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I Don’t Deserve You 1/?
By: Da

“He’s coming home, he’s finally coming home.”

“Calm down, Duo” said Quatre.

“I can’t, he’s finally coming back after 6 months.” Duo replied happily

Duo continued to jump around the room, after hearing word from Une that Heero was returning from a 6-month mission, he couldn’t contain himself anymore.

“Now the Heero returning, that means Duo might actually shut up, thank you Nataku.” WuFei said happily to see the braided boy so enthused about his returning husband.

“WuFei be nice” scowled Trowa.

“Come on everybody, the plane arrives in 30 minutes.” Une said, entering the Perventers Office.

“YAY!!!!!” and with that Duo all but bounced the elevator, with the others following close behind.


Heero was so happy [1]

Very happy.

He was finally going to be able to see his Duo again, after 6 months on a seemly never-ending mission that Une somehow talked him into going on.

“We are 30 minutes from our landing destination, please be seated and turn off all electronics.” screeched the annoying flight attended.

’30 more minutes until I see Duo’


Duo stood, well bounced in place waiting for Heero’s plane to arrive.

“Don’t worry Duo, he’ll be here soon.” Une said approving, finally glad to see her friend happy again, she never thought some could be meaner than her, when she had her glasses on, she was proved wrong one day. The day when Duo blew up in her face because she couldn’t tell him any details on the mission that Heero had been sent on.

“I’m not worried, I’m just happy” replied Duo

“Flight 417 has just arrived at dock 8” said one the flight directors over the comm. System.

This statement caused Duo to become even more hyper. ‘Heero’s finally home’ Duo thought.

People started walking out of the docking area, when Duo saw Heero’s mop top [2] hair and started to run like a bat out of hell toward Heero. All Heero saw was a black blur coming towards him before he was knocked over by Shigagmi himself, and having himself being pelted with butterfly kisses all over his face and whispers of love in his ears.



[1] Heero happy, is that possible.
[2] couldn't resit

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