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I Don't Deserve You 3/?
by da


Duo smiles as he cook dinner while Heero slept upstairs. He was happy to make the dinner, hoping to make something as good the breakfast Heero had made. Duo set the timer on the stove, while he grinned as he remembered why Heero was so tired.


"Come on Heero, lets go for a picnic, Cat said there was a lake nearby, we can go swimming too."

"ok" Heero said, giving in to his lovers pleading.

"Great, you can start packing, while I change." Duo said on his way up the stairs.

As told Heero started pack the food, still wondering how Duo could eat so much. While he wondered Duo had come back down the stairs and snuck up on Heero, wrapping his arms around his neck. "Ready?" Heero asked.

"Yep." Heero turned around into Duo's embrace and hugged him, "let's go then."


As Duo walked towards, the door Heero noticed that Duo was wearing a a short white t-shirt that ended right above his bellybutton, ultra-short shorts that showed off his long creamy white legs, and a pair of light brown hiking boots. Heero could never get over how beautiful Duo was. "Coming Heero?" Duo asked. Heero snapped our retrieve, grabbed the picnic basket and followed his gorgeous lover outside.

*******At The Lake********
Heero pulled a blanket out of the picnic basket and spread it out on the ground as Duo looked out over the lake. "Come help." Duo turned around and sat by Heero on the blanket and started helping Heero empty the basket. After enjoying their lunch the two leaned against a large willow that they had found closer to the water. They sat there enjoying the noon sun and the slight breeze. After a while Duo got an idea.

"Let's go swimming." Duo said happily. Pulling Heero up with him and dragging him closer to the water. Once there Duo pulled off his shirt and started walking into the water making sure to add a swing to his hips, adding a seductive "coming?" to it, making sure that Heero would follow. Heero also pulled off his shirt and walked up behind Duo, picked him up, walked further out, and unceremoniously dropped him with an "oops". When Duo didn't surface, Heero started to wonder if something happened, but he didn't finished his thought when something grabbed his ankles and pulled him over.

Then Duo surfaced.


Heero came out of the water looking like a drowned cat and gave Duo a half-hearted glare, that Duo just smiled at. The thing Duo knew was Heero tackling him and pushing him into a small rock in the middle of the lake, where Heero started kissing him passionately. When they broke for air Heero started kissing down Duo's neck. 'It's been to long.' Picking Duo up and laying him down gently on the rock, Heero started his decent down Duo chest, sucking and biting his nipples until they were hard numbs, loving all moans and gasps that came from Duo. Duo soon flipped him over and repeated the tactic on Heero until he came to his shorts, which Duo removed quickly and kissed the insides of Heero thighs making Heero moan in pleasure and displeasure, because Duo was ignoring in erection. Duo having tortured Heero enough, swallowing Heero whole, making Heero moan loud. While sucking, licking, and biting Duo inserted a lubed finger into Heero. 'Lube, where did that come from....'

"Oh god..." Heero moaned forgetting about his thoughts as Duo inserted another finger and then another, when Duo thought Heero was stretched enough he removed his fingers which brought a groan of disappointment from Heero. Duo discarded his shorts as well and lubed his aching erection. Laying himself on completely on Heero and kissing his passionately while he entered him.

Soon started thrusted into Heero hiting something that caused Heero to cry out. Heero met thrust with thrust wishing it would never end. Duo wrapped his hand around Heero's erection, pumping him in time with his thrusts. Soon Heero could take no more, screaming out Duo name he came over both their stomachs. Felling Heero walls clench on him caused Duo to come several thrusts later. Duo pulled out of Heero and lay beside him.

"Love ya." he said tiredly

"Love you too." replied Heero, then both slowly slipped into sleep.


Duo was brought back to present time when the oven timer went off. He smiled once more and then continued making dinner.


Did ya like, did ya did ya. Hope you did that was my first lemon, hope ya enjoyed it. Part 4 will be out as soon as find a food Heero would like. If ya any ideas tell me, please, please