Author: Dame Claire
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Warning: Shounen-ai, hinted yaoi, 1x2, major OOC and my warped sense of humor that no one but me gets.
" _" Words
'_' Story
(Seen Opening: Local Mall, in front of the Santa picture booth.)

~Heero's POV~

"I wanna blah blah blah and a blah blah blah for Christmas!!" said the little boy on my lap. I hate teachers. And I hate gun regulation laws. 'Oh! Hello people that are listening to my thoughts. I guess you wanna know what I'm talking about. You don't?? Oh well I'll tell you anyways.'

'Well it all started two days ago, you see after the war with Mariemaia, Duo and I decided to go to school along with holding a job to support ourselves. Well it was the last day of school before the New Year, and the school we're going to has this thing were you have to clear out your locker before a vacation. Duo said that he heard that a couple years ago a bunch of kids left sandwiches in their lockers one Christmas break and the sandwiches went moldy and when everyone went back after the break the whole school smelt. So anyways Duo and I were emptying out our lockers when the principal walked by. Well she was shocked to see all the weapons we were taking out of our locker. You know how it is, old habits die-hard and all that. Though I have broken a lot of old habits, but that was bound to happen with the wars over and Duo as my koibito. So anyways after seeing the arsenals Duo and I kept in our lockers she decided to phone the police. Well we got Quatra to bribe the judge, so all we got community service for two weeks and we could keep our weapons as long as we didn't bring them to school. So for community service we have to 'volunteer' our time to the local mall for the next two weeks. So Duo got janitor duty in the food court (I think that's poetic justice), and me well I get to be Santa. So all day long I get kids telling me what they want while their parents eavesdrop, the even younger kids cry cause their scared of me and teenagers that want their pictures taken or want to cause trouble.

"Well kid I try to make sure you get those things you wanted. Now smile for the camera." As soon as the flash goes I push the kid off my lap and wait for the next kid. All of a sudden I feel a familiar wait on my lap and I look at the person on my lap.

"Gee Santa-koi, I thought I was the only one aloud to sit on your lap?" Those big dark, smoky, periwinkle eyes and long chestnut braid, streaked with gold and red, it was no other then Duo, my koibito.

"So little boy, what do you want for Christmas??" I asked sarcastically. He leaned in and whispered what he wanted in my ear. What he said turned me a shade of red that matched my Santa outfit.

~ Duo's POV~

"So little boy, what do you want for Christmas??" I could so tell he was being sarcastic, so I decided to tell him what I wanted. I leaned in and whispered, "Heero, in a red bow, and nothing else" I know that got him back for what he said, 'cause he turned a nice shade of crimson right after I said that.

"Are you sure that's an appropriate 'thing' to ask for, cause Santa only bring presents to nice boys and girls, and you've defiantly been naughty" Oh! My! God! I couldn't help it I fell off Heero's lap laugh my ass off. After I stopped laughing I climbed back on Heero's lap to get my picture taken, then I went back to work.

~Heero's POV~

After Duo left I contemplated how to get my 'revenge'. Then it hit me. Duo was getting exactly what he was asking for.


(Christmas Morning: Heero and Duo's condo)

~ Duo's POV~

'Whhaaaaa' I think as I feel around the bed for Heero. After realizing he wasn't in bed I open my eyes to look at the clock. 7:00am appeared before me. What the hell is Heero thinking getting up this early on Christmas? Then it hit me. Christmas!! I hop out of bed and run into the living room, screaming


What I saw when I got into the living room shocked me. That and it sent my hormones on over drive. There by the fireplace was Heero with a bow covering my favorite part of his body. After I had stopped drooling I spoke, "Santa got me just what I wanted!!" grabbing the smirking Heero's arm, I dragged him back to our room saying, "I think I'll find out all the things the present from Santa can do before I open any other gifts." Heero was chuckleling as I pull him into our room where we spent the morning, until the neighbors call telling us to keep it down.