Title: A Battle of Wills, well sheet on me
Author: da
Warnings: sap, humor
Pairs: 1x2 (like I do anything else)
Notes: This story if for Lade Leora, I promised her a sap, hope ya like it. And thanks to Shi-chan for giving me the idea.

A Battle of Wills, well sheet on me


Duo stared down at the bed with a look of hate, a death glare that could even rival Heero's worst. He had just finished taking of the sheets and was going to replace them. `Damn Heero, he has such a sex drive, but then always has some mission to be away when it comes to cleaning up.' Duo unraveled the sheets, starting to put the sheet on one side, but when he put them on one the other side, they slid right off at the headboard. Duo glared at the sheet and walked over to the top of the bed and started to pull one corner over, the sheet at the footboard slipped off. Duo stood up straight and glared again, as if the sheet would correct itself. He stalked down to the other end and pulled down on the sheet on to have the sheet do the opposite on the other side. Duo growled and tried to fix the problem for a few minutes, before getting the sheet to stay. Duo smiled and as he was about to turn around to get the blanket, one of the corners slipped and popped up off the bed. Duo controlled his sudden anger and pulled at the corner to once again….well you know what happened next. Duo finally got feed up and pulled the sheet completely off, wadding it in a ball and throwing at across the room.

"What are you doing?" a nasal voice asked from the doorway.

"Heero', Duo turned around and pointed to the discarded sheet, "It ain't working."

Heero walked over, picking up the sheet, examining it for a moment, before chuckling.

"And what's so funny?" Duo pouted, kinda upset, knowing that Heero was laughing at him.

"It's the wrong size." Heero stated, still chuckling.


Heero dropped the sheet and walked over to Duo and hugged him, "You're putting a queen on a king."

"Oh." Duo stated dumbly.

Heero kissed him lightly, "Baka." He said affectionately.