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I Don’t Deserve You 2/?

By Da



After Heero managed to pry Duo off him, he went and greeted the others.

“Welcome back Heero.” Said Une.

“I’m glad to be back.” Heero said while shaking her hand.  Heero also shock hands with the others and nodded to Trowa, each saying ‘hi’ in there own way, silence.

“Before you get to your vacation, Heero you need to come back the office to discuss the mission success.” Une said while ignoring Duo’s glare.

“Sure.” Heero answered hugging Duo a little tighter.


While Heero was going over the mission with Une, Quatre came over to Duo and handed him a key.

“What’s this Cat?” he asked curiously. 

“A key to oneof my cottages, you and Heero are welcome to stay there for your vacation, it’s only about an hour away from here.”

“Really!?” Duo asked.

“Of course.”

Duo jumped up and down and hugged Quatre.  Heero finally came out of Une’s office and saw Duo jumping up and down and thanking Quatre as he was handed a piece of paper.  Heero was confused as to what was going on, so what better way to figure out than,

“What’s going on?”  Duo bounced over and told him about the cottage that Quatre was letting them say at. Heero just smiled at Duo and nodded to Quatre. Quatre smiled back at them ‘Their just so cute together’, “Why don’t you get going, I’m sure you two want to spend some time together.”

As Heero and Duo walked out to the car, Heero tighten his grip on Duo waste and pulled him close to his chest.

“I’ve missed you.”  Heero whispered in Duo’s ear.

“Me too.” Duo said with a grin on his face, as he leaned closer to Heero and pressed his lips to Heero’s.  Heero pushed his tongue into Duo’s willing mouth.  They stayed that way until their lungs screamed ‘Oxygen’.  Heero smiled as he pulled back and hugged Duo.  Duo just sign, glad that Heero was back in his arms again.

“How about we find that house?” Heero asked.

“Sure.” Duo walked Heero over to his car and gave him the keys and the paper with directions.

Heero took Duo’s hand in his and walked over to the passenger side and opened the door for Duo while bowing, “Your door, sir.”  Duo laughed and accepted and got in the car.  Heero closed his door and got in the drivers side and took of toward the cottage.


An hour later

Heero pulled up to the cottage.  It was a two-story house with white paint and blue shutters.   It had a hammock and a swinging bench on the porch.  Duo and Heero walked inside the place was huge.  “Cat needs to learn what he calls small, this place is huge.”  Duo said amazed at how big the cottage was.  The living room had a leather couch and luvseat. “Where’s the t.v, you can’t have a vacation without a t.v.” Duo complained also shocked that for a place so big, it didn’t have electronics.

“I’m sure we can think of other things to do than watch t.v.” Heero state in a matter-of-fact tone.

Wrapping his arms around Duo’s waist, pulling Duo to him, nibbling on his ear.  Duo sighed and leaned into Heero, “I’m sure, but that will come later, you need to rest first.” Duo said while dragging Heero upstairs to find a room, so they could sleep.  The bedroom Duo found was also huge, a king-size canopy bed with black silk sheets and a black comforter.  The window faced the forest, giving them a great view of outside. Duo couldn’t resist the urge and went and jumped up on the bed bouncing a couple of times.  Heero stood at the door and smiled at his husband.  Walking over to bed, discarding his shoes, he crawled up under the sheets were Duo already was.  Duo wrapped his arms around Heero, “Love ya, Heero.”

Heero smiled and pulled Duo closer to him and kissed him whispering, “love you, too.” and then slowly closed his eyes and falling asleep.


The next morning

Duo woke up, and went to hug Heero only to find that he wasn’t there.  Confused he sat up looking around the room and noticed that the sun was just coming up over the forest.  ‘It’s beautiful.'  Just then Heero walked in, carrying a tray. On it was a plate of waffles drenched in syrup and a glass of orange juice.

“Good morning, Duo."  Duo turned around to face Heero and his jaw dropped ‘Heero made me breakfast.’ He recovered quickly smiling.  “Morning Heero, what’s that?”

“Breastfast,” he said walking over to Duo and sat on the bed, “Want any?”

“Sure.” Heero slowly cut a piece of the waffle and held it up for Duo.  “Open your mouth.” he said.  Duo complied, opening his mouth for the oncoming waffle.

“Mmm…it’s good.” 

Heero smiled.  “I’m glad you like it.” cutting another piece for Duo, Duo once again opened his mouth, he tried to talk around the fork.

“Kero dur duet up pup.”

“What.” he asked confused, taking the fork out of Duo’s mouth.

“I said, Heero your suck a sap.”  Heero couldn’t help but laugh.




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