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Prologue: Glaring Truths
by Dagmar-chan


He is standing near me.

Across the room, but in a school dormitory it is still close. Close enough I can almost hear him breathing.

I always thought that the noise of Duo Maxwell was his most grating trait. But now I know that his silence is much, much worse. Like a pause before the action, it's a breath between sentences that has lasted too long.

My fingers stop typing. He's been looking out that window for nearly an hour. What can he be staring at?

Without moving my hands from the keyboard, I turn my head. Outside it is dark, but I know what is out there. Our room looks out on the school basketball court, and beyond that the blank wall of the gym. There is nothing there to have captured his notoriously short attention.

As if he feels my gaze, I see his eyes close in the faint glare across the window. For a long moment I watch the faintly mesmerizing movement of his braid as he breathes.

/Get a grip, Yuy./

I turn back to my laptop. Damn. The server has crashed again. I could try to find alternate access but it would be much more risky, and our mission isn't for several days yet.

/What a time for bad wiring./

With an unvoiced sigh I shut the computer down, leaving me alone in the silence. Or rather leaving us together.

For several minutes I struggle with myself. I have always believed that noise is nothing but a distraction, but the living patch of silence is driving me mad.

Before the mission Trowa had made a point of reminding me of something I once told him. "We must always feel free to act on our emotions."

I briefly wonder if insanity qualifies as emotion.

"Duo." I, Heero Yuy, have broken the silence.

"Yeah?" he replies, almost too quickly.

"What are you watching?"

"Watching?" He turns and I can see that he is blushing. "Just keeping an eye out for them OZie spies. Never know when they'll pop in for a game of hoops." He has pulled out the mischievous grin again.

I stand and walk over. I tell myself that maybe he has spotted someone watching our window.

When I reach him, I stand behind and look out over his shoulder. To my disappointment, I cannot even see outside because of the glare. The only thing visible is the room behind me.

/The room behind me./

"Hey, Heero, you ever just look out at the stars?"

"..." My mind freezes, even as my nose inhales the vaguely herbal smell of Duo's hair. Thoughts chase each other though my head, but refuse to settle.

"Didn't think so." With one movement he pushes up the window and leans into the frame itself. "See that?" He points generally. His eyes are bright, and moonlight is mingling with florescence. The whole scene looks unnatural, a mixture of the real and the surreal.

"I am familiar with the sky." My voice sounds thin even to me.

I am suddenly having a very hard time standing.

"But, Heero, my man, you don't look at it with any romance." He reaches toward me with one hand.

I slap it away.

He holds his arms up in mock diffidence? "Okay, okay. I get it. The perfect soldier isn't allowed human contact."

"Hn." My hand tingles where I hit him, much more than it should from the impact.

"Sheesh! You know, before we left Trowa mentioned something about letting emotions guide me. I think he was talking to the wrong guy."

Abstractly, I make the mental note to buy a very large scissors before the next time I see a certain banged Gundam pilot.

My feet move without thinking and I am standing next to him as if nothing had happened. I lean towards the fresh air until I can feel its stark contrast with the warmth beside me.

Outside, the stars beckon like unfulfilled promises.

"See that?" Duo gestures like before. "That is one giant field of possibilities. You gotta think that anything is possible with those out there. Anything you could wish for."

/Anything is possible./

"Wishing is for those unwilling to make it a reality."

After a moment I realize that those were my words. That I had spoken aloud.

Duo is staring at me, but I can't read the expression there. With one hand I reach toward his face, hesitating then touching the surface almost tenderly. His cheek is much softer than I had expected.

/What are you doing?/ Suddenly the touch is too much.

I pull my hand back sharply and turn to face the window again. After a long minute I glance at Duo again and fight my urge to-

/To what? What do you want?/ I watch him from the corner of my eye, but am unable to form more than a general feeling.

He yawns suddenly, breaking my trance. When he speaks it is with a deliberately casual tone. "I think _my_ wish is for a little shut eye."

Duo stands up and stretches, waggling an eyebrow at me. "I won't wait up for you, honey."

I grunt noncommittally and pull the window closed. For a second I wonder if he will continue the joke and kiss me goodnight. But he doesn't and a bit of disappointment burrows into my stomach. I close my eyes and ignore it. When I open them again Duo is sitting on his bed humming off-key as he brushes out his hair.

When I know what I am wishing for, then I will act.

But for now I just watch him there, mirrored perfectly in the glare on the window.

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