Fic: And Now I Have No Regerts
Author: Da
Disclamier: dont own Gundam nor Utena
Warings: death, angst
Pairs: confusion.....R+2, 2x1, 1+R
Notes: i wanted to much Utena that day.....@@@-goes into and out flashbacks. 'blab'-thinking. "blab"-talking


‘And Now I Have No Regrets’

‘That’s why I took him from you
I wanted him all to myself
And I have no regrets about it…
I know you must hate me for what
I’ve done --’

Relena looked down at the letter, setting it down on the desk nearby. ‘You must hate me for what I've done...’ the words echoed across her mind. “No I envy you,” she said aloud, lightly touching the pendant at her neck. Relena sat down at her desk, pulling out a piece of paper and a pen.

‘I'm glad that you wrote. You two seem happy together. It looks like everything has been going good for you two, but when I see your smiling faces, you make me feel nostalgic and envious.’

Relena stopped writing and flung everything across the room. ‘It isn’t fair! Why didn’t I have him?!’ Relena got up from her chair, walking over to the closet.


Three people walking around outside a school. One is clearly a younger Relena, dressed in a usual school uniform. Also a young boy with brown raggy hair hat clovered his deep blue eyes. The two chat quietly, the last person, walking beside the other boy. He is a shadow to the two, unable to see their face, a silhouette in a park.


‘He must have thought of you all the time.’


Picture of the blue-eyed boy talking to Relena before a class starts. The shadow watching them silently


‘I wanted to take him from you, even if that meant taking everything from you.’


Picture day at school. Relena on the one of the first steps on the left smiling slightly into the camera. In the middle stood the boy, but beside him stood the silhouette whispering into his ear. ‘Guess what? Relena is in love with someone and…that someone is not you.’


Relena is now dressed in a long white gown, walking through the park, looking out over the grass, images long away faded appeared before her. Images of Heero, her and the shaded one filled her mind. She see's the three of them talking, eating lunch on a warm, bright sunny day. The image soon faded away and she continues walking.

‘That’s why I took him from you...’

Relena looks out over the sea, it being far beneath her. She pulls out the pendant from before, looking down at it.


The school picture, the one that was on Relena's desk, now the glass covering, shattered, laying on the floor. A face cut out.


Relena slowly opened the locket looking at it. The shadow reveiled as a yound boy, his hair pulled back behind him in a braid and him smiling widley. She slowly closed the locket and looked back down at the sea beneath her, before taking a step forward, quickly disappearing over the edge.

‘You must hate me for what I’ve done.’

“No, just envious of what could have been.”




I know that was really short, but i just felt like writing it. Relpies makes others storyies come quicker. C&C wanted.