Fic: And We Dream Of War Teaser
Author: da
Warnings: Death, death, and more death, angst i guess.
Pairs: None yet, well get there though
Notes: Telling you whats going on?That would ruin the surprise. No spoilers Sorry for all the grammer probs. havent beta-read it yet.

And We Dream Of War

A cabin. You could see the signs of rotting, showing that it had been standing for there for decades, but it still looked homely. An old man sat in the rocker by the window, staring out the windowm watching, waiting for someone. He didn't notice the sounds of twigs snapping or the low voices giving orders. What the man did notice was shadows starting to appear at the edge of the woods, coming closer to the clearing. The man's eyes slowly widen in fear.


Walking out of shadows of the woods was a small army of men, dressed in red uniforms(1) with long swords hanging at thier sides, marching forward.

"The cabin sir?" ask a young soldier.

"Search and burn it"

The young soldier issued the order and soon a few soldiers made there way to the cabin, knocking down the doors and poundering the house for anything worth selling. When the old man tried to get up and stop them, one of the men kicked the chair out from under him, sending the man to the floor. They soon finished looking through the house after tearing it apart it and left. Outside where two other soldiers lighting tourches, as soon as the the soldiers left the house, they tossed the tourches into the cabin. Soon enough the house was englufed in flames. Before the commanding offier could give an order, a high-pitched scream filled the air. A young girl with blonde hair down her back stood watching in horror at the burning cabin, her bucket of water dropped carelessy to the ground by her feet.


The captain made a motion with his hands and the nearest soldier near the girl drew his sword and plunged into her chest, stricking her heart. The men placed his foot on the girl's shoulder, pulling the sword from the girl back.

"Move Out!!!"

As the soldiers walked away to the woods on the other side of the clearing, one stayed, his cold blue eyes watching the burning house before him, before turning away and following the army into the woods.


1. think redcoats
2. Dorothy is dead!
C&C demanded. I hope i have the next part soon.