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Name: Screaming Depostion
Author: da
Warnings: Death, angst.....just for right now, oh yea
Future Lemon(i hope)
Pairs: 1x2, others later
Disclamier: dont own them never will

Screaming Deposition


Duo felt himself thrown into a wall, the impact knocking him to his knees. His dirty short[1] shoulder length hair spilling over his shoulders, his skin and clothes covered in dirt and mud. Only the branded ‘02’ on his left wrist clearly shown through the filth on his skin. He felt another body hit the wall, looking up to see Heero fall to his knees, looking just as bad as he did. Heero’s moppy hair was more mused than usual and dirt was mixed into it. His uniform covered in mud, ripped in a few places. The badge on the right upper arm had been torn off. Duo looked at him from the corner of his eye. Heero met his eye, giving him a small smile.

The cloudy sky above them turned even grayer. A low rumble came from above and a light rain started to come down. Soon Duo and Heero were soaked. A young ginger haired man stood about ten feet away, standing with by three other men, each of them carrying a small machine gun. After chatting casually with each other for a little while, Ein, the ginger hair man turned his cold grey eyes to Heero and Duo.

“Up!” he ordered in a harsh tone, glaring at the two. The two obeyed, standing up close to each other. Heero’s hand slipped behind Duo’s back and grasped Duo's hand tightly in his. Ein glared at Heero, he still couldn’t believe that Heero, one of his best soldiers, always loyal to the Führer[2] had turned away and betrayed them all for a slave. Ein ordered the other three men with him to aim. As they did so, Ein’s glare at Heero softened[3] a little, but he quickly got over his moment of softness and order them to fire.


Duo felt Heero’s hand grab his. He took it immediately, squeezing it tightly, feeling Heero’s hand do the same. He looked up at Ein, glaring at them, and glanced at Heero who was staring back at him, his face slowing no emotion. He sighed quietly, trying not to let his fear show. He heard Ein order the men to aim, his breathing quickening a little. He felt Heero’s hand tighten against his. It calmed him slightly, but not enough to erase all his fear. He saw Ein’s eyes soften and he had some hope, but when they hardened over again, he knew there was none. He thought back, wondering how he got here. As Ein ordered them to fire, his mind had gone into a daydream, a flashback of his life showing how he had gotten into this.




1. I know I’m evil
2. Führer ‘Father’ is technically what it means……I wont tell you what its from though, if you do good for you
3. Before you Hentai minds go anywhere, there is nothing, never was nothing between Ein and Heero

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