Title:Unreturned Love teaser/?
Warning:ANGST, thats all for right now
Disclaimer:Don't own them, never will
Warnings: As you see this is a teaser, meaning it's short, annoying, and makes you want to kill the next thing that moves. I don't really know where this will go, i just got the idea, and wrote it. i guess it's up to you guys, do you want a death-fic or the two going through a long-time angst before Heero admits his feelings. Oh well here we go.
H&D: OH NO!!!!!!! She wrote ANGST!!!!!!!!{run away}

Unreturned Love Teaser
by da


Duo couldn't take it anymore, after 4 months being with Heero, they were going nowhere with their relationship.

"Patience, Maxwell, patience." Duo told himself, while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. How long he had been standing there, he didn't know. All he knew was that he couldn't stand being in there with Heero. After 4 months, the only time he could touch Heero and the only time Heero would touch him was when they comforted each other when they were having nightmares of the war. "Just give him time, let him sort out his emotions." Duo kept repeated to himself. Finally he broke down crying, gripping the counter so hard his hand turned white.

"Damn you," he said after he gained his composer, while staring at his mirror image, cursing himself. "Damn you, for falling in love, with a heartless bastard, who won't even return your feelings, damn you!" While Duo continued to cry, Heero stare went un-nocticed, as he watch Duo through half-open eye, listening intently to Duo's every word.




Did ya like. Weird ideas come to you at 2am in the morning, i was trying to go to sleep, but i couldnt until i wrote this down. Want me to kill someone or have them sort through their feelings. Up to you.