FIC: And We Dream Of War 1/?
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And We Dream Of War 1/?


“No way!” I tell her

“Please, just one day, please.” She begs, damn I hate it when she does that.

“No, do you know how close that is the Wall?”

“Not like they’re suddenly going to start fighting, please just one day, I wanna see Jason.” She gives me this puppy dog look, which she knows will make me crack.

“Fine, Hilde, but only one day.”

“Oh, thank you, Duo” she jumps up and hugs me. The things I do for family.


“Sir” a young private entered the room, starling two generals out of their discussion over the strategic board.

“I just got word from patrol, Dark Wolf’s forces are moving, there’re heading right for us.” The hazel-eyed boy warned the two.

“Damn already” the dark haired general said.

“We’ve got students coming in today, do we have them evacuate?”

“No, we’ll send our forces ahead, hopefully we can stop them ahead.” The auburn haired general said. He made a dismissing sign to the private. The soldier saluted and quickly left.

“What are we going to do Septem.” The auburn-haired man asked.

Septem leaned over the table, placing several characters on the board. “Knowing them, they’ll come straight out at us, so you take your men,’ Septem picked up two pieces placing one on the left and one on the right of the board, ‘and flank them on both sides. While my men and I will wait out in front line, several miles north.” He said while picking up an ebony horse and placing on the board, several inches ahead of the small model of the school. “He’ll be cornered.”


“Did they get the orders?” A young man with long
blonde hair down his back asked, you would think him a
normal general accept for the metal helmet he wore,
which covered his face.

“Yes, sir. They believe you are attacking straightforward and are sending Triezes’ forces to flank you on both sides.” The young private said the same hazel-eyed private that gave Triezes and Septem word of General Zeches attack.

“Good, send the main army around and hit from behind when he attacks Odin’s forces.”

“Yes, sir” the boy saluted and went to give the orders.

‘Finally, I will have my revenge.’


“I just got word form the general, we are to move out now and attack at dusk.”


‘I still can’t believe I got talked into this’ I kept repeating this in my head as drive toward Herm. Hilde is absolutely joyful, being happy to able to see Jason again. She always gets mad because her mom wouldn’t let her go to school there with him. I don’t blame her, who want to school there go to a school right on the Wall. The chances of a war breaking out are so high. The tension between Dark Wolf Regime and the Anterians are massive.

“Can you hurry up?” Hilde asked.

“What going 20 miles over speed limit to slow for you.”

I would go closer but we’re in middle of nowhere, a good place for the Wall no civilization around. The country I hate it, its so quiet, I can’t stand it, I turn up the radio, and speeds up, no chance there’s any cops around and the most I would I would hit is a dog. [1]

We arrive about an hour later, the college is pretty much empty, and no one stays for the weekends. I see Jason waiting outside. His blonde hair blowing in the wind. I stop the car and Hilde is gone, running into his arms like she hasn’t seen him in years, they really do make a good couple. I get out of the car slowly, I don’t like being here. I walk over to the two the of them. I stick my hand out, “Hey Jason.” He takes my hand and says ‘hi’ in a country accent. He lends up some stairs right by the door and we head up to his room. The two sit on his bed, while I stand by the door.

“How long you guys plan on staying?” Jason asked.

“Just for a day, Duo kept complaining about it being dangerous.” Jason looks at me with hazel eyes.

“Hardly, they just moved half the army out, looks like their going home.”

I nod off-handily, “I’ll going to some food.” I leave before they even have a chance to answer. I got back downstairs and wander till I come across the café. There’s bearly anyone there. I order a coffee and a burger and go sit down looking at the morals on the Wall.

I get my food and drink, munching on it slowly, I look deserted, only a handful of soldiers guarding. Weird, but Jason said they moved. Maybe peace was forming between Servitines and Botnen. I look at the clock, 5:30, an hour till dusk. I go back to eating.


“Is everyone in place?” Septem asked.

“Yes, sir but doesn’t Odin’s forces look small?” a soldier asked handing over the hand held telescope. Septem took the scope looking through it, “Looks that but they probably haven’t recovered from the last battle.

The soldier nodded, “Continue with the plan then.”


***An Hour Later***

I look out the window and notice fighting in the distance. I walked outside towards one of the guards posted nearby.

“What’s going on?” I asked pointing towards the distance battlefield.

“They’re fighting.” He answered in a deadpan voice.

I get annoyed, “I can see that, shouldn’t you be getting the students out.”

“There’s no need. Odin’s forces will be defeated, the school won’t be harmed.”

I sigh walking back inside, I see Hilde sitting down in one of the café chairs. “Where’s Jason?” I ask sitting down beside her.

“He went to see what’s going on.” We sit there waiting for Jason’s return.


“Damn!” Trieze shouted, “where hell they all come from.” Trieze is nearly thrown off his horse as one Zeches men slashing out at him. He brings his sword down, spearing the guy. He geared his horse into movement heading towards Septem’s banner, swinging at every one of Odin’s men he could reach as he raced across the field.

“What the hell is going on!?” He asked the second he reached Septem.

“I don’t know! Damn we’ve been set up!” Trieze’s turned to one of the soldiers, “Go to the school tell them to get out of there.” The man nods and takes off on his horse heading to the school as fast as he could. Trieze turned back to the battle ordering his men to push forward. What Trieze doesn’t see was the man he just falls of his horse; an arrow embedded in his chest.


I stare out the window for like 50th time. Jason has yet to come and back and Hilde is getting more and more worried. Also if I didn’t know better, I would say the battle looks like its closer. I look over at Hilde, she’s fallen asleep, not a bad idea, actually. I lay my head down and close his eyes.

I wake up to someone shaking my shoulder. “What?” I asked groggily.

“You have to get out, we’re under attack.”

I jump, “What!” I screamed loudly enough to wake the dead, well loud enough to wake Hilde at least.

“The broke through the forces. Zeches army is minutes away.”

I grab Hilde’s hand and take off running down the halls towards where we parked the car. We get outside a few minutes later.

“Oh no the keys!” Hilde’s yells, breaking away from.

“No.” I turn around towards to but she’s gone. I hear snapping of twigs behind me, I spin around coming face to face with a Dark Wolf soldier. I step back trying to get away.

“Stop, I won’t hurt.” He says his blue eyes storing into mine. I hear a screaming from above. I turn to see Hilde getting run through with a sword. I look at the soldier who did. JASON! I look back at Hilde, with what seems like her last bit of strength she throws the keys out the window. I catch them one-handily as I watch she falls away from the window.

Hilde died, my cousin killed before, my eyes. Killed by Jason. Her fiancé.

I hear the sound wood getting pushed in. I turn toward the doors of the school and come face to face with 6 swords aimed at my head.

I drop the keys


1. thats true, that all you will hit, no chance out a

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