting while walking into the woods. He placed his hand on the window as if he could reach out and touch Duo. He watched as the Gundams took off towards the base. Fear raced through his veins, he couldn't shake the feeling that Duo wasn't going to live through this mission.

Part 5:

It was another hot day and yet again Zechs was in a hot conference room listening as the L3 representative argued about money with the L2 representative. Zechs wished he could strangle them with his hair. He sighed again and looked at the pad he was supposed to be using to write notes in, but he was really just drawing stick people. He heard a beep and then the view screen on one side of the conference room turned on and he saw King Dermail's face. He made a slightly disgusted look, some people should not be seen that close up. He schooled his expression and stood to address him, but King Dermail spoke first.

"Hello gentlemen. Have you signed the agreement yet?"

Zechs sighed and shook his head, "No sir. We are still in discussion about it."

"Well let me help speed up the process. If you don't sign it soon I will destroy a part of each colony."

The representatives all leapt to their feet stating many things but mostly that he couldn't do that. Dermail just smirked at them and when they had quieted Zechs moved to speak.

"With all due respect King Dermail this Alliance was to bring peace and to make allies between you and the colonies. Threatening them is not the answer sir."

"Who says I'm threatening. I expect your answer soon. Good day gentlemen."

Then Dermail cut the connection. Zechs stood shocked, this didn't sound like a thing a man who wanted peace would say. His doubts flared to life again and he wondered if Treize was really guiding him down the right path. Zechs tuned out the other representatives as they started to protest at him. Soon the noise grew to an unbearable level and Zechs couldn't tune them out anymore.


The other representatives shut up immediately. They looked to him and for the first time Zechs didn't know what to do. He wanted to consult Treize but he couldn't do that now. These men needed an answer and they were looking to him to give it to them. He thought of what he could do and it suddenly came to him.

"Listen, we'll resume these talks on the colonies. Each week we'll move to a different colony. During that week the colony's representative will show us exactly what he needs and then we can better make arrangements. Do we have an agreement?"

The delegates looked at each other and slowly as a group they nodded their heads. Zechs smiled at them and moved to the door.

"Well I suggest you get ready then, we'll leave tomorrow and head to L5 first."

Then he left the room and walked down the hall to the front door. His thoughts wandered to the past few months and he was trying to figure out what he was supposed to do. It took a few minutes but he got his thoughts in order just as his car was pulled around. He got in and the car took off towards Treize's estate.

Was he doing the right thing was one of the many questions assaulting his mind. Not only has King Dermail shown himself to be a cruel ruler but not all that bright. It seemed like he was getting help from someone. Zechs didn't know why he thought that but it was an inkling he had been having. Then there were these new Gundams that had popped up out of the woodwork. The colony representatives seemed to have no idea who they were and they quickly denied that they had anything to do with them. So these pilots had to be rebels but they weren't associating themselves with known rebel groups. They seemed to be fighting their own fight.

The car stopped and Zechs let himself out of the car. He walked on autopilot into the estate, he was still deep in thought as he walked upstairs and down the hall to his room. He passed Treize's room and heard him talking. That brought him out of his wonderings. He stopped to hear what he was saying since Treize never called anyone or talked to anyone but him or his doctor. The door was slightly ajar so he edged closer. It sounded like he was talking to Dermail but he couldn't be sure since the voices were too muffled to actually hear what they were saying. The conversation didn't last long and he heard Treize rise and pick up a bottle. Zechs furrowed his eyebrows and thought about this but he didn't like the way his thoughts were going. If it was Dermail, why was he talking to him and for what purpose? He shook his head and decided he would confront Treize later about this. He needed to get ready to leave.

Zechs walked away from the door and continued to his room and started to pack. While he was packing Treize walked into the room. He looked fine but he was smirking lightly. Zechs looked at him quizzically, "Something up Treize?"

"Oh nothing. Just had a good afternoon."

"I heard you talking in your room. Who were you talking to?"

Zechs watched Treize closely but Treize never flinched or tensed. He sighed and figured that his overactive imagination was running away with him again. Although he couldn't shake the feeling that Treize shouldn't be trusted.

"Just an old friend. Why, are you jealous?"

Zechs smirked at him and came up to him. He wanted to touch him so badly but Treize hated for anyone to touch him now. "Yes. You're mine."

Treize smiled then looked behind Zechs.

"Going somewhere?"

"Yes, Dermail threatened the colonies."

Zechs didn't know how much to reveal to his lover but he still had a sense of trust with Trieze.

"Really, well that's poor form. We're you going?"

"We're going to L5. You can come with us if you like."

"Hmm….I don't know."

"I'll make sure we get a private shuttle and no one will see you if that's what's worrying you."

"I guess so. When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow and thank you for coming."

"Don't worry about it. I have to go pack now. I'll see you for dinner, right?"


Zechs watched as Treize left room and doubts about everything settled into his head. Treize had accepted too easily and Treize never talked to old friends. He continued to pack while vowing that he'll keep a closer eye on Treize.

Dermail was slowly losing his patience with everything. The Alliance had still not come to an agreement, those Gundams were wrecking havoc with his bases, and his son was acting like a lovesick puppy. He wanted to kill something and fast. He suddenly smirked when he thought of the perfect thing. He put a direct call to the meeting and waited for the meeting room to show up on his screen. When it finally showed up on his screen he smiled.

"Hello gentlemen. Have you signed the agreement yet?"

Zechs stood at the head of the table, "No sir. We are still in discussion about it."

"Well let me help speed up the process. If you don't sign the agreement soon I will destroy a part of each colony."

Most of the men in the room paled but stood to protest. Zechs stood shocked at the revelation. Dermail was instantly pleased about their reaction. He was going to cut the connection then, but Zechs spoke again.

"With all due respect King Dermail this Alliance was to bring peace and to make allies between you and the colonies. Threatening them is not the answer sir."

Dermail growled. He couldn't believe that Zechs would say that to him. He was assuaged with the thought that once this was all over, Zechs would be dead and so would his informant. He smiled wickedly at the delegates and said, "Who says I'm threatening. I expect your answer in three days. Good day gentlemen."

Dermail smirked then cut the connection. He leaned back in his seat and smiled. Soon, he would have control of everything. Now all he had to do was find those pesky Gundams. He patched in another call and sat back to wait. Soon, Noin popped up onto his screen.

"Yes, sir?"

"Have you found anything?"

"Yes sir. They have attacked several bases and we found some of their weaknesses."

"Good do you have a plan of attack?"

"Yes sir."

"Very good, Noin. I want them captured and interrogated if possible. Then I will decide what to do with them later."

"Very well sir."

"That's all Noin."

Dermail again cut the connection and smiled lazily. Finally things seemed to be going his way.

Part 6:

Commander Noin sat in the control center of her base waiting for an attack. She had her computer technicians put in false data about the base and hopefully the Gundams pilots would take the bait. She wished that this worked or she would have to answer to Dermail. Suddenly red alarms started blaring as two incoming Gundams were sighted. She smiled cruelly. The Gundam pilots had walked into her trap quite nicely. She only deployed the 100 suits like the report had stated while the other hundred suits waited below ground in hidden bunkers.

Duo and Wufei were in their Gundams fighting the suits that poured out of the base. Duo and Wufei fought for what seemed like ages against them. It actually was quite dull in Duo's opinion. He looked around the battlefield and realized that he had gotten separated from Wufei. He searched the field desperately but he couldn't see him. He opened his com and called for Wufei.

"Nezha, this is Shinigami. Over." He waited and repeated the message. He did this three times before Wufei responded.

"Shinigami, Nezha Over."

"I don't like this. Where are you?"

"East side of the base. You?"

"The South side."

"You're right I don't like this either. They are separating us. Can you get free of them and get over to me?"

"Negative. Can you?"

"Negative. Damn!"

Duo chuckled. It wasn't every day you heard Wufei swear. Duo concentrated on the suits in front of him. He had already taken down a vast majority of them but he was tiring. He pulled up a video picture of Wufei and Nataku. Wufei looked over at him when he realized they had visuals of each other. He smiled grimly but soon turned his concentration back to his targets.

Noin smirked from inside her control center. Everything was going exactly like planned. They were down to 50 of the 100 suits she had originally sent out. She started the next phase of her plan. They were both separated from each other enough that she could capture one of them. She sent out the remaining 100 suits.

Duo and Wufei both swore when a swarm of mobile suits came out from under the ground.

"They must have underground bunkers."

"State the obvious why don't you Shinigami."

"Just trying to help."

There was a humorless chuckle but neither Duo nor Wufei could say who did it. They were both concentrating on staying alive.

"Nezha, I say we scrap the mission. There's too many."

"I concur. Let's get the hell out of here."

Duo hit his boosters and flew away from the base and Nataku soon joined him. Their sensors showed they were being followed and the weapons fire hadn't ceased in the slightest. A couple of the suits aimed for the joints of the Gundams and got a couple of good hits on Deathscythe.

Inside Deathscythe Duo swore. His right arm and left leg just went offline.

"Shinigami what's wrong?"

"Right arm and Left leg went offline. Damn suits are shooting for the joints. Be careful Nezha."

They both used evasive measures to try and lose their pursuers to no avail. They headed back to the safe house with the suits hot on their trail. Duo reached over and turned the com to call the safe house, he only hoped someone was there. Heero's face showed up on the screen and Duo gave a relieved smile then got down to business.

"Perfect Soldier, you have incoming in ten minutes. Get Viper and Emerald Eyes out there and be ready. We are fine but Deathscythe has lost the use of its right arm and left leg. Watch out they are targeting the joints."

"Okay we'll be ready."

Heero closed the communication and yelled for Trowa and Quatre. The two of them ran down the stairs and met a worried Heero. He briefed them on what's going to happen and the three of them raced for the door. They got to their Gundams and powered them up. They stood there waiting for Duo and Wufei to come into range they didn't have to wait long.

"There they are." Quatre said.

The three of them aimed their weapons at the incoming enemy suits and fired. Duo and Wufei were relieved when they saw their friends firing on the enemies. Duo and Wufei circled round them to get behind them. Heero rushed forth with his beam saber and started chopping away while Trowa turned his guns on the suits and fired. Quatre hung back to protect Duo since his Gundam was the one with the most damage. Wufei stayed with Quatre to offer even more protection and to catch his breath. What they didn't realize was that a pack of suits had separated from the main group and were coming in from behind them.

Duo, Quatre, and Wufei were paying attention to the suits advancing that they didn't see the ones that were behind them until shots were fired at them. Since Duo was behind Quatre and Wufei but in front of the group of suits he took most of the shots. The Gundam fell beneath the hail of shots. Quatre and Wufei moved quickly to negate the threat. It was quick work and they went back to a defensive position over Deathscythe but Deathscythe didn't move.

Duo meanwhile had to shut down his Gundam when it started to spark inside the cockpit. Apparently the suits knew right where to hit it in order for it to be disabled. He groaned in pain from the knock he got when his Gundam fell. His harness had snapped and he had fallen onto the control panel in front of him. He felt a deep pain in his abdomen and knew it wasn't good. He needed help and quick but since he shut his Gundam down he couldn't tell anyone. He hoped the others made quick work of the suits.

Wufei and Quatre silently worried about their fallen friend. His Gundam hadn't moved since it fell. Heero and Trowa finally got rid of all the suits and came back to the others. Heero gasped when he saw the fallen Gundam.

"What happened?"

"A group of Suits came up from behind us. We didn't see it until they attacked and Duo took the brunt of it. He hasn't moved since he went down." Quatre said.

Heero was getting more worried by the second. He tried to open the com link with Deathscythe but it wasn't answering. He moved to turn the Gundam over as gently as he could. When it was lying on its back Heero got out of Wing and jumped down to the ground. He rushed over to Deathscythe's hatch and pried it open. Inside he saw Duo lying on the seat with a strained look on his face. Traces of vomit and blood stunk up the cockpit. When the sunlight hit Duo's eyes he looked up at Heero.

"Hey Heero." He gasped out.

"Hey Duo. How are you?"

"Could be better. Think I got hurt. Real bad."



"Let me see." Heero reached inside and unbuttoned Duo's shirt and then lifted the white undershirt. The whole stomach was black and Heero winced. Heero carefully took the frayed restraints off and got into the cockpit with Duo.

"This is going to hurt."


Duo readied himself while Heero reached in and picked up Duo. Duo hissed in pain but bit his tongue so he wouldn't scream, the pain was excruciating. Wufei was standing nearby to look Duo over. He had the most medical training out of the group and would patch up anyone who got hurt. He took one look at the abdomen and knew Duo wouldn't survive the night.

"Well what's the verdict, doc?" Duo chuckled but grimaced in pain from the movement.

Wufei looked grim, "It's not good."

"Good or bad just tell me Wufei. I'm dying right?" Duo asked. Wufei looked away not wanting to answer the question verbally. Trowa and Quatre gasped in shock as Wufei could only nod. Quatre let a soft, "No." pass his lips but otherwise stayed quiet. It was Heero who had the most shocking reaction.

"NO! I refuse to allow you to die. There has to be a way to save him, right Wufei?" Heero looked pleadingly up at Wufei but Wufei shook his head no.

"I'm afraid not. He's bleeding internally and will die before we could even get him to a doctor. Besides it's too risky to take him anywhere and we have to leave soon. The enemy knows where we are now. I'm sorry but he won't be alive for much longer. Duo, if you would like I could give you something for the pain."

"Yes, please."

Wufei rushed into the house and got some morphine. He ran back out and injected it into Duo, Duo looked gratefully up at him. Soon the morphine kicked in and the pain disappeared for Duo. Heero couldn't believe what was happening, Duo was dying in his arms and there was nothing he could do or say to make it better. Duo reached up a hand and rested it on Heero's cheek, Heero leaned into the hand as tears slipped from his eyes.

"Guys, I just want to say it has been an honor and a privilege to fight beside you. Please keep fighting for what's right in your hearts and don't let me die in vain."

"We won't Duo. I promise on my ancestors that we won't." Wufei then bowed deeply to him and went into the house. Trowa climbed up the Gundam and squatted next to him. "It's been a privilege and I hope to see you in the next life." Duo smiled and nodded his head. Trowa nodded his head back and got down off the Gundam. But waited for Quatre to say his last words.

"Hey Duo, I guess this is goodbye. I wish we could have been friends for a lot longer but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'll miss you and remember you for the rest of my days. May Allah smile upon you." Quatre then leaned up and kissed Duo's forehead. He wiped a tear from his eyes and got down off the Gundam. He went up to Trowa and hugged him while crying and let Trowa lead him into the house.

The sun had set and Duo could see the stars come out. Heero still held him in his arms but he didn't say a word.

"You know Heero this isn't really a goodbye. I'll always be watching you."

"Shh…Duo just rest now. I just want to hold you one last time. And I want to say I…I love you Duo." At this Heero choked on his words and held Duo closer to his body as he started to sob.

"Shh….Heero…Shh….It's alright. I love you too. Don't forget that. I'll always love you and I'll be waiting for you. Now listen to me Heero, are you listening?"

Heero nodded his head and looked into the beautiful violet eyes.

"I want you to do what's right in your heart. Follow it and defeat Dermail. Bring peace to Earth and the Colonies. Once you do this I promise to come and get you. Okay."

Heero nodded his head again but no words escaped his lips.

"Shh…Heero, it's going to be fine. Let's just lay here under the stars."

Heero laid down on the fallen Gundam next to Duo but still supported him. Duo just nestled into Heero's arms, content to just lay there. Duo thought about his life and things he did and things he never got a chance to do.

"I don't have any regrets Heero, well except maybe one."

Heero just lied there and let Duo talk since it would be the last time he would hear that voice. He wanted to soak up every word since he would never hear that voice speak again. When Duo didn't go on, he realized that Duo was waiting for an answer.


"I've always wanted to play tag."

Heero stared incredulously down at his lover while Duo smiled shyly up at him.

"I never got to play tag. We didn't have much of a chance to be children. Can you make me a promise Heero?"


"In our next life, could we play tag?"

"Sure Duo we'll do anything you want."

"Good." Duo sighed. He felt himself slipping further and further into sleep.

Before he closed his eyes he whispered, "I love you, Heero."

Heero leaned down and said into his ear, "I love you Duo." But it was too late Duo was already gone.

Part 7:

Even though the warmth of life had ebbed from his body, Heero still held him. He had been crying quietly but now with proof that Duo wasn't coming back, sobs over took his body. He nuzzled Duo's chest and rocked back and forth. He wailed all his pain and sorrow into Duo's still chest. Heero looked down into the violet eyes that were looking heavenward but held no spark of life. Pained to see those lifeless eyes Heero closed them with trembling fingers. He picked up Duo's body and walked around until he found the tree that Duo sometimes sat under to read. He remembered, with a pained smile, how Duo had said it was the most peaceful spot he had ever found.

Heero laid the body down carefully and looked at him. He caressed the face one last time and stood to go find a shovel. He eventually found one and went back out to the tree and started to dig a hole. When the hole was deep enough he carefully laid Duo's body in it. Heero took one last look at his beloved before he started to bury him there. Once the hole was filled up again he gathered two sticks together and fastened them to make a makeshift cross. He stuck that in the ground at the head of the grave and walked back a little. Tears still ran down his face but he paid it no mind, he turned and slowly made his way back to the house. He found Trowa, Quatre and Wufei all sitting in the living room. When he entered they knew Duo was dead and with the dirt covering Heero they realized he had already buried him. Without a word being said the four of them went back out into the yard and Heero showed them the grave.

They stood around the grave silently sending prayers to whoever listened. Quatre looked at Heero and noticed the lost and helpless look on his face. When he looked up into the blue eyes Quatre gasped at the amount of sorrow and grief reflected in them. Quatre immediately hugged Heero to try and comfort him. Heero stood stock still for a minute before he slumped and sobbed all over again in Quatre's arms.

Heero felt more sorrow and pain in this instant than he ever felt in his entire life. All the pain and sorrow flowed threw him and coalesced into a ball of anger. Anger against the world and anger against the people who took his Duo away from him. He needed to vent his anger, sorrow and pain and he knew the perfect target. He yanked himself out of Quatre's arms and stalked off towards his Gundam. The others watched as Heero stalked towards his gundam. As one they followed him, not to stop him but to be there for him. Heero didn't care who was following him as long as they didn't get in his way. He powered up his Gundam and flew off to the base.

Noin frowned, all of the suits she sent out to get the Gundams never returned. It seemed her plan failed and she was not happy. She knew it had been a gamble and she had lost, but that thought didn't soothe her either. She sighed and called for reinforcements since the base now was defenseless. She had already ordered the evacuation in case the Gundams pressed the advantage. Only a skeleton crew was left at the base. Unfortunately the nearest base was at least a day or two away. That meant that the reinforcements wouldn't get there until the next day at the earliest. She would have sent men to check out the last whereabouts of the downed suits but she didn't have any to spare. So she resigned herself to getting them another day. She sat in her office drinking some tea when a young lieutenant gave her the last reports sent back to them from the missing suits. She took the papers and started to read them when her eyes widened at what she read. So it seemed the Gundams did have a weakness and her plan didn't fail. She knew she had to get this off to Dermail and quickly. She opened her laptop to send off a report but was prevented when alarms all around the base started going off. She got up quickly and ran to the control center and brought order to the chaos there.

"What's going on?"

"Four Gundams have been spotted and they are headed this way."

"Damn. Alright, evacuate."

Noin reached over and toggled the comm switch to tell the rest of the men on base, but before she could shout out a warning the room was cut in half by a beam saber. Killing everyone inside instantly.

Heero was in a mad rage and destroyed the base entirely. The others didn't move to help they just stood by in case help was needed. They each felt the pain and anger about the death of their comrade but were content to let Heero mete out the justice for it. Heero kind of zoned out and let the anger take over. He destroyed everything in sight. When he was done there was nothing but rubble but his thirst for revenge didn't leave his body. He wanted to hunt down more of them and kill them all. He saw a fleeing jeep and he started to move Wing in that direction when he felt a calming sensation that went straight through to his core. He thought he felt someone holding him but passed that off as too much grief. He calmed down and finally was able to see what he had done.

He looked at the base and smiled but it never reached his eyes. He turned to his fellow Gundam pilots and led them back to the safe house. The calming peace he felt didn't leave but it enveloped him and Heero sighed. He would fight for peace but not for the people. No he would fight for his Duo. He vowed he would gain peace and hopefully it would kill him in the end.

When they got back to the safe house they saw the mangled form of Deathscythe. It looked like a broken toy. They all looked at it and were reminded of what they had lost just hours ago. They set down their Gundams and hurried inside to get away from the sight. They needed to leave soon before any one else was sent to find out about the missing suits. They were about ready to leave when they heard a knock at the door. They looked warily at each other and all took up positions beside the door in case of a threat.

Dorothy looked at the sheet of paper in her hands. This was the place where the Gundam Pilots were supposed to be hiding out. She could see the remains of what must have been a battle and she hoped they hadn't left already. She admitted that she was a little frightened of meeting them, but she would do this because her Relena asked her to. She gathered all the courage she could muster and went up to the front door. She knocked three times on the door and waited for a response. The limo that had driven her there was waiting patiently behind her. She frowned when there was no answer. She hoped they hadn't left yet, it would take forever to find them again and Relena didn't have the time. She decided to have a look inside the house to be sure they weren't there. She opened the door and was immediately dragged in. She was then slammed against the wall with a gun barrel pointed directly at her head.

She looked at the gun barrel and followed it until she found the hand holding it and then behind that she saw intense dark blue eyes staring at her. She quickly gathered herself and waited patiently to see what was going to happen. She looked around and saw two boys behind the one holding her. One held a sword and the other a dagger. There was a third boy to her left and he was also calmly pointing a gun at her. She didn't see the last pilot and that worried her a little. She immediately turned her attention back to the boy holding her.

Nothing was said and the tension rose higher. Dorothy couldn't take the silence anymore and hoped they were waiting for her to speak.

"My name is Dorothy Catalonia. I work for Relena Peacecraft. I came here to see if you would have an audience with her."

"How did you find us?"

"We have our sources."

The boy in front of her growled and pressed the gun against her head, "Not good enough."

"I can't tell you. It would put them at risk. You must surely understand that these resources must be protected against yourself and against Dermail."

The blonde boy on her left put his weapon down. He walked over to the boy in front of her and placed his hand on his arm, "I believe her. Put down the weapon."

The boy in front of her hesitated for a second but put the weapon down. The others behind him also put their weapons away, but this did not calm her. She knew they could probably shoot her before she even moved a muscle. She kept herself calm and waited.

"Ms. Catalonia, why does Miss Peacecraft want to speak with us?" The blond boy asked.

"She wants to talk with you and give you her support in person."

"If you wait right here, I'll discuss this with my colleagues."


The boys walked away and conferred with each other. She waited right where she was, not moving at all. They talked quickly and quietly and soon the blonde headed one came forward. She turned her attention to him.

"We'll meet Miss Peacecraft in two days."

"Thank you, I'll be sure to tell her. I will leave you now."

Dorothy turned and walked out the door. Once the door was closed behind her she let out a large puff of air. She had never been so nervous in her life but she thought she handled it well. She walked back to the limo but didn't feel any safer until she was safely inside. Once inside she glanced back at the house, and wondered what Relena and her were getting into.

Once Dorothy had left, Heero turned to Quatre, "Put in a call to Howard. Tell him we're bringing him Deathscythe. Don't tell him what happened to D-Duo. I'll tell him."

Quatre nodded his head and started the call. Heero walked out and got into his Gundam. He then maneuvered Wing so that he could pick up the fallen Gundam. Then without a word to anyone else he flew off towards Howard and the Sweepers. The others followed him more sedately knowing they needed to give Heero space.

Part 8:

Heero landed Wing on the sweeper's ship and gently set Deathscythe down. When he got out, Howard and the rest of the sweeper's were there waiting for him. Howard walked up to him, "Looks pretty bad. Duo must have blown a gasket when he saw the damage. How is the kid?"

Heero looked at him sadly and said, "Howard can I speak to you privately?"

Howard felt fear well up in him but he pushed it down. He quickly ushered Heero into a small office near the mechanics bay.

"Okay Heero, what happened to Duo? Is he alright?"

"No, he's not. He didn't make it." Heero almost broke down but swiftly controlled himself. "He's d-dead."

Howard stood there in shock. He couldn't believe what Heero told him. His brain wouldn't accept the possibility, "Nah. You're lying kid. He's not dead. He can't be dead."

Heero flinched at the near desperate tone Howard was speaking in. Howard was shaking slightly from the emotions warring in him. Heero put a hand on his shoulder, "No, I'm not lying."

Howard viciously shoved the hand off his shoulders. His sunglasses doing nothing to hide the tears coursing down his face. Howard picked up the nearest thing to him, which was a stapler, and threw it across the room while shouting as loud as he could. Heero calmly left the room and stood outside trying very hard to control his own sorrow. He listened as Howard destroyed the office while shouting his anger and pain. When it quieted down, he walked back in to find the man sitting in his chair sobbing. Heero went over to him and squeezed his shoulder trying to offer comfort. Howard looked up at Heero and for the first time he wasn't wearing his sunglasses. His brown eyes were red from the tears he cried and you could see the sadness written there. He reached up and put his hand on Heero's hand then stood up and walked to the door, "I gotta tell the boys."

That was all he could say and then he left. Heero looked at the destroyed office and slumped. He then followed out of the door and went out to see how the Sweepers were taking it. The other three pilots had arrived and were watching from their opened cockpits. Many of the sweepers were throwing things in their anger and sadness. Some just stood quietly, while others were sitting on the floor, sobbing. Heero walked up to Howard and stood behind him. Soon the sweepers got themselves under control and all looked at Heero.

"I know you're all hurting, as am I and the other pilots. We lost some one special to all of us. We will right the wrong that is happening in the world today. We'll make sure Duo did not die in vain."

Howard turned toward him and then glanced at Deathscythe, "What do you want us to do with it?"

"Duo would probably kill me for saying this but dismantle it and use it in case we need to make repairs."

There were shocked gasps and loud angry outbursts. Heero put a hand up and said, "I know but Duo would see that it is most logical thing to do. I don't want to it any more than you do but it will help us."

The sweepers quieted down and nodded. Then they got back to work. Hoping that if they work hard enough it would ease the pain of losing one of their own. Heero looked at Howard, "We have to go now. We'll keep in touch."

"Sure Heero. Take care of yourselves."

"We will Howard."

Heero was starting back towards Wing when Howard shouted at him from across the bay, "Wait Heero."

Heero turned around and waited as Howard rushed to him.

"Here, These are the coordinates of a rebel base. The leader is a woman named Sally Po. They'll want to help you any way they can."

"Thank you Howard. We better go."

"Take care."

Heero hugged Howard and then raced off to his Gundam. Inside his Gundam he started the engines and was soon blasting off. In his Gundam he could cry and no one would see. He set it on autopilot and sobbed for his lost love. He heard the soft sound of feathers ruffling but put that out of his mind as his imagination. He felt a calm soothing presence and his sobbing decreased until he stopped altogether. He once more took control of Wing and flew off to his next destination.

Relena sat primly in her chair sipping at her tea in one of her many dens. Hoping a more relaxed atmosphere would help relax her soon to be guests. Dorothy walked into the room several minutes later. Relena looked up and smiled, "Are they here yet?"

"No, but they will be soon."

"Thank you Dorothy."

Dorothy calmly stood behind Relena's chair and slipped her hands underneath Relena's hair to massage her shoulders. Relena leaned back into the massage. She was tense with nervousness but the massage was loosening her up. Dorothy smiled as Relena relaxed into her massage. She leaned over and kissed Relena's forehead. Relena smiled up at her lover and gave her a come hither look.

Dorothy grinned wickedly and went around the chair to kneel in front of her. Relena leaned forward at the same time Dorothy did and they kissed chastely. The chaste kiss soon turned into something more heated. As Dorothy's tongue swept through Relena's mouth, neither noticed the door opening. Or the butler coming in followed by four boys. They did however notice when the butler cleared his throat.

The two girls jumped apart guiltily and blushed. They looked up together and saw their guests. Dorothy quickly stood and took her position behind Relena. Relena also stood and smiled at the pilots. She turned to her butler and said, "Thanks Paragon. I'll call if you are needed again."

"As you wish, my Queen."

With that said the butler left the two parties alone. Relena straightened her dress and stood before the boys. She held herself up regally and said, "Hello and welcome to my kingdom. I'm Relena Peacecraft and I believe you've met Dorothy."

"Yes, and it's a pleasure to meet you Miss Peacecraft." The blond said.

"Please call me Relena, and you are?"

"My name is Quatre. This is Trowa, Wufei, and Heero."

"I'm sorry but I was under the impression there were five of you."

When she mentioned that she saw a look of sorrow come over their faces. Apparently the fifth one had fallen.

"Oh, I'm sorry for your loss. I didn't know." She said sincerely.

"It's alright Miss Relena." Quatre could feel the tension becoming thicker so he moved to a different subject. "You wanted to speak with us?"

"Yes, I did. I wanted to know what I can to do to help you?"

This shocked the boys. They didn't think that the Queen who would be married to Duke Dermail's son would give her assistance. She smiled at their looks of shock.

"Just because I'm marrying that man's dreadful son doesn't mean I agree with him. I would like to help you in any way I can."

"We don't want you to get into trouble, Miss Relena."

"Don't worry. I have my resources and it will never be followed back to me. My resources are very loyal to me."

"Thank you for your assistance and, if we do need it, we'll ask."

They got up to leave and Relena stood as well. She looked to Dorothy and Dorothy nodded and stepped towards Quatre.

"Mr. Quatre, here is my number. Call if you need anything and we'll get right on it. This line is secure and private and no one will know you called."

"Again thank you. We must be going now."

"Thank you for coming." Relena smiled. She watched as they left the room with Paragon heading the way. She closed the den door and sighed.

"They're so young Dorothy. Who would send someone that old to fight in a war."

"I don't know My Queen, but you are young yourself."

"I know I sometimes forget I'm only 15 years old." She sighed heavily and sat down in her chair. Then she smiled in Dorothy's direction, "Have I told you I love you, today?"

"Yes, but I wouldn't mind hearing it again."

"I love you Dorothy Catalonia."

"And I you, Relena Peacecraft."

They moved to kiss each other when a beeping interrupted them. It was Dorothy's phone. She picked it up and answered it.

"Hello, Dorothy Catalonia….Uh huh….Yes we can do that….Hold on let me get a piece of paper." She looked around rapidly for a paper and a pen. She found a pad of paper and Relena held out a pen for her to take. She immediately took it and put the phone between her shoulder and her ear leaving her hands free to write. "Okay. I got some." She scribbled furiously for a few seconds and then put the paper and pen down, and held the phone in her hand again. "Alright I have it. I'll get on it right away. Good bye." She then turned off the phone and looked at the pad.

Relena walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Who was it?"

"It was Quatre. He asked if we could send some guys over to properly bury their friend."

"Oh." A look of sadness crossed the young queen's face. It didn't last long before a look of determination replaced it, "Then we shall do it. Come on let's make some calls and then we can go home early today."

"Alright." Dorothy hugged Relena for a moment and together they went off to make the calls.

Part 9:

After leaving Sanc they met up with the resistance force in a small village in China. They landed their Gundams in a dense forest not to far away from the village. They camouflaged the Gundams and walked to the coordinates listed. They noticed the rat tag group of soldiers before the soldiers noticed them. The pilots quietly observed the group noticing that their clothing looked tattered and burned in some places. A story of their many fights against Dermail. In the middle of this group stood a woman with her hair in two twisting pigtails on either side of her head. They approached the group slowly not wanting them to get spooked and fire on them. She looked at the approaching four young men with a little bit of fear and excitement. She took a couple of paces forward and stopped. They both sized each other up and then Sally was the first to break the silence, "I'm Sally Po and this is part of the resistance army."

Heero nodded at them and then he spoke, "Heero Yuy."

"I'm Quatre."

"Trowa Barton."

"Chang Wufei."

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you. Well come on, I'll show you to our camp."

Sally, in a show of trust, turned her back to them and proceeded to lead them to the camp. The pilots looked to Quatre, asking silently if he trusted them. Quatre smiled at them and followed Sally while the other three followed him. The camp wasn't that big but it wasn't small either. Hundreds of men stood milling about, some were training while others were resting in their tents or talking with the other soldiers. Sally showed them everything they around the camp while telling them about what kind of set up they had. The four boys followed silently while cataloging everything they saw.

"Alright well that's the camp. There used to be more of us but Dermail's army of dolls have gotten better."

"Thank You Miss Po." Said Quatre.

"Your welcome and call me Sally."

They worked well with each other and for several weeks they had many successful missions. Heero working the hardest of them all.

Heero was lonelier than he ever imagined he could be. Every morning he would wake looking for his lover's beautiful hair and violet eyes but every morning he would wake to cold reality. His lover was dead and wouldn't be coming back. But his dreams were exquisite torture. He would dream of being in his lovers arms, caressing, kissing, making love to his beautiful angel, but would wake to a cold lonely bed.

One night he fell asleep, exhausted from working so hard. He all but fell on to his cot and was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillows. In his dream he was on his cot looking up at the moon. A dark shadow fell over his face and he looked up to see who it was. The figure was hidden in the shadows with only a faint outline to give him away. The figure approached Heero and into the moonlight. The first thing that Heero saw was the body. The figure had on black form fitting clothing, a silver cross glinting in the moonlight. Heero looked up into the face and gasped as he saw a long chestnut braid and violet eyes. "Duo" he sighed as he looked up at him. The figure moved and Heero could see black feathery wings that adorned Duo's back. But none of that mattered when he saw the pale heart shaped face of his lover. He was smiling gently at him.

"Hello Heero." The smooth voice said as Duo knelt next to Heero who was still laying on the cot.

Heero sobbed and threw himself at Duo. He wrapped his arms around Duo and Duo did the same. Duo gently rocked him as he sobbed, soothing him like a child. The black wings encircled Heero keeping him safe within Duo's arms. Heero soon stopped his crying and looked up at Duo through tear filled eyes, "I miss you."

"I know. I miss you too. But you have to get up now."

"No I don't want to. I want to stay here with you."

"You can't Heero. As much as I would like you too, you can't. You need to wake up."

"I love you Duo."

"I love you as well. Now wake up Heero."

Heero woke with a gasp and looked around. Instead of lying in his cot he was sitting on the floor. He looked around frantically but there was no one in there with him. He let out a choked sob realizing it had all been a dream. He had to force his body to get itself under control and that's when he heard it. A faint rustling sound coming from the trees surrounding the camp.

He got his gun and shoved it into the back of his shorts. He walked out and looked out towards the trees trying to determine where the sound was coming from. He heard the faint rustling again and he pinpointed it coming from his left. He silently made his way there using the shadows as cover.

He made his way into the woods and looked around to see what could have made the noise. His every instinct was telling him something bad was coming and it wasn't just an animal. He caught a flash of silver and his eyes widened as he saw Dermail's troops closing in on them, and fast. He rushed back as fast as he could without alerting the coming troops he had saw them. When he got back to the camp he shot is gun into the air once. The signal that they were going to be attacked.

When the incoming troops heard the gunfire they started to yell and crashed through the trees. By the sounds of it the camp was surrounded. The three other pilots all converged where Heero was and he just pointed to the trees. The incoming troops started firing into the camp before they even reached it. The other soldiers tried to get out quickly but some just weren't fast enough. The pilots knew that it was fruitless to shoot at something you couldn't see so they held off on their shots. The other men in the camp, though, started to shoot at the forest. Some got in a lucky shot and you would hear a faint scream or thud but most of them missed.

The pilots raced towards Sally's tent and found it to be empty. The searched the camp and found her behind a crate firing into the forest. Heero made his way to her while signaling the others to get in their Gundams. The others took off silently, shooting at any enemy stupid enough to be seen.

"Sally, we have to go. We're surrounded. Call a retreat. We'll meet you at the new coordinates."

Sally nodded and fired three times at a bell hanging in the middle of the camp. The men hearing the bell fled towards the jeeps standing at the edge of the camp. Sally ran to the jeeps as well, while Heero ran for his Gundam. The other three Gundams were laying cover fire for the Jeeps to get away. Heero started his Gundam and helped the others in escaping. Dermail's troops seeing the Gundams helping retreated back to the forest. The pilots made sure that the resistance group wasn't followed while flying off to meet them at the new coordinates.

They met up with Sally in a small town in New Russia. Her men were tired and their numbers were depleted. She looked sadly at them and then back to the man she was trying to save. She spoke to them while stitching a wound in the man's side.

"We lost over half of them trying to escape."

"We are truly sorry for your loss Sally." Said Quatre.

They stayed silent and out of the way. Wufei went off to see if he could offer any assistance to them. Sally and Wufei worked quietly but quickly and soon most of the soldiers were bandaged. A weary Sally walked back to the other pilots with Wufei in tow.

"Thank you for your help, Wufei."

"Think nothing of it. It would have been a grave injustice to not use my skills."

Sally nodded her head in understanding, then looked at them, "So what is the plan?"

"We are going to space." Quatre said.


"Yes, Dermail has started to destroy parts of the colonies and we must go and protect them. We thank you for everything you have done for us."

"That is no problem. We fight for peace and we are proud to call you allies. You guys take care in space."

"We will."

With that said the four Gundam pilots turned and left. They raided a nearby base for shuttles to take them into space. The fight didn't last long and soon they were in space. Quatre called Howard and found he was also in space on a ship called Peacemillion. Quatre got the coordinates and directed the other three pilots there. Soon they found the ship and docked with it. When they got inside they saw Howard walk up to them.

"Hey boys how are you holding up?"

"Fine Howard."

"What can I do for you?"

"We need you to outfit the three Gundams for space flight and fighting. They weren't outfitted like Wing."

"Of course, I will get my boys right on it."

"Thanks Howard."

"Oh Heero, I want to show you something."

Heero looked at him quizzically but followed him all the same. Howard led him out of the bay they were in and into a darkened bay and turned on the lights. There stood Deathscythe looking ready for battle. Heero gasped in shock as he looked at the Gundam.

"It doesn't work, we did what you said. It's really only a shell, but I thought it needed to look like it could fight. I thought Duo would have wanted it that way."

Heero could only nod his head as he slowly made his way to it. Howard left the boy alone and wandered back to the other bay to help work on the three Gundams.

Heero walked up to the Gundam and looked up into it's eyes. He reached a hand out and lightly touched the metal. It was cold to the touch but that didn't matter to Heero. He slowly climbed up the Gundam until he got to the hatch he was surprised when he could open it. There wasn't much left in the cockpit. Just a chair and a few handles. He sat in the chair and manually closed the hatch. He settled back into the seat and closed his eyes. He remembered all the good times he had with Duo. He started smiling and snuggled back into the chair. He could pretend that the chair was actually Duo and he was snuggling into his arms. He felt warmth around him in the form of arms and sighed. He didn't dare open his eyes, he couldn't face the reality that it was only his imagination. He swore he could almost smell Duo's scent. He sighed happily and soon he was asleep.

His dreams were filled with Duo again. Duo smiling at him, kissing him, caressing him and all the happy times as well as some of the sad. He was just getting into the good part of the dream when he was abruptly awoken when the cockpit was opened. The warmth he felt before wasn't there anymore and he shivered from the cold. Trowa stood outside looking at him, "We're having a meeting in the cafeteria. We need to discuss what we're going to do."

Part 10:

Heero nodded his head and they climbed down the Gundam. Trowa walked out of the bay door but Heero paused and looked back at Deathscythe. He sighed and then turned off the light and headed towards the cafeteria.

Quatre was standing over the table looking down at papers that were strewn over the desk. Wufei was sitting down and looking at the papers as well. Trowa walked in with Heero only a step or two behind him. Trowa immediately went to Quatre and started to rub his shoulders to ease the tension he had seen in them. Quatre relaxed into the touch and smiled brightly at Trowa. Heero had to look away from the loving couple because it just drove home the fact that Duo wasn't there anymore. Instead he focused his attention on the papers on the table.

"What's the plan?" Heero asked.

"Well we need to see if we could get the delegates to support us. Maybe even send their militia to help us with Dermail. I know of one militia who would help us without needing to be persuaded." Quatre stated to the group.


"They are called the Maganacs."

"Aren't they the ones that serve the Winner family?" Wufei asked.


"But the Winners are pacifist through and through. Why would they help us?"

"They wouldn't but their son will."

"You know their son?"

"Yes, you could say we're very close. I'll give them a call. Heero you should see the delegates and try to enlist their aid."

"Wait, why me?"

"Because you are the only one with a Gundam that can fly in space." Heero nodded his head in acceptance and Quatre went on with the plans, "They are on L2 at the moment. Trowa, Wufei and I will wait until our Gundams are space ready. Agreed?"

"Agreed." Said the other three pilots in unison.

Heero went down to the bay holding the four Gundams and got ready to go. Howard came up to him and clapped him on the shoulder, "You going out?"


"Well we made some modifications to your suit. You'll see them once you get inside. Good luck."

"Thanks Howard."

Heero shook hands with Howard and then got into his Gundam. The other mechanics left the room and once everyone was cleared the room was depressurized and the air was sucked out. The bay doors opened and Heero gently guided Wing out of the bay. When he was clear he rocketed his way towards L2. It took him a few hours to get to the colony. He slipped into the colony without being noticed thanks to Deathscythe's Hyper Jammers that were added to his gundam. Heero found a great place to hide Wing. Once he was well hidden he hacked into the L2 computers to find out where the delegates were meeting.

He found out they were meeting in the Old City Hall. He jumped out of his gundam and made sure that no one would notice it was there. Then he started to make his way to the Old City Hall. L2 was just as he remembered it being. The poorer section was still in shambles but so was most of the colony. He found the Old City hall and easily bypassed the security. He located the room easily and stood against one wall waiting for the delegates to get there.

Life for the delegates and the colonies was slowly getting worse. Dermail was furious that the delegates had left but he didn't do anything about it for a while. He was too busy preparing the wedding of his son and Relena Peacecraft. The tour of the colonies was boring but they tried to make the most of it. It was on L3 when things went from okay to seriously bad. Dermail, fed up with the wait started to attack certain parts of each colony. The colonies were in an uproar and called out for help from anyone that would hear them.

Treize seemed to get happier and happier as the chaos rose to an almost intolerable level. Zechs didn't know what to do anymore. The delegates were getting frustrated and argued more than usual trying to get this agreement settled before Dermail destroyed more of their colonies. The Gundam attacks had escalated in response and there were reports that said they had moved back into space. The colonists were cheering for them and urged the delegates to side with the Gundams rather than Dermail.

The delegates all turned a deaf ear to the people's calls. They would rather have their money than what their people needed.

Zechs sighed as he headed down the hall to another meeting with the delegates. When he got there they were all seated and quiet. It caught him by surprise until he looked to where the delegates were staring. On the other side of the room stood a young boy. His Prussian blue eyes were cold as steel and pierced right through him, and his messy brown hair gave him a look of being dangerous. The overall effect was of someone you did not want to toy with. Zechs walked over and stood near the head of the table.

"Hello, my name is Zechs Merquise, how did you get in here?"

"It is none of your business. I came to tell you that you all are making a big mistake."

One of the delegates seemed to have a back bone and asked, "You're just a young boy, what would you know of politics?"

The messy haired boy pointed a gun at the delegate. He gulped and leaned back in his chair to try to get away from the gun. The boy smirked and put the gun away.

Zechs looked on, intrigued by this display, "What mistake?"

"Dermail isn't seeking peace. He seeks to enslave you all under his power."

"You are wrong. He wants peace the same as us. We just need to work out the agreement and then peace will reign." Even as Zechs said that he didn't feel so sure of his convictions. His doubts again flared to life.

"That is wrong. Once the agreement is made it will be easy for Dermail to stomp all over you. He'll use each of you and then when he can't get anything further from you, he will kill you."

"How do you know this? Who are you?"

"I have my sources. As for who I am that is classified but as long as there is breath in my body I will not let this faulty peace go through. Don't you wish for peace without fear that Dermail will destroy you or your colony? If so you should fight for it and not let this fake peace go through. If you do not, I will find you and rest assured you won't live long when I do."

With that said the boy moved away from the far wall and left the room. It was silent for a few minutes before the delegates started arguing again. Zechs decided to call it a day and they all left to go back to their respective rooms.

Zechs had a lot to think about. He was very tired of the war. He just wanted everything to stop and then Treize and him could relax. Go somewhere far away and live in peace. When he got back to the room, Treize was on the vidphone again. Treize looked up at him and quickly disconnected the call.

"Who was that?" Zechs asked.

"One of my doctors reminding me to take the new medicine he sent me."

"Oh. Okay."

Zechs wasn't sure about that but he couldn't check that until Treize was asleep or left the room. He laid down on the comfortable bed and sighed. Treize chuckled and walked over to him. He sat near Zechs head and started to thread his hands through Zechs hair. Zechs purred at the contact and looked languidly up at Treize. Treize smiled down at him and continued to run his hand through Zechs's hair.

"What are we going to do once peace has been made?" Treize asked.

"I thought we could just go away somewhere and relax."


"Yes, why what did you want to do?"

"I was thinking that you could be the representative of the colonies to the King, with my help of course. You would have power and could control the colonies."

"But I thought we wanted peace and not to control the colonies but to join them with Earth."

"None of the colonies want that. Sure they say they do but they really don't. They need someone to tell them what to do."

"I don't know Treize, that doesn't sound right to me."

"It doesn't have to sound right. You just have to believe that it is right for the people and the people won't think a thing about it. They will praise you for being a good leader."

"I still don't know, Treize."

"Don't you want to be that leader. The one people look up to. The one they can truly say fought for the peace they now have."

"I guess." Zechs faltered under the smooth voice. Treize could be very persuasive when he wanted to be.

"Good. You should bring it up tomorrow at the meeting."

"Sure. That sounds like a good idea." Zechs found himself faltering and giving in but of course saying one thing doesn't mean you will actually do it. Zechs closed his eyes and relaxed on to the bed. Treize smiled down at him, his plan was working just fine.

Part 11:

Heero left the meeting feeling that he didn't accomplish much. He went to Wing and radioed Peacemillion. Quatre answered the call, "Hello Heero, did it go well."

"I'm not sure. I'm going back tomorrow and to try one more time. Hopefully it'll work. Did you get the Maganacs?"

"Yes and they agreed to help us. I should tell you something. The others know now but I believe you need to know."

"What is it Quatre?"

"My name is Quatre Raberba Winner. I'm the only son of the Winners."

Heero looked at him and said, "Is that all. Duo and I figured you might be him."

Quatre looked shocked, "How?"

"Well your family has very distinctive physical attributes and your family is very rich, rich enough to build a Gundam. We were both aware of the Winner heir and how he was hidden in seclusion. You just fit the bill as Duo would say."

"Oh." Quatre looked vaguely disappointed but then got back to business, "Well then we'll see you soon. Take care."

"You too. See you soon."

Heero shut off the comm. and leaned back in his chair. He shut off power to his Gundam but not the jammers. He got out some food bars for dinner and began eating them. He thought about what he was going to do at the meeting tomorrow. The delegates couldn't be trusted but the Zechs Merquise looked like he could be. He needed to meet with him privately so they could talk. He looked at the clock and set his internal timer to wake him up in eight hours. He fell asleep and again the warmth and dreams returned.

Eight hours later he got up and shivered as once again the warmth he felt last night faded leaving only the cold. He got out of his Gundam and made his way towards the meeting room again. He got there well ahead of everyone else. He would plead his case one more time then make a meeting with Merquise. He straightened and watched as they walked into the room then stopped stunned to see him there. Then they started to argue and one even went so far as to call for security. Heero knew then that they wouldn't help the cause and waited until Merquise came in.

Zechs walked briskly in to the meeting room. When he got there he could just make out the voices of the L3 and L5 representatives. He sighed and composed himself enough to walk into the room. What he didn't expect to see was the boy from yesterday there. He stood there and looked at him when he entered. The others quieted when he entered but Zechs didn't register that. He was fixated on the boy. The boy stood and came towards him.

"I would like to meet with you about something of great importance." He whispered.

"Sure, where?"

"In the Park. You know where that is right?"

"Yes of course."

"Good I'll see you at 1400 hours."

The boy started to leave but Zechs grabbed his arm.

"I don't meet people I don't know the name of."

"If it is that important to you, my name is Heero Yuy but that does not leave this room. Understand."

It was a statement not a question. He glared at Zechs never noticing the L2 representative that was in hearing range of the whole conversation. Zechs let go of him and watched as he confidently stalked out of the room. The security came in a few minutes after the boy left. Zechs told them to leave and he turned back to the room. The room was quiet until the representative of L2 stood up.

"How can you let him go? We should report him to the local authorities."

"No, no one will report him. You will not tell a soul or you'll be at the receiving end of my sword." Zechs said in a harsh voice.

None of the representatives stood up to him. Once Zechs was satisfied that they knew he wasn't kidding they started the meeting.

Heero left the building and silently fumed. The delegates couldn't see past their own bank accounts. At least Merquise said he would meet with him. Hopefully this will turn out better than pleading with the delegates. He walked back to his Gundam and put in a call to Peacemillion. Trowa answered this time.


"Heero. How did it go?"

Heero snorted, "Not good. I'm meeting with Merquise. I believe he can help us."

Quatre's head soon popped up behind Trowa's, "Be careful Heero. I'm getting a bad feeling about this."

"I will be. Take care you three."

"We will."

Then Trowa cut the connection. Heero sighed, he looked at the time and saw that he had time to go get lunch before the meeting. He walked off and found a small diner that looked like it sold edible food. After he was done with his lunch he walked off towards the park.

It was close to the appointed time to meet Heero, and Zechs was sedately walking through the park to find him. He saw the mop of head before he actually spotted the body. The boy turned to him and proceeded to walk towards him. Zechs quickly walked towards him, when he noticed the boy stop and look to his right. Zechs followed his sight and saw Dermail's troops coming towards them.

Time seemed to slow as the boy, Heero, looked for a way to escape but there wasn't any, he was surrounded. He looked at Zechs with betrayal in his eyes. Zechs was shocked beyond comprehension, someone had told where he was meeting him. He rushed forward to stop them from attacking but two of the guards came to restrain him. He punched the one holding him and kicked the other. They both let go of him and he rushed forward but was stopped by more hands. He couldn't break free and he watched horrified as the boy tried to fight off the men but soon went down under their blows. Zechs caught the boy's eyes, pleading with him to believe that he had nothing to do with this.

Heero slowly walked through the park and found the pond. The park looked to have been beautiful at one time but now it was decaying. Benches were falling apart and trees were bare of any leaves. The grass was an ugly brown color and crinkled when walked on. There hardly was a pond. There was water but most of it was a ruddy brown and uninhabitable. It looked barely full, with parts of it dried and cracked. He sighed and turned when he heard crinkling coming from behind him. He turned and saw Zechs Merquise walking towards him. Heero started towards him as well but stopped half way there when he heard people running through the grass. He looked around him and found he was surrounded on three sides and the pond was behind him. He knew if he ran he wouldn't get away so he stayed to fight. He knocked the first man on the ground before he could touch him. The other two went down in a flurry of fists but others were upon him. He went down in a flood kicks and punches. He looked at Merquise to see his stunned expression and knew he didn't have anything to do with it. Consciousness was lost soon and he sank gratefully into the dark.

Part 12:

The soldiers dragged the boy away and they eventually let Zechs go and escorted him back to the hotel. Zechs fumed the whole way, he just knew one of those representatives had told the authorities. Once he was at the hotel the soldiers left him to his own devices. He got into the elevator and pushed the button to his floor. When he got to his floor he was calming down but he would have to talk to Treize. He walked to his door but saw that the door was open. He paused when he heard the conversation going on behind the door.

"So did you get that boy?" The voice was definitely Treize.

"Yes, and your precious Zechs is being returned to you as we speak." That voice was Dermail.

"Good. So what are you going to do with the boy?"

"Execute him."

"Really? Are you going to do it privately or publicly?"

"I don't know what do you think I should do?"

"I say publicly and make it as brutal as possible. That way everyone will know what happens when they rebel against you."

"Great idea Treize, thank you. How are the talks coming along."

"Perfectly. He was to propose the idea to be the delegates of the colonies today at the meeting."

"Good. You sure he will do everything I say."

"Don't worry about it. I will convince him that your way is the best way. Now I must be going before Zechs gets here. I would hate for him to find out my treachery."

"I will talk to you later Treize."

Then there was nothing more. Zechs could hear Treize moving around and he decided it was safe to go in now.

"Hello Treize."

Treize for his part didn't look startled. He looked up at him and waited for him to say something.

"I heard everything. What is going on Treize? How could you be working for King Dermail?"

"Zechs, my dear let me explain. See this was my whole plan."


"Yes, I have Dermail think that I am working for him but that is not what my goal is. The people need a truly horrible and gruesome war to see that war is a horrible thing, and should never happen again. I am using Dermail as a way of heightening the cruelness of the war."

"And the execution is another facet of that?"

"Yes, I knew you would understand."

"No, Treize I don't understand. You are going to sacrifice a boy to a horrible death just to prove a point. How can you justify that?"

"It is just another burden I will have to carry. Besides that boy is a Gundam pilot."


"You heard me, Dermail told me all the information on the pilots, even their names, and I have my sources as well. I have sacrificed many people for this and I alone will meet the punishment."

"Who else have you sacrificed?"

"I think you know that answer."

It then clicked for Zechs. He had doubts before but now it was confirmed.

"You were the one who set off the bomb at that meeting. You killed all those pacifists including Une."

"Yes, poor Une. She sacrificed herself nobly for the cause."

"I can't believe you. I can't believe any of this. You are not the person I thought you were."

"People seldom are what you think they are."

Zechs was furious, "You even used me. I loved you Treize."

"I know you did, but it had to be done."

Zechs blew up then, "It didn't have to be done! You could have found some other way. A way that didn't involve using people and killing them."

"I can't say I'm sorry because I'm not. This is the way things have to be."

"They don't have to be like this. I have no choice but to turn you over to the authorities. Goodbye Treize."

Zechs started walking to the door but stopped when he heard Treize say, "Stop."

He turned and was surprised to see a gun leveled at him.

"I can't let you leave Zechs. You know too much and it isn't over yet."

"Are you going to kill me?"

"If I have to, yes. Please don't make me Zechs. It would pain me greatly."

"I see." Zechs moved quickly towards Treize. Treize fired but missed and before he could re-aim Zechs had grabbed a hold of his arm. They wrestled for the gun and it was pushed between their bodies. They both tried to aim at the other and pull the trigger. The shot went off which surprised them both. They both looked at each other in shock before they both fell to their knees.

Zechs held Treize as he slumped against him. Tears seeped out of his eyes as he watched the light in Treize's eyes die. Treize was dead and Zechs mourned his loss. He had killed his lover in self-defense, but that didn't mean he didn't feel guilty for it. He knew he couldn't stay there though, or the soldiers would come in. He got up and straightened his clothing. He looked down the hallway and sighed in relief when he saw no one there. He closed the door and left.

He walked around the city in despair. He thought of what Treize said and everything that had happened up until now. He knew then that he had to fight against Dermail. He had to join the rebels and fight for peace. He found a local phone and dialed a number of an old friend who had joined the rebels a while ago.

"Hello Sally, I would like to join you…"

He floated in the dark without moving. He heard the fluttering of wings and looked around to see what it was but all he could see was black. Then the area was flooded with light. He closed his eyes at the sudden harshness of the light. He heard movement and a flapping of wings. He squinted his eyes open and then fully opened them when the light didn't hurt anymore. Standing before him was Duo. He was dressed in a dark black robe with a golden belt around his waist. His hair was undone and flowed behind him in waves, which only heightened the effect of the black wings. His violet eyes glowed in the light and he smirked at Heero. He was leaning against a beautifully ornate Scythe. Heero gaped at him.

"Heero, love, close your mouth."


Heero reached out to touch but pulled his hand back in fear it was just an illusion.

"Yes, Heero it's me. Don't worry I'm not an illusion. Here see." With that Duo reached out and caressed his cheek. Heero leaned into the warm touch and soon had Duo gathered close to him. He hugged him as hard as he could. He didn't want to let go ever.

"Duo, I…I missed you. I love you….Don't leave me again."

"I know, love, I know. It won't be long now. You'll be with me soon, but you need to know some things."

"What things Duo?"

"Your death will not be a pretty one. It will be very painful and I wished it didn't have to happen but I have no control over it."

"I will endure anything to be with you again."

"I know…I know. I need to go Heero but don't worry I'll see you again very soon."

"Okay, bye Duo. I love you."

"And I love you."

Duo leaned over and lightly rubbed his lips over Heero's. Heero gasped at the touch and awoke. He groggily looked around and found himself chained and in a cage. He was in a transport carrier and they were headed somewhere he didn't know. They seemed to be moving pretty fast though. One of the soldiers noticed he was awake and got a syringe out. He loaded it with a heavy sedative and injected it into him. Heero quickly fell unconscious again. There he found Duo again and they held each other for a long while.

Part 13:

Dermail sat fuming in his bed. He was ordered to stay in bed because of his failing health. He didn't like it but he did as the doctor ordered. Right now he was thinking about the Gundams. He had been happy when he heard that there seemed to be only four Gundams fighting now. He thought he could overpower them and finally get rid of them. But no, they seemed to gain strength from somewhere.

On top of that, the delegates had fled to the colonies. That didn't stop him from destroying parts of the colony, but it didn't seem to help so he stopped. He started to cough hard and he couldn't stop for a while. He knew his health was failing and he hoped all his hard earned work would not die with him. Relena seemed to be following in his footsteps and for that he was pleased.

The vidphone near his bed beeped at him and he arranged it so he could see who it was. He smiled when he recognized the L2 delegate, "Hello sir, what can I do for you?"

"There was a boy here and he seems too knowledgeable to be just a colonist. He said his name was Heero Yuy, and he will be meeting with Mr. Merquise around 2 o'clock today on L2."

"Good. Thank you for your information."

"Your welcome. Are you sending the arranged amount of money."

"Of course. In fact it's right behind you."


Dermail smiled as he saw one of his guards shoot the delegate. The guard reached over and cut the connection. Dermail then called up the leader of his soldiers and told them to be ready to retrieve the boy later that day.

It had been a couple of days after the boy had brought to his castle, and Dermail felt good enough to get up on his feet. He walked slowly down to the dungeon and saw the shorthaired boy standing in the middle of the cell. He had his hands tied to the ceiling and his feet tied to the floor. He smiled cruelly and had one of the guards open the cell door.

"Well hello my boy. I am dreadfully sorry about the conditions we have held you in but it is very necessary." Dermail said with a grin. His tone of voice wasn't the least bit sad or sympathetic in fact he seemed very please. "Well let's get down to the questioning, shall we. I know some things about you, Heero Yuy. First and foremost you are a Gundam Pilot."

Heero looked surprised when Dermail said that but he quickly went back to a blank stare. Dermail saw the look of surprise and smiled, "Ahh I see, you didn't think we knew. Well I guess we can tell you how we knew. Your professors apparently can't handle pain very well. Unfortunately they died before they could tell us about the Gundams but that doesn't matter because you are here now. So tell us, where are your friends?"

The boy remained silent and stared right past him. Dermail couldn't believe the arrogance of the boy. He motioned for one of the guards and the guard came forward and punched him in the stomach. The boy grunted and sagged but soon stood tall.

"Now let's try this again. Where are your friends?"

There again was no answer. He motioned again and another guard came up from behind him and punched him in the back. The boy arched his back and let out a gasp but then stood still.

It was hours later and still the boy still never said a word. Dermail was weakening and had to be brought a chair. When he sat down he saw that the boy smirk at him. It angered him and he motioned for the guards to beat him more. Soon Dermail was getting tired of this. The boy was not going to talk. He stood, albeit shakily, and glared at the boy.

"I was going to let you die a quick death but since you refused to cooperate. I will have to make it as painful as possible. You are to be drawn and quartered in three days time. On the day of the wedding. It will be live for everyone on Earth and the colonies to see. Make the most of your last days alive."

Dermail left the room flanked by two guards who had to help him walk. He made it back to his room and fell onto his bed. The doctor rushed to him and shook his head.

"You didn't listen to me. I told you to stay off your feet." He checked Dermail and frowned at the prognosis, "Well this just speeded up the day of your death."


"I say three days give or take."

Dermail closed his eyes. He was determined to stay alive for three days and watch the execution take place. He would not die before then.

Heero awoke again in a cell but this time he was chained standing up. His arms were above his head and chained to the ceiling while each leg was chained to the floor. He tried to get out of the restraints but whatever they sedated him with also weakened him. All he could do was stand there. He waited a day or two, he couldn't tell there was no window nor clock in the cell and his inner sense of time was thrown off. He had to rely on the guards to feed him and he hated that. Soon the door to his cell opened and Dermail greeted him. He looked like he was on his last leg. He knew the interrogation would begin now and he steeled himself for the blows he was going to receive.

When Dermail left Heero was still smirking. He pushed the pain of the injuries deep down and refused to show it to anybody. He slept on and off since there was nothing else to do. The door rattled and he immediately stood up taller. He would not show weakness in front of his enemy.

It was a few days before the wedding and Relena was feeling sick. She had met her new husband last month and he looked a wreck. His eyes were sunken in and he had a pained expression on his face. His father on the other hand was extremely pleased and chatted on and on about the wedding. Relena pretended that she cared for his ideals no matter that it made her sick to her stomach with every lie she said.

Relena sat in the room looking at the dress she had put on. It was white like normal wedding dresses but it had few to little bows on it. The veil connected to a Tiara that sat atop her head. Her hair was in curls and placed neatly atop her head leaving her neck bare. The dress left her shoulders bare and dipped a little to show her cleavage. The dress then flowed downward and out. She didn't like the idea of marrying Dermail's son but found out Dermail's health was failing. Then soon she'll be in control and make sure peace reigned for both the Earth and the colonies

Right now she needed Dorothy, but she was on an errand of the up most importance. That was the real problem with her depression. Heero had been captured by Dermail and was going to be executed as a present to her on her wedding day. Just thinking of that made her sick to the stomach. She had sent Dorothy to tell the other pilots where they can find him and hopefully they will be able to get him out.

She sighed then stood and walked to the door. She opened it and gestured her waiting seamstresses to return to the room. They helped her remove the dress and help her into her normal clothing. Relena detested this but went through with it in hopes Dermail would see this as a good sign. When she was finally dressed and alone, she sat down in the chair and faced the window. She worried for her lover, it had become more dangerous to do anything as of now.

Relena helped out as much as she could. She would send the pilots supplies and medical aide hoping that it would be useful. Dermail's plans seemed to be falling through thanks to information they heard and passed on, but this time they couldn't have prevented Heero's capture. It was done privately, away from their ears and eyes. She felt that she had failed them horribly.

Her thoughts were interrupted when someone slipped into her room. She turned towards the door and was relieved to find Dorothy there, safe and sound. Relena rushed over to Dorothy and hugged her fiercely. Dorothy returned the hug just as fiercely. Relena pulled away and looked into Dorothy's eyes.

"Did you find them okay? What happened? Can they get to him?"

"Calm down Relena. I did find them but it wasn't good. They won't be able to get to him in time. They also don't want to injure innocent lives by storming the place and trying to get him out. They agreed to come to the execution, but they won't be able to rescue him."

Relena's eyes filled with tears. She had become friends with the young men and now one was going to die. She didn't want it to happen but she was strapped for ideas. She couldn't ask the King to let him go. She looked forlornly at Dorothy, and Dorothy pulled Relena into her arms. She kissed Relena's head and rocked her, "It'll be alright. Maybe this will be a wake up call and people will come to their senses."

Relena smiled shakily. She knew that Dorothy was only trying to comfort her.


"Yes, Relena?"

"How are they going to kill him?"

"The King has ordered him to be drawn and quartered."

"Drawn and Quartered? But that's barbaric. They haven't done that in centuries."

"He believes that it will send a message to other rebels that this is what will happen if you oppose him."

"How horrible. I have to do something. I will not stand for him to be in pain."

Dorothy looked at the determination in her queen's face. She went to her dresser and pulled out a small pouch. She opened the pouch to reveal a purple vile. She walked back to Relena and gave it to her. Relena looked questioningly up at her, "What's this?"

"This is a type of drug. It will make sure he feels no pain and is barely conscious when they execute him. He will die but without the agony of being drawn and quartered."

Relena looked at the vial in her hand. She then held it to her chest and looked at her blond haired lover, "Please make arrangements for me to see Heero."

"As you wish."

Part 14:

With that said Dorothy left to fulfill her wishes. Relena was left in the room to think about what she was about to do. She was going to drug her friend, so he would die without being in pain. She didn't want him to die in pain, so with that thought she firmed her resolve of him taking it.

It was the night before the wedding when Dorothy escorted Relena to the dungeons. They walked in silence knowing what was to happen. They walked into the dungeon and Dorothy dismissed the guards. She then went outside the door to give Relena and Heero space.

Heero was surprised to see Relena in the cell with him but didn't show it. Relena approached the figure standing in the middle of the cell. He looked so strong even though he was tied to the ceiling. She could see the bruises adorning his body attesting to the brutality of the guards. She walked into the cell and stood in front of him. He looked in to her eyes and waited. No expression crossed his face.

"Heero, you'll be executed tomorrow in the most brutal of ways. They plan to draw and quarter you. We've contacted the others but they are unable to save you. They'll be there so you won't be alone but they can't get you out. Listen Heero, please I have this drug. It will numb you from the pain and you won't feel a thing. I can't bear to have you go through so much pain. Please take it for me."

Heero shook his head no, "I can't Relena. I need to have a clear head tomorrow. I will not be so out of it before him. He would win that way."

"How! How will he win?"

"I need to be strong and defiant to him. If I cow down and take a drug to numb me from the pain he will think I was weak. I can not show him any weaknesses."

Relena was in tears. She wanted him to take it, no matter Dermail thought. She looked pleadingly at him, "Please Heero. Please take it for me. If not for me, then for Duo. Please, I won't leave unless you take it."

She heard him sigh and watched as he opened his mouth. She smiled at him and poured the poison in. She frowned not knowing if he actually swallowed it or not. She thought of how to test it but only one thing came to mind. She leaned forward and kissed him. She swiped her tongue through his mouth and was satisfied that there was no liquid. She pulled back and smiled. Then turned and left the dungeon.

When Relena left, he spit out the liquid she had tried to force down him. Thank God Dr. J taught him how to control his saliva glands. He wanted to wipe his mouth off from the kiss he had received. It wasn't that he didn't like Relena but he didn't like her that way. He forgave her though, since she was trying to make sure he did drink the drug to ease her mind.

Time seemed to go by quickly and before he knew it the door rattled again and Heero awoke from his slumber quickly. The door opened and five guards with rifles came in. Four of the guards aimed their guns at him while one of them unchained his handcuffs from the ceiling and then the ones on the floor. He was then prodded out of the door. He stumbled a little. His leg muscles were strained from standing for so long and with each step it seemed his legs would buckle. But his pride stopped that from happening.

He was escorted out and once he was outside did he realize he was in Dermail's castle on Earth. He was then ushered through the streets. Many people threw trash at him and cursed him as he walked. He walked on with his head held high. As he walked he saw a platform ahead of him. It was modern looking but it seemed to have prehistoric torture equipment on it. He felt fear coil in his stomach but would not let it through his mask. He was led up the stairs of the platform and then was turned to face the crowd. He looked out among the crowd and recognized Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei along with Zechs. He saw their looks of sadness and knew for a fact he would not be rescued. He saw a guard stand next to him.

"Heero Yuy, you have been charged with crimes against the king. By order of the king you'll be executed. You'll be drawn and quartered unless you speak now and swear allegiance to King Dermail."

Heero stood silently and didn't say a word, the guard nodded to two soldiers and they dragged Heero to a one of the contraptions. They put a noose over his head and tightened it. Then each hand and each foot was tied to the different sides. The noose around his neck was lifted and then the soldiers took each rope tied to the appendages and pulled with all their might.

Heero's breath was ragged as he tried to get air. He felt his arms and legs pulled and they burned with pain. He then heard a popping sound as both his legs and his arms were dislocated. He didn't cry out but silent tears streamed down his face as pain surged through his body. His vision was blurring when he couldn't get air into his system. Then all the ropes were dropped and he was dropped to the ground. He landed with a thud and the soldiers picked him up and slammed him down on to a slab made into a cross. His feet were tied together at the bottom then tied to the edge of the slab. Each arm was tied to opposite sides of the cross.

The guard looked on sadly but he couldn't defy the king. He got up close to the boy. He saw the tears running from his eyes. He leaned to down and whispered in his ear, "Look all the pain can end. Just say that you swear allegiance to the King and your death will be quick."

Heero firmed his resolve and kept quiet. The guard sighed and nodded to one of the masked soldiers. The masked soldier picked up a sharp knife and plunged into Heero's stomach.

Heero stifled a scream. Red-hot pain seared through his body. He couldn't hear much but he did hear as the guard started to whisper to him. Whispering to him, telling him to just give in and he would die right then and there with no more pain. The pain was too great and he wanted to give in so badly. He looked out at the crowd and spotted his friends. He could see Quatre crying into Trowa's shoulder. Trowa and Wufei both looked on with tears in their eyes. Wufei leaned into Zechs while Zechs also had tears in his eyes but he refused to let them fall. None of the turned their heads instead they looked at him giving him their silent support. His eyes scanned the crowd again and came upon a small boy. The boy looked on curiously but without fear. Heero knew then that he was fighting so that children will know peace and not enslavement by a ruthless King. He looked back up at the sky. He tried to speak but the pain was stealing his words.

The guard noticing that the prisoner wanted to speak, waved his hand so that the masked soldier stopped. He yelled to the audience, "Quiet. He wants to say something."

Heero opened his mouth and tried to make out the words. He gathered his breath and shouted to the heavens, "PEACE."

The guard frowned when he realized no matter what, the boy would not give up. He gestured for the masked soldier to kill him. Heero's head lolled to the side and he looked over the crowd again. He found the young boy again and looked into his eyes. Sound had long since stopped and he heard nothing. He didn't hear the sound of the axe as it was taken from it's resting place. Nor the heavy breathing of the soldier as he lifted it over his head. He looked at the boy while the boy looked back at him curiously. He saw the future in the boy and smiled, and then he saw movement behind the small boy. He looked over and saw a trailing braid. He desperately looked to find the figure and finally saw him. He saw Duo walking through the crowd as he came forward to the platform. Duo smiled at him and opened his mouth, "You did well Heero. Let's go Heero." Then he held open his arms.

Heero smiled and relaxed just as the axe came down and severed his head from his body. He didn't feel it, he was securely held in his lover's arms and he was happy.

Part 15:

The wedding was a huge affair and many people turned out for it. Relena was sitting in her chambers with Dorothy by her side. Dorothy soothed her while they waited for a servant to tell them it was time. It seemed like forever before a servant knocked on their door signaling it was time to go. Dorothy stood with Relena and smiled at her.

"I love you Relena."

"And I you, Dorothy."

They shared one last kiss. When they pulled apart, Relena straightened and smiled at Dorothy. Dorothy moved behind her to pick up her train that was trailing behind her. They walked out the doors and towards the wedding ceremony.

After the wedding they were all gathered in the big ballroom waiting. Relena smiled falsely as she held onto her husband's arm. Her husband did the same but you could tell he wasn't happy. The only one not in attendance was Dermail. It seemed he was too ill to leave the bed. There was a huge vid screen situated in the ballroom. As the wedding present was about to commence. Relena grimaced at the amount of people out there and how happy they seemed to be watching some one get executed. Relena smiled once more and looked to her husband.

"Excuse me husband, but I would look like to check on your father."

"Go ahead."

With that she turned and gestured for Dorothy to stay, she needed to do this alone. Relena swiftly exited the ballroom and went to where Dermail was resting. When she came in she saw the doctor standing over him. The doctor turned when he heard someone enter, and smiled when he saw the princess. He walked over to her and said, "He's not doing well. I don't expect him to live much longer. It seems he wants to watch the execution."

She smiled and told him he was dismissed. The doctor strode out the room. When he was gone she frowned but moved towards the bed. There she found the King lying propped up on pillows with a vid screen on a stand to the right of the bed. The King looked over at her and smiled fractionally, "Coming to check on me my dear?"

"Why yes, my king. How are you feeling?" She said with fake sincerity.

"Not so well, but hopefully I will feel better soon."

"Yes hopefully."

They lapsed into silence. The only sound was from the television. They heard the crowds cheer as the prisoner was brought out. They kept cheering but soon it stopped completely as they saw the horror that was happening. Relena tried to keep her tears at bay. She looked at the King and was angered when she saw his pleased expression. But she also noticed that he seemed to be not getting enough air.

Relena jumped when she heard Heero yell loudly then all movement from him stopped. She watched as the axe came down and severed his head from his body. She looked over at the King to see him smiling but soon it turned into fright when he couldn't get air. He began panting for air and tried to speak. He reached for Relena, hoping she could be of some help. Relena just smirked at him. She leaned over to him and began whispering in his ear, "Are you alright? It doesn't seem so…it looks to me like you're dieing. You will get no help from me, nor will I call for anyone. But before you die I want you to listen to me. Heero Yuy might have died in body but not in spirit. His spirit lives in the people who believed in him. In other words, his spirit lives in me. Once you're dead, I'll take over and peace will come to the Earth and Colonies but not as a dictatorship but as an alliance. Everything you've worked for will die with you. And your son, we both know he's a pushover. I'll make sure he'll live out the rest of his days somewhere comfortable, but he'll never rule. Oh and if you think I'm naïve you're wrong. I wrote the treaty specifically so that once you die everything is given to me. So die happy knowing that everything you fought for will never come to be."

With that she leaned back and watched in satisfaction as a look of horror spread across his face. Then he sucked in his last breath and he was dead. She calmly stood and turned off the vid screen. She then moved to the door and called for the doctor. The doctor hurried in followed by Relena and confirmed that Dermail was dead. She thanked the doctor and made her way to the ballroom.

Dermail heard the wedding went off without a hitch. He couldn't move much or breath very well. He couldn't even be there for the wedding but he didn't care much. He had a vid screen brought in so he could watch the execution. He looked up when he heard the door open and he smiled slightly when he saw Relena enter.

He watched the execution with pleasure surging through his bones. Even though the boy had been defiant and didn't give in, it didn't take the pleasure of his death away. After the boy was dead he smiled but it soon turned to fear when he couldn't get air. He looked to Relena for help but all he saw was a smile on her face. Then she started to speak. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He tried to speak his disbelief but he couldn't. His ideals would die with him and right now he didn't want to die. His eyesight was fading and the world became blurry. He heard a dark chuckle and his world became violet with a splash of dark blue. He felt pain surge through him from the bottom of his soul and he screamed but not a sound passed his lips.

The people in the ballroom looked overly distressed and disgusted with the execution. They all turned when the princess made her way to the front. With a flick of her hand one of the guards turned off the vid screen. She then turned to the people present, "It is with my deepest regret to inform you that King Dermail has died."

Everyone looked shocked but no one was overly upset and some even looked relieved. The prince especially. It took a few months but Relena was finally made Queen and the first order she made was to absolve the royalty. She made the country a democratic country. The people were pleased and they cheered for her. They even asked if she would run for presidency but she politely refused. She went to her homeland of Sanc and did the same thing there. Her people were mildly upset but once she explained that it was better for her people they agreed. She then worked to make a world council, which included the colonies. She knew that the peace was fragile and words alone could not stop a war. So she proposed to have an organization made that would protect the peace.

Unfortunately the war had not ended with the death of Heero Yuy. Many of Dermail's troops still resisted, believing in Dermail's ideals. Zechs didn't understand why he was standing outside Miss Peacecraft's office door rather than fighting. Well he understood that Relena had called him there for something important but he couldn't for the life of him figure out why. He heard a discrete cough from behind him and he turned to the secretary. She looked at him strangely but he ignored it and went into the office.

Relena sat looking over files and signing papers. She looked up when he cleared his throat. She looked up and smiled at him. She stood and moved to shake his hand.

"Zechs Merquise, right?"


"Good, please take a seat."

"Thank you, Miss Peacecraft."

She laughed at him and sat down at her desk., "Please call me Relena."

"Okay. Relena why did you call me here?"

"I have a proposition for you. I have heard of your leadership abilities and was wondering if you would like a job."

"Doing what?"

"I'm organizing an organization called the Preventers. They will prevent future wars from happening and take care of the skirmishes that are still happening. I was wondering if you would like to head this organization."

Zechs was shocked that she had come to him with it. He didn't know if he was really qualified for this position, "I don't know Relena. I will have to think it over."

"That's fine. Unfortunately I will need your response before five this afternoon."

"I will give you my response by then."

"Thank you, Mr. Merquise. Please if there is anything we can do for you, don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you."

Zechs left the office in thought. He walked around the grounds trying to figure out if he should take the position. He didn't want to keep fighting, but he did want to keep the peace going. He didn't know if he could trust someone else taking the reigns of this organization though. He didn't want another Treize or Dermail. He took another couple of hours to really think about it before making up his mind. He went back to the office and walked into the room to the consternation of the secretary. Relena looked up in surprise but smiled all the same. The secretary glared at Zechs then turned to Relena.

"Miss Relena, I'm sorry he just walked in here."

"It's quite alright."

The secretary nodded her head and left the room. Relena sat in her chair and gestured for him to have a seat.

"I thought about your offer."

"And your response?"

"I will lead the Preventers."

"That's great. Thank you so much for doing this."

"I know where I'm needed, Relena. Thank you for giving me the opportunity."

"It's not a problem really. Now you are going to need a staff. Do you have anyone in mind as a preliminary staff?"

"Yes, but I will need your help to contact some people."

"Just ask and I will help you with anything you need."

Zechs nodded his head and they both got down to figuring out what was needed for the new organization.


It had been five years since the end of the war and peace was established. It was still going strong even though there were occasional terrorist groups. The Preventers dealt with them immediately.

Relena sat in a chair on the dais surrounded by other delegates. Today was the day that marked the death of Heero Yuy and Relena was to make a speech on it. Her name was called and she stood and made her way to the podium. She was Vice Foreign Minister now and she loved the job. Dorothy stood to her right and smiled at her. Relena smiled gently back then looked forward towards the podium. When she got up there she saw her bodyguards for the night. She didn't wave but she smiled in their direction. She turned towards the audience and looked out among the people gathered to attend.

"Today we are celebrating five years of peace. Five years of no war and sorrow. We owe our happiness to the brave fighters known as the Gundam Pilots. But lets not forget their losses or trivialize them either. They lost two of their own before the war ended. Two very good fighters. One was Duo Maxwell and the other Heero Yuy. We should not forget these two young men who fought for this peace and died before they could feel what's it like to live in it.

A great man once said `There will one day spring from the brain of science a machine or force so fearful in its potentialities, so absolutely terrifying, that even man, the fighter, who will dare torture and death in order to inflict torture and death, will be appalled, and so abandon war forever.(1)' I think we have found that machine. The Gundam. Let these machines be put to sleep never to be awoken again. But don't forget them. Forgetting them will only lead to more war and destruction. We must move forward and keep peace alive in our hearts and minds.

Thank you for assembling today and I hope you will keep in mind the past and lets not repeat it again. Thank You."

The crowd cheered for her and she smiled at them. She glanced over and saw the proud smile on Dorothy's face and she smiled in happiness. The two bodyguards smiled but did not join in the clapping but she understood that they approved of what she said. She climbed down from the podium and was escorted to her hotel. The whole way there she hoped that this peace did in fact last. And she hoped that Duo and Heero were happy and enjoying their own peace wherever they were now.

It was five years later and Zechs was still heading the Preventers. He knew he would never leave his job. He had grown to like it and the people working there. He enlisted a lot of the former rebels and Dermail's troops. He even got the three remaining Gundam pilots to be Preventers.

He watched the speech Relena was giving from afar. Standing next to him were the three pilots. Quatre and Trowa were holding each other and smiling. Wufei was standing next to Zechs. Zechs looked over at the Chinese pilot and smiled. He and Wufei had gotten together near the end of the war. But it took them until last year to say they loved each other. It was Quatre and Trowa who pushed them together. Zechs smirked as he remembered that they quite literally pushed them together. They had pushed them into a closet at Headquarters and locked them in. There they had confessed their love towards each other and then expressed that love.

Wufei looked over and saw Zechs smirking, "What are you smirking at?"

Zechs came out of his memories and smiled at Wufei, "Just remembering the first time I said I love you and the results."

Wufei blushed but smiled all the same. He reached out and held Zechs's hand. Zechs smiled at the public display. Trowa and Quatre smiled at the picture before turning their attention back to the speech.

All four sighed when they heard the clapping. They lived in a life of peace and they would protect that peace for as long as they could.

On L2 a five-year-old boy watched the girl talk on the vid screen. He was bored and he wanted to do something. He tugged on his mother's shirt to get her attention.

"Mama, I'm bored."

"Well go play outside but don't go to far."

"Okay mama."

The young boy ran outside and went to the park down the street. It was really pretty. The leaves were green and so was the grass. The pond was very pretty and clear and blue. He loved sitting by the pond and feeding the ducks. He walked to the pond and found another boy there. The boy looked sad. He walked over to the other boy and said, "Hi my name is Max. What's yours?"

"My name is Odin."

"What's wrong Odin? You look sad."

"I just moved here and I don't have any friends."

"Oh, well I'll be your friend."


"Of course."

"Thanks. Let's play something."

"What do you want to play?"

"How about Tag?"

"Okay. You're it"

Max ran away laughing as Odin followed suit.


End notes:

From Part 3:
(1) This is a suggestion from my friend Ariel…*hugs* thanks
(2) Nataku is actually a Japanese version of the original name, it is derived from the name of a Chinese mythological figure, a child warrior deity known as Nezha; both "Nataku" and "Nezha" are ultimately derived from the Sanskrit Nata (Natha)…This is where I get Nezha from…I got it from this site… http://www.geocities.com/gw1to5/05misc/03nataku.htm

From Epilogue:
(1)This is a quote by Thomas Edison